First Crush or True Love

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First Crush or True Love

Summary: Rin is experiencing strong feelings for the Demon Lord she's been with
since she was little. Do she have a crush on him or is it something
totally different?
And does the Demon Lord has feelings for her since she's become a woman.
Read and find out.

Author's Notes: This is my second fic. So please bare with me. I'm new to the lemon fic
business. As you can see I only write lemon fics. I love LEMON fics,
reading them too. I hope you like my fic. Please let me know. Thanks

Chapter 1 Thinking About Each Other

Sesshomaru found a lovely place to settle for the night. The area was near a beautiful lake
and near hot spring far to the left. There were several sakura trees, but one particular
tree caught his eye and he headed for it. He picked the area because it had a beautiful flower
field and he knew that Rin would love to pick flowers there.

" Rin,"

Yes, Sesshomaru-sama.

"There is a flower field on the other side of the lake through that opening, if you want to
pick flowers there."

Smiling and running up to Sesshomaru, Rin hugged him and said,

Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama I will go and pick flowers for you, Jaken-sama and myself.

She turned and and headed for the flower field.

Sesshomaru leaned back against the tree, watching the young woman head toward the field.

He could see her kneel down on her knees and gather the flowers. She was making something
with the flowers, but he couldn't see because her back was turned to him.

He sat there under the tree with the cool breeze blowing his long silky hair in his face, he
reached up placing his hair back in place behind his ear. And thought to himself about the young woman
picking flowers in the nearby field.

Sesshomaru's POV

"Rin is such a beautiful young woman, I've watched her grow from a small child to the woman
that she has become. When I first meet her when I was wounded by Inuyasha she has never
thought of me as being a demon, she does not fear me like most humans would. Then and there, I knew
how strong she was for a child. Her scent isn't disgusting like most humans, Rin's scent
was pleasing to me. I liked her scent. She smelled like jasmine and rain water with a hint of mint.
And now that she's turned 19, I can't seem to get her off my mind. I think about her all the time.
I just want to hold her in my arms, tell her how beautiful she is and caress her entire body, run
my fingers through her waist length silky brown tresses, I want to kiss those soft red lips of
hers, get lost in her beautiful brown eyes. MMMMM!!! Run my claws up and down the luscious curves
of her body resting my hands between those soft long legs of hers. Her body has matured so
much over the years. I can even smell when her body can carry pups since she's started her
monthly cycles.
Her breasts are much larger than young women her age, and her body is more curved and soft
for her age since she has never had to work for a living. She has never known anything about
what humans do for a living. Everything has always be brought to her. She never had to want for
anything. No female demon or human compares to Rin's beauty. It's like she was created from
a goddess in her own image."
End of Sesshomaru's POV

Thinking about Rin had aroused him and knew he would be needing to relieve himself soon. He
was tired of watching her sleep with the blanket kicked off her exposing her soft breasts to
his hungry eyes. Sometimes she would open her legs while she slept showing Sesshomaru her
womanhood, the scent nearly knocking him out it smelled so good. She told him she didn't
like the way underwear felt on her,that underwear were uncomfortable unless they were the
thong panties that Kagome gave her.

Many times he wanted to lay between her legs wrap his arms around her thighs, spread her
nether parts and lick, suck and kiss every inch of her womanhood, finally ending with his
tongue buried deep in her since the first time her saw her moist womanhood. Thats when he
forced himself up and away from Rin's intoxicating scent.

He would go to a nearby hot spring to relieve himself, but he would prefer releasing in Rin.
He wanted so badly to be inside of her when he did release his seed

(((Sesshomaru's thoughts)))

Rin wouldn't want me. I'm like a father to her, someone she trusts. She would want a human male
as her mate, not me, he said sadly.

She wouldn't want a demon as her mate I know this much. She will never love me the way I've
grown to love her.


Did I just say that " I LOVE HER".


What is this feeling I'm having. Could it be love that I feel for her.

Maybe, I have become soft since she have been with me.

"When she looks at me, I know its something else in those brown eyes of hers. I can't describe it,
but I know its there.

Could she be in love with me too.
(((End of Sesshomaru's Thoughts)))

In the back of Sesshomaru's mind, it was eating at him to find out if she did love him.
And he was going to find out soon.

AN: We will see how Rin feels about Seeshomaru. He is in for a big surprise. Read the next
chapter to find out.

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