The Beast Within

BY : Stine
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Stine jolted awake, cold sweat making the bed sheets cling to her nude body and causing her to feel slightly claustrophobic. Taking a deep breath, she untangled her body from the sheets and raised herself from the bed on shaky legs. Walking over to the window, she looked up at the moon in the sky, furrowing her brows. Why did she feel this way? The moon wasn't even full this night, and yet she felt anxious enough to have night terrors. That usually only happened when the moon was full, and sometimes not even then. It had been that way for close to 18 years, ever since she started bleeding when she was ten years old. Yet the last week or so she had awoken drenched in sweat every single night, her heart galloping in her chest and her body shaking. Something was happening to her and she had no idea what. Or why. Opening the window slightly to let in some air, she tried to remember her dream. Blood tipped fangs framed by a smirking mouth stood out in her memory, but every time she tried to focus on it, it slipped away, making her growl in frustration. Something told her the dream was important, so why couldn't she remember?

She soon started shivering from the cold rather than the terror, making her usually flat nipples stand out rock hard. Deciding to leave the window open to air out the room, the pulled on a warm robe and some slippers and made her way to the living room. Switching on the Play Station she started playing a game, but after dying a handful of times she realized she was too distracted, too tense. Knowing it would be impossible to fall asleep in this condition, she flipped open her computer and put on some hardcore porn. She loved watching women being dominated by men, and she rubbed her clit while imagining herself in that position. Feeling a strong man ripping her clothes off, pushing her down, holding her arms above her head while lowering his mouth towards her neck, sharp canines gleaming behind sensual lips... She almost stopped rubbing, eyes wide. That last part hadn't been part of her fantasy before, it was part of her nightmare! Desperate she tried to remember anything else, but it once again slipped away after giving her a glimpse of those same fangs dripping with blood. Surprisingly, the vision somehow made her more turned on and soon she was screaming in orgasm. Panting slightly, she was overcome with confusion and shame.

She closed her computer and pulled a blanket over herself, curling up in the fetal position on the couch. What the fuck was happening to her?

Sesshomaru jolted awake, eyes shining red in the darkness of his bed chamber, heart beating like mad in his chest. His long, silvery white hair clung to his sweaty body, and his feet were tangled in the sheets. What was happening to him? Every night for about a week he had been awoken by a dream drenched in sweat, with his heart about to leap out of his chest. Flaring his nostrils he grimaced, smelling his own mix of anxiety and arousal. Raising himself from his bed, he padded over to the window and looked up at the sky. The night chill had no impact on his throbbing, almost painfully hard member. The moon wasn't even full, yet he was feeling almost like a pup lost in his heat. This hadn't happened to him for several hundred years, ever since that first heat where he jumped on anything in his path, mating and killing (in that order) until his beast was content. He never allowed himself to lose control again, fearing the resulting half breeds in the event he would be unable to kill all the females unfortunate enough to be within reach. He turned around and padded over to the washroom where he lowered himself into the hot spring.

Relaxing slightly in the hot water, he closed his eyes and tried to recall his dream. There had been so much red. Someone had been lying naked beneath him, their face obscured by shadow. The skin on their pale neck had been slick with blood, and there were deep puncture marks. Warm blood had coated the inside of his mouth and dripped from his fangs. It had tasted better than anything he'd ever tasted before, and his cock twitched painfully from the memory. He groaned, and then snarled when he was unable to remember anything else from the dream. Grabbing hold of his rock hard erection, he gave it a few hard jerks before howling out in frustration, shame and pleasure as he came hard.

Panting a bit, he wondered what the hell was happening to him.



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