An Inuyasha to Remember X - The real New Moon Day

BY : Kagome
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Title: An Inuyasha to remember X -- the REAL New Moon day
Author: Giulia "Kagome"

Summary:In a world where humans enslaved youkai, in a world where a law forecasts death for all hanyou, Kagome receives Inuyasha as a birthday's present. On a Shingetsu night, Kagome finds out Inuyasha's secret, and decides to enjoy it ;) M/F AU Slavery Lemon

Rating: NC17

Pairing(s): Inuyasha/Kagome

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Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome

Betas: nobody T_T

Author’s notes: I need a beta reader for this story. Until I find someone, this will always be a "beta test edition" and I won't keep on writing it. I'm a non native English writer. Forgive my mistakes, please. If you want to see the story written in a decent English, please contact me and be my beta. Otherwise, bear with it and wait.

This is the full lemon that I thought while writing “An Inuyasha to Remember” chapter 5. That was how I imagined it. However, if I wanted to write it as it is I should've increased the rating of the whole fic. I didn't want to do that. So, I decided to write a spin-off with the real way this night had happened, and leave the rest of the fic as it was. Recently I deleted the whole fic from because of their stupid policy (someone had complained about another of my fics, and I lost 130 reviews... I didn't want to lose even those for this fic!) so this is the only bit of "An Inuyasha to remember" that is still online.

“An Inuyasha to Remember”, is an Inuyasha AU fic. Humans are the masters of the world, and youkai are their slaves. Kagome is a miko and has received Inuyasha as birthday present from her friend Sango. In fact, Kagome's miko's powers kill any youkai that dare approach to her for a long time frame, and only Inuyasha can stay near her, because he's a hanyou. Inuyasha and Kagome met when they both were children, but Kagome has no memory about that. Inuyasha DOES remember, though, and he loves Kagome. He never met Kikyo in his whole life.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha. I’m not Takahashi Rumiko, and I’m not a member of the Sunrise. Inuyasha manga is © 1997 Takahashi Rumiko, Shogakukan. Inuyasha anime is © 2000 Takahashi Rumiko, Sunrise, YTV

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Chapter X: The REAL new Moon day.

Kagome woke up on her bed. It was very early in the morning, but she got used to wake up half an hour before her alarm clock rung... she LOVED to feel his body over hers... and he always got up SO quickly after hearing that sound

[One week had passed from the day he arrived to this house... from that day, I trained very hard, and I never had problems to wake up in the morning after. I dunno why, but I feel really great with him... it’s SO lovely to be hugged in such a way... as through I’m the only thing he has in life...] Inuyasha hugged her even more while sleeping. She felt his heart beating, calm, and his breath on her neck. She just loved this... it was SO sweet

She learnt to understand him during that week they were together. For the first days, she was at home, all the day, training very hard. She had homework during the morning, and the spiritual training during the afternoon, and she couldn’t stay with him for long time. But every evening, when she went in her room, he was with her... he didn’t have problems AT ALL with her miko power, and he was always close to her. Even closer than anybody else...

When the second day was over, and she went to bed, he went near her. She didn’t want him on her bed, she ordered him to go to sleep on his own... but he checked her hands and her throat, and he went under her blankets... hugging her... she felt his heat, and she didn’t feel any more that cold feeling...

[So good... it was so good... he disobeyed to my order... but I couldn’t tell him he acted badly. I needed him, even if I wouldn’t admit it even to myself]

* why are you doing this? *

* because... I don’t like to sleep alone *

[He said this... but I know he did it because I DID need him, and he knew it...] he moved backwards, and she found herself lied on the left arm, still hugging him, with the head leant on his right arm. She moved her body to him, finding the best position, and burying her face on his chest... he was so warm, so sweet... he gave a strong feeling of safety... the safety she always missed... from the day her dad died...

[... but above all from the day THAT shikon no tama was found on my body! Naraku-sama told me I had to train, since I had big power, and he brought here Kaede-sama... and I started having those dreams... and to be cold. I dunno why, but if I sleep with him even having those dreams, and I know I have them... I feel good]

As usual, she understood he was waking up. That day was Sunday... and she didn’t have to set the alarm clock, so she could, as usual, make her comedy, trying to let him think she was asleep

“Mmmmmh....” Inuyasha just woke up, and he hugged her a bit more, while noticing she had her eyes closed, still “Are you really sleeping, Kagome? I dunno... sometimes I feel like you’re awake, you know?” he was just whispering. Kagome’s heart beat like a fool on her chest... she LOVED those moments... when he revealed his true soul, thinking she was asleep. She moaned, and she hugged him a bit more, setting herself to be as more close as she could be to him. She felt his strong muscles touching her skin... oh how she loved this!

“Uhm... so probably you’re sleeping...” he caressed her back with his hands, then he moved his arms to hug her head, and he passed his fingers on her hair “your hair are so soft... I love to caress them, ya know? It’s really the most relaxing thing I ever tried to do... and you smell so good. Did you really trust me when I told you your smell disgusted me? Did you really think I was serious?” he stayed for a while in silence, caressing her hair with his fingers. Kagome was quite falling asleep again... his hug was so relaxing...

“Kagome...” Inuyasha was relaxing too... he was in the state that is between dream and wake up, feeling so good... he looked at the girl on his arms, the girl he... loved. Now he was sure about this. She was sleeping... and her mouth was so close to him

[Whoever would know about this? Maybe I can kiss her... she won’t remember it, in the same way she doesn’t remember at all about me... but I WILL remember, and I will have something to keep, every day, when she won’t be with me] his lips approached to Kagome’s ones, his heart was a fool on his chest. He didn’t understand why nobody could hear it beating, even if it beat so fast. His lips were quite touching Kagome’s ones... he couldn’t stand to get closer... he hadn’t enough heart to. He stayed for a while in this position, feeling with enough pleasure her breath, so close to his face

[What’s happening? I feel him approaching... but I don’t understand what he’s doing...] Kagome was thinking in the same moment [I’m feeling his breath on my face... what is he doing? I feel his nose... so close to mine... what does it mean? Does he want to kiss me?] Kagome had to use violence to herself to avoid her face to turn red [yes, I feel his face, his breath... he’s SO close, what is he waiting for? My permission?]

“Kagome...” Inuyasha whispered. No... he was a fool... now that he approached so much, he couldn’t just stop in such a way and turn around... he felt all his body wanting it, he HAD to kiss her, he couldn’t stand a minute more in such a situation

[What if she’ll hit me? What if she’ll yell at me to go to the hell? She can really put me in prison for such a thing... or even kill me...] he asked to himself, with fear. But he found immediately his answer [I don’t care... even if she’ll kill me... I’ll accept to die...] with a rough push, he removed any distance between them. His lips met hers, he felt like a shake, that passed to all his body, that made him warm... and then hot. He felt her reacting to the kiss, and replying with passion, hugging him. It wasn’t what he thought it would be... her reaction... he never imagined she would be so moved about this

Kagome was feeling in heaven. She would never imagine that a simple kiss would give her such a shake... oh yeah... how could she imagine this... she never kissed a boy in her whole life! And she never felt in such a way, in any case! She loved him, now she knew it... and if he kissed her... maybe he loved her too? He never said such a thing...

They separated, just the time to brefor for a second, then Kagome kissed him again, hugging him, and moving her body completely over him. Inuyasha got surprised about her behavior... she didn’t have any shock, any trouble about this? Maybe she was really awake when he woke up... oh... shit!

“Kagome...” he moaned the second time he separated from her to breath “so you were awake?” he said, panting, while Kagome was caressing his head and hair, reaching his ears, and scratching them. He couldn’t avoid himself to purr with pleasure

“Yeah I was...” she replied, smiling, and looking at him with trustful eyes

“I’m wondering... did you ever sleep when I wake up?” he smiled in reply

“Uhm... maybe once” she smiled again. He groaned, a little unhappy about knowing this... thanks God he never said ‘that’ thing when he woke up... he kissed her again, trying to insert his tongue on her mouth. He felt her getting rigid to this, and he stopped immediately, looking at her with lover eyes

“What was that for?” she asked panting

“Didn’t you like it?” he asked in reply

“Yeah... I think I can like it... it was simply unexpected” she said, and she smiled

“Wanna try again?” he smiled. Kagome nodded, and he kissed her again. He pushed her, flipping on the bed in the way he was over her, now...

He put his tongue on her lips, awaiting for her to open her mouth... finally she granted him the permission, and he started to explore it... her nice teeth, and her throat... she was exploring his mouth too, while their tongues were playing on an ancestral, ancient dance. Once, his fangs even hurt her a little... but she didn’t care about this...

He suddenly found that he was caressing her... his hands were touching all over her body. She felt waves of passion freezing her, she didn’t know if that was a pain or a pleasure... probably a pleasure, yes, she liked it! How could she like something that harmed her?

His hand got under her night shirt, to massage her breast. Kagome moaned to this, oh yeah... she wanted more! Her back arched when he took on his fingers her nipple... she felt it getting turgid under his touch. He kissed her over and over while doing this. She didn’t have the time and the mind to think. Something like a big tsunami was taking possession of her... she never felt such a thing, a big fire was growing into her... a fire that wanted to explode... but that still needed something to explode completely

Inuyasha knew he HAD to stop. He had really to stop, he couldn’t stand it any more... if he didn’t stop, he would rape her in few minutes... oh he really wanted her so much... SO much... all those nights sleeping hugged to her... now he was getting the reaction to all that coercion he felt in that week

But he simply couldn’t stop... she wouldn’t allow him to...

Kagome felt that he wanted to get distant from her, he was trying to escape, she blocked him, she really WANTED him too... after all nobody would have something against it. In her mother’s and grand father’s opinion, it would simply be a way to ‘use’ her slave, and nothing else... the same her friends would think... Sango was even amazed to know she hadn’t still tried with him still... so nobody would think bad about this... and she really wanted him.

Inuyasha stopped to kiss her lips, and he started to lick her jaw, up to her ear. He put her ear on mouth and he started to suck its lobe. He breathed on it, sweetly, and the shake Kagome felt really let her stunned. Her body froze, it froze in the desire of him to continue... she didn’t understand why. She had still his taste in mouth... she loved it! Exploring his mouth, touching his fangs... it was so exciting!

Inuyasha tried to stand up... he really didn’t want to push things more than this... and if he dt got go away in that precise moment, he wouldn’t have any possibility to stop. But Kagome hold him with her legs, and she looked at him with serious eyes

“Whaddaya want mistress? Wanna be raped by me?” he asked. Pain was in his voice

“It would be a violence?” she asked, looking at him with trustful eyes “It would really BE a violence if you’ll stop now! I want you too...” she said, smiling, and blushing a little

Inuyasha had a lot of different feelings... he really wanted to continue... it was an instinct, and he couldn’t do ANYTHING about it... he already felt he was getting excited, and if he continued to stay over her just for few minutes, he would actually NEED to do it... but he was scared too.

“I... I don’t want... to hurt you” he said, moving his gaze from her, and blushing

“You won’t hurt me, really...” she said, smiling

“Yes I will... it’s normal... since you’re virgin... I have to break... something...” he turned purple

“Well... if it’s normal, don’t you think you can’t do anything ‘bout this?”

“Hai... but I really don’t want to hurt you...” he had a pain flash on his eyes, and he was sweating a little

“You won’t hurt me, because I really want you so much... whaddaya want? That I go looking for Miroku-sama and ask him to rape me because the person I want doesn’t want to be the first? Don’t you think that I won’t be hurt so much if it’s YOU that hurt me?”

“But...” Inuyasha buried his face on her neck. Her scent was getting him insane... but he couldn’t move, her legs were holding him. Suddenly, Kagome stood up, pushing him on the left. She got up from her bed, and she looked at him smiling

It was a dangerous smile... he thought freezing

“Ok... I needath ath after all this ‘gym’, Inuyasha... and you’ll help me” she said, keeping the smile on face

“Help you?” the boy got up from the bed, and he looked at her amazed “but you told me you wouldn’t need me to do this” he blushed nervously

“Well, I changed my mind... come with me in the bathroom” she started to walk in the bathroom’s direction. When she arrive the the door, she turned to him. He was still in front of the bed, where he was before, and he appeared amazed “Hey, you! I told you to follow me in the bathroom”

“Temme... you really wanna be raped!” he said, cursing and watching to the floor

“Maybe” was her sweet answer. She came in the bathroom, and she ordered again him to follow her.

[It was the only way] she thought [I’m so ashamed to act like this... but I really can’t stop it. I don’t know where all this strength came out from me... as through it’s my only chance to be happy... I have always been a naive girl... I’ve never had a date with a boy, I’ve never kissed one before...] she blushed while thinking this [... before this morning... maybe it’s just since I awaited so much time? I still feel his taste in my mouth... I still know perfectly where his hands touched me, and my nipples are tingling in the point his fingers constrained them to get turgid... my body’s hurting for the will I have he touches me... I want him so much!]

Doubtful, he came in the bathroom... She looked at him... but what she saw when she met his gaze really astonished her. She had a towel on hands, and it fallen on the ground

“Nani? Why are you looking at me in such a way?” he asked, noticing she was amazed

“Inu... yasha? That’s really you?” she said. She approached to him, and she passed her hands on his hair... his ears were normal now, normal human ears... not dog-like as he had before... and his hair... and his eyes... “Your ears... and hair... everything is different!” she could say

“Hm?” he said. He looked at his hands, and he noticed he had no claws any more... and actually he didn’t feel his fangs, or his good nose and his sense of hearing “Shit! Being here I forgot it... today’s the New Moon’s day...” he said, looking to the floor

“And so? You look really human...” she said, pretty astonished by this. She took his hand on hands, and she started to caress his fingers with hers, trying to check the difference between her fingers and his while listening at him

“Hai... I’m a hanyou, you know...” he said, growing sad

“Yes, I know you’re a hanyou... so which the problem is?”

“Once at month... I turn human for one day. All hanyou have the same problem... my period is the New Moon day... during those 24 hours I’m human”

“Human? That is really, really human?” she asked. She got closer to him, and she touched him. She caressed his face, his jaws, his eyes... then she put a hand on his nape, and she kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue. Yeah... even the fangs disappeared... was he really a true human? What a luck!

[Feh! I’m feeling even worse now... if she continues in such a way I won’t be any more responsible of my actions...] he was thinking

“But... I’m wondering... since you’re human... the necklace’s spell...” she asked to herself. She went backward, then she said “Osuwari”. The boy glared at her, without crashing to the ground, and he smiled

“Seems like it doesn’t work today!” he said, suddenly feeling joyful

“Yeah, seems so... you’re happy, aren’t you?” she smiled at him in reply

“Why are you asking me? That’s obvious I’m happy... I could even remove it by myself now, if I wanna do it... and you haven’t any more control over me”

“Yeah, but you’re a human, you can’t rip me apart with your claws”

“If you continue in such a way, I’d make worse than this” he said, noticing she was opening her blouse

“As I already told you... this is NOT violence... it’s what I wanna do... I could order you to have sex with me... but I wouldn’t enjoy it, as a constriction. I want genuine reactions... I wanna feel great... above all now, that’s my first time... and with a man”

“I’m just a slave, right?” he asked, blushing

“You’re a man now... you’re not my slave, I can’t impose you anything... you have no seal, after all. For once, you’re equal to me”

[That’s not true] he thought, smiling [I’ll always be your slave, even if I’m human now, and you know... in front of the law I’m your slave... and I’m already pretty amazed nobody has still noticed I’m a hanyou]

“You don’t trust me, ne? Well, nobody can avoid you to... but you’re really a man... in my heart... now...” she hugged him, making him feel her breast over his chest “actually you were a man even before...” she said, whispering. Inuyasha heart beat faster to those words. So, she didn’t think really at him as her slave?

“Since when this?” he asked, amazed

“Since the second day I was with you...when you went in my bed disobeying to my order... I understood that somehow I needed you... you’re not only my slave, Inuyasha... I... I... I like so much when you sleep with me. I love to feel your body over mine, and to feel your breath up to my neck. I really love it... it’s sad when you get up so quickly hearing the alarm- clock...”

“Uhm... ok, I won’t any more get up quickly, I promise it” he hugged her in reply, he felt so good close to her... as through a hole he got on his heart was filled by her words “I don’t consider you as my owner, Kagome... I call you in the way you wanna me call you... but I... I think...” He took her chin on hands, and he constrained her to meet his gaze. The words he would tell were quite dying on his throat when he glanced at her... but he took all his courage on hands, and he continued “Aishiteru, Kagome...” he whispered, looking at her directly.

Kagome blushed. She wasn’t prepared to such a thing... her heart stopped to beat when she heard those words, and it started to jump with joy on her chest

“So do I, Inuyasha” she could get to say. She hugged him so tenderly, trying to feel each part of his body close to her own... oh yeah... the bath, she was forgetting

“Inuyasha? What about the bath?” She asked him looking at him with a sensual look. He got surprised

“Wanna still have a bath?” he asked

“Yeah... that’s the last order I gave to my slave... and he has to obey to it, don’t you think?”

“Oh, ok! I’ll do it... but I’m not responsible of my actions...” he beard her, approaching

“I don’t wanna you being responsible... I hate your responsibility sense... I want you to be the one you just told me to be...” she turned over to his direction. Her blouse was completely open now, and he could see her breast, covered by her bra “So, c’mon... what are you waiting for? Come here and undress me, that’s your job!”

He approached to her, and he obeyed to her order... he removed her blouse, then her pants... then he stopped, looking at her. Her skin was so soft, and white... oh he would really continue to caress it... and to explore her secret points... the ones he hadn’t the heart to touch before, or he would really lose his control. He noticed he was really getting excited. His manhood raised from ages, and he felt a big wave growing on him... her scent was getting him insane even with that human body... he really loved her too much, maybe

[What if I actually rape her? After all it’s what she wants, she told me this so many times...] he thought.

“So? Wanna continue?” she asked smiling

“But...” he tried to reply, and he got up from his knees

“No but, please...” she started to undress him too. He tried to avoid her to do this “Stop it! That’s me that wants this, right? So, please, let me undress you, you can’t have a bath wearing clothes...”

Inuyasha didn’t move any more while she continued to undress him. She noticed he got excited... it was so clear... even more clear as more as she undressed him. She let him just wearing his loincloth, and she looked at him. That thin thing couldn’t cache his manhood that already raised up... and Kagome shook in front of him...

[What a perfect body...] she thought, while her hands passed up to his chest, unconsciously, then passing over his shoulder and his strong back. She really couldn’t stop to touch him. His muscles were so strong under her hands... she loved to follow with her fingers the lines of his body... and feeling his shake over this. She had a little laugh on her throat noticing that he was really getting his limit... he sweated even more now, and his manhood, strangely, moved. That thing really fascinated her... but she decided to wait he decided to cooperate, and she used her last chance...

“Why are you blocked here, Inuyasha? I ordered you to undress me... I can’t have my bath with bra and panties...” he looked at her with eyes filled with passion and... pain? Why pain? Was he suffering that situation? Oh, she didn’t... she was so happy... she felt even more happy every time she understood he was getting closer to his limit.

She wanted to see him explode... she wanted him to held her on his strong arms, and kiss all over her body and... and do all those things she read on her books... oh yeah... she really would love that... she simply hoped he wouldn’t be too crazy in such a moment to completely forget about her safety. She was a little scared about the fact she actually knew he would hurt her... she didn’t care so much, since it was him... but she simply hoped he would be kind with her.

The boy put his hands on her bra’s zip, and he opened it, then he removed it. What a nice breast did she have.. perfectly filled, with nice turgid nipples... he loved it... he loved to touch it before... he was still feeling her nipples getting turgid under his touch... they had such a strange skin, so different from the rest of her body... he was dreaming about how sweet would be to lick them... and to suck them as through he was a child... to bury his mouth over that softness, to feel her scent over it, to suck her fragrance and her taste from it...

[No, what am I thinking to?]hit hit his own thoughts [let’s try to do what that rain youkai did... She’s only my mistress... she’s not a woman...] He closed his eyes, and he tried to breath, calmly. He just couldn’t avoid to smell her excitation’s scent... even if he was human now, he still felt that scent... how silly! He removed her panties, trying to not look at her... then he gave her a towel. She wore it, and he felt better

Kagome smiled, and she came in the water. Her bath-tub was one of the biggest and more comfortable ones in all the house. She told to Inuyasha to come inside it with her. He obeyed, sighing: getting close to her again... it was a big pain for him... but at least the water didn’t allow him to smell her scent...

She put soap on his hands, and, blushing a little, she said

“Ok, now please start... you hafta... uhm... you know... to soap me... and to massage me...” her heart was really a fool on her chest, and she couldn’t meet back his gaze. She knew he was up to his limit now... she felt it each time she looked at him... this could be the last drop...

“You really want I...” he said to himself... but he started to do what she asked him to do

He put a small soap on hands, and he started to massage her neck. Then he went lower, on her back. He stayed for a while massaging her back, trying to find some mind. But she grabbed his hands, and she put them on her breast. He started to this, feeling her nipples under his fingers, and feeling the difference between that skin and the rest of her body... her breast was so soft and it filled in such a lovely way his hands...

He grabbed it, burying his fingers on it, and he heard her moaning even harder than on her bed. His manhood was having an independent life than him, it moved spasmodically, and he felt a wave of passion each time it moved. He put his chin over her shoulder, closing his eyes, and continuing his ‘work’. He continued to soap her, while his movement were slowly transforming from the actual soaping ones to seducement’s caresses. He got lower with his hands, and he caressed her stomach, starting some circles from her navel, and getting the circles always bigger, and reaching her intimate parts.

While he placed his hand over her puberal hair, he felt her shaking. His mind run faster than his hands, and he was desiring so much to feel her heat... to discover her intimate secrets. Oh yeah... now he really couldn’t stop any more. He felt her back arching again while he put his hand in the middle of her legs. He took some more soap, and he started to explore with his fingers her secret places. This was really too much for his reason. His mind was already went to the hell.

He spoke with a very low and emotionless voice to Kagome’s ear “You’re mine now... I won’t let you escape...” his voice was rough, sensual... he was touching her in points she never planned to... when his hands reached her intimate part, she froze. She didn’t know what to think, the passion wave she was feeling just overwhelmed her. It was too much... too much to be able to keep it. She cried out , and her back arched to his touch. She was feeling a sense of pain and happiness, it was something she would never think she could feel. Oh yeah... she loved this... his fingers moving over her womanhood, searching her, reaching her and, once again, getting distant, in an endless chase. His restless work just let her with no time to breath. She felt burnt on the intimacy, his fingers seemed like fire. A fire that was burying her, making her feeling things she would never imagine an human body could feel

While his right hand was exploring her secret points, his left one was massaging her breast. Her nipples were hurting her for the desire she had for him to touch them, for him to put them on fingers and massage them... oh yeah, she actually wanted this...

She pushed her back on his chest. He felt him panting hard, as through he run for a whole day, and she noticed she was acting in the same way. She wanted to be as more close as she could to his body. She approached him completely, and her bottom touched his manhood. She froze to that touch, as through it was what she was waiting for long time... something like a big tsunami was growing in her... had she to let it explode? Oh, yeah... She collapsed, and she wasn’t ashamed about it

She came with all her body into the water, toan ian it from the soap. He followed her, keeping massaging her breast with a hand and her intimate points with the other one. Being in the water was a different experience for his hands... he felt her skin more viscid, but he could still reconnect her breast’s skin difference, and he moved his hand all over her breast, trying to be everywhere in the same moment. The same he was doing with the other hand... he felt her getting excited every time more. He felt many time a hot sense on his right hand: even while being on the water, he could understand she was collapsing. He took care to be pretty sure that no centimeter of her body still had a soap drop on it... then he turned her to his direction, and he started to kiss her.

He stopped to kiss her lips, and he spent some time looking at her face. She had closed eyes, and she was freezing. She was completely harmful, completely trusting him. Oh he LOVED such an attitude she was having... he filled his eyes with her image, then he came back to kiss her lips. His tongue came in her mouth, overbearingly, keeping her breathless. His tongue explored her mouth, while his hand explored her womanhood. Kagome moaned to this, the tsunami she felt was getting always bigger, and she was really willing to scream, to scream all her desire about him. She really wanted him too much... if ever he would stop now, she would run after him and rape him...

But he didn’t plan to stop... no, that word was deleted from his mind by several time... he kept kissing her for a while, and he felt his exciting wave getting always higher and higher. He simply ADORED her kisses... and he loved too much her sweet moans... she was so timid and innocent... this really let him the urge to take care of her, to pet her until he really got his own limit.

He finished to kiss her mouth, and he started to lick her jaw. He sucked harshly her ear’s lobe, making her scream of passion, then he continued to lick her neck, over her throat, going down. He couldn’t feel very well her taste over her body. Probably the reason was he just cleaned her skin with the soap... he felt still the soap taste in some points... but some other ones still had her scent and her taste. He was loving this... discovering her very slowly, an seeing her cached again to him.

She was loosing her reason after him... she used the last conscience she still had to stand up and trying to go out from the bath-tub

He took her on his , an, and he lied her down on the floor, just out of the tub, continuing from the point he was just a second before.

She didn’t care about the cold she felt from the floor... she didn’t care about the fact she was completely wet, and she could get ill... she was too happy to forget it... as long as he continued his way...

Licking her chest, he finally got her breast. Oh yeah! How many times did he desire this... he started to lick in circles all over her right breast, while with the right hand, he did the same circles over the left one. He felt Kagome moaning and screaming, and he smelled her excitation scent getting deeper. Yes... she was quite ready... but not enough still, he thought. He didn’t know from where arrived those hints... but he simply knew it wasn’t the right moment. Probably it was just male instinct...

He finally got that point on her breast where the skin changed. It was so weird to feel that rough but sweet skin under his tongue. Even the taste changed there, getting sweeter. His nose was burying over her breast, and her scent was getting him insane. He breathed hardly, and he put her right nipple on mouth, starting to suck. How he loved it... it was the most exciting thing he ever did... it was making him crazy, he knew he couldn’t stand it for long time, still. He felt her back arching even faster than before, and her moans were getting closer to growls. She was getting the right way to follow him on his ecstasy... oh yeah, he still had to push things a little harder, though... she wasn’t still completely insane as she had to be

He stopped sucking her right nipple and he passed to the other one. His manhood was getting mad up there, and his body froze for all those excitement waves that passed over it. He already got his orgasm, but he wanted she reached him there, only in such a way it would be a complete happiness. He continued to lick her body, going down. He made his way to her navel, and he pushed his tongue on it. This thing was so erotic he just couldn’t stand it any more. He started to go up and down with his tongue over her navel, feeling an ecstasy wave growing even bigger on him, and Kagome’s back arched three times in a second. She moaned with pain, and she yelled his name

“It’s still not the right moment, Kagome...” he could hardly say. He continued to lick her, building some circles over her stomach, making her laugh convulsively.

“Are you ticklish, Kagome?” he moaned with a painful smile. He opened her legs, with a curt movement, and he set himself inside them. He put his hands in a cup, over her puberal hair. He could smell her scent getting even deeper, and she was freezing and arching her back. She moaned his name, and her hands moved convulsively trying to catch him. He started to explore her secret points with his tongue, while Kagome screamed with passion.

She was quickly reaching him... oh yeah, she was so close... it was quite the moment. He found with his tongue her clit and he started to play with it. The wave of passion he felt all over his body was similar to an electric shock. And he noticed that it passed over her too. He spent some other endless minutes playing over and over her clit, while filling his mouth with her taste... until he felt a deep liquid overwhelming it. He got up on his elbows, and he looked at Kagome. She was shaking, screaming his name and moaning as a fool... oh yeah, NOW she was ready!

He got her body close to his, and, in few seconds, he was inside her. He tried to enter slowly, getting Kagome wildly hitting his legs with her hands. Oh he knew she wanted more, he wanted to be quicker too... but he didn’t want to hurt her. Finally he got the barrier he had to break. He stopped, and he put his hands over her clit again, playing with it until the moment she yelled against him a “go to be fucked you asshole”


oh yeah, she should really have lost her reason to say such a thing... Inuyasha smiled with a funny look. He got a harsh push, and he felt her barrier that broke, letting him pass, and overfilling her. He felt her freezing, and he stopped for a moment, He reached her mouth, and he kissed her tenderly, drying with a hand some tears that got out her eyes

“I’m sorry, Kagome...” he whispered

“What in the hell are you sorry about?” Kagome panted while speaking with a sweet voice “if ever you awaited just a second more I’d really kill you, Inuyasha no baka...” she smiled, and she kissed him

“You feel hurt, or you wanna continue?” he said smiling

“Just bet...” she said kissing him again. Obviously he got the point, and he continued. The excitation wave of their act was overwhelming them. They cried out loud each other name, while the passion between them was getting the peak.

Inuyasha was exploding with love and passion while going up and down into her...


he felt just a unique being with his mate...


just a single being, spirnd fnd flesh...


they were linked together for all the eternity... he knew this.

Kagome was feeling in heaven...


she’d never think that her heart could feel such a big passion, it was really too big for her, she thought she’d collapse over it.


She felt his soul so close to hers, as through the deep barrier that normally avoided spirits to touch was broken when he went into her.


She felt her soul as an unique being with his, on a growing climax of emotions. She was one thing with him... and she’d be like this forever, she knew it.

They got the peak of their orgasm together, and they screamed each other’s name, on an endless ecstasy moment. Then they suddenly relaxed.

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