The Crying Game

BY : LaraWinner
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The Crying Game

DISCLAIMER: Sadly, I do not own Inuyasha. I just like to play with them.

The Crying Game
By: Lara Winner


The cool, black water flowed about Kagome’s hips as she tried her best to wring the excess water from her dripping hair. It was then, as she stood exposed, that she felt that familiar aura surrounding her. In the darkness Kagome could see no one, but she didn’t need to. It was him.
For a moment Kagome froze, unsure how to feel about Inuyasha’s blatant disregard for her privacy. Anger warred with excitement and her body betrayed her as her chilled skin flushed with the stirrings of arousal. Then realizing that he’d probably seen all she had to offer time and again, she reluctantly continued her task knowing it was a little late to play the modest virgin now.
Like an evil seed, an idea flashed across Kagome’s mind and then took hold, daring her to test just how far she could push the devious hanyou. By experience, she knew Inuyasha had little patience. And Kagome was no longer a giddy little girl oblivious to the heated glares and jealous tendencies he tried to hide from her. She was woman who had harbored similar feelings for far too long.
Biting back a wicked grin, she shook out her hair cascading the wet strands down her back and over her shoulders. Keeping her arms at her sides, she slowly made her way through the shallow water. Through the corner of her eye Kagome saw a flash molten gold and a chill crawled down her spine.
What she was doing was dangerous. Though in her heart Kagome believed Inuyasha would never hurt her, she tended to forget his youkai blood. Yet despite her reasoning she found she was willing to take the risk. Love and desire guided her actions and left her hoping for the unobtainable.
Reaching her pack, Kagome pulled out the towel she’d brought from home. She dried herself with unhurried movements then wrapped the damp towel around her slim body.
"Either your perception is slacking or I’d say you were asking for trouble Kagome."
The arrogant comment, so confident and smug, made her bristle as she turned her head to the left to follow the direction of Inuyasha’s timbre voice. The hanyou was leaning against a tree, his arms folded across his chest and his eyes narrowed to slits. Even from two yards away she could feel the fire in his intense gaze.
To keep her composure, Kagome ignored his remark and instead asked a question of her own. "Where have you been?"
The shrug of his shoulders was almost imperceptible as he replied carelessly, "Around."
"We were worried about you." She countered.
"Feh," Inuyasha smirked, "It figures. Without me the lot of you would run around in circles chasing your tails and never get anything accomplished."
"Chasing tails? That sounds like something you would do, Inu-chan." Kagome said sweetly. Too sweetly.
Inuyasha growled, pushed away from the tree and stalked over to where Kagome stood. As he approached she refused to back down. Pent up frustration was sparking the air between them. It was giving Kagome the courage she needed to finally show that over-bearing, egotistical, dense, mutt just what she wanted. She had to tell him now. She no longer had later to rely on.
"I thought I warned you about fucking with me?" He threatened silkily.
They were standing eye to eye. She could feel his warn breath as he spoke. An insolent smile curved her lips, daring him to give the retribution his voice promised.
"Don’t make me say the S word dog-boy."
"You wouldn’t dare bitch." He warned, grasping her wrists and in the process pulling her against his chest.
Kagome gasped, barely noticing the way Inuyasha’s grip tightened. Pressed against him, her heart began to pound making her acutely aware of her state of undress. Desire, raw and untamed, swept over her as stared into his eyes. The hunger in their golden depths made Kagome reckless, sparking a need inside of her that was primal and aggressive.
She chuckled. "Si-"
The word was silenced as Inuyasha’s lips crushed her own. Kagome’s breath caught and she moaned softly, arching into his body as she returned his kiss with equal passion. Her hands were forced behind her back as he braced his arms around her to pull her closer. Sharp claws pierced the flesh of her wrists, the stinging sensation only another attack on her heightened senses.
Inuyasha pulled back slightly and smirked. "I like the way you smell when you’re in heat. Sometimes I can barely control myself."
"I never said you had to." She whispered, knowing once she gave her consent there was no going back. Unlike she had imagined, she wasn’t the least bit afraid. Nothing could extinguish the excitement at seeing how much he wanted her, well, as long as it was her and not predecessor. The thought compelled her to warn, "And remember, I’m not Kikyo."
For a second his eyes darkened, then a truly wicked smile curved his full lips. "Trust me Kagome. I’m well aware of that."
Then his mouth was upon hers again, bruising her as he slipped his tongue past her parted lips. She wasn’t sure when he freed her hands but suddenly her fingers were tangled in his silver mane, her arms wrapped firmly around his neck holding him against her, silently demanding more.
A low growl sounded in his throat, rumbling deep in his chest. The inhuman snarl was her warning. He was giving her one last chance to change her mind before she gave herself to a creature that wasn’t entirely human. It was more than Kagome would expect from a youkai and it warmed her heart. Still, she didn’t care about the consequences.
As a sign of acquiescence she began fumbling with his clothes, eager to touch his warm flesh. He obliged, shedding his garments and carelessly heaping then on the damp grass. With a quick, appreciative glance she took in the sight of his bare body, bathed in moonlight and shadow, and licked her lips in anticipation.
Inuyasha moved quick, almost faster than Kagome’s eyes could follow. With the swipe of his claws her towel pooled around her feet, the last barrier between them gone, as he pulled her to the ground. Kagome couldn’t help but whimper as she gave herself up to the demon in her arms. His kisses were intoxicating. The feel of his teeth marking her body was destroying her sanity. The sound of his grunts and growls gave her a heady sense of power.
Love guided Kagome’s heart but lust made her the wanton creature that craved the half-demon’s touch. She let Inuyasha guide her actions and let hands explore her body, yet a deeper instinct told her that this was as new for him as it was for her. She would have taken the moment to marvel the possibilities it could insinuate but physical needs were clouding her thoughts. Right now she wanted release.
Bracing herself on her hands and knees, Kagome’s head fell to the side as Inuyasha buried his face in her neck. His chest was pressed against her back, his hands covered hers were their fingers clawed into the packed earth, and she could feel the length of him pressing to gain entrance to her trembling body. Then she hissed as he claimed her, pain and pleasure mixing in an almost unbearable torrent of feeling.
Overcome, she succumbed to her body’s will. Kagome met each steady thrust, pushing back to take him deeper. Once again her powers were humming, flowing through her limbs, enhancing his every touch. And when one of Inuyasha’s hands settled between her thighs, stroking her gently, energy and tension collided in a shock-wave of pleasure that ripped a cry from her throat and left her drifting in residual pleasure.

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