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She holds up the garment in front of herself and looks to the collection of village girls, plus Kaede, for their opinion. They give a unanimous shake of their heads causing Kagome to sigh as she adds it—the very last choice she had—to the large pile behind her. They're so picky, not liking any of the choices she had presented to them, which she can't blame them for, but it leaves her with nothing to wear to the upcoming festival.

Wracking her brain for a solution to her dilemma proves unfruitful and just as she's about to give up and wear the very first thing she grabs her ears twitch. A softly singing girl is approaching, her voice familiar to to Kagome's newly enhanced senses. Kagome smiles brightly as Rin enters Kaede's crowded hut, the girls parting for the inu yōkai child.

"Hello, Kagome-nee-sama!" the young yōkai calls out in a sing-song voice, a brilliant smile on her face as she skips over to Kagome. Her chestnut colored hair is neatly plaited in the French style that Kagome had shown her to do two years ago, the end held together with a clip that is designed to look like a male Great Purple Emperor butterfly. The clip is encrusted with jewels that matches the exact shading of the insect's wings, both inside and out.

"Rin-chan! It's so good to see you!" Kagome leaves the pile of garments, which the closest of the village girls descend upon to fold and put away, to hug Rin. She takes brief notice of the silk-wrapped parcel in Rin's arms, which the young inu yōkai holds out to her with that still brilliant smile as soon as Kagome releases her from the hug. "What's this?" Kagome asks as she accepts the parcel and she catches a faint whiff of a certain silver kitsune's scent from the item in her hands.

"It's a surprise for Kagome-nee-sama!" Rin stands before her, looking innocent as she puts her hands behind her back. The young inu yōkai beams as she watches Kagome tentatively pull the silk wrapping off and her smile grows even brighter as Kagome's expression becomes one of awe and admiration when she sees the kimono. "Rin helped pick it out!" Rin exclaims exuberantly.

"Oh, Rin-chan, it's lovely." It truly is, Kagome thinks as she carefully holds up the beautiful layered garment for the girls of the village to see. The outermost layer is a dark blue that gradually lightens and becomes silver towards the bottom. Vibrant green vines, with pale golden flowers sprouting along them, artfully decorate the length of the fabric, and the flowers look awfully similar to the ones that Yōko has given her on occasion.

The village girls urge her to put it on immediately, so that they can be the first to see their Miko in such a fine kimono, and Kagome is glad that she knows how to put one on. I'll have to thank Sesshōmaru-nii-sama for taking the time to teach me, she thinks with a small smile.

"Now, now. Lets all give Kagome-sama some privacy," Kaede chides as she starts ushering the girls out of her hut. All except for Rin.

"Rin also has some flowers to put in Kagome-nee-sama's hair," Rin states once they're alone. She holds up the previously hidden flowers, identical to the ones on the kimono, and Kagome's heart skips a beat. Someone is going all out for tonight.

Kurama paces around the bonfire at the center of the village, just as he has been for the past few hours since Rin had left with the items he had gathered for Kagome, with a frown. It's apparently gotten to the point that Hiei is fed and decides to trip him, making Shippō snicker from where he's sitting. He casts both of them a baleful glare once he picks himself up and brushes himself off.

"Stop working yourself up, Fox," Hiei intones plainly, amusement flickering in his eyes at the state that Kurama is in.

"Okaa-san will love the kimono and the flowers," Shippō states, ignoring the glare that Kurama gave him. Though he hasn't known Kagome for as long as Kurama has, it seems that he knows her better.

"Well, it seems like we haven't missed anything," a familiar voice speaks up, making Kurama half in his resumed pacing while Hiei mutters something to himself too soft for anyone to hear. Shippō bounces up from his seat as Miroku smiles cordially at the men scattered around the bonfire. The village men call out in greetings to the monk, which he returns as he makes his way over to Kurama. "I think the ladies are almost ready." If the hand print marking Miroku's cheek is anything to go by then the men present sincerely doubt his statement.

"Hello, Miroku." Kurama's tone is clipped, his appreciation for Miroku outside of battle very close to nothing. Shippō scampers over to them and leaps up on to Kurama's shoulder to take in the damage done to Miroku's face. The kit gives an amused chuckle as he too catches Kagome and Sango's scent wafting off of the mark. "Seeing as you've already been properly dealt with, I see no need to take matters into my own hands."

Miroku winces at his words, likely remembering the particular incident in which Kurama had been the one to deal with him for his lecherous ways. It hadn't been pleasant, leaving Miroku aching for quite some time and in places he hadn't thought to be possible. Add in that he is quite certain that Kurama also had plants attacking him whenever nobody else was looking at him, he had learned to never proposition Kagome ever again. "I promise I wasn't doing anything untoward, Kurama-san."

"Please keep it that way, Miroku." Kurama absently reaches up and ruffles Shippō's hair, causing the kit to fuss a little before everyone with demonic hearing goes still. "The ladies are now on their way," he states softly, causing the village men to quiet down.

After a moment, the ladies of the village become visible on the outskirts of the bonfire's light and they approach their chosen men and husbands. Kurama sneaks a glance to where Hiei had been sitting, only to find that he's gone, most likely taking up a perch in one of the nearby trees.

"Oh, wow," Shippō breathes out, drawing Kurama's attention to the newest arrivals. Among them is Rin, who is tossing petals on the ground, followed by Sango and Kagome. Sango has chosen a plain ensemble for herself, save for a coral comb that she is wearing in her hair, but that isn't what Shippō is commenting on.

"Oh, wow," Kurama echoes as his gaze falls on the radiant figure of Kagome. The pale golden flowers are woven into her hair, which cascades down her back in loose curls, and the kimono that he had picked out for her really brings out her eyes. She is smiling shyly as their little group draws closer.

Rin skips right on by and calls out for Shippō to join her. Kurama doesn't even notice the kit jumping off of his shoulder, his attention focusing solely on Kagome.

Kagome gracefully glides over to him and her smile becomes stunning as she offers her hand to him. "Thank you for the kimono," Kagome whispers, only for him to hear as he takes her hand in his. "And the flowers." One of which is tucked by her left ear. "You've been courting me this entire time, and I never even realized it."

"I…" kurama is distinctly at a loss for words, his brain short-circuiting at the sight of Kagome, leaving him fumbling. That she has figured out what he has been up to isn't even processing at the moment. "I…"

Kagome reaches up and lightly presses a finger to his lips, her eyes shining with amusement and happiness. "Yes, Kurama, I would love to be your mate."

Kurama is utterly gobsmacked, and at the same time he is so very happy. He lets go of her hand and reaches up to cup her face as he leans in towards her. "Kagome…" Their foreheads touch, the tips of their noses just barely brushing together, while he stares into her eyes. "Are you sure?"

Kagome merely grins in response and she wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him just a tad bit closer before she closes the distance between their mouths.

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