Ever Us -- Reflections

BY : GayleNightingale
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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. I do not make money from writing

Ever Us – Reflections

Disclaimer:  I don’t own InuYasha.

Title:  Ever Us -- Reflections

Author:  Gayle Nightingale

Prompt:   Prequel to Ever Us

Word Count:

Rated:  M

Genre: General/Slice of Life

Pairing:  Inuyasha/Kagome; Sesshomaru/Older Rin; later Inuyasha/Sesshomaru  

Remarks:  Prequel to Ever Us.  Reflections on their lives before mating when they were learning to be brothers and the value of family.  Before being mated Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were married to their respective human wives.   A non-chronological series of one shots and two shots.  Time period 1500-1570s.  Courting and mating of all pairs.  The cast of usual suspects.  Give me a prompt if you want some specific event.



Ever Us- Reflections

Chapter 1.


As Kagome and Rin aged and gray hair started sprouting from their heads, they realized that no matter what, they would grow old and their spouses would still look young.  Initially they complained and pouted to each other about the injustice of it all.   But as they aged they mellowed.   It did no good to complain and they got more wrinkles and gray hair regardless.  


Their lives slowed down some and they took more time off.  They called it “Girl Time”.   They would go to Jinenji’s for flowers and healing herbs or to the hot springs to take the ache off their bones.   Their bond only strengthened with time.  After all they were the only two human females in the area married to dog demon half-brothers.


On this particular “Girl Time” they were resting at the nearby hot spring when Kagome started giggling.


Rin looked at Kagome and then around to see anything.  She asked, “What’s so funny?”


Leaning forward, Kagome looked her in the eye and blushed slightly.

“Rin, did I ever tell you about graphic novels and manga from my time?”


“I don’t think so, why?” Rin tilted her head in thought.


 Leaning further forward and lowering her voice conspiratorially, she snickered.  “It’s so decadent.”


Rin looked doubtful.   “I have delivered many babies in my lifetime.  I don’t believe much will surprise me.  Try me.”


Still blushing as she relived a memory, she replied, “There was a genre called Boy Love.”


“Boy Love?” Rin straightened her neck attempting to assure she heard correctly.




“And?  Did the boys love pets or something?” Rin queried.


“Not exactly.”  Kagome’s blush got deeper.  “They loved other boys.”


Rin’s hand covered her mouth.  Her eyes were open wide in shock.


“Told you it was decadent,” Kagome nodded knowingly.


Rin leaned in.  “Tell me more.”


By then the two women were side by side and talking in very soft voices.  Kagome reflected. “One would usually be the more dominant one.”


Unknown to the women Sesshomaru and Inuyasha were nearby.  They were listening to the conversation behind a rock.   They told each other that they were just protecting their spouses. But no matter the age of their wives they enjoyed their wives’ naked bodies.  They were dogs after all.


Sesshomaru had grown up in the demon world and knew of many same sex partners and actually thought nothing scandalous of the concept of boy love and he listened intently.


Inuyasha was half demon and half human.   Brought up under human influences he knew how they felt about the subject and was very curious where his wife was taking this conversation.


When they heard “one would be more dominant” both knew that would be them.


Kagome continued.

“The other would be a submissive.”


‘Never,’ thought Sesshomaru.

‘Keh! As if,’ thought Inuyasha.


Kagome tapped her chin as she recalled the manga.  “The story would have them get tangled up somehow; like playing a sport together, or working in an office on a project, or fighting a battle, just something.  Somehow one would notice the other and comment that their hair was really luscious, or they smelled good, or how grateful they were that one had saved the other’s live.”


Internally Inuyasha and Sesshomaru reflected.  

‘The brat’s hair is looking better ever since he married that miko.  Sometimes it even shimmers in the moonlight like a true dog demon.’


‘I do appreciate all the times Sess has saved my hide.   And now I realize even when he threatened my life in the past, he always guarded it.’


Both thought, ‘Father’s smell underlies his odor.  It smells of home.’  Both sighed and then stared at each other.


All four individuals were lost in their own thoughts until Rin commented, “That sounds a little farfetched.”


“Sometimes it was ridiculous, part of why I laughed, but, my - oh my, the images of two hot men gyrating against each other—“Kagome drooled and threw her head back laughing.  “It simply makes me wet.”  Kagome blushed and unknowingly emitted her pheromones.


Inuyasha was shocked and slightly turned on because of his wife’s pheromones and her openness to the idea.

Sesshomaru was stunned with his sister-in-law’s open mindedness and then aroused because Rin had released her pheromones as well.


The girls giggled happily and ignorantly of their men’s presence. 


“Kagome, Can you imagine—“she leaned in and whispered to Kagome but the men heard it. “Just how beautiful our men would be together.” She leaned back and fanned herself.

Kagome giggled and agreed.



The eaves dropping spouses look at each other in shock and parted quickly from the area.  Once they were far enough away they faced each other.  Inuyasha took in Sesshomaru’s aroused appearance and slightly flushed neck.


“You wish, you perverted dog!”


Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow and examined his little brother and noted the arousal and flush as well. Amused he pointed, “You were the one who visualized it.”


“How dare you!” The indignant hanyou yelled and both men raised their blades.


It was a great fight.  They wore off a great deal of energy and at the end collapsed in a dog pile laughing as their wives rushed to the scene scolding them for fighting.





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