Forever In Love

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In Yasha was still laughing from Shippo choking on his lollypop as he made his way down to the hot springs tho bathe. The scarlet kimonofell from his chest to his ankles. He steped into the hot water , chills covered his body.In the calm waters he ran his hand over is body to better get the dirt off., a scream filled his voice.

"What troubles you my love?" A soothing viocecame from behind him.

'kagome, in the water with me , naked, oh yeah! stop it , he thought. He brought his arm to the surface on his sholder bared a gash from his faithful tetsuiga. It was his mistake .Just an accedent.

He turned to see, Kikyo?!

"Nothing , it's fine,I'll bandage it up when I -"He was cut off bytwo fingers sliding down his gash. He looked down to his sholder , but nogash. She came closer and embrassed a deep and passionater kiss on his lips.He loved her scent. It filled his nose with the essance of lust and love, thought her spirit is with Kagome. Her beauty was extravagant to him.His hands romed her delicate body like once befor .The night they engaged their love nd for one moment, they touched Venus.

"Inu Yasha, do you remember that night you held me and wispered you love and truth to me , the night before-" her eyes droped to the water,but his hands held it up.She threw her arms around him.

"Please , Inu Yashs Love me like you did before."

He leaned twards her a kissed her one las time before tellin her he must go.

"Kikyo, i want us to meet again,"

she swam to the bank and steped out . Beads of water followed her curves and hit the ground . after dressing she turned and called to him.

"YashYasha, We will always be in love."

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