The Disappearing Isle

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Inuyasha and it's original contents. I will not make any money from this story based off of Inuyasha. Story contains adult content, 18+.

Ok So this is my first try at one of these. If you notice any spelling or grammar mistakes please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible. This will likely be pretty tame, I will update the discriptor and content tag as I go, if it'll let me.

Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever, own Inuyasha. I will not make any money from this writing.

The sun had been bright and warm today, a cooler breeze now flowed over the land now that the sun flirted close to the horizon. It was still a comfortable temperature as it played with the long hair of a priestess sitting under a large tree and that of the two children with her.

The children alternated reading haltingly. Usually she would only teach the children on days with bad weather, and sometimes in the evenings when they'd finished chores early. On nice days she usually tended the sick, gardened herbs, roamed the woods looking for new herbs to transplant, or helped wherever else she was needed. She'd teach then too, passing along to the children what her friend, an older more experienced priestess, taught her.


While the priestess taught she wasn't aware she was being watched from a distance. A man dressed in red with silver hair and dog ears stood with the older priestess.

“Kagome looks happy.” The older priestess said with a smile and maybe a small twinkle in her eye.

“Yea she does.” He smiled too, he wouldn't admit how much he liked the image of her with the children. From this distance they could be hers.

“She's very good with them, the children.” Her smile and twinkle grew more pointed.

“Yea she is....” He wasn't normally so agreeable but in the years he had known her, Kagome had softened some of his sharper edges. At least in relation to her. Not that he would ever admit that. He had softened even more in the relatively peaceful years they'd had since defeating Naraku. His smile abruptly faded and he looked at the older woman. “Why hasn't she been out in the woods or tending to her garden or even over this far? I know it's rained recently but from the smell of things she hasn't been there for days.”

“Ah. That. Aye.” She looked out over the village fields as she spoke. “Well It's been all I could do to convince her to teach or make medicine or whatever keeps her off of her feet. She's as bad as you. Well she hurt her ankle fo-”

“What?! Kagome's hurt?!”


“... and the c-oh-wa ja-um-ped oh-ver the m-ooh-n...”

“Very good Haru, you're improving.” Kagome smiled. “Do you know what this is?” She pointed to a word.

He shook his head.

“It's 'Cow'” She put the emphasis on the 'ow'. Anytime you see o and w together like that it's 'ow', like when you're hurt and you say...”

“Uh Miss Kagome?”The boy pointed at the oncoming train of a half deamon.

“Eh?! Sit boy!”



“E-exactly! 'ow'.” Kagome smiled, hiding her uneasiness from the children who looked like they didn't know whether to laugh or slink away. “But I think we're done for today. Both of you send along your sisters tomorrow.”

“Kagomeee...” He dragged out the last syllable as he glared at as he pushed himself up off the ground.

Oh he's mad Kagome thought well not without reason. “I'm sorry Inuyasha, are you alright?” There was a time when this would send them into an all out fight. That was also a time when she used the command word very regularly. She got up to go to him forgetting herself and putting too much weight on her left ankle as she stepped.

His speed made it easy to catch her as she toppled. “Hey now,” He said in the soft voice that was only for her. “I'm gone for a week and you've managed to hurt yourself.”

She secretly thought it was sweet when he worried about her like this, especially when he patted her hair so gently.

A brave soul in the nearby field whistled a cat call at the 2. They immediately sprung apart in embarrassment only for Kagome to stumble again and for Inuyasha to catch her.

“Oh for... c'mon,” He picked her up under her knees and behind her back.

“I-Inuyasha!” Her face felt like it was on fire. “T-this is embarrassing.”

“Y-you're the one that hurt yourself, geez. Deal with it.” He said gruffly, turning his head so she couldn't easily see his blush.

“Thanks Inuyasha.” she smiled and leaned her head on his chest.

He gave her a little squeeze as he carried her to their home. Kagome had been staying with Kaede while Inuyasha was gone. Normally she would have gone with him but Kaede hadn't been feeling well, with Rin visiting Sesshomaru and Shippo off visiting Kirara, Sango, and Miroku (likely in that order) Kagome decided to stay with her.

Overhead they heard a familiar roar, happiness at seeing her friends warred with the frustration of not ever getting real alone time with Inuyasha. Shippo was usually there when they went on missions together. Guilt and embarrassment at her own thoughts took over from the frustration.

“Huh- Wonder why they're here...” Inuyasha thought out loud. “Hang on.” He sprinted the rest of the way to the house. It was near the tree where they had first met and the well that used to allow her to travel between the worlds. She suspected that Inuyasha might have thought she'd feel less homesick here. 


“Kagome!” Shippo jumped to hug Kagome who was still in Inuyasha's arms only to run face first into Inuyasha's foot.

“Kagome. Inuyasha.” Miroku greeted them with a smirk and raised eyebrow. “Ah- I hope we're not interrupting or in the way.” Sango was a bit redfaced but also smirking. Miroku was rubbing off on her.

“Yea you are.” Inuyasha stated bluntly.

“What?! Inuyasha?! Don't say things like that!” Kagome whisper screeched. It seemed like she had just stopped blushing and here she was tomato red again.

“What? He is. I need to see to your ankle.” Quieter he added, “And I – nevermind.” He looked over at Sango and the monk again, as he made his way inside, hardly giving a thought to the young fox demon glaring while he rubbed his forehead. “What brings you anyway?” He placed Kagome on carefully on a cushion they had been given when Kagome had healed the child of a lord that had fallen ill. She had tried to turn it down but they kept insisting. She really amazed him sometimes.

“Jaken gave us this for you.” Sango passed a folded and sealed letter to Inuyasha.

“Jaken... this is Sesshomaru's seal alright. What does -he- want?” Inuyasha sat next to Kagome and opened the letter.

As he read, Sango sat on the other side of Kagome, hugged her, and they started to catch up. It had been about 2 months since the last time they saw each other.

Miroku readied the fire and supper with Shippo's help. It was like they'd never all been apart.

“No way... Ha this is rich.” He scowled. Kagome leaned in and read, he put his arm behind her back without thinking. Sango and Miroku exachanged looks.

He saw the questioning looks of the other 3. “He wants our help.”

”What? Why?” “With What?” “Seriously?”

“Rin is missing.” Kagome replied, then seeing their confused looks elaborated. “She's somewhere he can't go but we can or we will be able to.” She looked up at Inuyasha with concern.

“I think you need to explain.” Miroku and Sango said together eyes meeting and lips quirking in unison before they looked back at the other couple.

Inuyasha nodded to Kagome to go ahead.

“Ok. Have you heard of the Disappearing Isle?"

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