Bad Boys Wear Black

BY : Azure.Zink
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“My lord, the limo is waiting outside for you. We’ll arrive to the Lady Kira’s mansion in approximately 20min, exactly 5 minutes before we’re due.” Jaken squawked as he tried to keep pace with the lord. Sesshomaru’s adviser Menou followed just behind with an itinerary.

“Mi lord, I can’t believe they’re making you come all the way. They should be happy that the lord showed interest in their child, yet instead they’re using it as a power play. Unbelievable!” He growled as they reached the vehicle. Lord Sesshomaru needed to mate and produce an heir to secure his hold on the Western lands. He’d inherited the throne after the death of the late Lord Touga.

“Security teams in place.” Sesshomaru heard a guard speak into his headset as he climbed in. “Eagle is soaring, take off.” With that they pulled off, heading to present dowry to Lord and Lady Morinaga. They were the chiefs of the kuro inu clan. Sesshomaru would’ve preferred to mate his own kind but there just weren’t many alive anymore. They were nearing extinction rapidly and at this point there wasn’t much of anything he could do about it.

Jaken and Menou continued to ramble on about what was happening, it was starting to give Sesshomaru a headache. “Silence.” With a word the limo became quiet. Rolling down the window Sesshomaru sighed. He didn’t want to be mated, and the last thing he wanted was to have children right now. He was still quite young by youkai terms and didn’t have the patience for simpering women. Hearing sirens in the distance, the walkie talkie Menou had went off. “There’s a highspeed chase headed our way, defensive formation.” The vehicles that came along as his security began to rearrange themselves into a protective casing. “Nearest exit, 24 kilometers. Exit impossible, civilian traffic. Continue forward. Prepare yourselves.”

“What’s going on?” Menou asked in the headset.

“The police are chasing a youkai…for assault, battery, other illicit activities.” The man reported. Sesshomaru sighed again. They heard the revving of a motorcycle. “Suspect approaching!”

This was fun! Bobbing and weaving through traffic on the freeway had his heart racing. He loved the heat of the moment and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. He smiled and looked back at the numerous cops chasing him with a smile. They wouldn’t be catching him any time soon. Speeding up and bolstering his youki in his motorcycle he shot through the crowd. It was too easy. A cop was able to get on his side and tried to knock him from his bike. When the officer tried again their tire blew out and sent them spinning. He wondered when they’d realize they couldn’t catch him in cars. Speeding up the cars began to get thicker and he was having a hard time getting through. Eventually he was riding on the median. He saw why traffic had gotten awful. There were all these high-end cars blocking traffic. “Tch.” He clicked his tongue. He wondered who they were hauling around.

“Suspect you are not to approach this area. You will be eliminated immediately should you-!” He already knew what they were going to say, they could try but it wouldn’t work. Speeding up he dodged gun shots but knew they’d stop when he got close to the limo. Looking in he saw a beauty. Easily one of the most beautiful people he’d ever seen. A youkai too. “Damn you’re hot.” He winked and grinned before flirtatiously sticking his tongue out at him. The being looked surprised, it was cute. Popping a wheelie, he increased his youki output and sped up, past all the expensive cars but not before snatching the hood ornament off the limo with a wild laugh.

Sesshomaru was stunned. There was no mistaking what the man was. The hair and eyes declared it so loudly, so obviously to the world. He was shiro inu. “How long have they been chasing him?” He asked.

Menou asked the guard, “Approximately 45 minutes. He’s been leading the police all around the city.”

“Catch him and bring him to the castle. Now.” Sesshomaru stated coldly. “Take me back to the castle.”

Menou was shocked but quickly gave everyone the orders. He knew he’d be the one that had to deal with the fallout from Morinaga. It took them a while, but they finally arrived back at the castle all too soon after they’d left. “Gather the council and the other advisers, immediately.” Everything and everyone in the palace were thrown into a flurry of activity. When Sesshomaru arrived in the meeting room 2 hours later all parties were present.

“Excuse me my lord, but why must we gather so hastily. What could have happened that you need us so immediately?” Lord Hitori stated causing all the others in the room to begin grumbling as well.

“Silence.” Sesshomaru took his seat and had some tea prepared. After drinking some, he looked up at those that gathered. “I’ve decided not to pursue Lady Kira.” This caused the room to erupt again as it had already been decided.

“My lord, you cannot simply take back such a decision!” One shouted.

“What about the future of the West? What will you do about an heir to secure your place upon the throne?” Another exclaimed.

“Enough.” Sesshomaru growled, flaring his youkai.

“My Lord.” Lady Kigari called for his attention, “Would you please enlighten us as to the reason for your decision? It was my understanding that you were to ask Lady Morinaga for the right to court her daughter.”

“You are right in that regard. However, I’ve decided I do not want to mate outside of my clan.” Sesshomaru paused, “I just found someone that fits that category.”

Menou’s eyes widened exponentially, “My lord, excuse me if I’m wrong but, you cannot mean that street rat that was leading the police all over the city? He was shiro inu!?” Menou had always seen the shiro inu clan as prestigious, high class, well-kept, and perfect in every way. The man on the motorcycle taunting the police was anything but. The room erupted once more, everyone in the room shouting their angry opinion’s this way and that. To the point where Sesshomaru was beginning to get another headache.

“His scent told me all I needed to know. Shiroinu-hanyou, unmated, powerful youki.” Sesshomaru explained causing all to go quiet once more.

“So not only is he a gutter rat, he’s a hanyou too!” Lord Hagari growled incredulously. “Is Lady Kira more worthless than a bastard hanyou!?”

As the room became more chaotic Sesshomaru held up his hand to silence them. “His hanyou status matters not in producing offspring, need I remind you. Our child would be fully shiro-inu. Lady Morinaga has been repeatedly disrespectful to myself and my people. She wishes to use her daughter to place her claws on the western throne. I will not be son-in-law to that wench. My decision in final. I will not hear anymore of it.” A knock at the door sounded. “Enter.”

A heavily breathing guard came in breathing harshly. He had a black eye, a busted lip, and sevre bruising on his face that was healing slowly. He looked like he’d been thrown from a speeding vehicle and hit by another. His left shoulder was covered in blood and he looked rough overall. This wasn’t just any guard either. He was an elite captain tasked with his protection, so whatever did that was a force to be reckoned with. “My lord, we finally caught him. He’s being transported to the palace now.”

“What happened…?” He said looking the guard up and down.

“He is quite skilled my lord.” The guard captain bowed low, “We were not enough to catch him alongside the police force. He was toying with us my lord, as if it were a game. Eventually, 5 of the Nanatsu no Hashira were called in to assist us. It also didn’t help that his abilities weren’t listed in his records. It was like nothing we ever dealt with, not to mention that blasted bike.” The guard continued on about how the man had finally been thrown off his bike after destroying several vehicles. injuring at least 30 people, and managing to take down 3 Hashira. He then fought toe to toe with the other Hashira with the largest grin on his face. He watched all of them fall one after the other. The guard seemed scared as he reported in. “I wonder what type of special unit he defected from. It was extraordinary. We got him to come calmly because my operatives found his home and there was a child there that we took hostage.” He continued and explained that the hanyou had hit him a few times because of it after asking who the operative’s boss was. When he finished explaining the room was stunned to silence.

“A HANYOU DEFEATED 5 HASHIRA!” Lord Hagari screamed. Sesshomaru stood and headed to the throne room. This was a little more serious now. A rogue hanyou capable of taking down his specially trained Hashira. They were bred to be powerful, he’s one of the only people in the world that could fight them all and come out on top, albeit with his own injuries. Sitting on his throne he ordered for the man to be brought in.

A guard came in through a different door holding a fox kit. Sesshomaru was confused, he didn’t know that the child wasn’t related to the man. Soon the doors opened and there he stood, looking cocky. He barely had a scratch on him from what the lord could tell. It was impossible. The advisers had followed, and all stood neatly to the side, wanting to get a glimpse of the man who single handedly took down the 5 Hashira. He even had the audacity to smile at the lord as he approached. “Oh, so you were more important than I thought you were.” He grinned stupidly.

“Inuyasha!” The kit whined and squirmed.

“Hey kid, relax. I’ll get us out of here lickity split. Chill. Trust me. You trust me, right?” Inuyasha comforted the child from a distance. “Oooo your parents are gonna be pissed at me later. I told you to stop coming around and bugging me.” Inuyasha laughed. The kit began to cry because he was scared.

“My lord we have his record here.” An enormous file was handed to Sesshomaru, and the man stood to the side holding 2 more of equal size.

Inuyasha smirked, “Oh we killed all those trees just for lil old me? Fun.”

“Do you realize the position that you’re in hanyou?” A man off to the side asked. He was a judge set to assist Sesshomaru in dealing with high profile criminals.

“Please, enlighten me.” Inuyasha taunted the man.

“You are currently being charged with 39 counts of assault, 12 counts of property damage, child endangerment, reckless use of a vehicle, police evasion, theft, royal theft and yet you stand before the lord of these land with that disrespectful attitude.” The man sighed in annoyance.

“Oh, that’s it? I thought the list would be longer, I worked really hard.” Inuyasha pretended to be hurt. “I thought I could beat my high score.” This caused the kit to snicker a bit. The man looked like he was going to explode with annoyance.

Sesshomaru opened the file and was greeted with a mug shot of the man. He was smiling happily as if it were any day. The charges were incredible, assault, battery, attempt at homicide, theft, grand theft auto, reckless use of a vehicle, traffic violations, narcotics the list went on and on. “How…are you not in prison?” That was the only thing Sesshomaru could think to ask. “What law…haven’t you broken?”

“Hey hey, look at the dates on all that. Its from like 50 years ago, I’ve cleaned up my act since then…this time was different.” Inuyasha shrugged. What he said was correct. All the charges stopped 50 years ago and nothing new had been added.

“My lord he was a part of the Hazukiikka family which might explain why the charges were all dropped. He fell into the minor protection clause every time.” The man who handed him the file explained. “They rules the criminal underground and your father disassembled them. According to the file, most of his charges are from before he was 150 years of age, and his background supported his case.”

“His background?” Sesshomaru asked.

“Orphan, low level foster homes, lived on the streets for a while. The courts determined turning to crime wasn’t and unreasonable thing for him to do which is why the charges were dropped against him before he was sent to a rehabilitation center, escaped and the cycle repeated.”

Sesshomaru pinched the bridge of his nose, this was much more than he was expecting. He couldn’t even begin to defend this hanyou. Looking at him, he just stood rocking back and forth on his heels like a child. “How old is he now?”

“199 years old…” Inuyasha grinned, “I think that means I fall under that clause again.”

“Cocky little bastard!” The judge exclaimed, “That is for the protection of children who were indoctrinated into that horrific lifestyle, not so you can skirt the law!”

“Hazukiikka 4, allow none to disrespect your name. Hazukiikka 32, defend yourself to the very end; defeat is death. Hazukiikka 94, the world is your playground make it move as you see fit. Hazukiikka 4, protect the weak. Hazukiikka 239, never give yourself up, only to defend those in your care. Hazukiikka 100, even when facing death, smile.” Inuyasha continued on naming the rules he’d been taught as a child. Everyone in the room was silent as he recited them like a mindless puppet. Inuyasha turned to the judge, “I’m just a poor mind-washed puppy. Stays fresh in the mind when you’re beat for forgetting them!” Sesshomaru took in a deep breath. It was clear that the man would get away with what he’d done because of his age. Sesshomaru would be revising those laws tomorrow because of it. Throwing down his file he sat up straight.

“Fortunately, your illegal activity is not why you were brought here.” Sesshomaru stated.

“Owo really? What’s up then? Did you fall in love with me at first sight or something princess?” Even Sesshomaru’s eyes widened and those present became furious at the disrespect being shown to their king. “Wow tough crowd.” The kit was giggling happily in the arms of the guard. Sesshomaru could see the tears in the kits eyes as he laughed.

“It is lunch time, take the kit to the dining hall and prepare a meal for him.” Sesshomaru ordered.

“Wait no! Inuyasha! INUYASHA!” The kit screeched as he was taken away.

The guards around Inuyasha tensed as they saw Inuyasha tense up before sighing. Inuyasha looked up at the man sitting on the throne. “Owo so you caught that huh? Perceptive.”

“Akarasa leave.” The judge took off without a word but sent a glare to Inuyasha.

“Can I ask a question?” Inuyasha pipped up.

“What is it?” Sesshomaru asked looking down on him, examining his body.

“My shoulders are starting to hurt from these cuffs. Can I take them off?” Inuyasha rolled his shoulders. They had his entire forearms encased behind his back. He was flexible but this was asking a lot.

“My lord I don’t recommend-!” The guard captain started.


Everyone was once more shocked as Inuyasha basically shrugged the cuffs off as if they were made of paper. “I’m gonna be honest, it’ll literally take you ripping my arms from my shoulders to keep me locked up like that.”

                “…you don’t make any sense…those were the highest grade of youki steel…not even…lord Sesshomaru should be able to break free from them…” The guard captain sat down. “Just…I …what…?” This intrigued Sesshomaru even more.

“Why ask if you could have freed yourself at any moment?” He asked the hanyou.

“Cause the y’all are the type to see it as a threat. Youkai are jumpy as hell.” The hanyou scratched behind one of the furred appendages on his head. Obviously finding the spot that was irritating him. “So, what does the lord of the lands want with me if not to convict me of my crimes?”

                Sesshomaru sighed, “You are shiro inu. We are a rare species amongst youki.”

“And...?” Inuyasha said after the lord had paused for too long.

“Do not rush mi’lord hanyou!” Jaken screeched looking down at the lowlife.

“I am in need of an heir and I would prefer my offspring to be fully shiroinu. You are currently the best candidate.” Sesshomaru finished.

Inuyasha’s eyes widened and his heart beat a little faster. “Whoa, whoa whoa….whoa! What!?”

“I detest repeating myself hanyou.” Sesshomaru stated calmly.

“Listen…you’re hot and all, but having a child let alone with someone I just met who also happens to be the ice lord prick of the west is not where I was going in my life planning.” Inuyasha took a few steps back. This was a turn he didn’t have many jokes for. He was starting to freak out a bit.

“You should be grateful for the fact that his majesty even considered such hanyou filth.” An adviser berated.

“Do something for the good of the country for once in your damn life, give back to those who supported you!”

“Selfish hanyou bastard! Simply bear and heir and go back to the gutter then!”

“Enough! I will not warn you all again.” Sesshomaru stated, looking back at Inuyasha but the mood had changed. He was staring at the advisers. “You would be compensated in whatever way you should desire, even as a lord of these lands through mating.”

“Tch!” Inuyasha clicked his tongue. “I should be grateful? Grateful to be here under scrutiny after my friends’ kid was kidnapped from my home, surrounded by high and mighty bitches who can’t even use my FUCKING NAME! IT’S INUYASHA! THE NAME MY FUCKING MOTHER GAVE ME.” Inuyasha growled angrily, “Give back!? GIVE BACK!? This country has done nothing for me. All those laws? All those child protection laws have loopholes in them, specifically for hanyou to fall through the cracks so don’t you fuck start with me. Hazukiikka was a survival tactic. The fucking government wouldn’t keep me safe, but they did so don’t you fucking dare.” Inuyasha gave a dry laugh, “I shouldn’t be surprised with the way you bastards talk about having a child. A child isn’t an object and you even think I wouldn’t want to be in MY kid’s life, you’re fucked in the head.” Inuyasha then turned to the lord and smiled. “Like I said, you’re hot and all, and I wouldn’t mind fucking around, but I’ll only have kids when I’m happily mated and that’s not happening anytime soon. So sorry, but I’m not interested, I don’t think it’d work out if you’re anything like those bastards.” Inuyasha seemed to have calmed down a bit and sighed, “It’s crazy how similar you all are from the people in the city. You all act the same.” Looking up at Sesshomaru on his throne he frowned. “The only difference between you and the people you rule over is that it’s easier to look down on people from that throne isn’t it?” Something about what he said unnerved Sesshomaru, what a strange man.

“These men are not a representation of who I am.”

“Really? Seems like they have you by the balls if I’m honest.” Inuyasha glared at the men who clearly wanted to shout at him again. “Then again they do seem pretty whipped.” Inuyasha grinned at the fuming youki. “Wow y’all really shut up when he told you to damn.” He laughed a bit, realizing that they must be terrified of the lord, and there must be reason for it. He is the ice lord after all.

“As I said before. I would like you to bear my heir, whatever it takes…courting and all. Making you my mate.” Sesshomaru examined Inuyasha’s frame. He was attractive, lithe, fit, and clearly more powerful than he let on. A mating between them would be acceptable.

“Clear the room and talk to me then.” Inuyasha stated plainly. He felt weird talking about this in front of all these people.

“My lord he’s dang-” The guard captain tried.


The room cleared with a speed Inuyasha had never seen before. He whistled at the impressive power of the lord’s words. “So…I’m sure there are at least a few other eligible shiro inu so why me?”

“There are not. You’re suited to the role and more honest than a noble from what I gather.” Sesshomaru answered, standing up and walking down the steps to the hanyou. “The mouth could use some work.” Inuyasha was quite a few inches shorter than him. His black jeans hugged his legs tightly, the leather jacket was ripped in a few places as well, but he made it look as if it were bought that way.

                “Oh really? You sure you didn’t fall in love with me at first sight?” Inuyasha laughed nervously. It’d been a while since a powerful youkai was interested in him.

“I was surprised that anyone could or would even attempt to get so close to my vehicle, you’re quite bold.” Sesshomaru spoke.

“I try.”

“Will you allow me to court you Inuyasha?” Sesshomaru asked straight forward. The use of his name made him blush a bit.

“Like dating?” Inuyasha asked.

“That is the term humans use, courting is a little more complex but yes.” Sesshomaru nodded.

Inuyasha paused, really thinking about it. The man was attractive, and he wanted to see what he was like in bed. How crazy would it be for him to fuck the lord of the west? It was a bit hard for him to imagine calling the man his boyfriend too. It was all so odd. He wondered how hard it’d be to break the lord of the west’s heart and what the aftermath of that would be. Thinking about it made him excited. The greatest crime, breaking the heart of the ice lord. He’d found a new game to play. “Okay…we can try…but I need you to do two things for me.”

Sesshomaru’s gaze narrowed in annoyance. What could he possibly ask for now?

“1st I need you to smile, teeth and all. It’s an important part of my saying yes.” Inuyasha grinned looking quite cheeky.

Sesshomaru merely stared at him for a moment before doing as he asked. “Goddamn.” He brought a hand to his chest dramatically, “You hit someone with that they’ll drop their pants immediately. Yeah, don’t every do that again. Got my damn heart racing.” True to his word, Sesshomaru heard Inuyasha’s heartbeat speeding up. “I knew it’d be a nice smile but damn.” Inuyasha sighed and smiled up at the lord, taking a few steps forward. “Alright next, kiss me like you mean it.”

Sesshomaru’s eyes widened ever so slightly. “That’s…inappropriate for courting…”

“Then I’d rather we date, then it’s perfectly acceptable.” Inuyasha countered.

“However, I am youkai, that is not a part of my culture.” Sesshomaru tried.

“I’m half-human, dating is what I’m used to. Besides youkai in the city date. Courting sounds so old school.” Inuyasha continued getting a little closer to the dangerous lord. “So come on, do your best, lay it on me.” Sesshomaru wanted to sigh and frown, he wanted to kick the hanyou from the castle. He would never admit it, but he was unsure of himself for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t as if he’d never kissed someone before but something about the hanyou was making him nervous. “You sent everyone away, it’s not like anyone will know anyway.” Inuyasha added. Sesshomaru mentally rolled his eyes and pulled the hanyou close by his waist before leaning down. Their lips met and worked. Sesshomaru completely dominated the kiss which quickly turned into making out. Inuyasha’s arms were around his neck and Sesshomaru’s clawed hands began going lower. It was raw, hot, and he wanted more of the hanyou. They grinded into each other roughly. Sesshomaru felt his youkai rumble in approval. It liked what they had in their arms. Sesshomaru wasn’t ready to let go of the hanyou who pulled away. “Alright…I guess we’re dating then.” Inuyasha smirked with bruised lips. “Where’s the kit by the way?” Inuyasha started walking to the door his kit had been taken through.

“I will take you to him. Then you’ll be escorted home.” Sesshomaru stated.

Inuyasha smirked, “You might wanna take care of that first.” He pointedly looked down and the lord followed his line of sight to his semi hard cock. Inuyasha laughed loudly at the lord’s reaction.

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