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Part Two

Inuyasha sat by her side all night, watching her pale face and steady breathing. When dawn approached his eyes had begun to close from his own weariness. His ears, however, remained alert and when he perceived that Kagome's breathing had become more rapid he opened his eyes to watch her. Her eyes were still closed but were moving rapidly showing that she was dreaming. Her head moved slightly back as she groaned. Inuyasha wondered if she was having a nightmare and peered at her closely observing her. He sniffed and his eyes widened.

The enticing smell was back, stronger than it was when he found her sleeping in her own time. And now that he was not so distracted by the multitudes of man-made smells that infected her world he could identify it. Kagome smelt like a woman in heat. The moans were not ones of fear, but ones of desire.

She turned her head again, arching her back slightly. Fascinated and drawn to her scent he could not turn away and give her the privacy that she deserved. He knew that she was not sexually active, he could smell that no man had made his mark on her. He wondered just of whom she was dreaming. A pang of jealousy came over him for that imagined lover.

Inuyasha could not help but wish that he were the one she dreamed of.
But it was unlikely. She had, of late, been distancing herself from him, making sure that they were never alone together. She had been so subtle in her actions that he had not even realised what she was doing until he had carried her while chasing after a fleeing shard embedded demon. As he leapt and ran he had smelt a peculiar smell emanating from her, something that rarely scented Kagome: fear.

At first he had thought that it was fear of the demon, but after it had been dispatched and the shard retrieved, her fear scent had not dispersed. It had spiked when he carried her back to the others causing him to believe that she was afraid of him

Inuyasha had felt pain at this realisation, and wondered what he had done to cause her fear. It was true that he had done nothing to endear himself to her. He had deliberately treated her roughly, giving her the sharp edge of his rather colourful vocabulary because he was attracted to her. It was an attraction that he could not act upon, he had nothing to offer her as a mate other than the weak strength of a half demon. Unfortunately, it seemed that his plan of keeping Kagome at arms length from him had worked rather too well. He had turned her friendship for him to fright.

Kagome's dreaming stopped Inuyasha's musing. As he observed her he felt her moans and scent begin to affect his own body. He allowed his feelings of desire and need rise up as he stared as her and imagined his own body covering hers and being the source of her moans. He did not move any closer to her, she trusted him and he would never violate that trust. But he did allow himself the luxury of imagining it.

It was therefore a shock when he found that her eyes were opened and she was staring at him seeing him watch her with unveiled need in his eyes.

Immediately he stood and brusquely told her to get ready to leave. He did not mean to say it so harshly, but it took all his control not to pull her into his arms and fulfil his own base needs. After leaving the hut he all but ran deep into the woods and, once secure in the knowledge of his privacy, he used his own hand to relieve himself of the need that he had for Kagome. As he worked, imagining Kagome writhing under him, he also prayed that Kagome would never find out what he did.

* * * *

Kagome peddled along on her bike barely taking in her sundinndings. She knew that Inuyahsa walked in front of her, the flash of red in her peripheral vision confirmed it. She was too ashamed to look at him, much less talk to him, and a tense feeling of uneasiness smothered her.

When Inuyasha had returned to the little hut he had bought some fruit which he had tossed to her with terse instructions to eat. He had not looked her in the eye and any hopes that Kagome had that he had not noticed her wantonness faded. Kagome had pocketed the fruit and lifted the backpack following him into the brightness of the morning. Inuyasha had bought her bicycle to the front of the hut in preparation for her to use it. He took her pack from her numb fingers, hoisting it onto his own back. He pointed at the bike indicating she should ride it.

Kagome felt her stomach sink even further. It had been a long time since she last used her bike, lately whenever they travelled far she had always ridden on his back. Now he was so disgusted with her that he would not even tolerate her touching him. She had nodded sadly, and silently got on peddling slowly down the bumpy track.

She didn't question where they were going and Inuyasha did not ask her if she felt the pull of any of the shards. Kagome shifted uneasily of the seat of the bicycle. It was just so darn uncomfortable after the sensation of riding Inuyasha, she half wished that she had never bought the thing into this world. She yawned as she rode feeling drained and tired after dreaming of Inuyasha during the night. The heat of the day was making her feel warm and sleepy despite the effort it took to stay balanced on the bike on the rough track.

Kagome was suddenly aware that Inuyasha was no longer in front of her, but at her side. He snaked his arm around her waist and lifted her off the bike his his back.

"You are tired," he said softly, as he allowed the bike to fall to the ground.

She was tired and the relief that he was actually talking to her and allowing her to touch him stopped any sharp words that she might have had for abandoning her bike. He walked slowly as she wound her hands in his robes and snuggled into the warmth of his back breathing in the scent of his hair. She sighed contentedly, her eyes closing as she allowed herself to enjoy the sensation. Inuyasha shifted her weight a little to balance her, gripping her thighs firmly as he did so, stroking his thumbs absently to reassure her that he would not drop her. The sensation made Kagome's head spin with repressed want and need. Before she could stop herself she pressed a kiss onto the back of his neck and nibbled his skin a little.

Inuyasha stopped walking and moaned, Kagome emboldened raised a hand to one of his ears and stroked it delighting as his breathing quickened and his own hands started to caress her thighs. He twisted his head catching her lips with his own, boldly pushing his tongue into her mouth to taste her deeply and sending sparks flooding Kagome's body. He suddenly released her thighs, twisting to pull her from his back to his front and-

Kagome's eyes flew open as she hit the ground, her left hand side grazing painfully against the stones on the path, her head bouncing on the ground causing little stars to float before her eyes. She gasped in indignation. He dropped her? Inuyasha dropped her? She blinked trying to work out what had happened and then noticed that her legs were tangled in her bicycle.

She groaned in both pain and annoyance. Had she possibly fallen asleep whilst riding her bike and dreamed it all? She opened one eye and saw Inuyasha crouched before her looking at her with a frown on his face. She closed her eye again hoping that he would just disappear, she was so shamed at what had happened.

Inuyasha looked at her in concern and worry. He had been aware of a sudden change in her scent as he walked in front of her and had turned to see her riding her bike, eyes open but unfocused. He had been going to call to her when the front wheel of the bike had hit a rock in the road causing her to loose her balance. He expected that she would steady herself by taking a foot off one of the pedals, instead she just allowed the bike and herself to fall to the ground. She had not even put an arm out in the automatic reaction to protect her head from hitting the ground. Inuyasha had been too surprised to move and had only been able to watch as her head impacted with the ground and her eyes closed.

At that point her had jumped to her side, crouched and looked at her limbs to see if there was any sign of injury. He looked warily around them to ascertain whether there was an enemy that he had missed who had fired a poison dart at Kagome to make her suddenly loose her balance and collapse. There was nothing. Looking back at Kagome he saw that her face was red with embarrassment and she was peeking at him through one opened eye which she firmly shut when she saw him looking at her.

Inuyasha snorted "Did you fall asleep on your bike?" he demanded astonished, then picked the girl up disentangling her from the metal contraption.

He stood her on her feet inspecting her for damage. Her left side was grazed and bleeding where her clothes had not protected it. He ran a hand through her hair feeling where she had bumped her head, and she hissed as he connected with a large lump. Her eyes opened again and she glared at him but did not answer, just knocked his hand away.

She bent down to pick up her bike, but swayed slightly as she did so. Fearing that she was going to fall again, Inuyasha wrapped his arm around her waist, and bent to pick up the bike in one hand. She looked at him a little surprised as he pulled her closer to support her.

"Is this real?" she asked frowning slightly.

Inuyasha blinked at her words. Why would she question what was real and what was not? He sniffed deeply, concentrating on the scents that flowed from her. The desire was still there, was she in heat? He looked at her closely as she gazed back at him. Then putting a hand on his chest, she raised herself onto her toes and kissed him on the mouth.

Surprised Inuyasha stood quite still as she kissed him. He tried to ignore the blossoming sensation and need and the delightful tingling of his lips and focus on what was going on. When her tongue shyly licked his lips trying to gain entry he almost lost himself in the repressed desire he had of her. Her heat scent was intoxicating, but he had to remember that she had just hit her head and that she might not know what she was doing, or with whom she was doing it. Dropping the bike he grasped her arms firmly and pushed her away from him staring into her hooded eyes, trying to ignore her passion-swollen lips. He swallowed trying to resist the urge to pull her back to him again.

"What are you doing?" he asked, his voice unintentionally gruff.

Her eyes flew open suddenly focused on his face and she blinked twice before repeating "Is this real?", her voice broken and mortified. She shoved him violently and ran from him down the bank of the path into the forest beyond.

Inuyasha stood stunned as she fled.

...is this real?..

Inuyasha's only coherent thought before his natural instinct to pursue the fleeing girl was 'what the hell was going on?'. He jumped down the bank easily following her fear scent. She had not gone far in the forest for all that she was running as fast as she possibly could. He easily ran beside her, shielded by trees, watching her gasp for breath. Her eyes were wide and full of tears and she stumbled as her feet encountered various obstacles.

What the hell was going on? Why was she so tired and thin - was she ill? Inuyasha shook his head as he trotted beside her, out of the girl's sight wondering what he should do. She didn't smell ill. She smelt as if she was in heat and if she was she was out of hermal mal cycle. Inuyasha paid great attention to this and had always been careful to distance himself from her when her tempting time was upon her. She was not due to be in heat for another week at least, but something had bought it on early and her heat was making her have vivid sexual dreams.

But to fall asleep whilst riding her bike, to not know what was reality and what was a dream was wrong. Inuyasha frowned as Kagome started to slow, her hand holding her side in her exhaustion. He sniffed again. The dark scent was still there upon her, the strange smell he first encountered in her world. Was it possible that she was possessed? Inuyasha grimaced - he hoped not. She had been possessed twice before both times trying to kill him, and the second time she had damn near succeeded. Inuyasha really did not fancy being shot by her purifying arrow again.

Kagome had slowed down to a walk now. Her head bowed, her breathing fast and shallow. Her hair covered her face but he could smell her salty tears. When she stopped and crouched down he decided it was time to approach her.

He knew that she heard him come near, he made no effort to avoid the twigs and leaves underfoot which would give his presence away. He knew from her scent that she could not run again, she had exhausted all her reserves. She was a pitiful sight, kneeling amongst the leaves, her shoulders moving with the effort to regain her breath and sobbing at the same time. He could hear her repeating 'sorry' again and again like a mantra, rocking in time with her whispered speech.

Any thoughts of growling at her, cursing at her, calling her a bitch dried up in his throat. Her distress was almost contagious, he was now frightened for her. Fearful of why she was acting as she was and why it was affecting her health so much. He put his arm around her and pulled her close to him trying to give her some comfort, running his hand through her hair. She stiffened at this action and started to sob, pushing him away a little and gazing up at him.

"I don't know what is real anymore," she sobbed as she shifted from a kneeling position to a crouched one. Inuyasha knew that she was about to fly again and he grabbed her arm tightly, pulling her back down to her knees. He frowned at her, giving her a little shake.

"This is real Kagome," he said earnestly, squeezing her arm so that she winced "I am real, you are real. This bloody wood is real!"

He released her arm when she started to nod in reluctant agreement. He pulled her into his embrace again hugging her fiercely by way of apology for the bruises he most probably had inflicted on her arm, his eyes closed but ears perked and alert for any danger. As he rocked her gently he hoped that she was gaining comfort from him. Gradually her sobs subsided, her breathing eased, her heartbeat calmed. She slept. Tilting her head back he gazed into her tear streaked face. He grinned lopsidedly. Kagome did not cry well, her face was always blotchy after her tears, her eyes slightly swollen. He caressed her hair away from her face and resisted the urge to kiss her, instead thinking back on how her kiss tasted on his lips earlier that day.

It had been sweet and intoxicating, bolts of lightening had shot from his stomach down his legs as he recalled and he held her tighter to himself. He so wished that he could kiss her back, touch her and claim her as his own. But he couldn't. She was from a different world and once their quest was over would return to it. He had to release Kikyou from her unliving torment and it was quite possible that he would die doing so. How could he mate with Kagome in those circumstances. If they mated and they produced a child, what sort of life would that child have? Inuyasha shuddered recalling his own childhood full of taunts and hatred from demons and humans. He recalled the hurt loneliness of his own mother and how she made the ultimate sacrifice. He would not ect ect Kagome to that life, nor would he inflict it on a child of theirs.

He breathed deeply inhaling Kagome's scent once again and frowned. The darkness was back, stronger than when he sensed it in her time. He laid her down on the ground and observed her trying to ascertain what it was. He reached out a clawed hand and caressed her face. Instantly she groaned and tilted herself towards him, her eyes still closed seeking blindly for the owner of the hand.

Inuyasha froze as the smell of her arousal overwhelmed his senses, his instinctive pre-programmed need to procreate surging to his loins. He clenched his fists trying to resist her tempting scent, and huddled back from her observing her as she lay in the grip of what was obviously a very sensual dream.

"Damn!" he cursed, his body screaming at him to go to her and cover her marking her as his forever. As he watched he felt himself go cold, suddenly sobered from the desire he felt for her. He knew what was happening to her, his demon eyes could see the darkness solidifying around her swirling like smoke and resolving into a little huddled shape that sat crouched on her chest.

He growled low and menacing. It was an incubus, an annoying little parasitic demon that feed on the emotions and energies caused by sensual dreams. Normally they were harmless, tapping into a little energy like a flea sucking blood. Their gift in return was a wet dream that most people would agree was a fair payment for so little energy taken. But this was different. This incubus was swollen and engorged by Kagome's energy. It was drinking of her until she was all but dry.

The incubus turned its misty head towards Inuyasha. It resembled a child crouched upon Kagome's chest. Although it was misty and ghost like Inuyasha could make out that its head was devoid of hair, its ears slightly elongated and pointed. It appeared to be naked, a sexless slight form. Its face was flat, no nose visible and its eyes were narrow. Its eyes were completely black and opaque, startling against the translucency of the rest of the being. It hands sported long fingers with tapered ends which it had placed against Kagome's head pulsating in a random pattern. Kagome was groaning in pleasure in time with the pulses.

Inuyasha flexed his claws "Get the fuck off her!" he growled standing and preparing to swipe it away.

The incubus's mouth stretched into what appeared to be a grin, before an additional limb shot suddenly out of its side and sped to Inuyahsa. Its fingers latched onto his face, the tapered ends sucking on to his skin.

Inuyasha shot forward with his claw ready to shred the demon into so many wisps, but suddenly the incubus was gone and it was just himself and Kagome in the clearing.

"What the hell?" Inuyasha panted, stopping the downward swing of his arm just in time to prevent shredding Kagome, but coming close enough to stir her hair in the breeze he created. He crouched looking around with his eyes and his ears, but he could not see the little demon anywhere. He sniffed. The dark scent appeared to be gone as well.

Puzzled he sat back on his haunches and sighed. Today was not going at all well. Not only did a seemingly super incubus possess Kagome, but embarrassingly the little thing had completely evaded Inuyasha's attack. He shrugged - maybe he had scared the little bastard away.

Kagome's eyes fluttered open and she turned her head to look at Inuyasha. She looked surprisingly well considering she had been nearly sucked dry by the demon. He frowned as he took in her bright eyes and her now rosy cheeks. Where in the hell did she pick it up? How long had she been carrying it around? In her time did incubi grow that strong? Or had it latched onto Kagome's power magnified by the shards that she possessed?

Kagome's fingers on his shoulders roused Inuyasha from his musings. She had risen and knelt beside him, her hand tentatively caressing his shoulder. Inuyasha resisted the urge to pull her to him as her touch started to inflame his desire again.

"Thank you," she whispered "You saved me again," she smiled sweetly up at him through lowered lashes, dark against her creamy skin.

"Do you know where you are?" Inuyasha asked gruffly, wanting to confirm that she had indeed been set free from the parasites hold.

She nodded, moving slightly closer to him, wrapping her arms around his torso, pressing herself close to him. He closed his eyes smelling the sweet scent of her hair and allowed himself to relax in her embrace. He wanted to question her about how long she had carried the incubus with her, but his mouth felt woolly and the words would not come. She tilted her head up to his, lifting her mouth to his sensitive ears and breathed so softly.

"I love you."

Inuyasha froze as she moved her lips down back the side of his head, kissing his check softly and whilst her fingers caressed the back of his neck. Her touch combined with her words was almost too much for him. He so wanted her and needed her, her heat scent was so strong it was pushing away most coherent thought. Inuyasha took her wrists in his hands and pulled her away from his neck looking down at her face. Her eyes were clear and shining with desire for him, her hair fell in sleek waves down her back shining in the sunlight that peeked through the trees. He frowned. What happened to her tear streak face and her exhaustion?

Kagome's brow furrowed a little as she looked up at him. "Do I not please you?" she asked.

As he gazed at her, her face shifted a little, the bright wide opened eyes narrowed a little and her scent changed subtly. It was no longer Kagome he was holding.

"Kikyou!" he gasped, looking around trying to find where Kagome had gone. He could no longer smell Kagome, only the peach blossoms scent that was Kikyou.

"Inuyasha!" Kikyou's solemn mouth pulled into a small smile "At last we can be together!" she flung herself into his arms again, nuzzling her face into his chest. "It is me that you desire, isn't it?" she asked, kissing his chest, moving up towards his neck "You have always desired me, needed me. At last we can be together!"

Kikyou tilted her head back to kiss Inuyasha, but he pushed her back, stood and looked around. "Where is Kagome?" he growled, "What the fuck is going on?"

Kikyou remained kneeling, and smiled at him "Do you desire both Kikyou and Kagome?" she asked. Almost immediately a sound from behind him made him spin around and he blinked startled to see Kagome there, standing in her strange clothes smiling at him gently. She walked past him and knelt beside Kikyou.

"Do you desire us both?" they both asked in unison.

Inuyasha took a step back in shock. Both? He growled, extending his claws menacing. "No!" he grated. Kagome lowered her head in meek acceptance, whilst Kikyou's grin widened and she held her arms out open to him.

Kagome meek? Kikyou smelling of peach blossom rather than dirt and bones?

"Fuck!" Inuyasha exclaimed shaking his head and blinking.

Suddenly he was awake, standing a little away from a prone Kagome who still had the incubus sitting on her chest. The little spirit was no longer grinning, but rather glaring at the dog demon. Inuyasha raised his claw and shredded the arm that extended from the incubus to his head.

"You know shit about what I want!"

The incubus started to grow misty, dissipating and sinking back into Kagome. Inuyasha sprang forward pulling out Tetsusaiga as he went. "No you don't!" he exclaimed, swiftly swinging the sword horizontally across Kagome hoping that the sleeping girl would not suddenly wake and sit up in its path.

The incubus screamed as the transformed blade cut through it, scattering its misty form to the wind. Simultaneously Kagome let forth a scream, her back arching in agony, her eyes snapping open blind and unseeing. As the incubus disappeared, so did Kagome's scream fade leaving her panting and sobbing on the forest floor.

Inuyasha sheathed Tetsusaiga and knelt beside the distraught girl, pulling her up into his arms. He sniffed deeply. Her scent of heat was still about her, but the darkness of the incubus was gone. Kagome looked as Kagome should look; slightly battered, wearied and blotchy. Inuyasha breathed a sigh of relief, and held her close breathing in her scent letting it calm his racing heart.

"What happened?" Kagome murmured, her voice muffled by Inuyasha's shoulder.

"Stupid bitch!" Inuyasha said, not releasing his grip of her, "You got yourself possessed by a incubus. How could you be so weak as to allow it?" He did not mean it, he knew that she was stronger than most, but relief made his words harsh.

Kagome did not reply, but lay still and passive in his arms. Finally, when Inuyasha had calmed himself so that he could look at her again he eased his hold of her and allowed her to sit upright. Her ridiculously short skirt hung fanned about her hips, her legs tucked under her bottom, her hand held the shards that hung suspended on a tiny gold chain around her neck. She looked a little stunned and ashamed. She could not keep her eyes on him, rather they gravitated to the ground in front of her.

Inuyasha rocked back on his heels and looked at her carefully as tears welled up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she said, bowing her head yet further. "I know I am weak. I bring you so much trouble. I'm so sorry," she raised her head and looked at him "Please don't hate me."

Inuyasha blinked in surprise. "What the hell are you talking about? Why should I hate you?" he demanded.

She lowered her head again, sniffing a le, le, rubbing her eyes with the backs of her hand "Because I thought of you that way," she whispered and almost huddled into herself. "I know it was wrong of me. I tried to stop. Whenever the thoughts came to me, I would think of you and Kikyou."

The familiar fear scent spiked again, and Inuyasha blinked in surprise. Did that mean that every time she rode his back she had been thinking of mating with him? Was that the reason why she kept away from him, not because he scared her bec because she desired him? He blinked again as she continued.

"You are promised to Kikyou and I know I cannot compete with her-"

"Feh!" Inuyasha rocked back further and sat down heavily, crossing his legs and arms he contemplated her. "I am not promised to Kikyou," he began trying to make his voice as gentle as he could. "I have pledged myself to help her, but I am not promised to her."

He stared at her thinking. Was that why the incubus had showed him dreams of Kikyou, because Kagome thought that was who he truly desired?

Kagome continued to study the grass in front of her, weary and tired. She smelled of sadness. Was it possible that she was sad that her incubus inspired dreams would no longer occur? Did she truly want him as much as he wanted her? Kagome was such a strange woman. She liked him for himself and asked no more than for him to be her friend. Inuyasha reflected on this for a little while, before reaching forward a clawed hand and lifting her face to him.

"I do not want Kikyou for my mate," he said. He let go of her chin and she continued to look at him with her wonderfully expressive eyes. "I want to help her rest and I have ged ged myself to help her to that end."

Kagome's eyes lowered again and she whispered, "I know".

Inuyasha growled "That does not mean that I wish to die with her," he said crossly, "And I am not angry that you had those dreams. You could not help what that damn incubus made you think."

He got to his feet and extending a hand to help her to rise to her own. She did so slowly, weariness radiating from her. He put a hand around her shoulder to support her.

"It didn't," Kagome said so quietly that even Inuyasha with his sensitive hearing almost missed it. He stumbled in his surprise.

"Eh?" he questioned, suddenly feeling a little hot.

Kagome lifted her head to look at him in the eyes again. "It didn't make me think that dream. I have been thinking of us together for such a long time," she blushed and lowered her head.

Inuyasha stood still watching her. She desired him. As he desired her. He pulled her into his arms again. He breathed in her scent and revelled in pressing her small battered weary form against his chest. Before he could stop himself, he spoke.

"When this is over and done with, you are going to be my mate," He growled softly, smirking a little at her startled look and feeling satisfied that the life seemed to come back into her eyes. He ignored his own inner self that screamed at him that such promises were foolish when there was every possibility that he would be dead by the time their quest was at an end.
She put her hands on her hips and frowned back at him.

"Are you asking or telling me?" she demanded.

"Feh!" Inuyasha exclaimed, frowning as he crossed his arms "You always have to argue! Do you have someone else that you want to mate with?"

Kagome gl bac back "I thought it was you that had someone else in mind!"

His smile came back, his eyes narrowed. If she did not believe his words, then he would just have to demonstrate his feelings for her. He grasped her around the waist and pulled him into his embrace again, his lips covering hers kissing her firmly. As she gasped in surprise he took the opportunity to move his tongue into her slightly open mouth tasting her fully and delighting in her sweet flavour.

Kagome groaned as his tongue invaded her mouth and gave herself over wholly to the kiss, her head spinning slightly from tiredness and delight in the sensations that he gave her. He wanted her to be his mate after everything was over. The potential problems flowed through her mind, nothing she had not thought about before when fantasising him asking her, but they were dim in comparison to the feelings she was experiencing. She pushed them back to consider later justjust lived for the moment. When Inuyasha lifted his mouth from hers she gazed at him dazed and happy.

"Is this real?" she whispered.

Inuyasha grinned. "If it isn't I don't want to wake up," he said and lowered his mouth to taste her again.


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