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Kisda- hi well let me see what is there to say umm… I don't own Inuyasha and this is my first lemon so please don't kill me just yet


Inuyasha sat in his tree watching as the others slept. Every night the hanyou would wait for Kagome to get up thinking no one was awake and fallow her but lately she hasn't been leavening the area.

**inu POV**

`I wonder if she had sensed me when I watched her last time' I wondered. Soon my ears twitched as sounds down below reached them, Kagome was moving.

I quietly fallowed her from the camp to a near by spring, I hid the shadows of the bushes to keep safe as she undressed. 'Kami-sama I'm no better than that good for nothing monk' I hissed in my mind see her tempting curves, soft creamy skin, full breasts, long legs.. “Kuso I'm such a pervert if she saw me I would get `sit' to the point I was dead” I muttered to my self under my breath.

After a while she got out of the water and laid on the bank. Soon her hands were rubbing her chest, playing with her nipples. I held my breath as her hand went lower to her privet area. Soon my nose was filled with the sent of her arousal and her soft moaning in my ears.

**POV end**

Inuyasha sifted his position for his cock was painfully stiff as he watched the girl please herself as the moon light shimmered off her body. Before long Inuyasha found himself rubbing his arousal, softly moaning.

“Inuyasha” the girl moaned out. 'oh shit dose she know I'm here I'm going to be one dead hanyou' he thought as he held his breath.” I want you so much” Kagome said opening her eyes and looking right where Inuyasha was hidden “come here Inuyasha”

Inuyasha looked like he was about to faint from the girls words but slowly he moved to were the girl lay. Kagome reached her hand up and pulled Inuyasha to her placing her lips over her own.

Soon Inuyasha was as naked as Kagome. With one hand he cupped her breast rubbing the nipple as he covered the other with his mouth flicking his tongue over it teasing it make the girl moan in pleasure.

Kagome's hands found his ears and began rubbing them hearing Inuyasha starting to make a purring like sound.

Inuyasha pulled her hands away from his ears and slowly kissed down her belly to her inner legs kissing and licking his way to his prize.

Soon Kagome felt Inuyasha tongue flicking over her clit and soon going deeper into her wet folds. Inuyasha savored her taste of her skin and juices that came from her as he trusted his tongue into her body earning a moan from the girl.

Kagome pushed Inuyasha away from her. Soon Inuyasha found him self looking at the back of Kagome's head and she took his cock into her mouth licking it as it went into her mouth.” Oh gods Kagome” Inuyasha moaned out as she took all of him into her mouth at once. Kagome pulled her mouth away and kissed Inuyasha.

Inuyasha couldn't wait any longer he had to have her now! Inuyasha laid Kagome under him as he kissed and licked down her jaw to his neck nibbling on it. “Kagome I can't wait I have to have you now.” He said before placing his cock to her opening and entering in her with one powerful trust.

Kagome cried out in pain and pleasure but mostly pain. Inuyasha held still as she became use to him.

Kagome started rubbing angst him letting him know that she was ready. Starting a slow pace to not hurt her Inuyasha soon felt her pushing back at him. After a few more trusts He smelled her arousal. It became stronger with every thrust, which in turn became harder and faster each time. Soon he was rapidly fucking her, as fast as he could. Kagome was in absolute bliss, and continued moaning louder and louder.

“Inuyasha!!” Kagome screamed, feeling she come hard, her body shuddering with release. The demon howled and came also, sending his seed into her in a burst of hot liquid. He struggled to keep himself up, but gravity won and he collapsed on to Kagome's sweaty body.

Inuyasha rolled off to the side taking Kagome with him laying her on top of him, as they both panted.” I love u Inuyasha” Kagome mumbled as she started to drift to sleep.” I love you too” Kagome's eyes opened wide and looked up at Inuyasha to see him with that confident smirk on his face. Too tired to argue Kagome lay back down and fell asleep in his arms.


Kisda- oh my god I can't believe I wrote that I'm so embarrassed

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