Deal With the Demon Lord

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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story.

Okay. don't ask where this came from. This is my first PWP (porn without plot), and I suppose the only reason I'm writing it is because it wouldn't leave my head until I did. Scary, ne?

I don't own them, I never did, and I never will.

WARNING. This is stupid. I mean, this is the rating says "NC-17". You know it's going to have sex and cussing in it. I mean, why not? And from the summary, you know what to expect.


Kagome would have never guessed what would happen to her later that night, no matter how many hints you dropped.

Inuyasha had been watching her from the corner of his eye all day. Unlike dogs, humans wouldn’t go into heat, but they DID become fertile. And that made her scent smell stronger and more seducing to anyone who could smell it. If he had lived in the modern age, the hanyou would have known that people nowadays called this “pheromones”, which heated a person’s blood.

All he knew was that certain times of the month, about 14 days after her monthly bleeding, which always got to him with the scent of blood, she became fertile and ready to mate. And even though he wanted to, he didn’t think she would be ready to accept a mate. But he knew that if he didn’t soon, someone else would. An kne knew who that someone was. He had fought that youkai a number of times, and had noticed when the other demon began to take notice of the young miko. The look in the youkai’s eyes when he had looked upon Kagome made Inuyasha nervous, as the person showed emotions so rarely.

But he could smell that same demon nearby. He knew why the other was here. He was here to try and claim Kagome. The young miko had earned respect and interest in many eyes, but in this particular demon, the inst wst was a cause for concern. For anything this youkai wanted, he made sure to get. He was a very persistent demon, and he was here, alone, waiting, no doubt, for night to fall.


That night, Inuyasha made sure to keep an eye on Kagome in order to protect her. But when she insisted on bathing in the hot spring nearby, he nearly wet himself. Sango agree to go with her, but Inuyasha knew the huntress also tended to return before her adopted sister, as Kagome liked to soak in the steaming water for long periods of time.

The moment the girls were out of sight, Inuyasha sped towards the scent that had followed him all day, the youkai he knew was here to mark Kagome and make her his mate. Sure enough, there he was, making his way to the hot spring where Kagome and Sango would soon be relaxing. Immediately, Inuyasha leapt in front of the other youkai and drew Tetsusaiga to attack him. The other demon merely smirked at him before drawing his own sword and blocking Inuyasha’s swing. Then, he leaned forward and muttered something in Inuyasha’s ear that made the hanyou pause.

“You do know that some packs will let their mates share, right?” Inuyasha jerked back and stared at the youkai before him. That was so unlike him, that the half-demon was willing to believe that it was Kagome’s scent which made him like this. But then, he had heard something like that before, once when he had been among the wolf-demons, trying to get Kagome back.

And now, this person, one of the people he always fought but never truly won or lost to, was wanting him to SHARE Kagome with him.

“What are you talking about, Sesshoumaru?”


HA! Bet you all thought it was Kouga or Naraku, right?? Nah, It’s Sesshoumaru!! For any who thinks that’s odd, remember the “Respect and Interest” part. I’ll probably have them both give their reasons for wanting to mate with Kagome next chapter……… Tilll then!

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