Reviews for The Disappearing Isle

BY : AstilbeLily

  • From KagomeLove1 on September 21, 2017

    I do not know what my last review about this chapter did not appear.

    i found this chapter very interesting . It bring out a lot of questions . Which I like.  I am glad that Rin is not alone on the turtle island and that at least Kohaku is there and he will keep her safe. I think I can sense some feeling he has towards Rin?   Is Ayame trying to get back with her wolf? Hummm.

    i look forward to see the drama nd intrigue unfold with our couples and on the island. I do not trust the old woman. 


    Thanks for this very interesting update. I really enjoyed it. Keep the good work. ( I do not get any alert from this site when a story get updated) read you soon.

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  • From KagomeLove1 on September 07, 2017

    Hi, thanks for some clarification. Read you soon I hope. Even though I am not happy with the pairings, I have to say I have been checking more than once to see if there is new update to read . Lol. Read you soon. 

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  • From KagomeLove1 on August 25, 2017

    Thanks for specifying that it is Kagome/Koga and Kagome/ Sesshoumaru pairing story. 

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  • From KagomeLove1 on August 24, 2017

    Hi, is Kagome still affected by the herbs? If yes them Sesshoumaru just took advantage of her and he is just disgusting. I hope she was not. 

    Sorry I hope my last review was not upsetting as this was not my intention. I was just upset at Kagome and Sesshoumaru for back stabbing Inuyasha when he is at his lowest mentally and he is even if they do not know it.  Again Sesshoumaru is calling his brother an idiot without having the fact and he feels sorry for Kagome.

    Will read the next chapter to see what how those two will react but I am not sure that I will keep reading as I do not like drama, betrayal and specially  Sesshoumaru and Kagome as a pair and them betraying Inuyasha above all.  Not your fault  and do not change anything in your story. The story was under General and not under Inuyasha/Kagome. But you should have made it clear that it was Sesshoumaru/Kagome pairing. I would have stopped  me from reading to be honest. I feel cheated. I am not upset but I do feel cheated. Take care. I hope you will complete your story. 

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  • From KagomeLove1 on August 24, 2017

    Nice to read you again.  I have to say that I was surprised that instead of Koga, Kagome gave herself to Sesshoumaru so easily. 

    Did she even liked him in the past or was attracted to him at all?  Does she even love Inuyasha at all? Is and was her realitionship important to her? I think not based on what happened with both Koga and Sesshoumaru. I really feel sorry for Inuyasha to be honest. Kagome is acting like a slut ( I do not like the word at all but that is how I feel).

    why is Sesshoumaru not happy about Rin having a boyfriend,Does he want her? I hope not since he seem to sleep easy with woman and mark easily. I though this was going to be focusing on the Isle and Kagome and Inuyasha realationship and if they could make it or break it but I think now there is no point for this part. I was really looking forward to that and the story about the curse  those 2 point are what attracted me to the story but I think I am wrong since for 4chapters all we got is Kagome Sexual desire and now we will have to focus on her and Sesshoumaru situation and how they will sort they feeling or force themselves to love each other. At least you did not go for the usual rape and mark route. So thanks for that. She was willing .

    I do not care for Sesshoumaru and Kagome as a pair to be honest I like her and Inuyasha but, i am willing to read if it is believable and if her and Sesshoumaru are in character. She felt cheap and Sesshoumaru also. He has no moral at all just having sex with his brother woman even if there is no mark on her ( i do not like when Sesshoumaru is presented this way. Having his brother woman without a care) But I cannot blame him since he had caught her naked and with Koga penis half way inside her. Now he wants her and is already feeling possessive and mark her? Why whe he could have her for free? The marking felt cheap not special at all. More like someone branding a thing he just had so that no one would, to be on the safe side. I would have respected him if he had slept with Kagome after he had sorted his feelings for her and Rin, if he had any for her. She is just his ward I think from what I gathered in your story. If not well he is cheap. . Now  he has marked her and has to make himself fall for her and make her fall in love with him. Was he not the one complaining that Kagome should be focusing on Rin instead  of being so easy and he does the same thimg just because he smelled her blood?  

    And Kagome. So those years with Inuyasha are not important at all? She is not willing to fight? So what was the point of her being angry at him if she just is willing to give herself to any penis? I can understand Koga penis because she was affected by the  herbs but Sesshoumaru? Her so called lover's brother penis? Does she just want to hurt him that much?  This is very low coming from her and very weak. I would not believe if she just say that she loves Sesshoumaru. No way in hell at this moment.Just hours  form having been with Koga and and having her argument with.Inuyasha.  She just needed sex.regardless of what it say that they are not affected by the Herbs. Itseems like it for both of them.  All the words she say actually did not feel beautiful like if she was in be franc She would have said those word  to Koga, Miroku or any dick as long as they tease and fuck her at this moment which is sad. I think I am upset at the turn of event.  The story is not focusing on the isle but more on Kagome sexual dilemma , need as 4 chapters had been dedicated to it. Any how this is how it is going. Read you soon.






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  • From KagomeLove1 on July 29, 2017

    Hi, When are you going to update this story? Are you just going to stop there? I hope not . 

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  • From KagomeLove1 on May 13, 2017

    Very nice story. Are and Inuyasha a couple or do they just sleep together from time to time together but are not a couple? I am asking because they seemed embarrassed in front of their friends. Also Kagome feeling for Inuyasha do not seem strong. I hope it is the salve that is affecting her and Koga. How long has she been back to the feudal era? How old is Rin?  Well it seems that Inuyasha and her friends will not be able to stop her sexual encounter with Koga from taking place since they are heading towards Rin.  I am looking forwards to see what this turtle is about and why did Rin go to it. Read you soon.

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  • From Krescendo on February 25, 2017

    This is a very nice story so far. I hope InuYasha and the others catch up to Kagome before Kouga takes advantage of her.

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  • From SammyJams on February 11, 2017

    Super happy to finally see an update! I'm a little confused, though. From the way the narrative was in the first chapter and through most of the second chapter, it seemed that Kagome and Inu's relationship was still platonic with them pining after each other, but then it seemed like you had them as a couple that sleep in the same bed? I'm not sure what their relationship is? Either way, great chapter and I can't wait to see the next installment!

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  • From SammyJams on January 26, 2017

    Can't wait to read more!

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  • From Dunkelgelb on January 23, 2017

    Pretty cool!  I think you're aiming for premise similar to the 4th InuYasha movie, "Fire on Mystic Island."  Technical notes: good grammar and spelling, fluid sentence structure.  

    Suggestion: ending a chapter on a question is a technique used for dramatic and ironic effect, one I like to use myself.  However, I think that the way you worded the last line needs some improvement.  I think it's too long in its current form.  In my mind, "Have you ever heard of the Disappearing Isle?" works better, though this is only a suggestion, as you may find a superior solution on your own.  Thank you for writing!

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