Some kind of Beginning

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Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters or make any money off of this story. These characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Viz Media.

In celebration of the Inuaysha sequel anime, I give you this piece of trash that I have been thinking about for a long time. I’ve been toying with the idea that the Inu-gang were just that, a gang, a renowned and feared yakuza family.  I’m pretty much doing whatever to Rumiko Takahashi’s characters you have been warned.  I don’t own these characters or make any money off of this story. 


Warnings: A/U, M/M,,Omegaverse, Language




When did the air get so thick? It was choking him. It was the middle of winter  and it was snowing yet Miroku couldn’t breathe. He was sweating, his body was drenched underneath his fluffy coat and scarf. He should be catching a chill but he wasn’t.


 Burning...he was burning alive! Just a few more steps and he would make it to the entrance of the traditional Japanese compound that he lived in. His family lived a little farther down from the main house but Miroku didn’t know if he could make it. His best friend Inuyasha’s room wasn’t too far from the main entrance. If he could just get there and then pass out on the boys big western style bed. Just a few more feet. It became a mantra. The side satchel he carried for school felt like it weighed a ton yet it only held a few notepads and a pencil bag.


 What was this? Why was he so weak? He had to rely on the wooden panels surrounding the property to keep his balance. Any moment he felt he  would pass out and fall face first into the ground. The snow had just started so there wasn’t enough accumulated. It would be a brutal face plant into asphalt if he passed out now. 


Just a few more feet.  It felt like a millenia had passed but he managed to get into the front hallway of the main house. He let himself fall on the tatami mats kicking his school loafers off and letting them fall where they may, askew right in the tiled entryway. Something in the back of his mind told him that someone was going to yell at him for that later. Miroku couldn’t bring himself to care. Normally he was the epitome of manners and courtesy, right now he was just too weak. He lay there on the floor trying to catch his breath and regain some strength. Luckily no other servants came by or God forbid his mother who was the head maid and scold him. 


There he lay heart thundering in his chest. 

“Just a few more minutes and I’ll get up and go to Inuyasha’s room,” he panted to himself.

 He knew the hot headed teen wouldn’t be there, the hanyou had after school activities and wouldn’t return home for at least three hours. That would be enough time for Miroku to rest and then get a little strength back to make the longer walk to his family's house. 


Just then something tickled his nose. It smelt like fresh rain, clean earth and musk. It was spicy and refreshing and it curled around his nose settling in his chest and cooling the heat there. Strangely enough it gave him just enough strength to get up and follow it. His body was moving on it’s own now. If whatever he was smelling could cool this terrible heat then it was worth investigating. 




Sesshomaru rubbed the towel against his scalp with a little too much force. He knew his scalp was going to be red and ache later. He was just too pissed to care right now. Kendo practice had been utterly brutal today, for no reason. His sadistic father had given him more than a few deep bruises this time. Laying him completely out in the middle of their practice space. Embarrassing Sesshomaru in front of everyone. Every now and then his father liked to re assert his dominance as the clan leader. But dammit that usually happened when he or his brother had done something to thoroughly piss the old dog off. He had no idea what had  brought on this round of ass kickery but when he found out who or what  the real target was Sesshomaru would make them pay dearly!

He winced, his shoulder throbbing; he must’ve thrown his used towel too hard pulling the battered muscles there. All he wanted to do was lay down on his bed and sleep until dinner time. He knew his father would demand he make an appearance. The bastard was in a mood today, clearly. Sesshomaru lay across his queen sized western style raised bed, still naked, and stretched out his limbs. Modesty be damned, he was hurt and who would dare burst into the room of the first son of the Inu-gumi? His body slowly started to relax and he let his eyes drift closed,not sleeping yet but getting there. 


Sesshomaru’s eyes popped open when he heard the soft sound of the door to his room slide open. Sitting up he stared into the flushed face of one of, no, THE last person he wanted to see. 


Miroku, the first son of the family that had served under his, for generations and the subject of his nightly fantasies since he hit puberty, was leaning against the panel of the open shoji door panting hard and looking feverish. Miroku’s scent wafted into his nose, hitting him right in the groin like it always did. Which was why he tended to avoid the young man and instead  watched him from afar. Miroku was an omega and he was an alpha he didn’t want his demon and alpha instincts to overwhelm him and make him do something utterly stupid like attack the boy. 


Something was different this time  Miroku was releasing his pheromones more than he ever had before. Making Sesshomaru drown in the boy's scent and he was still eight feet away! His brain started to fog his base instincts taking over. Mate. His instincts were clawing to the forefront but a lifetime of his father beating self control into him kept them at bay. Barely.


“Miroku what the hell?! Get out!” He yelled his voice was cracking. He pinched his nostrils to try and keep the intoxicating scent out but then he had to open his mouth and now he could taste Miroku’s pheromones.  He was slipping if he didn’t get Miroku away from him he was going to go into a rut and he wouldn’t be able to control his actions at all. 


Miroku  seemed to be high, his eyes were dilated, the pupils huge and almost expanding across his entire iris, he kept taking deep breaths as he walked over the threshold and into Sesshomaru’s room, hands out before him. Sesshomaru felt stupid all he could do at the moment was scoot back on his bed trying to put some distance between him and Miroku. The closer the other boy got to him the more he sunk under his alpha instincts control.


“Dammit, Miroku stop! God, do you know what I will do?” Miroku was either ignoring him or he couldn't hear Sesshomaru’s voice over his euphoria . Then it happened, the distance between them closed and Mirokus’s soft hands fell upon his chest. The boy moaned and he dove for Sesshomaru’s body in a trance, licking and sucking at Sesshomaru’s chest, his hands sliding over his body and arms touching everything.


“Miroku don’t regret this ” Was the last thing he remembered saying before his instincts took over.




He had found it. That wonderful scent that cooled this unbearable heat. Now he could taste it! Miroku swallowed it down, it cooled his burning throat. More he needed more he needed to cool his whole body down. He faintly remembered he was still wearing...something that would keep him from getting close to that wondrous coolness.


“Miroku….” Someone kept calling his name and other words were assaulting his ears, his hearing muffled all he could make out clearly was his name though. Miroku wriggled trying to get the..stuff off. It was itchy and biting into his sensitive skin. Making tears prick his eyes he was getting so frustrated. There was an ache in his groin and a wetness in a part of his body he barely paid attention to but now it was literally crying. He felt empty! He needed...he needed! 

Whatever it was he needed it was so close. There were hands then. Hands on his face turning his head to look up into sunset eyes. He knew those eyes. They got closer and something sweet hit his tongue. Lips were pressed against his, the hands squeezing the crying aching place. Bringing his aching hardness against something. The mouth on his bit at him he didn’t resist he opened his mouth letting the other person taste and take what they wanted. Miroku melted against the body under him. Yes! More of that. It was over too soon the other person ending their kiss hissing. The hands pushed him back being torn away caused  him physical pain.


“” Miroku could almost weep when he recognized that word. No. Whatever was making him feel better was going to stop! He did cry then and if he had been in his right mind he would be utterly disgusted with the submissive he had turned into. But right now he was a storm of pheromones and lust, drunk on it. There was no thinking.  Only the need.


“ me.” 




Miroku was begging him but Sesshomaru knew he would regret it for the rest of his life if he pounced on the boy like some base animal in rut then marked and impregnated Miroku. But he was also a demon and demon’s were nothing if not selfish and opportunistic; it was getting hard to fight all his imposing characteristics. He needed to keep a clear  head through this. And Miroku’s watery plea along with his feelings for the other younger man meant that he was going to oblige the boy and help him. But not like a crazed animal.


“Miroku, I will help you but there are a few things I need to do first” Sesshomaru had to resist the urge to laugh when Miroku tilted his head to the side like a dog with an inquisitive look on his face. This was no laughing matter after all.


“”  It was like Miroku could barely make words with whatever maelstrom was raging inside him, stripping him of reason.


“Yes, I will help just wait two seconds.” Sesshomaru quickly opened up the drawer closest to him and grabbed the items there. He jabbed the suppressant cartridge into his thigh then quickly unwrapped the condom. He pushed Miroku down his body a little so he could get to his member then rolled the condom on. He was an alpha after all and went into a regular rut cycle he had to keep this drawer stocked with his suppressants and plenty of condoms.The first son of the Inu-gumi couldn’t let his instincts run amok and get some random partner pregnant but he still had needs to take care of as an alpha. 


Apparently taking too long for Miroku the young man growled and started licking him again. Sesshomaru let the feelings wash over him this time, not fighting it. The drugs were fast acting and would keep him from losing control and getting affected by Miroku’s pheromones and go into a full rut. Miroku straddled his hips licking up his neck and biting him. His little bottom wiggling against him still covered with his uniform pants. 


Sesshomaru couldn't believe what was happening. In all the years he had watched Miroku from afar. Feeling ashamed of his lust for the boy. It had started when he was in his teens not long after his second gender had been confirmed. He saw Miroku only nine years old then. He had always been able to smell the general scent of people which was an effect of his heightened senses as a dog demon. But now  since he had hit puberty he could detect the pheromones others were exuding. Miroku had always smelt pleasant enough to him but, now. Now the boy's scent drew him in. Made him want to do things to Miroku. He wanted the boy under him. Wanted to plunge deep into his body and plant his seed. Impregnate him and bite the nape of Miroku's neck, mark it and make it bleed so everyone would know who he belonged to. The desire was so strong it frightened the teen Seshomaru and disgusted him that through his lust fogged mind he couldn't discern the fact that Miroku was still a child. 

 Ever since then he had avoided the boy. Strangely enough being around Miroku only affected him this way. His brother, who was also a confirmed alpha, could hang out with Miroku without being taken over by maddening lust. It might have had something to do with the fact that even though Miroku was a confirmed omega he never went into heat. No other alphas in the household were affected by Miroku's pheromones Inuyasha even saying he couldn't even detect them. It was an oddity to be sure.

Obviously something had changed, this was most definitely Miroku's first heat. And it was hitting the boy hard. Miroku was practically delirious, rubbing against him and  mewling. Desperate to get closer to Sesshomaru, desperate to have the older man inside him.


Not able to take the teasing anymore, Sesshomaru eased Miroku underneath him.


“We have to get you out of these clothes first.”




Finally it was happening! The sunset eyes above him narrowed in desire when he rolled his hips rubbing his clothed hardness against the nude person above him. He could not for the life of him remember who this person was. Only that they were vaguely familiar.


Clawed hands unbuttoned his chinese style school blazer revealing his undershirt beneath. It was soaked in sweat and clinging to his skin. The fabric now see through, his erect nipples poking through. The benevolent being above him wasted no time after pulling off his uniform pants, quickly coming back to his chest and sucking at them through the drenched fabric.


“God, Miroku I have never tasted an omega as sweet as you.” The rumbling aroused growl above him reverberated against his chest making him wine.


There was still stuff on him, and something was dripping out his backside drenching his shorts. 


“I can smell it, your submissiveness. You have no idea what it is doing to me.” The person was still intent on talking.


“Please, hurry!” His blunt nails were practically digging into the scalp against his chest, silky moonlight hair tangling in his fingers as he  held on to the man above him. He squirmed underneath the onslaught of tongue teeth and claws that were careful not to cut him but still scratching at his skin providing an erotic thrill. He felt his boxer shorts get snatched off and his thighs were pressed apart baring him to the intense gaze above him. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was embarrassed at how those sunset eyes scrutinized a part of his body that until this point Miroku had held no interest in. 


The man above him sucked in a sharp breath before exhaling slowly.


“Damn, I don’t think I can control this any longer.” He heard before an ecstasy that defied reality exploded through his body as something hot and thick filled up that aching place.




Sesshomaru wanted to take his time; he had fantasized about this moment for the last eight years so he wanted to savor everything. Every moan and every brush of flesh.That was what the dog demon had planned to do but when he had opened Miroku’s thighs, intending to play with the young man a little more.  The full force of the boy's desire curled up his nose hitting him in his gut, vaporizing all his good intentions.


 Miroku was dripping wet, obscenely so and  looking up at him with those doe eyes, silently pleading.

He was an alpha, he was a demon, he was a damn mortal at the end of it all. Sesshomaru was quite positive there was no being on the face of the earth that could show any restraint in such a situation as this.


His love was underneath him, compliant and submissive. Miroku's skin had an appealing flush to it while he panted and squirmed in the older man's grasp.  Sesshomaru’s body acted before he could have any other thought, he draped over Miroku and buried himself to the hilt in one stroke. 


Miroku cried out and clung to Sesshomaru. His arms and legs were wrapped tightly around Sesshomaru. It was like the young man was trying to meld them into one being. 


Sesshomaru grit his teeth hard as he could feel his knot starting to form already. This was not going to be a gentle ride for Miroku. The fear that he would hurt Miroku proved to be unfounded as he lost himself in the boy Miroku begged and screamed for him to go deeper and harder. Egging the dog demon on, he swore he could feel the rough skin of where the entrance to Miroku’s womb was. There was a tingle starting at his lower back signalling that his orgasm was fast approaching and soon he would completely knot in Miroku. He prayed to any deity that was listening that the condom held. He had bought the alpha sized ones but his desire was so strong for the young one underneath him, his demon blood tended to make him a little bigger when he was highly excited. 

Highly excited was the understatement of the century of how he felt in this moment. 


Somehow, Sesshomaru had positioned Miroku onto his knees. Miroku was holding on for dear life to the headboard above him hugging it while Sesshomaru mercilessly thrust into his willing body from behind.

His fangs elongated and saliva ran over them making him drool. Miroku’s head was slumped over the dark wood of the head board, his short high school regulated haircut exposing the boy's nape to Sesshomaru’s hungry gaze. 




Sesshomaru felt his balls tighten as the biggest orgasm of his entire life crested and washed over him. He felt tears prick his eyes and couldn’t control the growls and grunts spilling out of his mouth. His orgasm had apparently triggered Miroku’s and the boy's body was spasming around him milking him of everything he had. He thought he was going to die, his soul felt like it was leaving his body, for a few moments suspending him in perpetual pleasure until crashing back into his mortal form.


With the last bit of rationale he possessed he gnashed his teeth into his own bicep instead of Miroku’s nape, his own arms around Miroku’s head, clawed hands crushing the wood of his expensive western style bed.




Miroku felt like he was awakening from a deep sleep he had to claw his way into consciousness. The first thing he realized was the dull ache in his backside and the stickiness between his thighs.


Oh no...oh no! Miroku shot up into a sitting position grabbing his head in despair, he wanted to scream. It had finally happened! For years he knew he was an omega but he had never, not once gone into heat and thus he never took the suppressants. His doctor warned him about this and told him even though he didn’t experience his monthly estrus he should still take the suppressants or when it finally happened it would be a very bad day for him and his body. 


That dreaded day had been today.  


“Miroku what’s wrong?” That deep voice made Miroku’s back lock him.


“Miroku?” Sesshomaru asked again, a clawed hand sliding in between the hands at his head caressing a cheek. 


“Is it happening again? I know it can be rough on late bloomer omegas let me get another condom and I’ll help you again.” Before Sesshomaru could get all the way up Miroku scrambled off the bed.


“Don’t fucking touch me!” Miroku felt crazed he could not have mated with the head of the friggin Inu-gumi family! The family he served. Quickly he felt around his nape and didn’t feel anything there or any pain in his neck.


“I didn’t mark you.” Was the somewhat dejected response of the demon before him.


Miroku quickly found his pants and jumped into them his under clothes where way too dirty to even attempt putting them back on. He held out his hands when Sesshomaru swung his legs over  sitting up on the western style bed fully awake now.


“Jus-just stay over there don’t come close to me!” Miroku finished quickly getting dressed he grabbed his school bag and ran as fast as his wobbly legs could take him out of the heir to the Inu-gumi gang’s room not even bothering to shut the shoji screen. Never catching the broken look on the dog demons face as he fled.




Miroku pinched the bridge of his nose underneath his glasses as he read over the pharmaceutical order forms in front of him. The paper was filled with all manner of narcotics, antiseptics and muscle relaxers. A testament to how he had spent his last six years out of med school. Patching up the filth of the street, all that came through his clinic doors were stab wounds and bullet holes that needed filling. Oh and the occasional amputee. 


He was so tired of this shit, he thought he had escaped this world once. Leaving that damned compound to go live with a distant aunt he had finished his remaining high school days after the incident in a remote mountain village in Hokkaido far away from Tokyo. From there he had managed to get a scholarship to study abroad in America at Johns Hopkins University where he had gotten his medical degree and become a doctor. All this only to have him show up on his graduation and kindly remind him of the obligation he held to the damn Inu’s.


So here he was, back in the shit. 


“Where the fuck is the doc!?” Speak of the devil.


His once best friend the hanyou and second son of the Inu gumi came barreling into his clinic well before his “official” hours for them had started with a tall figure slumped in his grasp.


Miroku turned his old desk chair creaking as Inuyasha stormed into his exam room/office setting the last person he wanted to be near on the exam table.


“Fucking ookami cowards!” Inuyasha spit as he settled his big brother down. The older man had his arm draped over his abdomen a deep scarlet stain growing bigger in front of Miroku’s eyes on the mans once immaculately white button up.


Miroku wondered as he did from time to time how bad it would be for him if he just let the damn dog bleed out as he got up to go examine his most valuable patient.


As he neared ,Sesshomaru lifted his head up weakly to stare at him with those deep sunset eyes. The years had done nothing to his face he still had the supple dewy skin of a twenty something. The only sign of any age was the facial hair he now sported just the slight stubble of his five o’clock shadow.


Sesshomaru gave Miroku a wicked grin.


“Be gentle sensei like I was to you all those years ago.”


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