Heart of pain, Heart of Ice. The sequel.

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Chapter one

The stars, partially obscured by the city lights below, silently twinkled
in the night sky. A cool wind whistled across the barren rooftop and
swirled around him. Sesshoumaru breathed it in silently, tasting the smell of
early summer's flowers, thankful of the peaceful feeling it kindled.

Then, another scent mingled with the hint of new blossoms; one he knew well.
A deep voice from behind called his name. "Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru did not turn to see his sire. "Yes, Father."

"My son, I have come to speak with you. I sense it is what you wish."

"It is, Father. I need to discuss an important matter regarding the
choosing of a mate."

"Then you have accepted my proposal, to formally take Kagura as your lifelong
companion?" His father asked with hope in his tone.

"I have already chosen a mate." Sesshoumaru informed with detached calm.

"I see. So...you have marked this female?"

"I have." Sesshoumaru answered.

Sesshoumaru waited for his father to say something. For several moments the
night air hung with silence. Finally, his father spoke again.

"I arranged the formal mating with Kagura on the premise that you
would not choose a mate by your birthday. Yet, I see you have chosen
someone. By the agreement, the arranged formal mating will not take place,

Now Sesshoumaru was curious. "Unless?"

"If the mate you have chosen can not or will not bare you a child."

Sesshoumaru turned and faced his father. "I marked a human female as my
mate. I did it in anger. This union has not been consummated. It may never
be consummated. I do not wish the arrangement with Kagura. I have
chosen a mate, therefore, by the agreement, you cannot force me to take
Kagura as a mate. I have no wish to consummate any union.
If you want a grandchild, I suggest you concentrate
your efforts on my half-bred brother."

Even in the dim haze of the hospital's rooftop lights, Sesshoumaru
could see a turmoil of surprise and shock within his father's icy golden depths.
InuTaisho stood there, rigid and silent, his long silver hair fluttering with the
night breeze, his unwavering gaze locked on him. Deep inside, Sesshoumaru
felt his heart twitch at his sire's serious expression. But he had spoken
the truth. He was not going to be pushed into something by anyone, not
even his father.

"You...marked a human female...by force?"

Sesshoumaru sensed his father's rising anger but stood rigid
with defiance. "Yes. I did. I marked the human female without
her consent."

InuTaisho's eyes narrowed with a feral glint. "Why?"

Sesshoumaru held eye contact. "I don't know."

At this, his father blinked once, then twice as the anger died away to be
replaced with clear confusion. "Never before have you uttered as such to
me. Always, you have known why. Always, you have acted with clear intent."
He paused before asking. "Has this human female accepted you?"


Moments passed as a cool wind whistled between them. InuTaisho spoke again,
asking with expectation.
"When can I meet your mate?"

Sesshoumaru turned back to the skyline littered with city lights and stars.
"When she is ready."

"Till then, my Son."

A breeze circled about him and flapped at his clothes, the gust of wind from
InuTaisho's parting to the sky.
After his father left, Sesshoumaru breathed a low whisper into the
night air. "When she is ready."


It was late. Rin knew it was late. She opened her eyes to see darkness
on the other side of the window. Turning over, she searched the dimmly lit
room to find Kaede sleeping on a cot by her bed. Feeling better by her
presence, Rin let out a relieved sigh.

Sitting up, She tucked Teddy under the cover beside her then looked around.
The small digital clock on the beside table read three a.m. Feeling
restless, she slipped out of bed and padded to the door. With one quick
glance to Kaede, she left.

The hallway was quiet but well lit. As Rin made her way down
the hall, chill bumps covered her arms. The hospital was so cold sometimes.
Every time she left the bed she got chilled to the bone. Rin rubbed her arms
some before opening the staircase door.


It wasn't too dark beyond the glass door. Rin lightly touched the
cool metal handle as she peered through the glass to the flowers on the
other side. Taking a deep breath, she entered the hospital garden.
Instantly, she felt more than smelled the fragrant flowers all around.
It was a beautiful place: inside the hospital yet outside under a starry
sky. Somehow, the hospital surrounded the floral sanctuary. Small trees,
also dotted with flowers, circled along the edges, enclosing a fountain,
blossoms, and twinkling lights.

Smiling while lightly padding along, Rin touched
petal after soft petal. She loved flowers and these were so pretty.
She paused at the fountain to watch the water trickle down the small stones
and into a pool where orange and white goldfish swam about.


Her eyes widened at the newly familiar voice. He was right behind her.
She didn't speak and didn't move.

His footfalls, nearly quiet enough not to hear, drew closer then stopped
at her side. She didn't look at him but knew he was standing only inches away.

Rin licked her bottom lip before sucking on it.


From the rooftop, he had sensed her movement and descended. Now, he
waited for her to acknowledge him. For the most part, she didn't appear
to be frightened. Just...quiet. He said her name again. "Rin."

The human girl turned away, showing her back to him. She let out a whisper.

He closed his eyes for a paused second. Her cautious manner bothered him.
It would probably always bother him. He turned and began walking to the door.
"I will be close by to make sure you are safe. I will leave you to your


Rin glanced at Sesshoumaru's retreating form before redirecting her attention
back to the small pool. The tension left her back and shoulders as she gazed
at the rippling surface and beautiful gold fish, their fins flowing behind
them as they swam lazily about.

Maybe she shouldn't have snuck down to this place but when Kaede had
told her about it, she wanted so much to come see and waiting till morning,
when the hospital was awake and noisy, did not appeal to her. Right now, she
wanted to be alone...and think. This place felt so peaceful and cut off
from the rest of the hospital. She needed that.

Rin thought of the dog demon guarding close by.

Her mate.

He was her mate.

Again, she turned and stole a glance at him, seeing
Sesshoumaru's dark form with his back to her, his long silvery hair catching
glints of light from the twinkles in the enclosed garden.

She began to tremble as some strange feeling welled up deep inside,
making her stomach turn. Rin looked away and back to the pool.


After the sick feeling finally died to the point of being bearable, Rin
decided to leave. She walked to the glass door and opened it to find
the dog demon waiting several feet away. He did not turn
to look at her.

"I'm going to my room now." Rin swallowed, not knowing just what to
say to him. When he was near, she felt awkward and afraid. Only,
it was a different kind of fear than before. "Ummm, you can come with me,
to my room, if you want to."

He didn't answer so Rin began walking to the elevator. Then
she heard his footsteps, trailing like a haunting whisper. She pushed the
button and waited as he waited directly behind her. When the doors
opened, she walked in, not looking up. He entered and Rin felt him
pass by: a motion of silence hinting of night air.

The doors closed and Rin shivered, partially from the coldness of
the hospital and partially from being so close to him. As the elevator
heaved beneath, something warm fell on her shoulders, startling her. It was
Sesshoumaru's leather coat. As her racing heart slowed,
Rin accepted it and wrapped it around her arms
like a blanket. Calmer now, she smelled night wind along with a light male
musk. Quietly, Rin sniffed again.


Rin walked into her room, Sesshoumaru's coat still wrapped around her
shoulders and arms. He did not follow and Rin looked back at the
door as it soundlessly closed shut.

On the cot, Kaede shifted and opened her eyes. "Rin, what are you doing out
of bed?" She looked at the coat. "Whose...?"

Rin went to the bed and sat down. "It's Sesshoumaru's. He let me borrow it."

Kaede's brow furrowed with question before she sighed and shut her eyes again.
"Talk in the morning, child. Go to sleep now."

Rin lay down, cuddled with teddy and closed her eyes.


InuYasha sensed his 'mate to be' right before she entered the hospital. He
greeted her at the door with a grin, hug, and kiss.

Kagome leaned back with raised brows. "Glad to see me?"

"Yes." He lightly growled under his breath.

"I brought some clothes for Rin." Kagome said while holding up the suitcase
in her hand. "I also put some other things in there she might need."

InuYasha took the suitcase then grabbed her hand.
"Come on and meet her."

Kagome resisted. "I don't know, InuYasha. From what you told me on the
phone... Are you sure it's alright? Is she ready for visitors?"

InuYasha, wanting to roll his eyes, just nodded. "Yeah, it's okay. She
feels better today. Kaede told me she saw Sesshoumaru and
accepted him so she's getting better. I told Rin all about you, and I think
she'll like to meet you." He began pulling on her hand again and leading
Kagome to the elevator. "I think she'll like you, Kagome."

"Okay, InuYasha. If you think so."


Rin sat up and stretched with a yawn. The hospital bed sure was comfortable,
but she was getting restless. Maybe Kaede would take her out today to get
some air. The doctor said she could.... The coat. Rin slid it completely
off and set it on the chair next to her bed.

Looking around at the empty room, Rin sighed. For some reason she wanted
someone to talk to. It was a childish wish, she knew. Her father always
said she acted too childish.

There came a knock at the door.


In came InuYasha and Rin couldn't help but smile. Then a girl followed
him in. Rin's smile fell.

InYasha put a suitcase on the floor by her bed. "Hey Rin, This is my
fiancee: Kagome. She brought you some clothes and stuff."

Rin nodded but looked down at her blanket, not wanting to meet the
other girl's eyes. She was so pretty. Pretty girls didn't like her much.
The ones in school always made fun of her. "Oh. Hi." She offered while
picking at her blanket.

"I'm glad to meet you, Rin." Kagome said.

Rin heard the unfamiliar kindness in her voice. She glanced up shyly
and tried to give a smile to InuYasha's girlfriend.

Kagome gave her a small smile back. It was a nice smile, not a mean
smirk or crooked grin, just a nice smile. Maybe Kagome was different.

InuYasha sat on her bed. "The doc says you can go home today. Me and
Kagome will take you home. That okay?"


Her father.

She froze for a second with fear until she remembered. No.
Her father wasn't there anymore.

But many memories were.

Then she realized: Home is now her new demon mate's house. Suddenly,
her heart sunk, making her feel like crying.

She felt InuYasha's hand on her arm. "Hey, now. What's with the long
face? Me and Kagome will help you settle in. Won't we Kagome?"

"Yeah. I'll help. Don't worry." Kagome nodded.

Their warm words made most of the bad feeling go away so Rin allowed
another small smile.





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