The Hunt For The Shikon No Tama

BY : Ericedwyn
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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story.

TITLE:  The Hunt for the Shikon no Tama

Author:  Ericedwyn

Disclaimer:  Inuyasha and all his friends were created and lovingly brought to life by Rumiko Takahashi.  I am merely celebrating them. 

Author's note:  AU.  Set in the present time.  (Revised on 12/2017) 

Summary:  The Hunting Pack, a covert team comprising of youkai, hanyous, and humans battle against Naraku and his armies and other troublesome youkai to protect all humans and the secret society of youkai. 

Main Pairings:  Sesshoumaru/Kagome, Inuyasha/Kikyou

Rating:  MA 

Story Background:  Over the centuries, youkai became myth.  Unbeknownst to most humans, they still lived amongst them… To protect their secret society, the Council of Higher Youkai, headed by the four Daiyoukai of the Four Corners of the World, decided to hunt down troublemaking youkai that threatened their existence.  

Touga, the Great Inu Youkai of the Western Lands, created a covert team called The Hunting Pack to take them down.  Initially, The Hunting Pack’s members were comprised of some of the most powerful youkai in the entire world, but when the “fabled” Shikon no Tama was unearthed by a large earthquake in Japan 300 years ago. The Hunting Pack had no choice but to do the unthinkable—ally themselves with humans, in the form of mikos, priests, and youkai exterminators. 

From then on, the members of The Hunting Pack learned to put their differences aside to protect the sacred jewel and vanquish those who would try to use it for darker pursuits.  In a last ditch effort to foil The Hunting Pack and to gain power to rule the world, the leaders of every cell of the evil youkai system merged with a human to form the greatest threat to both youkai and humankind, thus creating a Hanyou named Naraku. 

Two hundred years ago, Naraku succeeded in stealing the sacred jewel, and came face to face with a member of The Hunting Pack, Midoriko II--the reincarnation of the original Midoriko herself.  They fought for over a day, and when she saw an opening, Midoriko II pierced the Shikon no Tama with a holy arrow that shattered it into a hundred pieces, sending shards to all corners of the world, preventing Naraku from using the sacred jewel and making a wish upon it.

The badly injured Naraku escaped, and when Touga found Midoriko II, she told him what she had to do.  Then with her dying breath, she told him of a prophecy she saw when the jewel was shattered.  “We will meet again, my dear friend, and the jewel will once again be made whole.  With it, Naraku will finally be defeated.  Look for me amongst my descendants.”  Touga, with time in his corner, waited for the rebirth of his dear human friend…

Seventeen years ago, twin daughters were born to Kaede, the last descendant of Midoriko, and her recently deceased husband, Ryu Higurashi, a member of The Hunting Pack’s human warrior team.  The oldest by 5 minutes was named Kikyou and the youngest, Kagome.  Touga felt the stirring of familiarity, and knew that Midoriko’s soul had returned. The birth of the twins was celebrated.  They were the hope for the future; especially as Naraku and his armies had gained more power.

Since the Shikon no Tama’s shattering, The Hunting Pack, and later with the twins’ help, were able to recover over half of the jewel shards.  But in order to retrieve the rest, the twins would need to infiltrate Naraku’s territories and his armies.  It is a dangerous mission with many possibilities for loss and failure.  Will the twins succeed or will they succumb to Naraku’s dark power?


Revised 12/2017 version 1

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