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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or the characters from it, it is the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story

Kagome is seduced by two handsome and handsome men, ignoring that her passionate night with them is being recorded to be sold on the Darkweb.

I do not own InuYasha or the characters from it, it is the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story

When the battle against Naraku ends, Kagome decides to return to her time when she realizes that Inuyasha decides to start his romance with Kykyo again. Sad and with her heart shattered she decides to start her life again as a normal student, But, her surprise is great when she discovers that in her school there is a new Director and a teacher of PE. The Principal's name was Mohamed Yumi and the PE teacher was Sachin Yumi, to Kagome's surprise they were both brothers.

With the passage of time kagome ends up falling in love with those two men and She does not hesitate to give her virginity to those two men.

Kagome began to interact sexually with those two men starting with kisses and caresses on her body until finally she agreed to make love with them. An event arose that made it easier for Kagome to go to the Yumi brothers' house. Kagome's aunt had passed away and her mother and grandfather had to go to Okinawa for her funeral. It was Friday and so when night came the Yumi brothers arrived at Kagome's house And after being passionately kissed on her lips by the two men, she agrees to go to their house.

It was eight o'clock at night, Kagome was taking a shower and while she was doing it she was thinking about what was going to happen when she got out of the bathroom.

-Oh my God! When I get out of the bathroom I'm going to give my virginity to those two men.

She takes a deep breath.

-Well, I guess I can't help it, if I really want to remove Inuyasha from my memories I'd better start a new romance with another man -She gives a sarcastic smile-... Well to be exact, with two men.

Kagome continued to bathe and ignored that two tiny video cameras hidden in the corners of the shower were filming her naked body. Ten minutes later she got out of the shower and began to dry her body with a towel and without knowing that another tiny video camera hidden in the wall was filming her naked body. Meanwhile in another room two handsome men were watching the beautiful naked body of the young girl on a monitor.

The youngest of the Yumi brothers said with excitement in his voice.

-I told you brother, this beautiful girl is going to make us a fortune when we sell the video that we are going to make with her.

His brother nodded his head while rubbing his chin with his fingers, Still looking at the monitor.

Kagome finished drying her body and took a garment that the men had left her to cover her body. She almost fainted when she saw what it was. She took it with both hands, placing it in front of her face to see that it was only a long-sleeved shirt for men, with doubts she put it on and buttoned it and then looked at herself in a full-length mirror that was taped to the wall of the room. . When she saw herself she blushed completely.

The shirt was big and it was baggy but the front part of the garment barely covered her vagina and the back of the shirt covered her butt, but she noticed that when walking the bottom of her buttocks was exposed, she also noticed that the The fabric of the shirt was very thin and with the humidity of her body it stuck to her like a second skin and making her nipples show under that fabric. Completely ashamed she thought as she continued to look at herself in the mirror:

-Oh God!...This shirt just barely covers my body.... I am practically naked, my whole body is transparent under this thin fabric and also ..... When I walk you can almost see my buttocks ... I am afraid ... I will be very ashamed to be seen like this .

Kagome lowered her gaze and placed both hands on the front of the shirt.

-Well, at least that way my vagina is covered ... But not my buttocks.

At that moment, she hears lightning and looks through a small window as it begins to rain.

Finally, the beautiful young woman gives a deep sigh and plucking up her courage opens the bathroom door. His surprise was great when he saw the two men sitting in an armchair enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, they only wore a white short-sleeved coat that covered half their knees and in front of them was a small table with three bowls from which a slight vapor came out. When he saw her, Mohamed smiled at her.

-Come over Kagome and come enjoy this aromatic Indian chestnut coffee, you are going to enjoy it.

Kagome takes a deep breath and begins to walk towards them pulling gently with both hands the front of the shirt trying to cover her vagina. But she understands that she cannot cover her nipples that show through under that thin fabric and that the lower part of her buttocks are exposed as she walks, when she reaches them she feels how she is undressed with the fiery gaze they give her to her body, She is surprised to see a huge erection they have and that they don't bother to hide it from her. Kagome feels a strange burning sensation that runs through her body. He swallows saliva and feigning annoyance tells them:

-Don't you have anything else I could use?

Without taking his eyes off her, Sachin says:

-Well ... Maybe, but I think you look prettier like that, what do you think brother?

Staring at the sensual body of the adolescent covered with that tiny garment, he nods his head.

-That's right brother, now Kagome sit with us and enjoy the coffee, your body will like it.

Resigned Kagome walks and sits in the middle of them, then Mohamed hugs her shoulders and Sachin hugs her waist. Mohamed tells her:

- Are you feeling better? Did the shower relax your body?

Nervous to be in the arms of these men, Kagome feels her heartbeat accelerate, she shyly smiles at them:

-This ... Yes, Mr. Director, I feel better.

Kagome then turns her head to look out the room's wide window. Outside the rain continues accompanied by cold gusts of wind that can be seen through the window. -It looks like it will continue to rain for a long time.

Then to his surprise the fireplace lights up and a delicious wave of heat floods his body.

Sanchi without stopping hugging Kagome says:

- How are you? Are you feeling better already?

Kagome nods her head.

-Yes professor, much better.

Then she lowers her gaze and out of the corner of her eye she sees the enormous erections of the men, a wave of fear and excitement runs through her body when she knows what she is going to do with them that night. She turns her head and looks at a huge and wide bed and understands that there she is going to give her virginity to those two men.

To be continued...


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