At Long Last

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At Long Last



            “Sango, let’s go take a bath!” Kagome said as I put my plate down from dinner. She grabbed my arm pulling me upwards away from where I was seated. “We’re long overdue for some girl time!” she chuckled lightly. “Plus it would be a great get away from this snow! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time again!”


            I nodded, vigorously, agreeing with her as I stood from my place by Miroku’s side, quickly gathering my supplies. I desperately need this. I thought as I rolled my tense muscles. The fight with Naraku may have been completed months ago, but a power vacuum had been left in his wake that caused all of us to fight, seemingly nonstop, with the lesser demons. “We will be back. Don’t you dare try to follow us!” I called back half heartedly, eyeing the monk suspiciously. I followed Kagome into the woods, her bubbly spirit mending my own seemingly broken one.


            “What’s on your mind?” I looked up and met the chocolate orbs of my friend, blushing a deep crimson at her question.


            “Oh nothing really.” The words listlessly fell from my lips like the snow silently falling around us as I tried to hide what was going through my head to no avail.


            “Oh come on, Sango! Just tell me what it is. We are sisters after all!” Kagome smiled at me reassuringly. Though the thought of telling her all that I secretly wanted with that damned monk set my stomach on edge. How could I ever admit what I want to someone, when I can’t even admit it to myself without cringing? ‘I’m in love with that fool – the time that we have shared has made it completely clear to me that I cannot spend my life with another man. The only one that could possibly satisfy my desires is Miroku.


            “Well?  What is it?” Kagome’s voice broke me from my thoughts, causing my face to burn once more. Should I tell her? Can I tell her? “Come on Sango, you know I’m not going to judge you or anything. What’s bothering you?” Her reassuring tone battered against me once more. Fine, what’s the worst that could possibly happen?


            “I love Miroku.” I stated quietly, waiting in trepidation for her to laugh at my statement.


            “Well, I already knew that silly. What’s really bothering you?” She countered as we approached the banks of the glorious hot spring that we had been searching for.


“Well, he hasn’t made any moves towards me. Even though I have made it entirely clear that I want to be more than friends… or so I thought.” I caressed my shoulder, my red cheeks deepening even further. If it’s so obvious that I love Miroku to Kagome, why hasn’t he picked up on it yet? I sighed as I shrugged my kimono off of my shoulders and slid into the hot water next to Kagome. The heat went right to working against my tense muscles. “I just don’t know what to do.” I sighed.


            “Just give him some time, I think he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to really make a move Sango. I know he loves you, he shows it in everything he does.” I peered over at my friend, her eyes wide with encouragement and joy. “Unlike a certain Hanyou we all know.” She scoffed. I couldn’t help but giggle at her. She was right, after all.


            “You’re right. I just don’t want to wait around forever I suppose.” I said as I rinsed the soap from my hair. “I thought that after Naraku was dead, he’d try to make our relationship official or something. What has been preventing our relationship has been destroyed.”


            “I know Sango, but just give him time. I know he seems like he’s got all of this courage when it comes to women, but you and I both know he’s just a cute little cinnamon bun trying to overcompensate to make himself seem cool.”


            “Cinna-mon bun?” I nearly cocked my head to the side trying to figure out what exactly she meant by the term, “Isn’t that a food from your era?”


            Kagome giggled at my confusion. “Well, yes. But it’s also a term that we use for people who are completely innocent in their sexuality.” She giggled some more as I opened my mouth to question her further, responding with “We should get going it’s getting late and Inu-Yasha will be looking for us soon.”


            I nodded in agreement, and we made the mad dash from our exit from the warmth of the springs, to drying off in the frigid cold air, then started heading back to camp. ‘How else can I get that damned monk’s attention?I thought as we made the short journey back to Kaede’s village.


            “Don’t worry about it too much Sango,” she reassured me, “everything is going to work out for you. I promise!” She smiled widely, pulling me into a hug before we reached the edge of Inu-Yasha’s forest. “You should try to get some rest.”


            I nodded. “You should too Kagome. Thank you.” We broke through the edge of the forest, and went our separate ways after saying a quick goodnight.


Kirara mewed beneath me, weaving between my legs to greet me back to our home. “Hi girl.” I smiled and picked her up, running my fingers through her soft fur.         “How was that fish that I got for you?” She mewed in appreciation, her head nuzzled into my chest. I pushed the reed door away from the entrance, Home at last. I sighed. I put Kirara down, stowed my bath things away, and stoked the embers back into flames from my fire. ‘I just wish it wasn’t alone. I stared into the flickering flames and dropped more wood into the struggling fire.


“Sango? Are you back yet?” Miroku’s voice came from the doorway softly, yet it startled me.


“Yes, you can come in.” I called back to him. “What’s going on? Is everything okay?” I asked as he walked into the living area of my hut. ‘There must be something wrong with him coming over so late.


“Oh, nothing. Everything is fine. I just wanted to give you this.” He pulled out a small white box, tied together with a bright red string. “I didn’t want to wait to give it to you during Kagome’s traditional exchange.” He said rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand.


“Oh, thank you Miroku!” I covered my cheeks with my hands hiding the fiery blush from him. “You didn’t have to do that.”


“Of course I do.” He said, pushing the gift box towards me. “Here, go ahead and open it.”


I took the box from him, my hands slightly shaking. ‘Don’t make a fool of yourself Sango! I rolled my shoulders in a feeble attempt to calm my nerves. “Thank you Miroku.” I pulled the string from the box, and pulled the lid off quickly. Inside, a black fabric lay folded. I pulled it out, discarding the box to the floor. The fabric’s ends were stitched with beautiful red and green maple leaves. “Miroku this is beautiful.” I breathed out as my fingers lined the leaves.


“You like it?” His sheepish voice asked, as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand. “I’m so glad. It took me months to figure out how to sew those leaves.”


“You made this?” I pulled my eyes from the fabric and locked onto his.


“Yes.” He blushed. “Here, let me help you put it on.”


He walked towards me, each step he took made my heart pound even harder in my chest. He stopped in front of me and gently pulled the fabric from my hands, his eyes locking with mine as he wrapped the fabric behind my neck. “Is it comfortable?”


“Yes, it is. This is beau-“ Before I could finish the sentence, the fabric tensed on the back side of my neck, pulling me towards him. His eyes slid closed as our lips finally touched. Heat exploded across my cheeks, my heart pounding so hard that I thought my chest would explode. ‘Is this really happening? Am I dreaming?I questioned myself as I allowed myself to fall into his kiss, my hands grabbing the front of his robes. ‘If it is a dream, I don’t want it to end. I thought, deepening the kiss between us.


Miroku broke the kiss, both of us gasping for air. “That’s why I couldn’t wait any longer.” He said breathlessly. “I couldn’t wait to do that.” He captured my lips once more, his hands abandoning the scarf and tangling within my hair. He pulled his lips from mine once more and whispered, “Sango, I love you.”


“Miroku, I love you.” I breathed, crashing my lips to his once more. One of his hands abandoned my scalp, gently rubbing down my spine, slowly and tantalizingly leaving a trail of fire within its wake to it’s desired resting place. His hand firmly cupped my bottom and instead of instant anger, my body throbbed in ways that I never knew possible; yearning for things I had yet to experience.


I dove my hands into his robes, pulling them off of his shoulders; my hands trembled at my bold actions. ‘What if I disappoint him? The thought filled my mind with doubt as he pulled away from my lips. I whimpered in protest at the loss of his body heat, our eyes locking once more.


            He picked me up and laid me down on my bed, without saying a word. His intense eyes burned with passion. “I’ve been waiting to touch your body for far too long.” His voice sent shivers up my spine, melting my core.


            “Miroku I –“ He silenced me with his mouth once more. I melted into his kiss, ‘This is heaven. I thought, pulling his robes away from his body as his fingers worked to pull my kimono away. His every touch felt like embers dancing across my skin, slowly smoldering intricate paths across my flesh. When we were finally freed of our clothing, our hands hungrily devoured each other’s flesh, our mouths mirroring the want of our hearts.


            When our bodies became one, we moved together in passionate waves; our bodies seemed to mold together perfectly, move together precisely. When our crescendo finally peaked, we were left breathless and collapsed within each others arms. We were both quiet for quite some time, staring into one another’s eyes. “Merry Christmas, Miroku.” I whispered, my lips danced across his once more.


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