Spring Heat, Moonlit Nights

BY : Sesshomaru170
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Spring Heat, Moonlit Nights

Summary: Sesshomaru has finally made Rin his mate, and they share a
romantic moonlit night. Ending in a special surprise for the both
of them.

Author's Note: This story is my third LEMON fic,romantic settings,
and plenty of lemon scenes.
Warning: Contains graphic sexual situations. This could get
real steamy in here. Mature audiences
that means over 17 yrs. old. NO KIDS PLEASE.
Disclaimer: Don't own Inuyasha or any of the characters

Spring Heat Moonlit Nights
By: sesshomaru170

Spring was finally here, the flowers were in full bloom, after a rough snowy
winter. The trees were covered with leaves, the grass was a little high for this time of the year,
and the hot springs steamed because of the hot sun's rays. Sesshomaru, found a nearby
hot spring and settled there, for the night with a now 18 year old Rin. Jaken had
taken ill, and headed back to the castle to get some much needed care from the servants.

Sesshomaru and Rin were alone for several days, while he surveyed his lands. They were
close, they mated a few months ago, but wasn't lifetime mates yet. Sesshomaru had made
up his mind to do just that. He loved Rin more than life itself. And tonight, was the
night that he would mark her, and make her his forever.

Rin was away in the hot springs bathing, she had her back turned to him. When he looked
up, sniffed the air and caught a familar scent, but it was an incredibly strong scent,
he gasped looking at her. He said to himself," Oh Gods Rin's in heat and it's so
powerful, her scent is thick with desire and it's driving me insane. He could feel
himself becoming aroused to the fullest. His stiff manhood ached to be inside Rin again.

Sesshomaru quickly got undressed and went to the hot springs to be with his mate. Rin
still had her back turned, she gasped as she felt two strong arms wrap arond her waist
from behind, and something poking her in her side. She knew who it was, smiled placing
her hands on his. Sesshomaru nuzzed the sensitive part of Rin's neck and ear and said,
"I want to make love to you again, and I want it now." Rin smiled, turned around and
looked up at Sesshomaru's golden gazed eyes, she could see the lust,passion and love
in his eyes. She reached up to him and kissed him. It was a soft kiss, but not a long
one. It was all Sesshomaru needed. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her
halfway out of the water, and kissed her passionately. Rin could feel her heart pounding
in her chest. She thought it would come out of her chest, it was pounding so hard.

Sesshomaru licked her bottom lip to gain entrance to her mouth. Rin opened her mouth
immediately, letting his tongue explore her mouth and tongue. One arm went through
her hair to the back of her neck, and the other pulled her close to him. Rin wrapped
her arms around his strong, huge neck and wrapped her long, silky, wet legs around his
waist. They stayed like this for a couple of minutes. The hand that held her head, left
and explored the lower part of her body, and came to rest at her nether parts.

It was extremely warm and Sesshomaru slipped his finger between her lips and massaged
her pearl between them. Rin gasped and loosened herself, to let him have better access
to his play thing. He increased his pace over her pearl and Rin broked the kiss.
Sesshomaru eyes popped open, to see why Rin broke the kiss. Her neck was back, her
arms were on his shoulders and she was moaning. He looked at her with a look on his
face. It was a cross between lust and carnal. Rin had never done this before, it aroused
him like never before. It excited him to see her do this. He leaned down and kissed, and
sucked her neck, she moaned louder bucking her lower half against his abs and stomach.

Her scent was increasing and Sesshomaru's mind was screaming, telling him to take her
now. She was glowing with desire, passion, and lust all for her Sesshomaru. Rin looked
up and said,"Make love to me, please Sesshomaru. He growled lightly, turning walking
out of the water. He laid her wet body on the blanket, that he laid out for them. He
stood up and stared at her dripping, wet beautiful, luscious body, he couldn't help
but to think that soon, he would be inside her again. Rin looked in Sesshomaru's eyes,
licked her lips, then caressed both of her breasts,squeezing and flicking her nipples
making them hard and distend. Sesshomaru's eyes widen. She then did something that made
his heart pound in his chest. Her hands left her breasts, she lightly ran her nails
down her stomach, Sesshomaru watched her hands closely, she opened her legs wide, let
her hands run down to her nether parts and opened her lips, slightly rubbing her pearl.

The other hand went up and down her body, finally squeezing her right nipple. Sesshomaru
could feel his manhood getting harder and harder. he broke out in a light sweat and
opened his mouth. He was loving every minute of Rin pleasuring herself in front of him.
He held control over himself, until Rin started moaning and squirming. "Unnn, Unnn, Unnn
oh,oh,oh Sesshomaru, Oh it feels so good Unnnn." She increased the pace and added another
finger to her pearl. Mmmmm, oh,oh Unnn,oh,oh Unnn, she half opened her eyes starring into
Sesshomaru's eyes. Then she did somehting that he could not resist and lost all control of
his body. She took her fingers away from her pearl,and ran them up her body until she got
to her mouth.

She circled her mouth with her finger, stuck her finger in her mouth and tasted her own
sweet liquid and said," MMMMM Sesshomaru, it taste so good mmmmm." Sesshomaru looked down
at her womanhood. He could see her juices seeping out of her, he bit his bottom lip,
growled and sank to his knees in front of her. He put both of his hands on her thighs and
said,"You know what you're doing right?" Rin said," Yes I do, I was teasing you making me
and you want each other more and more. "Did you like it love," Yes I loved it."Now I'm
gonna show you how much I loved it. Sesshomaru leaned down and kissed her passionately
while squeezing her breasts. Rin opened her mouth, letting him taste her again. He loved
tasting her sweet mouth, it always drove him crazy. "Mmmmm , you taste so good, Rin"
Sesshomaru said. " I love to taste more of you."

He rolled over on the blanket, grabbed Rin turned her a complete 180 degrees, to where
her womanhood was in his face, and his manhood was in her face. Before Rin could say
anything. He said," I wanted to try this a long time now, I seen my brother and his mate
do this, and I thought we should give this a try love." Put your mouth on it love, I want
to feel your lips and tongue on it. Don't worry about my end. I know how to satisfy you
my dear. Show me how much you love me.

Yes, I will Rin, said. She grabbed his already hard manhood, she licked and sucked the tip
and slowly went down on him, one inch, two inches until she taken all of him in her mouth.
Sesshomaru opened his legs some, Ahhh, Ahhhh, oh thats feels good Rin, keep going suck it
harder. Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around her thighs, brought his head up. and used his
tongue to open her lips so he could get to her pearl. He licked it softly, causing Rin to
slow down, moan and squirm. He let his hands that were holding her thighs go and opened her
lips wide so her could continue.

He licked her pearl faster and started sucking it and biting it a little with his fangs.
Rin stopped all together, raised up on her hands, squirming Oh,oh,oh Sesshomaru Unnn, oh,oh,
Unnn Don't stop, please. "No, love I won't stop, I'm not ready to," Sesshomaru said. He stuck
one finger inside her pushing it all the way to his knuckle and pulled it out and back again.

Rin moaned and squirmed even louder than before, he then added a second finger, and a third,
now moving at the same pace as his tongue and mouth were. Rin was sucking, licking, and pumping
on Sesshomaru's manhood, the faster she sucked, the faster he would. They did this for at least
35-40 minutes nonstop. Both were sweating heavily, breathing as if they were drowning, they
were hottean tan the hot springs. The sounds they made would make any one horny, they were
downright carnal and erotic.

Sesshomaru removed his fingers and plunged his tongue inside her hot,wet opening. Rin let go
of his manhood and cried out, "Oh Gods, Sesshomaru Unnn,Unnn,Unnn oh yes love mmmmm." You make
me feel so good, Unnn. She begin bucking back and forth on his tongue, inside her swollen
throbbing womanhood. He was glad she had stop sucking him because he wasn't ready to come. He
wanted to come in her. He could smell the scent of her body changing, she was ready to come in
a matter of minutes. Her body became tense, and she grabbed his thighs tight. Rin's head was
bobbing up and down, while she moaned. Sesshomaru increased the pace and started sucking her
pearl in the process. A name her loved to say always.

Rin gripped his thighs harder sticking her nails into his skin, as her climax drew closer and
closer. Sesshomaru gripped her thighs and dug his face into her womanhood. He was roughly
licking and sucking her trying to make her come faster. She thought he was going to suck her
pearl off, it felt so good to her. Sesshomaru was now going at a faster pace, shaking his head
from side to side sucking, licking and pulling her pearl, and plunging his tongue inside her.He
was also using his thumbs to massage her pearl.

Rin couldn't take it anymore, her whole body tensed. She was screaming at the top of her lungs
when her climax hit. It hit her like a huge wave of warm water. Oh Gods, Unnn,Unnn,Unnn oh oh
I'm coming, osshosshomaru, I'm coming Ahhhhh!!!! She came hard, and all over his mouth and
fingers,he licked as much as he could, smiling in the process. Rin collasped on him. She was
out of breath, trembling, breathing like she ran for miles.

Sesshomaru licked his fingers and got her juices off his face, licking more off his fingers,
and looked to see that she still had more of her juices flowing out of her. He stuck his
tongue in her to lick the remaining climax out of her and said, "Mmmmm you taste delicious
my love, Rin said," I'm glad you like it. Now I want you inside me, Sesshomaru. I want you
to show me how much you love me, Sesshomaru.

He positioned himself above her entrance,"Are you ready Rin, "I'm always ready for you
Sesshomaru," Rin said. She pulled him closer to her, kissing him passionately. She spoke
to him in a voice he'd never heard before. her voice as harsh, it sounded like a predator
landing down on his prey," Fuck me Sesshomaru, Fuck me good, long and hard. Give me your all,
Fuck me NOW!!!! Sesshomaru gasped at her sudden outburst of vague words. She had been waiting
for this at least two days now. So, I guess she couldn't resist it anymore. She was hornier
than ever, Sesshomaru thought to himself.

out out another word, he plunged his manhood deep inside her body hard, like she told him.
He moved slow at first, but gradually sped up. Rin arched her back, wrapped her arms
around his neck and her legs around his waist. Oh, Oh, Oh, Sesshomaru, Unnn, Unnn you
make me feel sooo good, love. Faster, harder,fuck me,harder.

Sesshomaru still a little shocked by her words, looked at her face, she had a look on her
face, a look that told him to fuck her as hard and as fast as he can. Rin was bucking
wildly, squirming and screaming at the top of her lungs. But all that was heard was a soft
whimper. Sesshomaru quickly pulled out, turned Rin over to mound her from behind. She was
ready for him, ready for this. She opened her legs wide, begging him to make her scream out
his name. He couldn't believe what had brought on this sudden change in her, until he
sniffed the air again, he knew she was in heat, but her scent kept getting stronger.

Sesshomaru thought to himself,"Damn Rin's getting more and more aroused the longer we
make love. It's like a sex crazed demon has taken over her body, and now she can't get
enough." Rin whats wrong, Sesshomaru said. Nothing is wrong love. Rin I know when
somehtings wrong with you, Now what's wrong. Rin answered his question and said," I just
want this to last forever, our relationship, our love for each other and especially our love
making. I love you more than life itself, and I only want to satisfy you mentally as well
as physically and fulfill your every desire, fantasy, I want to love you in y way way.
That's all.

That all I want to give you, besides happiness and lots of children. Sesshomaru could
feel his heart flutter, his eyes watered, and a warmness came over his body. He picked
Rin up and hugged her tightly and said," No one has ever said anything like that to me
before, and I know you said that from the bottom of your heart, I want the same for you
as well. You have brought me more happiness, love and passion than any demoness in my
entire life. I am the lucky one, that you accepted me as your mate. I thank the Gods
everyday that you are my mate, the one I fell in love with forever.

He could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks, he lightly ran his claws down her
cheek, wiping her tears away. She looked in to his eyes and said," Make love to me
Sesshomaru, I want you to take me from behind, she got down on her hands and knees
opened her legs wide and told Sesshomaru," Come and takes whats yours love." She
bend down on her chest, letting her rear come up some wiggling and squirming her rear
in front of him. He liked this position more than any other, he was becoming more and
more aroused by the way she looked on the ground, waiting for him to penetrate her
once more. Sesshomaru dropped to his knees, put his hands on her rear and rubbed it in
a circular motion. Before Rin knew what he was up to, she felt his tongue on her rear,
he licked her rear,all the way down to her clit sucking softly while inserting a finger
in her. Rin moaned ever so softly squeezing the blankets. And he inserted a second
finger and third.

Mmmmm you taste good, Don't you love, Do you know how good you taste? Mmmm does it feel
good, tell me it feels good, love. Oh yes, yes it's feel so good, don't stop. Oh Gods,
yes its feels good oh, Sesshomaru. he stuck his tongue inside her hot womanhood. He
mimiced the way his manhood would do to her in a few moments. He was sticking his tongue
in and out of her at a fast pace, Rin grabbed the blanket and sank her teeth into it
moaning softly. She felt the warmness in the bottom of her stomach, she was ready for
another climax. He could tell she was ready to come in a matter of minutes.

So he grabbed her rear with both hands squeezing it, aulleulled his tongue out and inserted
two fingers, while he ran his tongue along her rear end."Mmmmmm you like it, don't you Rinesshesshomaru said. "Oh yes, I do like it when you lick me there," she said.

Sesshomaru looked up at Rin, and spoke to her in a low masculine seductive voice, Come,
"I want you to come for me, Rin. Do that for me love, Come, Come for me. I need you to
come." I want to taste your sweet juices, I want to taste all of you love.

Rin could feel her body's reaction the his sexy voice. His words were making her tense,
she could feel it, the heat rising within her quickly, the sensation was undescrible, it
was just pleasure, pure esctasy and she was tingling from it. She felt something deep
within her soul rise.

She screamed as the sensation was building up inside, "Unnn,Unnn,Unnn,oh,oh,oh Oh Gods
ahhh,ahhh oh yes,yes Sesshomaru Oh Gods, Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! She came hard and long. She buried
her face in the blanket tearing through it, digging her nails in the ground. She throughly
coated Sesshomaru's tongue. And he said to himself,"Damn how much more can she give, she's
really horny for me today, not that I'm complaining, I love it every bit of it." Mmmmm, he
smirked, " Yes, I definitely love this."

Rin's face was still buried in the blanket, when he decided to slip his throbbing
manhood deep within her body. She immediately raised up, moaning loud and bucking hard
back on him. He couldn't hold back the loud moan that escaped his lips. Ahhhh you're
tight and so wet, Mmmmm how I love the feel of your body as he pushed forward. He
grabbed her waist, pulling her back grinding her into his pelvis.

"Ahhhhh you feel so damn good, don't it feel good love," Yes oh yes it does Rin
said, as she bucked wildly against him. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in
slowly all the way in her, and growled at the way it felt. Ahhhh, love
it's even better when I enter you slowly. He pushed her back down bringing her
rear up some more. And plunged into her." Damn,Damn ahhh, ahhh, oh damn Rin,your
womanhood is damn good. I can live in it forever. Rin was relving in the feel of his
hard manhood hitting her core and something tingled.

She started bucking faster and harder against Sessshomaru, tellhim him to go
faster, he increased the pace faster. Rin raised up maoning and squirming. Sesshomaru's
hand left her back,and gripped one of her shoulders and said." Now I will go deeper
my little horny vixen." With one quick thrust he went deeper inside her, while his
other hand gripped her other shoulder. He pumped harder and faster, both moaning
and cried out each others names, they were covered from head to toe in heavy sweat.

Sesshomaru could feel his climax approaching, he grabbed her hair pulling her up
to him, while he wrapped an arm around her waist still buried deep within her. With
his other hand, he gently moved her hair back exposing her neck and shoulder. He
leaned down, kissed and licked there and bit down on it. Rin screamed in pain, but
more in pleasure, he licked the blood off her neck and removed his fangs, looking
at his mark that made her his forever. He smiled, gently pushing her back down to
continue their lovemaking.

Rin began bucking fast on him again, and once again he felt his climax rising up, it
was minutes away. He wanted to hold it a few minutes longer, using his demon speed, he
gripped her waist, sticking his nails into her, but not breaking her delicate skin, he
took a deep breath, and plunged into her. Ahhhhhh, oh Sesshomaru Unnnn, Unnnn oh, Rin
screamed almost bursting the Demon Lord's ears, almost. Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, oh Rin,
oh Rin, AAAAhhhh. He spilled his seed in her body and she gladly accepted it all.

He gripped her a little more pushing and empting his remaining seed in her. He
collasped on Rin's back knocking them both down on the blanket. He stayed there for
a few seconds before pulling himself out of her, rolling over on his back on the
blanket pulling Rin with him. "Did you enjoy yourself love," Sesshomaru said. Yes, you
know I did, very much in deed. She came up nad kissed him.

Sesshomaru sniffed the air and was happy, he smiled and said to Rin. "We have
conceived a child, an heir to my throne. You have a pup growing inside your belly
as we speak my love. Rin was very happy, she hugged Sesshomaru smiling, and crying.
Sesshomaru said," Is there something wrong love,"Rin said, Nothing is wrong, Sesshomaru.
Then, why are you crying he didn't understand, why human females cried it worried him
some. " I'm crying because I'm happy my mate. Human females cry when the are ha He He
was puzzled by this, but he knew someday he would understand the ways of the human
female. He had to because he loved Rin with all his heart.

I'm happy because I'm pregnant with our first child, a part of you and me. A child
conceived of the love and bond we share. Sesshomaru you have made me so happy.

And you Rin, "You have made me the most happiest soon to be father in all the lands,
I love you and our child.

And I love you, Rin said before she went into a deep sleep. Sesshomaru moved her
bangs back, kissed her forehead and held her tight as he too went to the lands of dreams.

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