The Demon Adventures of Inuyasha and Shippo

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Spring time.


It was Shippo's favourite time of the year. No more holding up inside of houses and having to be weary of the cold. No more frozen lakes and snow on the ground. No more bowls of soup and preserved meats. No more being alone. In spring, there were a vibrant assortment of flowers in bloom. The rivers and lakes were flowing and the gentle breeze carried the scents of blossoming fruits and returning animals through the air. There were merchants and villagers roaming the roads. The world felt more alive in spring. It felt like it was filled with possibilities.


The young fox demon had been resting in his favourite spot: high atop his favourite oak tree about three days away from Kaede's village. He rested his head against the bark of the tree and stretched his legs out along the thick branch. Sure, he was still alone now, but he never felt that way when the natural world around him was coming back to life. As he laid against the tree, he looked down at the roads and the people passing by. It seemed like just yesterday he was on those roads with his friends. There was a part of him that longed to revisit the days he spent adventuring with Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Kirara, but he knew it was pointless to reminisce on it for too long. It was so long ago.


It had been just over a century since Naraku and the Shikon Jewel had been defeated. Life after their the destruction of the jewel had been fun. Kagome and Inuyasha ended up together, Miroku and Sango had children, Kaede's village prospered, there were almost no demon attacks. Life had gone from a constant struggle for survival to a constant vacation.


Shippo loved village life back then. He would help babysit his friend's children, play fun games with them, and when he was done, head over to Kaede so she could teach him more about this world and other life skills. When Kaede passed away, Shippo took it hard. He felt like he had so much to learn from her still, but he no longer had the chance to. All of his friends tried to cheer him up, but it was tough. It didn't help that Shippo was beginning to start his transition into a man, and with that came the confusing mood swings.


The young fox demon tended to Kaede's village for as long as he could, until Kagome passed away. She had aged so gracefully and remained beautiful until her peaceful death. That's when Shippo realized the dangers of being friends with so many humans. He remembered looking down at her wrinkled, aged face and thinking about how she had changed so much since they had met, and then looked at Inuyasha, who looked identical to the day they met. As demons, or even half-demons in Inuyasha's case, they were bound to outlive their human friends. The harsh reality must have hit Inuyasha especially hard, because after that day, Shippo never saw him again.


From that day, Shippo did his best to treasure every second he had with Sango, Miroku and their children, knowing that they would pass long before he did. Whenever he wasn't with them, the fox demon began training. He recalled how Inuyasha would train during their adventures and did his best to mimic him. It was only a matter of time before he would have to take care of himself, and if he couldn't defend himself, he would feel like a failure. It was useful too, because months after Inuyasha left, demons began to attack the village again. Inuyasha was a pillar for the village. He was their protector. Their shield from outside forces. No one dared to attack the village where the demon who defeated Naraku resided. But with him gone, they had no one to defend. Miroku and Sango were in their old age and couldn't move like they could before. Their children, along with Shippo, would take up the task and prove successful.


Miroku passed away first, and only a couple of years later did Sango follow. Shippo felt empty at this point. He had built up a relationship with their children, but it wasn't the same. They established a school to help train more kids in the village to defend it and even hunt demons. They asked Shippo to help out, but he declined. He had spent too much time living amongst humans, and as much as he loved it, he was a demon. He needed to learn how to live like one and survive by himself. His days of depending on someone were over.


It had been a couple of decades since he had left Kaede's village. He had continued his training by himself, conditioning his body to be in the best shape that he could get it in. He was body was still maturing, the fox demon in the midst of his adolescence, looking just over 16 years old. He had grown a lot, from a measly 1'5 to 5'8. He let his auburn hair grow out a bit more, sporting a longer, more scraggly ponytail than before. His fox tail had grown as well, stretching out to just under two feet long. The most dramatic change came in his body. It was lean, athletic and muscular. He covered it up with an updated aqua happi coat that was patterned with turquoise leaves, which was underneath a wolf pelt vest. The cut on the coat was very low, allowing most of Shippo's pecs and the top of his abs to be visible. The coat was tucked into a pair of navy blue harem shorts that stopped midway down his calves, showing off his muscular legs. He had found the full length of a hakama to be too dangerous in the wild as it always got caught on branches and got dirty far too easily.


Tucked into the waistband of his shorts were two daggers he had fashioned from the bones of a large wolf demon he had defeated himself. The wolf demon thought Shippo would be lunch, but he used his intellect and fox magic to out maneuver him and led him off of a cliff with his illusions. He wasn't quite adept with them just yet, but he was learning quickly. Much quicker than with his fox magic. At least with daggers, it was easy to track your improvement in skill. Need to be quicker? Train to be more agile. Need to hit harder? Get stronger. Need to be more accurate? Spend months practicing strikes on a dummy.


With his magic, it was hit or miss. He had no idea what the limits were and what he couldn't do with it. Kaede had taught him a bit about the general idea of demon magic, but nothing specific to kitsunes. He had figured out how to make his fox fire actually inflict burns and make his illusions more foolproof, but that had taken decades, while he had seen massive improvements with the daggers in years. He was working harder with his magic, but not smarter.


He just wish he had someone who could explain it to him. Not just how his magic worked, but how his body worked as well. Over the last few years, his body had begun to experience periods of intense heat. Kaede had taught him about the human body, but it was quite different than a demon's. He knew what sex was as well. After all, he was friends with Miroku, but his knowledge was limited. He had no idea what the biological function of his manhood getting stiff was. He wished he knew so he could stop it happening so often, but that was his luck.


Today, his luck was going to change. It was spring time, and the amazing thing about spring was that it brought on new life. New growth.


New beginnings.


As the fox demon looked out from atop the oak tree, he spotted something he had only seen in his dreams for the last few decades. That bright, red robe.


Shippo jumped up and leaned over to get a better look. He could see the long, silver hair, the white, canine ears poking out from the top of his head and the sword attached to his hip. It was him. After so many years, he had found his friend.


“Inuyasha! Inuyasha!!” Shippo yelled at the top of his lungs, waving his hands over his head like a lunatic.


The dog demon looked up when he heard his name. He saw someone waving to him from the top of the oak tree. He looked familiar. Inuyasha took a few steps closer, his eyes widening as he realized who it was. “Shippo?”


The kitsune's tail wagged like crazy when his friend recognized him. He raced down the tree, descending it with ease as he leapt from branch to branch before he landed on the grass on all fours. He dashed over to Inuyasha and jumped at him, hugging him tightly. He was half expecting to knock Inuyasha over when he leaped at him, but as he wrapped his arms around his friend, he noticed that he had gotten a lot taller when they last met. He had also gotten a lot thicker than the last time they met, and it definitely wasn't fat.


Inuyasha didn't deny Shippo the hug. He wrapped one arm around the kid, or rather, the teen now as the kitsune pressed his head into Inuyasha's chest. “It's been awhile, hasn't it.” Inuyasha told him.


“Seventy-three years.” Shippo replied as he looked up at him.


“Seventy-three years.” Inuyasha replied, the sorrow clear in his voice. It had been seventy-three years ago that the love of his life had passed away. It still pained him. “You've...grown up.” Inuyasha said, stating the obvious.


The fox demon took a few steps back from his friend to show himself off. He rolled up his sleeves to show Inuyasha his muscular arms. They were slender, but very defined. “I've had nothing to do but train.” Shippo told him.


“I'm impressed.” Inuyasha replied.


Shippo couldn't have smiled brighter. He had always looked up to Inuyasha and to get his approval meant the world to him. “So, where are you going?” He asked.


“Just travelling.”


“Do you want to have lunch together? I was just about to head down to the stream to catch some fish.”


Inuyasha was hesitant. He had spent so long in self-imposed exile. Spending time with Shippo would only reopen wounds he had been trying to heal for so long. But, as he looked down at the kitsune, who looked so happy to see him, he couldn't say no. “Sure.”


Shippo's tail wagged faster. “Follow me! Make sure to keep up!” The kitsune said as he got on all fours and raced off.


Inuyasha followed Shippo, jogging just behind him. At least, it started off as jogging. A few seconds in, the dog demon realized he was full out sprinting just to keep up with his young friend. Whatever training Shippo was doing, it was working. They ran through the grassy hills and a small forest before, the sun starting to set over their heads as they reached a clearing in the forest where the river was. It was a small ravine running through the center of the forest. Flowers were beginning to blossom along the edges of the ravine and the departing sun glistened beautifully against the water.


The kitsune rolled his pants up even further before stepping into the stream. He stood in place as he turned his body, looking at the fish under the water.


“You know it's easier with a spear?” Inuyasha told the fox.


“Shhh!!!” Shippo retorted as he glared at his older friend. He turned his attention back to the river, feeling the water flow, the fish swim and jump around his feet. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly, Shippo plunged his hand into the river, and when he pulled it out, there was nothing in his grasp.


“Nice catch.” Inuyasha teased.


“You broke my focus!” Shippo replied. “Be quiet this time!” Minutes passed as Shippo would plunge his hand several more times into the water, only to come up empty handed again and again. The frustration was building up inside of him. He had done this countless times before, but now, in front of the man he idolized the most, he couldn't pull it off.


“Here. Let me do it.” Inuyasha said as he began walking towards the edge of the stream.


“No! I can do it!” Shippo yelled back as he glared at the dog demon. Inuyasha had never seen his friend so worked up before. He began to step down into the river.


“Shippo, it's okay. I can--”


“I said I can do it!” Shippo yelled as he whipped a dagger at Inuyasha's feet. The dog demon instinctively growled at his friend, but when he looked down, he saw two fish impaled on the dagger.


“You've really learned a lot since we last saw each other.” Inuyasha said as he took the dagger out and pulled the fish off of it.


“You mean since you left?” Shippo corrected him. He was ecstatic to see his friend again, but Inuyasha offering to help had triggered something inside of him. All of those feelings he felt seventy-three years ago. The inadequacy. The abandonment. The loneliness. The anger. They were all rushing to the surface. “I had to learn to fend for myself. You left. Kaede died. Kagome died. Sango and Miroku died. What else was I supposed to do?” He asked the older male.


Inuyasha recognized the rage that Shippo was feeling. It was a feeling he knew all too well. Kagome had helped him temper it, but he never truly conquered it, so he couldn't blame Shippo for feeling angry. “Shippo, I--”


“I'm going to go get kindling.” Shippo declared as he stepped out of the ravine. He walked right by Inuyasha and disappeared into the forest. As Inuyasha vanished behind the leaves and branches of the forest, Shippo began to beat himself up mentally. Finally, after all of these years, he had found his friend, and the first thing he did was lash out at him? What the hell was wrong with him? He snapped the branches and collected the twigs he needed within seconds, but took a few minutes to just cool off.


When he returned, Inuyasha was laying down near the edge of the ravine. He had placed the fish on some leaves beside him. The kitsune padded into the clearing as he took a deep breath, wanting to keep those emotions from coming out again. “I'm back.” Shippo announced as Inuyasha turned to look at him.


“Do you have a tinderbox?” Inuyasha asked.


“No.” Shippo replied as he sat down and set up the kindling into a small tipi on a fire pit he had dug for himself years ago. He placed his palm close to the side of the tipi. A small, blue fire ignited from his hand and quickly set the kindling on fire.


Inuyasha was very impressed by the fox's magical display. When he had left, the kid could do nothing more than play simple tricks on people and set a spiderweb or two on fire. Now, he easily set the kindling ablaze. The kid had truly been working hard, and it made Inuyasha smile. The canine ninja grabbed the fish and walked over to Shippo, handing it to him before sitting across from him. “So, what else can you do?” Inuyasha asked.


The kitsune grabbed some sticks and skewered the fish. “Not much more.” He said, handing one skewer to the older male. “I can make the flames bigger or make multiple smaller flames, but that's about all I learned in seventy-three years.” Shippo said as he stared into the blue flames.


“Where are all your toys?” Inuyasha asked as he held his skewer against the flame.


“I gave them to Sango and Miroku's kids. I didn't really have any use for them anymore. All I ever did was use them to run away, and I didn't really want to do that any more.” Shippo said as he looked up at his part canine friend, who's eyes were furrowed at the comment.


“Just ask me what's on your damned mind.” Inuyasha growled at him.


“Why did you leave?” Shippo asked. “After all that we had been through together, why did you just abandon us?” He shouted, his anger bubbling to the surface again.


“You wouldn't understand.” Inuyasha replied.


“Why? Because I was a kid? Because I'm not anymore.” The kitsune replied.




“Are you going to tell me? Because I'm not going to play this guessing game.” Shippo told him. Inuyasha had forgotten how stern and deceptively confident the kitsune was when he spoke. The kid had always been intelligent, far more intelligent than the silver-haired male thought he could ever be.




“What? Complicated? Hard to explain?” Shippo interjected.


“You're acting like it was an easy decision for me.” Inuyasha barked back, raising his voice.


“It was easy enough for you to do it!” Shippo yelled back. Inuyasha opened his mouth to shout back at the kitsune, but then he saw the tears welling up in the kitsune's eyes.


“Shippo...” Inuyasha knew his decision to leave would hurt his friends, but that was the reason he never came back. He didn't want to see the hurt. He didn't want to see the pain he caused.


“All I could think was that if I was stronger, or more mature, maybe he would have stayed.” Shippo said. “If I could have just been there for him. Been the friend he needed. If I wasn't so childish, or so inadequate. So useless. So alone.” Shippo looked back down at the flame. He had burnt his fish, but he didn't care. The tears were trickling down his face. He quickly wiped them away, hoping Inuyasha didn't see them.


“You had Miroku and Sango.”


“It's not the same.” Shippo replied. “They were human.” The kitsune said as he took his skewer out of the flame. He picked at the burnt skin, peeling it away to get the overcooked meat.


Inuyasha watched as Shippo picked at his food. Truth be told, he thought Shippo would have been affected the least by him leaving. He was young and still had Miroku, Sango and their children to keep him company. At least, that's what he thought. He now realized that Shippo might have been the most affected by it. He hadn't realized that the kid would feel isolated because of his heritage. The village loved him. Why would he feel isolated when he had people around him that cared for him?


And that's when it hit him.


Shippo had gone through the same thing he had.


“I hated village life.” Inuyasha finally confessed. “I wasn't born to live in some house and tend to some stupid garden or harvest some dumb rice. I'm a fighter. A warrior. A--”


“Demon.” Shippo said. Inuyasha hated that word. Demons were hated. Most of them were senseless killing machines. His demon side of himself was everything he was embarrassed and ashamed of. But Shippo was right. He was a demon, and that became very apparent in the years approaching Kagome's eventual death.


“I wanted to leave the village with Kagome. I felt this need to fight, but Kagome always knew how to calm me down, how to suppress that side of me.” Inuyasha explained. “When she died, I was in a lot of pain, but there was a part of me that felt like a weight had been lifted.” It pained him to talk about the love of his life like she was some sort of a burden, but it was the truth. “There was nothing keeping me from seeking the thrill I needed, so I left.” He was expecting Shippo to chew him out again, but the kitsune just stared at him.


“Why didn't you tell us? We would have understood.” Shippo said.


“I didn't want to deal with everyone talking to me about Kagome and everyone trying to get me to stay. They wouldn't understand. They were human.”


“I'm not.” Shippo said. He crawled over to Inuyasha and sat next to him. It was rare for Inuyasha to open up like this. He knew it was hard for him to admit all of this after all these years. Shippo expected to be angry, but seeing his friend like this...he knew he couldn't be. “I know what it's like to feel those intense urges. The ones you want to control but can't.” Shippo told him. “Kaede, Sango, Miroku, they never understood. They told me not to act on them or to ignore them, so I did.” He explained. “When you left, I knew I had to get stronger. I knew I'd outlive the others, so I had to learn how to fend for myself. I didn't want to depend on anyone anymore because they weren't going to be there forever.”


“I started thinking about my Dad and taking the test to become a fully fledged fox demon. I focused on honing my magic and learning how to survive. I hunted my first rabbit, and when I caught it, the rush I felt was so...” Shippo couldn't find the words to explain it. He just smiled and clenched his fist. “And then when I killed my first demon...I had never felt so alive.” Shippo confessed. “I couldn't help but think...if I had left sooner, would I be stronger?” He asked.


“I guess that's just a long way of saying I know what you're going through.” Shippo said as he smiled at his friend. “You're not alone. You were never alone. Understand?”


“I got it.” Inuyasha said as he ruffled Shippo's hair.


The kitsune wrapped his arms around his friend, hugging him as he rested his head against his chest. He could feel that powerful, muscular body against his cheek and under his arms. His friend had become so much beefier since he left. He never thought he'd hug Inuyasha again. He could smell that strong, canine scent again. See that stupid, cocky grin of his again. Hear that loud, foul mouth of his again. Moments ago, he was yelling at him and crying, but now he couldn't be happier.


He was used to feeling Inuyasha's hand on his head from all the times the older male had hit him, but now he could feel those arms of his surround his body as Inuyasha returned the hug. It had been so long since he had felt so comfortable. Inuyasha felt like home. Sounded like home. Smelled like home. He dug his fingers into the canine's sides to hug him tighter and took a deeper whiff of his scent, the scent he couldn't get enough of.


Without knowing it, Shippo had begun to nuzzle into Inuyasha's chest, letting out gentle growls from how nice it felt. His body felt warm. He thought it was because of the reunion with his old friend, and while that was partially true, there were other factors at play. The more he nuzzled into Inuyasha, the more he longed to be near him. To feel him. To smell him. His manhood began to harden in his shorts and it was pressing up against Inuyasha's leg. When he realized it, Shippo pulled away.


“Sorry. This has been happening a lot lately. It gets annoying.” Shippo said, blushing as he covered his crotch to hide the bulge in his pants.


It had been a very long time since Inuyasha had held someone like that. Sure, he had spent a few nights with different women since Kagome's death. He was a half-demon with needs that he couldn't satisfy himself. However, any lover he took was simply for physical gratification. It never meant anything to him. He never got intimate. No kisses, no hugging, most of the time he never even got their name. But when Shippo hugged him just now, he didn't mind it. It felt nice to be held by someone he knew loved him. He smelled Shippo's arousal before he felt it or saw it, and maybe it was because of his demon side, but he didn't mind it one bit. In fact, he kind of enjoyed it.


“It's okay.” Inuyasha replied as his own manhood began to spring to life, a much, much larger tent forming in his pants.


Shippo's eyes immediately went to the massive clothed erection that was continuing to grow. It was the first time he had smelled an arousal so strong. It was heating his body up, making him grow warmer, his clothes suddenly feeling more like a burden than comforting. His cock was as stiff as a rock. He had never felt this erect before. He shifted in his spot, trying to get more comfortable, but all it did was make his cock rub up against his shorts, which only made him wince in slight pleasure. He didn't know what to do. He had never felt like this before. His mind was getting foggy the more he inhaled Inuyasha's musk and the scent of his growing arousal.


Fortunately, Inuyasha had the answer. The older male reached over and used the palm of his hand to rub Shippo's cock through his shorts. “A-Ahh...” Shippo moaned softly, his toes curling and his eyes closing from the burst of pleasure.


“You've never touched it when it got hard before?” Inuyasha asked.


“N-No.” Shippo said, struggling to talk as he bit back the moans building up in his throat. “I-I just—ahh!” He moaned, digging his fingers into the grass. “I usually...mmm...jus-just...ran or t-trained unti—ah! U-Until it...went away...” He explained. The pleasure was skyrocketing, causing the young kitsune to double over, leaning into Inuyasha again to support himself. His head found its way onto Inuyasha's exposed chest once more as the dog half-demon continued to rub his clothed bulge.


Inuyasha couldn't imagine going so long without knowing about masturbation. Before he met Kikyo, he would get into intense heats, the lust sometimes driving him to transform into his full demon self. If he hadn't known how to pleasure himself, who knows how violent he would have become.


“Feels good, right?” Inuyasha asked.


“Y-Yeah.” Shippo replied. “I-Inuyasha!” He cried out as he felt his friend rub his cock more firmly through his shorts. The kitsune clung to the folds of his friend's robe as his mind became more and more hazy. His body was acting on its own, the teen starting to buck his hips into Inuyasha's hand. “Mmm...” He moaned softly as he pressed his head into Inuyasha's chest. All he could smell was Inuyasha at this point, which was driving him crazier. His hands moved from the folds of the robe up to his shoulders. He dug his fingers in, feeling those broad, strong shoulders, squeezing them so he could feel all the power that was stored inside.


The kitsune was panting, trying to his best to recover his breath. His tongue was hanging past his lips, the tip involuntarily rubbing up against the middle of Inuyasha's pecs. He could taste Inuyasha. He tasted salty, which was from the sweat, but also thick and pungent, which weren't words he'd use to describe a taste. He couldn't really describe it in any other word beyond “manly”. His tongue continued to move, but this time of his own volition as Shippo began lapping at Inuyasha's chest. “Inuyasha...” Shippo moaned. There was less anguish in his voice and far more lust.


Inuyasha looked down at his young friend as he began licking at his chest. He hated to admit it, but the kid looked really hot with his face buried in his pecs and with that tongue lapping at his chest. The kid's eyes were still closed, which was good because if he saw the way Inuyasha was looking at him, he might get scared. The half demon's was very horny, and when he got horny, he tended to get aggressive and predatory. His cock was fully erect in his pants and leaking pre-cum.


He knew from his time with Miroku that it was tough enough for humans to ignore their carnal urges. It was a hundred times harder for anyone that had demon in their blood. It was in his genetics to operate on instincts, and right now his body was telling him he wanted Shippo.


“Don't stop licking.” Inuyasha ordered as he shrugged off the top half of his robes, letting them fall to the side to reveal his broad shoulders, his chiselled pecs, his big, bulging biceps and his sculpted abs. He had indeed gotten bulkier since meeting Shippo, gaining a lot more muscle mass since he was doing a lot more fighting now. He wasn't content in just underdressing himself. He stopped rubbing Shippo's bulge, only to reach under Shippo's waistband and fish out his cock, pulling it out into the open.


The kitsune was decently equipped for his age. He was uncut and already slightly above average in length, albeit a bit slender when it came to girth. When he felt his cock be freed from his shorts, Shippo went ahead and kicked them off, getting half naked for his friend and freeing his nuts as well. His cock was slick with pre-cum already. He felt Inuyasha's hand wrap around his cock, making him tense up again. “Mmmff...” He groaned as he bucked his hips into his hand. He moved his lips and tongue all along his friend's chest, while his hands would caress those thick, powerful biceps.


When his tongue found Inuyasha's nipple, he felt the older male's grip on his cock tighten. He licked Inuyasha's nipple again, and this time, his friend let out a small growl. Shippo finally opened his eyes and looked up at his friend. The intensity in the dog demon's eyes. The passion. The desire. It only made the kitsune's body burn hotter. He pressed his body up against the side of Inuyasha's body as hard as he could, rubbing up against him as he continued to buck into his friend's hand.


“Fuck...” Inuyasha growled again as Shippo licked his nipples over and over again. He looked down at the teen, those big, green eyes gazing up at him, completely lidded over in lust. He never thought he'd ever see Shippo giving someone the bedroom eyes, let alone thinking he'd ever be the target of them. They were far more alluring and seductive than many of the ladies of the night he had been with over the last few decades.


“You taste so good.” Shippo panted as he began nipping, kissing and licking up the half-demon's chest, moving along his neck.The hornier he got, the more aggressive he got with his advances. The fox was trying his best to get closer to Inuyasha, pressing his nose into his neck as his hips bucked against both the half-demon's hand and his thigh. He planted small kisses along his jawline and inched closer and closer to the older male's lips.


He wasn't trying to kiss Inuyasha. He was just in a frenzy, wanting to take in as much of his scent and taste as he could. So when his lips found their way to Inuyasha's, Shippo stopped, pulling away from Inuyasha slightly. He panted as he gazed into Inuyasha's eyes, unsure if he had crossed a line.


Inuyasha couldn't believe it. He kissed Shippo. It wasn't a long kiss. It was barely a peck. But, their lips had touched. He could see the worry in Shippo's eyes, the kitsune afraid that he had done something wrong. As Inuyasha looked at the teen, he paused for a moment, as if he were contemplating what to do. However, that was far from the truth. He was taking a moment to drink in how cute his young friend had become. Placing his free hand on the back of Shippo's head, he pulled him in for a real kiss.


When their lips met again, Shippo melted. The hands that were tracing his biceps found their way up and around his neck, draping his arms around him as he moaned softly into the kiss. It took only a couple of seconds before he felt Inuyasha's tongue press against his lips. He parted his lips, allowing that big, long tongue into his mouth. He felt it slip into mouth and run along his tongue. He groaned loudly into the kiss as he tasted his friend's saliva. The kitsune did his best to wrap his tongue around Inuyasha's. He glided against it, wrestled with it, rolled around it, sucked on it and played with it every way he could.


Shippo couldn't handle the pleasure. He felt a pressure building up in his loins. He tried to pull away to tell Inuyasha as the unfamiliar sensation continued to grow, but Inuyasha wouldn't let him break the kiss. He did the opposite, pushing harder against the back of Shippo's head to keep this kiss going and stuffing his tongue deeper into Shippo's mouth. Crying out loudly into the kiss, Shippo came hard all over Inuyasha's hand and leg. His nails dug into Inuyasha's shoulder as the pleasure riddled his body. Every bit of his body was sensitive right now and he needed time to recover, but he wasn't granted any. Inuyasha's large tongue continued to dominate his mouth.


When Inuyasha finally did let Shippo pull away, the fox didn't move very far, only far enough so he could see Inuyasha's face. A few strings of saliva still connected their lips and a lot of his friend's saliva coated the edges of his lips and his chin. He looked down to see his semi-erect cock and the whitish-clearish substance on his friend's pants. “What just happened?” Shippo asked. He could see that his body was flushed pink and red from the pleasure.


Shippo didn't get an answer. Instead, he felt his friend's lips press against his own and that long tongue force its way back into his mouth. The kitsune closed his eyes and kissed back, moaning into the kiss. His hands went back to roaming his friend's body, feeling that hard muscle under his fingertips as they trailed down his chest. They danced lower and lower, running over those firm abs before reaching his crotch. It felt so good when Inuyasha rubbed his cock, and kissing the half-demon was turning him to mush. He wanted to return the favour.


So, Shippo let his hands descend further onto the canine's body, rubbing that big, firm bulge that started between his legs and throbbed down the right side of Inuyasha's thigh. He kept a slow pace, squeezing the huge outline, marvelling at how thick it felt through his pants.


“Fuck...” Inuyasha panted into the kiss before letting out a dominating growl. He kept one hand on the back of Shippo's head, cradling it loosely as the other hand slid along his hips, holding him far more intimately than before. Those unskilled hands running along his manhood were getting him hornier than anything in recent memory. He didn't keep the kid waiting. He grabbed the waistband of his pants and slid them off, his massive cock slapping against his stomach as it was freed.


The kitsune broke from the kiss when he heard that thick thud of Inuyasha's man meat slapping against his body. When he saw just how big it was, his eyes widened. His monster of a cock rested against the middle of his stomach. The big, thick, deep red head of his cock drooled pre-cum as the tip twitched along the top of his abs. His nuts were huge as well, each just smaller than the size of his fist. “It's so big...” Shippo said in awe, stating the obvious. He reached out and tried to wrap a hand around it, but was unsuccessful, a testament to his friend's girth.


It felt so warm in his hand, and heavy. He could feel it pulsing and throbbing, the pre-cum drooling down the shaft and over the kitsune's fingers. Shippo gripped it with both hands and started to stroke it, spreading out the half-demon's pre-cum along the entirety of shaft. There was something about holding this magnificently large cock that made him feel oddly comfortable. It felt right for him to be stroking Inuyasha off like this. He looked up at his friend with his big, green eyes, still glazed over in lust, wanting to see how much he was enjoying this.


Inuyasha growled loudly and began to slowly rock his hips, gently thrusting his cock into Shippo's hands. “That fuckin' look.” He growled as he stared down at the kitsune. The kid managed to look so innocent and so slutty at the same time. There were parts of him that were begging him not to do anything more with Shippo. After all, he had known this kid for so long and did genuinely love him. He didn't want to deepen their relationship for fear of messing it up even more. But that was the human part of him talking, a part of him he had stopped listening to over the decades.


It was the demon side of him that was reigning over his thoughts. That savage, primal side that wanted him to embrace his carnal instincts, and that's exactly what he would do. “Come here.” Inuyasha said as he grabbed Shippo by the back of his head again, pulling him into another locking of their lips. Their tongues wrestled back and forth between their mouths. What started off as a lustful kiss soon turned into an act of dominance as Inuyasha would force his tongue into Shippo's mouth. Anytime Shippo tried to run his tongue along Inuyasha's, the half-demon would push it away, only allowing the kitsune to wrap his tongue around Inuyasha's or suckle on it as Inuyasha's long tongue would roam Shippo's mouth.


The kitsune happily submitted, his hands still jacking his friend's large, girthy cock off as he pressed his body into Inuyasha's side again. Such a simple display of aggression from Inuyasha had gotten the teenaged fox demon fully erect once more. He had missed Inuyasha so much. The man he idolized and looked up was finally back in his life again, and now, their relationship was growing. The fox demon had spent so long fending for himself and learning to be strong that feeling Inuyasha's strong presence was soothing. He could allow himself to be weak again. To be soft and scared again. Inuyasha was here, and like always, he would protect him, and he would protect Inuyasha.


When the kiss ended, their pair pulled away slightly, their combined saliva spilling from their lips and down their chin. Shippo leaned in again and licked the edges of Inuyasha's lips, eager to taste his saliva and any part of him again. When he leaned in to kiss Inuyasha again, he felt the half-demon pulling on the back of his head, stopping him from continuing. Shippo looked at him again, pouting with his eyes, wondering what he had done wrong.


“I've got something better for you.” Inuyasha said. He guided Shippo's head down towards his crotch, placing it just inches away from the tip.


Shippo stared at that big, bulbous head, so slick with it's own pre-cum. His nose was flooded with Inuyasha's musk, his mouth watering at the first whiff. He leaned in and kissed the tip. Immediately, he let out a throaty growl. The kitsune opened his mouth and stuffed the fat head into his mouth, groaning like the slut in heat that he was. He bobbed up and down on the head, unable to fit much more into his virgin mouth for now. He tried to reposition himself, getting on all fours beside Inuyasha, letting him lean in better.


As his young friend worked the head of his cock, Inuyasha watched as the kid would lean in, causing that round behind of his to raise into the air. Inuyasha licked his lips at the sight. It was hard to believe, but Shippo had grown up to have the roundest, most perfect ass he had ever seen. His years of training seemed to keep it nice and tight. The dog demon reached out and gave it a hard slap.


“Mmffff!!” Shippo groaned, his cry of pleasure muffled by Inuyasha's cock. The dog demon spanked him again, which made him groan once more. He pulled off so he could recover his breath, his face flushed red from the pleasure.


“Get back on it.” Inuyasha commanded as he pushed down on Shippo's head again, forcing him down onto his big, fat cock. He kept his grip on the back of Shippo's head, not allowing him to come up for air as he continued playing with Shippo's ass. He would squeeze and grope it, giving it another hard smack whenever he felt like it. Fuck, he loved the way it jiggled when he did that.


Shippo was a mess. He had never been touched back there, let alone touched like this. It was a new height of pleasure that he was quickly falling in love with. He greedily stuck his ass out, wanting more from his friend. He couldn't close his mouth, the constant groping and spanking causing him to cry out too often. At this point, all he could do was lick at the glistening head and the shaft. He tried to close his lips around it, but it just wasn't happening.


Seeing the lustful bliss that Shippo was in, Inuyasha decided to push it even further. He ran his fingers along his shaft, coating them in a thick layer of his pre-cum. He then rubbed his digits along that virgin tail hole.


“Inuyasha, what are you—ahh!” Shippo screamed as he felt one of Inuyasha's long fingers push inside of him. He felt that finger move in and out of him slowly, inching its way deeper and deeper into his insides. Shippo couldn't think anymore. His entire body had gone numb from the pleasure, unable to even move his tongue. He loosely gripped Inuyasha's cock and rested his head against it, allowing Inuyasha to buck against his face, rubbing his cock all over it. His big dick roughly pushed up against his cheeks, his nose, his lips, even his forehead. All he could smell was Inuyasha's thick musk and it was perfect.


“Inuyasha...” Shippo moaned as he relaxed himself, allowing Inuyasha to have his way with his virgin hole. The older male was making him feel good and all he wanted was for this to never end.


“So fucking tight.” Inuyasha grunted as he pushed his finger deeper and deeper. Eventually, he found the spot he was looking for. His fingertip brushed up against something inside of Shippo that made the kitsune almost go limp. The fox's face slide down his cock, resting against Inuyasha's nuts as his legs began to buckle.


“A-Again, Inuyasha...please...” The fox begged. Inuyasha obliged, pressing his finger against it harder. “Yes...” He moaned softly. Inuyasha pushed a second finger inside of the kitsune, pumping in and out of the teen, pressing into that magical button over and over again. Shippo drooled all over the base of Inuyasha's cock as he inhaled his musk. He was moving in rhythm with Inuyasha, pushing his ass back onto his digits as Inuyasha pushed into him, his tail wagging about, greedily wanting more.


Being so close to Inuyasha's nuts, Shippo dragged his tongue along one of his heavy, cum-filled orbs. He felt it roll over his tongue as he continued licking them, trying to capture one of them in his mouth. He couldn't quite wrap his lips around one, still moaning too much from being fingered by Inuyasha. His moans quickly turned into long, drawn out, animalistic groans as he fell in complete lust with whatever Inuyasha was doing to him.


Inuyasha couldn't believe how much of a natural slut Shippo was. The kid was begging for more, pushing up against his fingers, worshipping his nuts. He never stopped trying to please Inuyasha. Shippo had always been to persevere. Usually, Inuyasha would just call him stubborn, but he knew the kid never liked to give up. He needed to blow. He needed to cum so badly. Shippo had worked him up so much that it was paining him to withhold his load at this point. He could feel that demon side of him unleashing itself. The rage. The power. The desire.


He yanked on Shippo's head, reluctantly pulling him away from his nuts, only to force him onto his cock again. Once the head of his cock was inside his mouth, he didn't give Shippo the option to pull away as he rammed more of his cock past his lips, slamming the thick head against the back of Shippo's throat. He felt the kid gag, but he didn't care right now. He held Shippo's head in place as he freely bucked into his mouth, ramming his cock against his throat over and over again as he fingered him faster.


It was a pleasure overload. Being used like this was never something he thought he'd like, and maybe he didn't. Maybe it was because it was him doing this to him. The man he idolized. The man he looked up to. The man he missed. Maybe if it was anyone other than Inuyasha, he'd be furious, but it was him. It was the half-demon. And he loved it. He tried to relax his throat, to make it easier for Inuyasha to thrust into his mouth and get more of his cock inside of him, but it was difficult with how rough Inuyasha was being. He tried to stroke Inuyasha's big, long cock with his hands, but the pleasure was keeping his fingers tense, not allowing him to get a good grip on it.


Shippo looked up at Inuyasha again. He couldn't talk, so he needed to communicate to Inuyasha in any way possible that he enjoyed this. He constantly groaned and whined on his cock while bucking back against his fingers. As he looked at Inuyasha, he would gaze at him, seeing the half-demon grit his teeth in pleasure and his eyes glare down at him with such ferocity. He looked more like his full demon self than his regular self. Shippo thought he'd be scared if he ever saw Inuyasha like that again. Yet, fear was far from what he felt right now. He was still a bit afraid, but that fear was dwarfed by the intense lust, desire and even safety he felt.


With one last look into Inuyasha's menacing glare, the kitsune felt everything come to a head. He came hard all over Inuyasha again, spurting load after load onto the older male's thighs, cock and sides. He moaned to sweet heaven around Inuyasha's cock as he came, tightening his throat up inadvertently in the process.


Inuyasha couldn't believe it. He hadn't even touched Shippo's cock and the kid blew another load. He reached orgasm just from getting fingered roughly and getting face fucked. It was the biggest display of submission he had ever seen, and it was more than enough to push Inuyasha over the edge. He shoved Shippo as far down his cock as possible before letting out a loud, roaring grunt. His first load shot against the back of Shippo's throat. Some of it slid down his throat while the rest landed on his tongue. The next load filled Shippo's mouth completely, making it impossible for Shippo to breathe.


He eased up on the grip of Shippo's head, letting him pull off of his cock. The kitsune coughed up cum as he struggled to recover his breath. Keeping his face close, Inuyasha shot the rest of his thick, heavy, warm cum all over Shippo's face and neck. As expected from an endowment as big as Inuyasha's, his load was plentiful. Rope after rope splashed all over Shippo's face, drenching him a couple of layers of his cum. It took a while before Inuyasha's orgasm was finished, his cock shooting mostly onto Inuyasha's body and his own cock now.


Shippo's face was dripping with Inuyasha's seed. He didn't understand what had just happened, but he didn't care. He wiped the cum away from his eyes so he could open them again and look at Inuyasha. His menacing features seemed to disappear, but that aura of dominance still lingered. Shippo licked his lips, groaning from the taste. He smiled at Inuyasha, having no idea how seductive it was to his older friend as he leaned down and licked Inuyasha's cock clean.


The older canine panted heavily. He pulled his fingers out of Shippo, only to caress his hips. His other hand remained on the back of his head, but he was running his fingers through his hair affectionately. He watched as Shippo, with a mask of his cum, immediately started trying to lick the remaining cum off of his cock. “Shippo, you don't have to do that.”


“I want to.” Shippo replied instantly. “You taste so good.” He said as he dragged his tongue from the base all the way to the tip, murring softly as he swallowed more of that delicious seed.


Inuyasha didn't interfere. It felt far too good and the kid seemed way too committed for him to do anything about it, so the silver-haired male just leaned back and enjoyed it, still running his fingers through Shippo's hair. The kid would look up at him a few times as he cleaned his cock, and Inuyasha would just smile softly down at him.


When he was done, Inuyasha pulled Shippo up beside him. He tugged on Shippo's waist, prompting the teenaged kitsune to cuddle up to Inuyasha's side. His face was still covered in Inuyasha's jizz, which he would lick and rub at occasionally. The older male would help him, licking some of his own seed off of Shippo's face, not wanting to completely clean it off. Shippo looked so hot with his cum on his face, so he left a fair amount of it on.


“Thank you.” Shippo whispered as he rested his head against Inuyasha's chest. He looked up at the sky, the night sky starting to creep in on them.


“It's no big deal. Just returning the favour.” Inuyasha replied.


“No. For coming back.” Shippo corrected him. Inuyasha gazed down at the fox. He could see the innocence in his eyes again, but also the joy, the happiness, There was no doubt about it. It had been a long time since someone had looked at him like that, and he knew what caused it. Inuyasha loved Shippo, that much he knew. He just didn't know if he loved him like the way Shippo loved him.


“Where are you going next?” Shippo asked him.


“I don't know.” Inuyasha replied.


“Let me come with you.” Shippo told him. “Please. I swear I'm not useless anymore. I can hunt. I can track. I'm getting pretty good with my daggers--” He stopped as he felt Inuyasha's lips against his own. He brought a hand to Inuyasha's face, cupping his cheek as he moaned softly into the kiss.


Inuyasha could feel the fear from Shippo. The worry about being left alone again. The pain of being abandoned. He couldn't do that to the kitsune again. He couldn't be the one to put him through so much anguish and heart ache. He wasn't sure if he could love Shippo the way Shippo loved him, but he could damn well try. It had been a long time since he had even thought about opening his heart up again, but as the kitsune cuddled up to him, his face partially covered in his jizz and those soft lips against his own, he knew that if he had to try again, it would be with Shippo.


The kiss ended and the two demons didn't pull away. Shippo rested his forehead against Inuyasha's, feeling so safe. “You were never useless.” Inuyasha told him. “Tiny? Yeah. Stubborn? Yeah. Annoying? Fuck yeah. But useless? Never.” Inuyasha reassured him. The smile on Shippo's face grew brighter. He gave Inuyasha another peck on the lips before returning to nuzzling into the crook of his neck. “We'll leave in the morning.” He told his fox friend.


Shippo simply nodded. He couldn't wait to get started on this new chapter of his life.

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