To Be Loved By A Great Demon

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He kneeled down to the soft earth beneath to meet her moist sex. Small dark curls of hair that grew on her Mons Pubis had become slick in her excitement.


It had been a long time since they had been able to make love as Lord and Lady of the Western Lands. Time. For the Earth, time had gone as usual, like many demons, time for Lord Sesshomaru was near meaningless. But for Lady Rin time was frozen.


Sesshomaru languishly lapped at his beloved's entrance, while twirling his tongue around her drowning pearl, causing her to cry out in ecstasy with each motion. Rin had a unique way of crying out, in that she tended to muffle her own whimpers of pleasure by biting back her lower lip.


Her cries were something Sesshomaru had often dwelled on while she remained in her frozen state.


"Oh, My Love, please take me now..." Rin begged in between breaths.  Her Kimono lay more haphazardly around her than on her, but her Lord and Spouse was still fully clothed beside his armor, and weapons. Sesshomaru had made way for his throbbing member to navigate through his own attire to Rin's aching womanhood. With his right hand, he steadied himself toward his beloved orifice. In a display of the utmost restraint he refrained from plunging himself deep into her and utilized the tip of his manhood to brush long strong  against Rin's most sensitive region. This unanticipated motion caused her Ladyship to grasp the earth roughly and grind her teeth to prevent herself from wailing with pleasure.


Though Lady Rin was not of refined breeding she prided herself on her etiquette and mannerisms. It would be unbecoming for a woman of her station to be set upon by an unknown voyeur in the throws of passionate love making and God knows her moans would most assuredly attract an audience. Furthermore, for her beloved Lord to view her as delicate and coyly natured was of the absolute importance to her and her howling was not something she wished to convey to him, not when in her mind she imagined the reception of these noises of hers to taint his image of her.


"Please, My Beloved" she whimpered through gritted teeth to Lord Sesshomaru.


Wishing to answer her requests, he gently but firmly allowed himself to glide into her. As the tip of his member plunged slowly into her, Sesshomaru crashed down onto his former ward, propping himself up with his right forearm. He allowed himself the long missed privilege of lying his head on his Wife's bosom. Each time he thrust into her, with his eyes closed, he lost himself in the sound of her heart beat. The flowery smell that emanated from her breasts envelopes him as with each thrust her breasts lifted towards her sternum only to crash down on her Husband's head.


The heady odor that began to seep from Rin's most intimate cavern that was being actively penetrated by Lord Sesshomaru alerted him to her oncoming climax.


"Rin, turnover onto your stomach" her Lord and Love commanded as he pulled himself from laying atop her chest to look upon her.


Without a word she obeyed, losing the remnants of her kimonos that had managed to hold on to her lower arms throughout their lovemaking thus far.


Sesshomaru curled his arm under Rin's lower abdomen and pulled her close to him so that his manhood made contact with her warm buttocks. With his opposing arm extended he propped them both up, queueing Rin to also extend her arms out to the ground. He entered her womanhood. An abrupt but pleasureful help escaped Rin's mouth. Her gash being so close to climax only moments prior, was overcome by sensitivity and for Sesshomaru's member to enter her so quickly proved near too much for her to remain still for.


"Rin, I have missed you..." He breathed down her neck and into her left ear. Rin began feeling her Lord's knot begin to form in his pounding erection.


The lovers continued to make love passionately, but with vocal restraint in this meadow. The underlying concern of not only an unwelcome voyeur happening upon them but the awareness that not too far away was a small green demon awaiting their return.


Jacken, the small green demon, awaited his Lord and Ladyship on the other end of the meadow. A-Un, the Lord's faithful two headed dragon demon, grazed on grass, while Jacken sat upon a small rock permeating the mossy earth. Though he tried to meditate in the silence and stillness that he presently had, he found it difficult. Memories of his Lord's disdain for all human life not too long ago molested his thoughts.


Though the small demon's love and respect for Rin had grown exponentially since she first began traveling with him and Lord Sesshomaru, Jacken found himself trying to pinpoint when exactly his Lord's opinion of mortals exactly changed. Just near a quarter of a century ago, Jacken recalled his Lords attempt to murder his own hanyou brother and his soon to be sister in law...


The two had been searching for the Great Dog Demon of the West resting place for nearly 50 years at this point. The Lord's father had concealed the "Tessaiga" within his tomb and he knew that it required its power to realize his own potential. In those days Jaken found his Lord to be significantly more self reflective on his motives, often outwardly speaking his thoughts to him. However, he was also much more volatile. In need of a boat to cross a body of water he was unable to travel over, he once had him incinerate an entire encampment of Samurai that stood in their way of crossing with the staff of two heads. Shortly thereafter Sesshomaru nearly drowned him for simply bringing up Inuyasha's possible release from the sacred tree as a reason for the staff's unusual activity.


How could he have known that one day Rin would come into their lives and change everything for him and his Lord? In those days they were a ruthless team and he would have done anything to appease his Lords thirst for power. When they came to the realization that the entrance to his Lord's father's tomb was hidden away in the black pearl and concealed behind Inuyasha's eye, Jaken himself concocted a plan to retrieve it and ultimately kill Inuyahsa. Reflecting on it now it does seem a tad cruel and unusual to use the "Other Mother" demonness to convince Inuyasha that he and his Lord had plans to murder his late mother. Back then, Lord Sesshomaru couldn't help but look upon his brothers companion with complete disgust and disdain for her humanity. A tolerance of which that while his brother had he could not imagine holding. To keep the company of a human girl in his presence, it was beneath him.


When they were able to enter the Great Dog Demons tomb, it was a great disappointment to them that Tessaiga had been enchanted to reject Lord Sesshomaru. It was only when the Priestesses ' incarnation, Kagome, reached for it, the sword was able to be removed and was found to belong to Inuyasha. Most likely due to her great spiritual power.


The four battlef it out quite ferociously at the time, but Kagome and himself did have to seek higher ground when his Lord revealed his "True Form" and the poisonous miasma enraptured the tomb. A great blow was dealt to his Lord when shortly thereafter Inuyasha used the Tessaiga to take his arm. Badly wounded, Sesshomaru transfigured into an orb of demonic energy and light and fled toward the forest beyond Asano Castle. But the words his Lord uttered during this battle have always remained in this humble demon's mind "Inuyasha, your patience with this creature is astonishing to me. You protect her, indulge her, even seem to love her.  Certainly these feelings of mercy of yours are not something I inherited from our Great and Terrible Father...When it comes to humans I of course bare no such weakness..."


Back on the other end of the meadow, the Lord continued to thrust deeper and harder into his beloved mortal spouse. Her stifled cries of pain and pleasure caused his eyes to bleed red from his true demon form wishing to come forward. Moans and gasps of ecstasy in the lowest tone escaped his mouth. Ah's, Uhg's and Pff's crawled through his teeth and out of his lips. They were music to his lover's ears. With each thrust, the knot in his erection grew thicker, making it a developing challenge to enter Rin, deeper and deeper. As it became harder and harder for him to move within her, he began pushing against her hips harder and harder, more aggressive each time. Aware that his knot make engorge inside her to such an extent any moment that she may not reach her climax before he released his seed, he sat up straight up, and with one arm against her ribs holding her tight to his chest and groping her one breast, he reaches down with his other hand to her throbbing pearl and began stroking her. The strength of his upper body allowed him to rock her up and down in small motions on him while her head and neck leaned back on him. She was fully naked and exposed and his robe had found its way off his shoulders and only his pants remained with his member partially exposed in between the motions of Rin's womanhood consuming it again and again.


At last her Ladyship began to whimper signs of reaching orgasm, her body stiffened and Sesshomaru was able to release his seed. He held her tightly to him, rocking back and forth, he buried his face in her neck and gasped for air. Her head tilted back even further to meet his check and she nuzzled into him. The smell of him, the feeling of him inside of her, the what felt like oceans of ejaculation filling her womb. Great Dog Demon Clansmen were not like mortal men. Their members were slightly larger, considering they in general were slightly larger, Sesshomaru himself was nearly 7 feet tall. Upon climax they would knot inside their partner, and had slightly more control over the release of their seed than mortal men.


They rocked back and forth for what seemed like eternity, if only it was. Sesshomaru manhood slowly released Rin from it's knotting and they crashed together, entangled with each other to the meadow floor. Sesshomaru quickly concealed himself in his trousers while wrapping Rin up in the kimono robes that lay about them. Pulling her close to him he allowed himself to drift off into not slumber, as Demons of his caliber rarely slept, but into a deep and peaceful meditative state. Rin, wrapped her body around his large figure and dozed off into a peaceful slumber. While she slept the cum that her lover had filled her with leaked from her entrance and down her legs, piddling onto the earth beside them.


Though they both were unphased by the world around them, they individually thought about their children who undoubtedly would be seeking them out soon. The pool of seed that had collected beside them reminded them of the potential of another child they could have in the future.


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