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Chapter Two: Carry Me Home


"Bastard! Leave her alone!" Inu Yasha screaat Nat Naraku .He was pleading for him to spare Kagome's life.
"Shut up half-Breed, your next." He held Kagome by the waist.
"Let me go!!" She started hitting him with her fists, but it was no use. He was stronger.
"Your not the young miko Kikyo, I wanted, but you are apart of her. You will do" He held her by the arms, and swept her lips up into a bruising kiss. His tongue snaked it way into Kagome's mouth where Kagome tried desperately to get it out. She felt sick, she couldn't believe Naraku was doing this to her. Kagome pushed him away only to find that he still came back for more.

There was nothing Miroku could do. If he used his Kazaana he would have to suck Kagome in as well. And Sango was unconscious, lying next to her boomerang. So Miroku was tending to Sango as he helplessly watched the scene before him.

"Stop! Damnit! Stop!" Kagome managed to yell between kisses. The more she struggled the more he drew her nearer to him. He wouldn't let up. She wouldn't be still, fighting for her freedom. He wouldn't stop. He was really enjoying this. But he soon got aggravated and took his sword and cut across her chest and exposed the bleeding flesh. Naraku dropped her and started at Inu Yasha. The young miko lay on the ground in pain. She couldn't feel it though, but she knew what had happened. She closed her eyes and drifted off in to smoky clouds. She awoke lying on a bed .Where was she?

Kagome saw Inu Yasha's face appear within moments of her looking around in confusement.
"Kagome? Are you awake?" A calm and soothing voice asked her, it was him.
"Where am I? How did I get here? Did you kill Naraku? Is Sango ok? Miroku?-"
"Don't worry, I'm here everyone is ok. We didn't kill him, he left. "He said.
"Inu Yasha, I want you to do something." Realizing her wound hadn't been heeled yet.
"Inu Yasha, Carry me home." she said almost whispering to him.

He picked her up and held her for a moment, rocking her and singing a lullaby he once herd a mother sing to her son. He walked out. After telling the team to wait for him at the next town until he returned. He headed for the well. When they reached it he jumped in holding her secure in his arms.

At her house, He laid her on her bed. He touched her cheek. Thinking about how she made him feel. He smiled and left to get a hot cloth. He came back and placed it on the deep gash. Hours passed .he held her and whispered things to her. The way he felt about her in his soul. Thing he couldn't tell her when she was conscious.

Kagome finally awoke. Looking up at him. She smiled and closed her eyes." Thank you."
"You're welcome. How come you haven't heeled the cut?"
"Why bother, I'm too tired now. Hold me longer; sing that song you were singing earlier."

He started singing the lullaby, running his claws through her hair. Smiling she said, "I love you."
"I...I ...Love ...you too..."She Smiled sleepily and drifted back off too sleep with the words lingering in her head.


Hope you enjoyed it!^.* Hint: there might be a lemony lemon up in the next chapther, so look out! ^.^

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