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She was drenched.  In the process of heading home after a long day, the sky had just opened up out of nowhere; the dark storm clouds shrouding what little daylight had been left.  Being unable to move very fast in her current condition, her miko robes had quickly molded to her frame.  Luckily, the unexpected summer shower had decided to pass over when she was within seeing distance of home.  Unluckily, she supposed, the best hustle she could do was at best a slow walk; being unable to properly see her feet and all.

Kagome sighed in relief as she reached the doorway, glad to be sheltered from the rain.  Slightly winded upon entering the cozy home she shared with InuYasha, she leaned against the wall of the genkan to catch her breath and take some of the pressure off her back.  As the passing thought took hold, her body hummed in warm delight and her right hand came up to run lovingly over her rounded belly.  She couldn’t stop the contented smile that stretched across her face.  Her husband, InuYasha.

As if summoned from her thoughts, the almost equally as wet dog demon crashed through the doorway.  In his haste the hanging bamboo reed door skewed as he passed through it, although he didn’t seem to notice or care as his golden eyes frantically passed over the empty hut until they finally located their target.


Hearing the worry clear in his tone, Kagome tried to keep her amusement hidden as she watched as he looked her up and down.  Undoubtedly searching for any sign of injury, his black brows drew together once spotting her hand resting on her large stomach.  Able to read her over-protective husband like the back of her hand, she smiled softly and answered before he even had the chance to voice his concern.

“I’m fine, InuYasha. Just a little wet is all.” 

His mouth clapped shut, but his brows never lost their worried scrunch.  Now, instead of being satisfied that she was unharmed, he focused on the fact that she was waterlogged.

“Gods Kagome, you’re soaked! Fuck!  I’m sorry. I tried to get her as fast as I could.”

Approaching her quickly, but cautiously, InuYasha placed his hands on both sides of her huge middle region.  As always, since they first discovered that she was pregnant, he treated her like a delicate porcelain doll.  His touches were always feather light, and he took extreme care and precautions with her.  Especially her stomach.  It was enduing to see a man who was so brash and wild, suddenly be so vigilant.

“InuYasha, I’m fine.  It’s not even cold.  A little water isn’t going to hurt me.”

She’d long become accustom to assuring him that she fine, having to stress it quite often lately.  Though to ease his worries she leaned forward to give him a physical gesture to reassure him as well.   Kagome had to stretch just a bit more to reach her mark due to the extra mass between them, and in the end, it was with InuYasha’s slight assistance in his leaning forward for her to reach him that she was able to place a chaste kiss to his lips.

Still unable to shake the worried look, InuYasha offered a small smile in return.  Wanting to get her out of her wet clothes least she catch a cold, he placed a quick tender kiss to Kagome’s forehead, then turned to grab one of the old cloths they kept near the entrance to wipe his feet off.  Without thinking and out of habit, he handed a cloth to Kagome as well.  Since her feet had swollen to the point where it was painful to wear shoes, she had been walking around barefoot same as him.

With his inhuman sense of balance, he lifted each foot one at a time effortlessly with the bend of a knee to reach down and quickly rid his feet of the mud they’d acquired.  It’d taken some time but eventually Kagome had gotten it through his thick skull that he needed to clean his feet before walking around their home.  Embarrassingly, he would admit it may have taken a few instances of her making him clean the mess his dirty feet trekked around.

Tossing his cloth into the “wash” pile, he turned to reach for Kagome’s to toss it as well.   Coming up empty handed; however, he finally focused back on his wife to realize the sad, but humorous, predicament she was in.  Leaning against the wall for support she was attempting, and failing, to try different positions to reach her feet or bring them closer to her hand.  It shouldn’t have been amusing, but her face was set so serious and the look of determination in this situation felt exaggerated for what should have been such a simple task.

Giving a small chuckle, InuYasha sprang to his wife’s rescue.

“Here let me.”

Kagome was mid protest when he crouched down in front of her, taking the cloth from her before she could finish her “I can do it” speech.  He knew she wasn’t invalid or incompetent, but he’d be damned if he watched her struggle when he was around to lighten her load.  Especially when her load involved a second tiny passenger… 

Slowly, he raised each delicate foot, one at a time, to clean them with care.  Unable to maintain her balance during the process, Kagome had to place one hand against the wall and the other on the strong shoulders of her husband for support.  Wincing a few times, as InuYasha passed the cloth over her swollen feet, she knew he’d heard the involuntarily sounds that escaped her from the twitch of his ears.

As soon as he was satisfied that both her feet were acceptably clean, taking much more care in his wife’s cleanliness than his own, InuYasha quickly tossed the cloth into the wash pile and swooped Kagome up bridal style upon standing.  Smiling down at her somewhat startled face, InuYasha carried his precious cargo the rest of the way into their home.

“Come on.  Let’s get you outta those wet clothes.” 

The fluidity of his movements never ceased to amaze her.  His voice was as smooth as silk and he practically glided over the floor even with the extra weight carrying her added.  And Kagome felt like that was a lot of extra weight.  She imagined herself to be the size of a boulder and she hadn’t been able to see her feet for a while now…

Shaking the sudden distressing turn her thoughts had taken, she smiled warmly at InuYasha as he showered her with his attentiveness.  He gently set her back on her feet near their shared futon and immediately sprang into action; ridding her of her wet clothes, patting her dry with a towel, wrapping her up in her sleeping yukata, laying her back onto the futon… Kagome sighed serenely as he was now set about getting a fire going.

“I’m not helpless you know…”

Her tone wasn’t scolding; containing more of a bit of tease to it.  She never wanted to come across as being ungrateful and she loved that InuYasha was such a dedicated husband.  Kagome did fear sometimes, though that InuYasha was too protective.  She was a little exasperated at being treated like she was constantly going to shatter.

“I know.”

Glancing over his shoulder, InuYasha cast her a handsome smile.  The unspoken knowledge that he liked to take care of her, not needing to be said.

With the fire finally coming to life, InuYasha stood, gave his back a stretch, and then proceeded to remove his own soaked garments.  Blue-grays watched sheepishly as he did so, greedily taking in every sinful piece of exposed naturally tanned skin.  Her whole body tingled as she shamelessly gawked at him, eyes roaming over his sturdy shoulders, strong back, that ass.  Boy, her man had some bitable glutes for sure and her eyes heated as she recalled so with fondness.  As her hot gaze traveled further down, she held absolutely no complaints in the rest of his shapely physique.  The fact was that her husband was probably the finest male specimen that the Gods ever put on earth.   

She was in the process of trying to will him to turn around so that she could gander at his spectacular front side, when InuYasha donned his own sleeping yukata effectively ending his unintentional peepshow.  Groaning at the injustice dealt to her, Kagome couldn’t help but pout.

Eyes still fixed to his form despite the unflattering male yukata now covering him from her view, she impatiently waited for him to return to her side.  Her hormones were in overdrive and after that little reminder of how sinfully delicious her husband was, Kagome had some aches in some very inoperative places.  

However, she was left a bit confused when instead of coming to lay down next to her, he stopped and parked his sensual ass down at her feet.  Watching his face perplexed as she felt him lift her feet to rest on his right thigh, she winced a bit as he took the foot closest to his body, her left, into his warm hands and slowly started adding some pressure.

“What are you doing?”

Voicing her curiosity, Kagome watched as InuYasha’s attention never ventured from his current quest.  Completely absorbed into what his hands were doing, the only indication that he had heard her was a flick of his right ear in her direction before he finally gave a short response.

“These look like they hurt.”

Eyeing him suspiciously as he became even more engrossed in his task, Kagome had to admit that it did feel nice as he gently rubbed her feet.  Alternating between each, his thumbs rotating in slow circles over the aching muscles… 

But she had other aching “muscles” she wanted him to pay attention to.

While the gesture was immensely sweet, and it truly touched her how he did his utmost to take care of her every need or want, she couldn’t keep from wondering why he was obviously ignoring her most urgent want and need.  Her feet could wait, she had more important unattended body parts!  She knew he could smell her desire for him so why…  

A sudden realization occurred to her at that thought.  Because InuYasha could smell her excitement, and in fact he found a sick pleasure out of teasing her about it before or after answering her bodies call.  But somehow this wasn’t the first time she had been horny as hell, only for nothing to be done about it.

InuYasha hadn’t touched her sexually in several, many weeks.

Trying hard to think back to when this started and find some evidence that she was mistaken, her pregnancy brain known for being a great hinderance in her memory, Kagome dejectedly came to the conclusion it wasn’t something she’d just forgotten or overlooked.  There had always been some excuse, but InuYasha had stopped touching her in that way when it became undeniably apparent that she was very much pregnant.

Her eyes immediately started to try to water as the idea shot into her mind that he didn’t desire her anymore, but Kagome knew her hormones could play nasty little tricks with her mind and rushed to reassure herself.  There had to be an explanation, had to!  But just as she was almost successful in convincing herself of that her gaze focused back onto his, only to notice his tightly knitted brow and the unbecoming grimace plain on his face as he stared down to where he was still carefully tending to her feet.

Following his gaze down to what held his attention so fully, Kagome was shocked to realize that she could actually see her feet at her current angle.  Viewing one’s own feet wouldn’t be such a missed luxury, you’d imagine, but due to her large pregnant belly it’d been a while since she had seen them; really seen them, not just catching glimpses of them.  Now she had the opportunity to truly examine them, and it wasn’t a pleasant sight.

Her feet were grotesque balloons they were swollen so badly.  Each toe looked like an overstuffed sausage and her ankles puffed out like the dough from a biscuit can.  She now understood why they hurt her so badly all the time. 

Their appearance only served to push her already heightened emotions and low self-confidence off the hyperbole cliff.  Snowballing along with the facts of how big she was, how bloated and uncomfortable she felt and the knowledge that there was no definite known end in sight.  Since one of the many downsides to pregnancy in the feudal era was that they had to take their best guess at how far long she was.  According to Kaede’s calculations she was probably into her eighth month or maybe the ninth.  So, she could possibly have another month of this misery to look forward to.  All Kagome knew was that she felt like she was ready to pop and looked like it too.

The tears she had been holding back finally managed to break free, and Kagome stared silently at her undesirable body as they rolled down her face.

InuYasha had been taking great care in being as tender as possible with his wife’s feet.  Keeping them elevated and slowly adding pressure as he worked, he wasn’t 100% certain that he was doing it properly.  He pulled a lot of his knowledge from memories of his friends and their experiences; and he distinctly remembered from both of Sango’s pregnancies that her feet had done the same thing.  Unable to begin to fathom the why’s of what happened to a woman during her time carrying a child, he instead focused on retaining what appeared to be the best solutions for different ailments.  In fondness he recalled how Miroku would do this for Sango, and how much better and happier she seemed to be for it…

The sudden onslaught of tears to his nose grounded him from his daydreaming, and had his eyes frantically jerking to access his wife’s condition.  Seeing her laying there with tears streaming down her face while looking down at her feet, nearly broke his heart and InuYasha immediately assumed that it was his inexperienced squeezing and poking of her feet that was the cause.  

“Fuck Kagome, did I hurt you?!”

He’d instantly removed his hands from her, holding them up in what would have been a comical way under different circumstances.  Though, her feet were still comfortably resting on his thigh, as even in his panic he’d taken care not to jar her.  At being caught, Kagome’s own hands promptly went to her face to remove the evidence of her emotional breakdown and despite being discovered tried in vain to appear like everything was fine.

“Nn, no! Yo… you didn’t”   

Clearly hearing the catch in her voice despite how hard she was attempting to cover it up, InuYasha’s anxiety from thinking he’d hurt her died down some only to be left feeling extremely lost and apprehensive.  His ears drooped as he watched her palms repetitively swiping over her face trying to get rid of the tears that continued to flow.

“Then… why are you crying?”

He’d spoken in a small voice, but somehow it still seemed to have startled her.  Her body gave a slight jerk at his words, and his brain was racing to try to catch up as she then proceeded to cover her face with her hands and loudly blubber about how she was in fact not crying.  Placing his hands on his wife’s legs, InuYasha softly rubbed them trying to soothe her.  He didn’t even bother trying to argue with her about how “she wasn’t crying”, instead he just focused on keeping his tone calm to coax her into opening up and talking to him.

“Kagome, please tell me what’s going on.”

InuYasha waited on baited breath while Kagome sniffled a few times catching hers, before she sprung the clearly fictitious thoughts her mind had conjured up on him.  Apparent to him anyway, because anyone with eyes could see her claims were false. 

“I’m huge and gross!”

Finally finding some bit of clarity, InuYasha was relieved to be able to decipher that this was his wife’s “pregnancy hormones” at work.  During this pregnancy her thoughts had gotten out of hand and went down strange unexplainable paths sometimes; which he’d been assured by both Kaede and Sango that this was normal.  So, this hadn’t been the first time she’d cried without an explanation or been brought to tears over something menial.  She once cried because a lady bug was too cute… Again, he didn’t try to work out the why’s, he just tried to fix the problems.

“Kagome, you’re not-”

“Don’t lie! I saw how you were looking at me! You think so too! I look like a beached whale!”

Starring dumbly at Kagome’s still covered face, InuYasha had to hold back his mild amusement at the clear exaggeration she’d cut him off with.  It was obvious she was having a tough go of it; his heart went out to her and he wanted to assure her and make her feel better, but he also couldn’t contain the teasing tilt his voice held as he attempted to comfort her again.

“…C’mon, you’re not that big.”

Kagome peeked out from between her fingers to find the sparkling golden eyes of her husband’s taunting her, accompanied with that mischievous grin of his it was obvious he was teasing her.  Once he’d caught her gaze, his features softened; transformed to reflect the love he felt for her.  When next he spoke, his tone had lost its humor and instead was warm and serious.     

“I’m sorry if my face looked a certain way, I swear it wasn’t from thinkin’ anything like that though.  I just keep worrying about you being in pain… I wish I could take it from you and I’m tryin’ really hard to make it easier on you.”

By the end of his explanation, Kagome had finally stopped crying and brought her hands down to her chest to peer at him with blue-grays that were a mix of hope and doubt. 

“…Then why haven’t you… touched me any lately?”

InuYasha’s face heated in a bashful blush at that, and he averted his eyes in his embarrassment.  He hated how naïve he was to all of this.  Half the time he wasn’t sure of the dos and the don’ts so to play it safe he erred on the side of caution and asked Sango or Kaede.  This however, was not something he felt comfortable questioning them on and like hell was he going to talk to Miroku about it.  But evidently his playing it safe and not seeking guidance had caused Kagome to believe she wasn’t desirable to him, when that was the furthest thing from the truth.  

“Shit Kagome, it’s not like I don’t want to!  I was afraid to hurt you… or the baby.”

As he finished speaking his brows again scrunched in worry, which had become an almost permanent expression for him anymore, and he leaned forward to place his right hand protectively over her large baby “bump”.   Kagome’s eyes threatened to water again over how sweet her man could be; of course, she should have known this was all about her husband’s fear of breaking her.  Reaching down with her left, she quickly took his hand in hers and squeezed it in reassurance.  

“InuYasha you won’t hurt me!  It’s perfectly fine to continue enjoying a healthy sex life when a woman’s expecting.”

InuYasha twisted his hand to clasp her own and then was silent for a bit.  As he starred skeptically at her pregnant belly, she knew undoubtedly, he was processing the information and deciding what to do with it.  When he finally looked up from their intertwined hands, Kagome swore he looked for all the world like a vulnerable little boy.

“…you’re sure?”

All Kagome had to do was bless him with a breathtaking smile and give his hand a small tug; he followed her lead like a lost dog.  Cautiously, InuYasha crept up his wife’s side, his left hand coming to replace his right on her stomach being sure to not to add too much pressure.  Once he was settled next to her, laying on his right side, his golden eyes darted down to her luscious lips.  Focusing in on how she bit them out of anticipation or nervousness, or hell maybe both he didn’t know.  All he knew was after endless weeks of pretending he didn’t know how damn horny his wife was, he couldn’t resist any longer.

Adoringly he dipped his head to capture her lips with his own.  The kiss started out sweet and warm, InuYasha honestly just basking in her; all of her, and trying to convey how much he loved her.  However, the lingering scent of her arousal, which was rapidly starting to build back up, and his own pent-up frustrations promptly came to the forefront.

As the contact between their lips heated, the kiss becoming more passion fueled, InuYasha’s sly hand started to inch her yukata open; lightly dragging his claws across her skin up to her now fuller breasts.  Kagome broke the kiss to suck in a breath and let out an airy moan when his nimble fingers gave the nipple of her right breast a soft rolling, teasing pinch; taking extra care not to apply too much pressure since he knew how tender they’d become.   

Mouth now unoccupied, he gave it a new destination and began trailing kisses down his wife’s neck and collarbone until he reached her left breast.  As badly as he wanted to engulf and suck her breast, InuYasha knew that at this time that would not give his wife the pleasure it once did.  Instead, he settled for delicately running his lips over and around her sensitive rosy pink flesh.  Alternating between using his lips, tongue… his fangs; he kept his touch light as he sensually tortured her.

Unfortunately, the sounds Kagome was making from his antics were in turn torturing him as well.  Her hands weren’t idle either; her left having traveled up to attack his left canine appendage, her right working at pushing his own yukata off over his shoulders.  He guessed it was true, that you reaped what you sowed… The dry spell they’d had was his doing, noble intentions aside; so, in turn the built-up sexual energy charging to burst out was on him as well. 

Now that he’d had a taste, a glorious reminder of what they’d been missing out on, InuYasha was unable to deny himself or his wife any longer.  Pulling back away from Kagome, he gave her a clear view of physical undeniable proof of his desire for her as he finished shedding his yukata and made his way between her legs.  At the sight of his thick arousal, she bit her lip and made the most delicious sound; all while spreading her legs further apart.

InuYasha quickly busied himself with positioning his aching member at her entrance, teasingly rubbing his tip around to make sure it was good and coated in her natural juices.  To be extra vigilant, he promptly bit off the points of two claws on his right hand before inserting the index and middle finger together into her passage.  He couldn’t hold back the fanged smirk that appeared from his wife’s vocals at that.  Normally he would have spent more time playing with her like this, but they both needed real contact.  Removing his digits, now thickly coated with her lubricant, he completed his mission and spread the hot substance over his dick.

Kagome moaned loudly as she felt her husband finally start to enter her, but he’d barely made it pass the threshold before stopping.  Confused, she looked down her body to find InuYasha’s stare glued to her stomach; his brows once again drawn in that worried expression.   Not allowing his mind to wonder, she quickly assured him of her earlier claims.

“It’s fine, InuYasha.” 

His hesitation had only been brief; but ultimately he trusted his wife’s expertise on this subject.  Besides her obvious want was so thick in the air that his cock physically hurt from wanting to answer her bodies call, who was he to deny them? 

Molten gold clashed with steel blue and his hips thrusted him home.  The angle was a bit different, his ability to grip her too, but fuck if it still wasn’t delicious.  Kagome was biting her bottom lip, creating sweet music for him to work to; his thrusts causing her breasts to bounce for his viewing pleasure.  It was bliss.  A very short-lived bliss.

Only a few minutes into their love making, InuYasha started to notice the winces Kagome was hiding.  She’d succeeded with a few, disguising them well enough that they were questionable; but one slipped out and as soon as he’d spotted it, his body froze.


Sheepishly she smiled up at her husband, not surprised at all that she’d been unable to mask her discomfort from him.  Afraid that he would put a stop to their activities, she rushed to explain her situation.

“Sorry… my back has been killing me all day.  It’s worse than usual.  Laying flat like this really agitates it.  Everything else is wonderful!  I’m fine!  It’s just… my back…”

Watching InuYasha closely as she lamely finished justifying her grimaces, Kagome was shocked when he didn’t call off their sexual endeavors; but instead, his expression morphed from intense concern into sinful mischief.  A clawed hand gripped her ass on one side, while his other wrapped under her waist to pull her forward.  Eyes locked together, InuYasha gave her a fanged grin as she was lifted and their positions swiftly shifted.

Now straddling her husband, a long moan was pulled from her throat as she settled on him; causing him to go deeper inside her aching core.  Catching InuYasha’s heated stare and triumphant grin, a blush heated her cheeks from excitement; his sensual voice only adding gas to the fire.


Nodding, her hips leisurely started to roll with the eager assistance of clawed hands at her hips.  Unable to place her hands on her husband’s chest like she usually would for balance, due to the obvious reason between them, she had to angle herself backward and grip his masculine thighs instead.  Their dance instantly started up again and ecstasy was gradually building back up between them; however, the key word being gradually.

While her back had been granted a reprieve in their new position; Kagome, unfortunately, found that she didn’t have the ability or range of motion at her disposal to “finish” the job.  She was on the brink of tears at the unfairness of it; her pending climax so close within reach, just not within hers.  Sexually frustrated to the max; she inadvertently let out a long-exasperated whine and tried to speed her movements.

A deep chuckle was her only warning before the grip on her hips tightened and she was lifted by strong arms to hover in place.  Her sudden bewilderment was short-lived as InuYasha made his intent clear and proved his strength and agility all at once, as he began to piston up into her.  The new elevated position caused her to be angled further back, and the penetration was glorious.  That coupled with the sight of the muscles in her husband’s arms flexing as he held her steady in that position was an extreme turn on, and Kagome knew he knew she was enjoying herself from the smug smirk on his face and heat in his eyes.  Although, the flames of his gaze promptly became focused on her breasts as they bounced in sync with his thrusts.

With better stimulation and the already built-up tension, it didn’t take long for InuYasha to skillfully bring them both to euphoria; and as Kagome’s climax raced up her spine her head threw back, mouth ajar.  Throated moans spilled out of her as her whole body tightened.  Her eyes tightened closed, her hands tightened on his thighs, her own thighs tightened on his hips, and her heat tightened all around his cock; fucking milking him dry.

InuYasha for his part couldn’t take his eyes away as he watched the stunning spectacle and rode out his own orgasm; his hips only slowing as he gave a last few tired thrusts finishing emptying himself.  He bit his lip as he settled his wife back down and she engulfed him fully once more.  His member may have softened some, but it was still stiff and would be ready for another round in no time.  Usually, the amount of time it took to catch their breaths.

Breathing hard, InuYasha pulled his knees up to rest against his wife’s back so she could prop herself against him and relax while she caught her breath.  He smiled lovingly when Kagome finally looked down at him casting him her own appreciative and contented smile.  She was more out of breath than was typical, her chested heaving as she gulped down air; but he guessed that was to be expected.  Still, sticking with his philosophy of erring on the side of caution, he checked just to be sure.

“You good?”

Her smile warmed and hooded eyes filled with love, as she nodded.


Body relaxing, InuYasha’s smile grew as the tension left him; extremely pleased with the night’s turn of events.


They both stayed like that for a bit, both just content in the oneness they felt.  InuYasha occupied himself with drawing small circles over Kagome’s hips with his claws, purposely keeping the touch light because he knew from experience that it excited her.  When goosebumps freckled across her porcelain skin, his smile deepened and his gaze heated never leaving her own.  The sexual energy between them was gaining momentum rapidly, and he had just opened his mouth to seduce his wife into another round when instead he found himself at a loss for words.  A sudden wetness shallowly puddling at his hips left him perplexed.

It was just the faintest of trickles, and he was pretty sure Kagome hadn’t even noticed it yet with the way she was still hotly staring down at him.  Awkwardly, he now wondered how to gently tell his wife that she had peed on him.  It wasn’t that he minded or was “turned off” to her for it, he knew her bladder control was basically nonexistent a lot of the time, something else he had been reassured was normal, due to having another life growing inside her.  The life they made together.  He wasn’t going to be upset with her about it; but he knew she would be.  Her having accidents was a sore spot and one of the things that still got her upset when it happened. 

InuYasha knew he had taken too long in pondering how to broach the subject when Kagome’s heated look started to turn worrisome.


Squeezing her hips lightly to provide reassurance, InuYasha tried his best to not sound as awkward as he felt.  Instead, he strained some humor into his voice; hoping it would keep his wife from getting upset and allow her to see he really didn’t mind.

“Ugh, I think… I think you may have peed on me.  Just a bit!  Not a big deal.”

InuYasha’s ears drooped as he watched Kagome’s face fall and embracement light her features.  Her eyes glistened a bit, but luckily no tears fell.  Clearing her throat, she tried to give him a convincing smile that said she was fine; but instead, both her smile and voice came out as awkward as his had.

“Oh… Well… I guess I should clean my mess up then, huh?”

The mood now thoroughly killed, InuYasha gave a sad half smile at his wife who was now avoiding his gaze.  Feeling as she was weakly attempting to remove herself from him and get up, his hands tightened at her hips to help lift her.  The moment his half mast member pulled out of his wife’s canal, having evidently acting as a cork; a small burst of liquid came gushing out. 

Both he and Kagome froze and just stared dumbly at the mess; the mess that was clearly NOT urine.  His canine nose picked that up immediately, along with the subtle faintest scent of blood.  It was with that knowledge, InuYasha’s brain went into panic mode.

“Fuck Kagome! I knew I’d end up hurting you!  Is the bae-“

“I think my water broke…”

InuYasha’s alarm paused; his anxiety riddled brain not able to make proper sense of the information it was being fed.  He stared jumbled at his strangely calm wife in what should have been a horrible situation.  Hadn’t he just caused damage to her and their baby?  Her words were still floating out of reach of his comprehension, and honestly in his current state of intellect they hadn’t fully registered.  


“InuYasha… I think my water just broke.”

After a second attempt at explaining what was happening, Kagome’s face split into a beautifully huge smile.  It took InuYasha a few seconds more to fully catch up, as he now knew the words his wife had spoken but his brain was scrambling to find their meaning.  Dimly he was able to pull a memory from years ago, of Kaede and Rin excitedly busting about because Sango’s water had “broken” …and… the baby was on its way…

“…You mean… the baby’s comin?”

At the innocence in InuYasha’s voice from his question, Kagome’s smile grew even larger if that were possible.  Tears brightening her steel blues, she pulled his hands up from her hips to place them over her stomach; her own resting on top of his giving him the affirmation needed to ground him and bring clarity.

“InuYasha, the baby’s coming.”

His face lit up in astonishment and unbridled joy for a briefest of moments, before a new panic started to overcome him.  Brows knitting in that worried scrunch, that Kagome was afraid was going to permanently stick if he kept at it much more, InuYasha frantically yet somehow gently gathered them both up from the floor.

“Fuck! I gotta get you to Kaede’s! Fuckin’ hell it’s still storming! I’ll bring the old baba here!”

Smiling endearingly at her husband as he cautiously sat her back on their futon, Kagome caught his face in her hands before he could escape to continue running around madly trying to take care of things.  Seeing the fluster in his golden eyes, she intentionally locked them with her own; forcing him to see the adoration and delight there.  And as he still struggled to calm down, she pulled him into a loving kiss.  When they separated her smile continued to radiate, until InuYasha’s own smile finally took hold.

“InuYasha, it’s going to be fine.”   

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