Innocent Seduction

BY : Ari_souls
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I finally got the time to update, YAY!, been to busy with school work. Anyways I hope you like my second chapter there’s a lot of juicy scenes involving Naraku and Inuyasha in here.

WARNING: This is a Yaoi, which means male/male loving, so leave now if you have a problem with that.


Naraku sat beneath the shade of his favorite oak tree located beside a quite and serene crystal clear pond away from the hustle of the city and more importantly away from Kagome. Bile rose to his throat at the thought of that vile creature. How he wish to beat her repeatedly with a brick or submit her to the pleasures of medieval tortures maybe even kill her. No, killing her would be to easy he wanted Kagome to live yet wish for death living every moment in malevolent pain. Smiling Naraku lean back closing his eyes for a much needed rest.

That was the sight Inuyasha stumble upon. A heavenly creatures resting beside a lucid pond surrounded by butterflies that bask in his glow envying his beauty. Inuyasha couldn’t stop his heartbeat from accelerating or his mouth from running dry. Wishing not to disturb the slumbering figure he just stood there staring at Naraku. Time seem to have slowed down because it was an eternity before those violet orbs fluttered open. He felt his stomach clench as those lilac color eyes studied him with cat-like curiosity.

“ Oh, it you.”

They stared at each other a little longer until Naraku got fed up with him.

“Do you want something?” he asked raisin eyn eyebrow already losing interest in the boy.

“I came to give you back your book.” he quickly voice his excuse cautiously approaching Naraku like he would approach starve tiger.

Frowning Naraku gave him an icy cold glare. “ You would think that when a person throws away something they wouldn’t want it back but then again I could be wrong.”

“ Hey, I was just trying to be nice.” Granted he didn’t expect a warm greeting from Mr. antisocial but the least Naraku could do was be nice to him. It wasn’t often that Inuyasha does something nice or lower himself to please another person especially for a guy who just insulted his best friend but, he keep reminding himself, this is all part of the plan.

“ I didn’t ask you to and besides Kagome gave it to me as a joke that bitch can’t even give a descent gift , oh wait she’s not that nice and to top it off she....,” he stop in the middle of his rambling when he notice the red face, steaming practically boiling boy in front of him that’s when everything clicked.

“ I get it now, you want Kagome.”

The anger that Inuyasha was feeling from hearing his beloved be snubbed left him as he felt the full force of Naraku’s death glare. His mind went completely blank as Naraku got up and grab by his collar choking him. He had to think of someway out of this his mind rambled to find an excuse that will save him from Naraku’s wrath. As Naraku’s grip tightens that more frantic he became on impulse he blurted out the first time that came across his mind.

“ I’m gay, so how could I like Kagome.” he manage to choke out.


Sorry this chapter is so short, but I’ve been very busy. I promise the next chapter will be longer. Coming up next a kissing scene, an inside look at Naraku’s family, and the reason why Naraku hates Kagome.


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