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One shot PWP (Plot? What Plot?) I schlooped out thanks to PMS and fevers.

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The raven-haired girl sighed in frustration and shut her book. It was one of the few links back to her time, but that didn't mean she had to like it. Couldn't the Bone Eater's Well have stopped working when more manga than schoolbooks were in her bag? She was sorely tempted to throw the math book in the hut's fire. Giving the vile collection of horrors a final look, she gave into her desire. There was no denying how satisfying it was to watch its pages burn one by one as she ripped them out, crumpled them up, and tossed them in.

A hand on her shoulder made her pause, but did not startle her. She always knew when he was near. Then, after the rest of her soul was returned from Kikyou, her awareness of where he was had only increased. It was rare that he ever startled her anymore. Something was wrong, though. Something different tainted the air around him.

She turned slowly, her grey-blue eyes searching his golden pair.


"I.. you. Your scent," came his strained reply. "Help me."

Shock held her immobile. Even while healing the near fatal wounds from their final battle with Naraku, he had never asked for help. Now, there was a desperate plea in his eyes, begging her to fix it. Her first thought was that he was sick. She could feel the heat of his hand through the fabric of her kimono.

"Inuyasha, wha-" she was cut off when his lips crushed hers.

He was so hot! Kagome's mind quickly sorted through the information she had memorized in the past years. As he released her lips to nibble on her neck and rubbed his arousal against her, the answer came. He was in heat. Why hadn't she remembered?

Concentrating on anything was becoming hard. The hanyou was tugging at her clothing, trying to touch as much bare skin as he could. The sounds he issued were more than distracting. She shook her head to clear it and grasped him by the shoulders. He grunted as she pushed him back, turning lust filled to to the woman he loved.

"Why are you still here?"

"You.. scent," Inuyasha easily shrugged off her hands and buried his face in her abdomen.


Three years, Inuyasha had been so careful. Three years, he had separated himself from her when he came into heat. He was afraid he would hurt her. In those three years, though, his annual heat had never fallen on the same dates as her fertility. He must have been leaving and moved downwind of her. It was too late to reason with him now, and he was gnawing on the mark that claimed her as his!

If concentrating was hard before, it was near impossible now. The only thing keeping her from completely loosing the inner battle was her miko training. She needed to think of a plan and act on it. Now! The easiest thing to do would be subdue him and run, but he could easily catch her. Not to mention how angry he would be when the rosary wore off. Blasting him with her miko energy was out of the question; it could cause permanent damage.

Wait, that was the answer! With minimal guidance from Kaede, Kagome had gained exceptional control of her power. She could help him through this heat and protect herself with strategic shielding. They had been using it for months, allowing him to enjoy their activities together. He did not have to be so careful of her fragile human body in bed. Blushing from memories and the fact he had just ripped open her kimono, Kagome struggled to remember why she wanted to stop him.

An image of her mother, Souta, and jii-chan flashed through her mind, immediately followed by one of Sango and Miroku holding their first-born. Right, she and Inuyasha had been so careful to keep her from getting pregnant. But she was nineteen now, and living in the Sengoku Jidai. The well had blocked her passage back to modern Tokyo, and it was past time she bare her mate a child. Decision made, she raised her shields and turned full attention to her hanyou lover.

She cupped his chin in her hand and guided him from her bare abdomen to press their mouths together. They exchanged a passionate kiss, her hand sliding to the back of his neck while the other moved to free him of his clothing. His claws hastily tore at the remaining clothes separating their skin as the kiss deepened. When she began to back toward their shared futon, he readily followed. Her intoxicating scent had changed to indicate she was willing as well as fertile, and he would allow her to lead him anywhere now. So long as he got what he needed soon, that is.

They broke their kiss upon reaching the futon, and he nibbled on her jaw while shrugging off his now loose clothes. He tried to catch her lips again, but the bitch smiled at him and kept them out of reach. Well, she was his bitch, and by avoiding another kiss she would soon be laying down.

Kagome nearly laughed at his frustration. Then a predatory glint shone in his eyes, and she yelped as he attacked her abdomen again. He nuzzled, licked, and nipped her into a writhing mass of flesh and bones. She was having trouble breathing around the giggles and moans he was eliciting from her. His clawed hands shredded her undergarments, pulling a gasp from her at the sensation.

He smirked at her reaction and sat back to run his claws down her sides. She shuddered, the scent of her arousal spiking. He teased her more, caressing her cheek while tickling her inner thigh. Hovering over her, he nibbled her neck again. One hand continued its path to toy with her nether regions, while the other supported his weight. Every whimper she made, each minute sound only served to excite him further. His claw lightly brushed the bundle of nerves and her aroused scent spiked again. She moaned, her hips bucking upward. Her release was close and he knew he would have to act fast. Pups- this was all to create pups, and timing was crucial.

Gripping her hips, he flipped her over and maneuvered into position. Had his own need not been so great, he would have smirked again when she spread her legs and readily accepted her position. He rammed into her in one strong, hard movement. A possessive growl vibrated through his chest as he drew out and thrust into her again. On the third thrust he bent over his mate and gripped the skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder firmly between his teeth. He bit down, drawing blood as he forced himself into her again and again.

She matched his pace as long as she could before giving up. She surrendered to the sensations he gave her, soft whines begging for more. His thrusts increased as his hands reached low on her body. The last thing she felt was his claws raking up and outward before the orgasm took her. A tattered version of his name tore from her lips as her muscles contracted around him.

He relinquished his hold to howl his release into the night sky.

When his body slumped against her, Kagome nearly collapsed herself. She grunted, shifting her weight so he tumbled to the futon beside her. Arms shaking from the effort, she supported herself long enough to be sure he was asleep. She laughed softly, dropping beside him. His arms wrapping around her and pulling her into a protective embrace came as no surprise. The true mystery was how he could already be spent. No, she corrected herself, not spent, just recuperating. Usually he tested her stamina.

This was an entirely new situation, though. She did not know what he did when he left while in heat, but she guessed the tension had built the past few years. For him to finally have released it, complete released it, must have taken its toll. She best rest before he woke, then. She had roughly a week of sex-crazed hanyou ahead of her.

That thought brought a giggle with it. She knew better than to think he would giver her a break like this again any time soon. It was just the beginning. Still..

Her hands rested lightly over her womb. She couldn't wait to feel the little life their activities were sure to create this week. Wouldn't little Shippou be thrilled when he returned from the capital with Miroku? Sango, four months along on her third, would be over-joyed. A lop-sided smile lit her face as she surrendered to energy-restoring sleep. For now, she just hoped to be able to walk once Inuyasha's heat was over.


All transferred from paper to computer while tired and fever-influenced. Go me!

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