Pasts Uncovered

BY : FlameWolf666
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Disclaimer: I don't own or profit from Inuyasha. This story is just for fun!

Author’s Note:  Decided to rewrite this from scratch and not rush things this time around.  I want to build the world as well as the relationships of the people involved.  Please enjoy and try to be patient while it updates.


Pasts Uncovered


By: FlameWolf


Chapter One: Into the Past


    It was a pleasant, warm, summer day.  The birds were singing, a gentle breeze blew through the groomed grass, children’s laughter filled the air.  There was nothing about this day that would denote anything unusual would happen to anyone.  Sun shining on my black tresses, I luxuriated in the warmth of the day.  It had been far too long since I had dared go outside, most of the weather being a touch too cold for me.  So, needless to say, I wasn’t bothered by the fact that my midnight colored clothing was absorbing the pleasant rays from above.  Sighing in contentment, I tilted my head toward the blue skies and closed my jade green eyes.

    Today would be a perfect day to read a good book under a tree.  To just soak in the warm air and relax.  An activity I intended on accomplishing on this fine day.  Smiling in anticipation, I strode toward the tree; reflecting on just how long it had been since I had taken a real vacation.  I had been so wrapped up in writing, I just hadn’t wanted to take the time off.  A fact I sorely regretted now.  Wondering how many days of pleasant weather I had missed, I carefully sat under a cherry tree; looking up into its branches while my back came to a rest against its trunk.

    A light shower of pink petals rained down around me, bringing with them the sweet scent I so often enjoyed during certain times of year.  In fact, as long as I could remember, I had found the smell of them relaxing.  Taking this as a good sign, I cracked open my favorite book and began to read.  I didn’t notice when the breeze began to pick up, carrying with it a much sharper, more wild scent.  I only noticed when the pages of my novel began to flutter and a droplet of moisture landed on my open page.

    Glaring up at the sky, I was annoyed to see storm clouds gathering over my head.  ‘Now just where did those come from?’ I pondered to myself, reluctantly closing my novel again.  I had barely gotten a paragraph in and it looked like I was going to have to leave or risk both me and the novel getting soaked.  Getting to my feet, I stuffed it under the Marilyn Manson t-shirt I was wearing and began to trudge home.  Of course, this was when the sky really decided to open up.

    It was like the Gods themselves had turned on the fire hoses, the wind lashing the rain into my face like razor blades. I shielded my face with my arm as much as possible, yet it didn't help very much at all. Squinting my eyes against the pelting water, I tried to make out where I was going. Unfortunately I couldn't make out much, just blurred shapes. The wind seemed to be trying to blow me in a specific course, the more I fought it the harder it blew at me. Finally it got so bad that I couldn't help but be helplessly blown in a certain direction. It almost felt like I was being blown along an unavoidable course of fate. It was a ridiculous thought but one I couldn't help but have.

    Feeling the earth start to crumble under my sneakers, I stopped and looked at the ground; feeling my heart drop into my stomach when I saw a ledge. It seemed that I had been blown toward a rather unstable cliff. Trying to back away from the quickly crumbling edge, I felt terror well inside me when the gusting wind prevented me from moving. In fact, it started blowing even harder; as if it was trying to push me over the edge. Finding myself moving closer and closer to the edge with no hope of stopping myself, I began to cry.  Tears of fear mixing with the rain flowing down my cheeks. I didn't want to die but I didn't have the strength to fight against the now hurricane strength winds. It almost felt like a strong pair of hands was pushing me instead.

    I was nearly vomiting from my fear, legs collapsing from under me. Still, I was being pushed ever closer to my death. Closing my eyes, I prayed to whatever God I thought would listen as I felt my legs start to go over into the abyss below. Crashing into the cliff below me was a wrathful sea. It almost seemed as if the ocean was hungry for me and the wind was going to be the one to deliver its meal. Uttering the word no over and over into the wind, the words were quickly eaten by the noise of the storm. Letting out a single scream, I was finally sent tumbling into the waiting emptiness. Closing my eyes, I awaited my demise. Feeling my bladder let loose in a hot rush, I plummeted down.

    Next thing I knew, thick clouds were clearing under me instead of angry waves.  Feeling a bit confused as well as faint, I took in the sight of trees closing in on me from below.  I had finally snapped.  I was having a hallucination just before I met my grisly demise.  Feeling myself slipping into unconsciousness, I allowed it; vaguely aware of a blur of red hopping up through the trees and heading toward me.  As my world went black, I felt my midsection hit what felt like a shoulder and I simply knew no more.

    An indeterminate amount of time passed before I started to regain consciousness, the smell of something cooking gradually drawing me back to reality.  Sitting up slowly from the sleeping bag that had been set under me, I rubbed the back of my head as I took in my surroundings.  Once the shock of being alive had worn off, I realized I was in a feudal era dwelling.  Where there should be brick or wood, there was simply clay.  Instead of a stove, there was a cooking fire and there didn’t appear to be any electricity of any kind.  How had I ended up here when I thought I was going to die?

    While I was pondering this, I became aware of footsteps approaching the hut; drawing my gaze to the bamboo door.  While I watched, a gnarled, aged hand gripped the door to swing it aside; allowing a squat, hunched, old woman to enter.  She was dressed in an ancient priestess outfit and had an eyepatch over her right eye.  And the moment I saw her a sense of familiarity shot through me.  Shaking my head to banish the odd thoughts, I closed my eyes and tried to will all of this away.  None of this could really be happening, could it?  There was no way I could be where I thought I was.

    Smiling kindly at me, she sat on her knees beside me to take my hand in hers. “Ah, I see you have awakened. That was quite a fall you had. Are you injured?” asked her kind, elderly voice. Blinking, I could only shake my head. She nodded, patting my knee before she got slowly to her feet.

“My name is Kaede, what is your name?” she asked. A hot flash shot through my body as I heard the all too familiar name. There was no way this could be real. This was all a dream, there was no way I had fallen into a television show.

    “J-jade,” stammered out of me despite my building shock and disbelief.  Any moment, I would snap out of it to find myself in the afterlife.  This was just some crazy dying delusion from too much anime!  It had to be!

    Nodding to show she understood, a vaguely worried expression came over her lined face.  “With the way you just fell out of the sky and your odd attire, I’d guess that you’re a lot like Kagome.  Tell me, are you from the future?” came a question that snapped me firmly out of my denial.  Feeling a bit sick to my stomach, I felt my head nod without my consent.  Already, questions were beginning to swarm around in my head.  Questions I could never ask any of the people I encountered here.

    “I hope you do not mind but, when Inuyasha and the others brought you to me, your clothes were soaked through.  I had to change you into one of my sister’s old kimonos,” continued the voice of the matriarch, her words piercing through the chaos once again.

    Looking down, I saw I had indeed been adorned in a rather baggy miko robe and the front had been yawning open this entire time.  Squeaking, I pulled the cover up to my neck while a flush colored my pale cheeks.  Yet, on the inside, my skin was crawling.  Just the fact I was wearing something that had once belonged to the undead golem wandering around filled me with the urge to gag.  “Er, thanks,” I managed, not wanting to seem ungrateful despite my extreme discomfort.  Simply waving off the gratitude, Kaede smiled at me; something about seeing her in the flesh greatly unsettling me.

    My eyes wandering to take in the thatched roof above me, I fought against my extreme urge to shake my head in denial.  Maybe this entire thing was some sort of dream brought on by an all nighter.  Pinching my arm, I felt my heart stutter to a stop when nothing changed whatsoever.  Pinching again and again, I could feel a frantic panic starting to well up inside me once more.  It was only when I felt an arthritis twisted hand settle over mine that I stopped, my eyes meeting Kaede’s while she carefully removed my appendage from my slightly reddened skin.  “Your old clothes will have dried by now, I will go fetch them along with Kagome. I'm sure having someone from your own time with you will be more of a comfort than I,” she whispered, giving me another kind smile before she was leaving.

    Unfortunately, this left me alone with my thoughts, vibrant eyes moving to the hand she had touched.  The wrinkles of her skin, the gnarles in her knuckles.  All of it had felt too real to be a dream.  That left only one, fantastical probability.  I had somehow fallen through the sky and into an anime.  Just the thought alone would normally think I had gone crazy but it was all I was left with at this moment.  It was only a knock on the doorframe that drew me out of my overwhelmed thoughts.  “Come in,” sighed out of me.

    The bamboo clinked as it slowly slid aside to admit Kagome, Kaede close behind her.  In her arms were the clothes I had been wearing when I had been blown over the cliff.  Just seeing them gave me an unpleasant jolt, goosebumps covering my skin while I shuddered subconsciously.  Giving the young woman beside her a knowing nod, the head of the village set my clothes beside me before leaving me alone with her protege.  “It must be a bit of a shock,” the teen blurted after a moment of silence, startling me slightly out of the numbness that had settled over me.

    Pulling my attire toward me, I nodded mechanically.  Of all the people here, the young girl would come the closest to knowing what I was going through.  Watching as I pulled out my shirt, she turned her back so I could change; a fact I was grateful for.  Being in my own clothes would do worlds to help me feel a bit better, even if I had been wearing them during the event that had led me here.  “Though, it was a shock to us as well when you came plummeting out of the sky. Inuyasha had to jump up and catch you. The impact from your landing would have killed you otherwise. What happened?” came a question I wasn’t quite prepared for but had known was coming.

    “I guess it all started when I went to my favorite spot to read...,” I began, pulling my well worn shirt of my head.

    By the time I was finished telling the story, I was fully dressed and on my feet.  Bending slightly, I gave the young miko’s shoulder a gentle tap to alert her.  Smiling up at me, she got to her feet before placing her small hands on my shoulders.  “You must be here for a reason too.  When we brought you in, Kaede could sense a sleeping power deep inside you.  You just need to be ready to awaken it,” declared her sure voice before she was reaching down to grab my right hand.

    “Until then, I want you to meet my friends,” continued her excited voice before she was leading me outside.

    The sun felt like knives hitting my eyes, making me hiss in pain while I raised a hand to shield them.  Squinting slightly, I made out blurred figures of a small group standing not too far away.  “Mama!” called out the smallest shape before it was barreling toward us.  Blinking rapidly, I had just enough time to make out the red hair of Shippo before he was colliding with his adopted mother.  A scene that would have been a lot cuter if I didn’t know the kit was likely just after sweets.

    That thought sobered me, knocking the smile off my face as I began to feel very alone.  I would never be able to tell any of them the truth of where I had come from.  I would never be able to share the knowledge I had of what was going to happen, not even if it would help them.  Sighing, I used the idea of a hidden power sleeping inside me to distract myself.  Staring down at my hands, I found that hard to believe.  As fas as I knew, there wasn’t a shred of magic inside me.  Still, Kaede was a priestess.  Perhaps she knew something I didn’t.

    Smiling at the pair in front of me, I began to move toward the familiar group with a shy wave.  It was no surprise when Miroku was the first one to step forward, his violet robes swishing around his ankles.  As soon as he got close enough, he was kneeling to take my hand in both his.  It was all I could do to keep the grimace off my face as I predicted what was coming next.  “My dear woman, I would be most honored if you would bear my child,” he purred while I braced myself.

    Sure enough, a solid clonk soon followed; a giant boomerang bouncing off the monk’s thick skull.  Watching while the Slayer dragged him away with a sour expression, a giggle made me aware of Kagome’s presence.  “That’s Sango and Miroku.  They’re always like that,” she explained while I did my best to appear like I was meeting these people for the first time.

    “By the way, this is Shippo.  He’s, well, he’s my adopted son,” she continued, gesturing to the grinning kit currently perched on her shoulder.

    “Pleasure t’meet ya… er….,” he began, faltering when he got to my name.

    “Jade, Jade Stone,” I offered, taking the smaller appendage in my own to give it a small shake.  To my shock, he was hopping onto my shoulder; sniffing my hair while his tail twitched.  It was almost like he was trying to decide if I met his criteria and I found myself standing completely still.

    After a bit, he seemed to deem me worthy of carrying him; nestling into my shoulder while a familiar nekomata came bounding up to us.  Kneeling down so I could get a better look, I saw the adorable face of Kilala looking up at me.  Offering my hand for the youkai to sniff, I was utterly charmed when she simply mewled and licked me instead.  Inwardly melting at how cute she was, I began to scratch her soft ears.  A fact that both Sango and Kagome were surprised by.  “I’ve never seen Kilala warm up to anyone like that,” the taijiya whispered, looking vaguely perplexed.

    Once the fervor was dying down, I was being led to a familiar, crimson clad figure leaning against the trunk of a tree.  Looking in the opposite direction, the pissed looking male seemed like he wasn’t paying us any mind at all.  It was only his tiny, white ears that gave him away, pointing in our direction and twitching with every noise we made.  “This is Inuyasha.  He’s half dog youkai,” Kagome explained, glaring at her companion for being so rude.  Making a dismissive noise in his throat, he allowed his amber eyes to roam over me.  He didn’t look all that impressed.

    “Yeah, yeah that’s great.  Can we get going?  We wasted most of the day waiting for her to wake up,” the ill-tempered hanyou, pointing at me with a claw tipped finger.  The teen next to me shot him daggers while I took a couple steps backward, knowing full well what was going to happen next.

    Sure enough, the inevitable ‘sit’ came from my young companion, the beads flashing around his neck just before the leader of the small group was cratered into the ground. Clapping her hands together in a dismissive motion, she turned to me with a wide grin on her face.  “When you’re feeling better, you can travel with us if you like,” came an offer that filled me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    “L-like Hell,” spat a strained voice from the hole, effectively popping my bubble and hurting my heart.

    During the show’s initial run, I’d had quite a crush on Inuyasha.  Over time, however, I grew to like his brother more.  Though, I would have loved to have had the brash male as a friend.  Something that was looking very unlikely.  Especially with Kagome sitting him again on my behalf.  Still, I had nothing better to do so I simply nodded; smiling weakly while the sixteen year old jumped in excitement.  “Great!  We can have Kaede awaken your powers before we go!” she announced, shifting the focus of my apprehension elsewhere.

    These so called powers were still a source of confusion and I found myself wondering if I could really control them.  Still, I had nothing to lose.  So, I allowed her to lead me around the village; the small group following close behind.  After the tour was over; there was a small meeting and it was decided, after a small argument, that we would stay while I got used to the Feudal Era.  A suggestion I was more than okay with.

    Following them to a quiet area of the forest just outside the village, I helped gather firewood for the camp while Inuyasha went off to hunt something.  While the thought of something being gutted out there turned my stomach, I wouldn’t say no to the food.  Heaven knew when I would have the opportunity to eat again.  After all, it wasn’t like I had any problem with eating meat.  It was just the slaughter method I was having a hang up with.  After all, I doubts  hanyou claw was a very painless way to die.

    Helping Kagome with the fire, I kept one ear out for Inuyasha’s return.  As soon as I heard a branch crack, I was turning to help; taking a few bits of still bleeding meat to skewer.  Placing the bits over the rising flames, I didn’t rest until enough was set up for everyone; wanting to show I could be useful.  I didn’t want to be a burden on these people when they were struggling as it was.  Still, tonight would be chilly.  I didn’t have so much as a blanket and couldn’t very well share the young miko’s sleeping bag.

    After eating, I got up to search for some pine boughs to cover myself with.  While pointy, they would keep me warm.  I only stopped when I felt a clawed hand on my shoulder.  Looking up, I saw the inscrutable, amber gaze of Inuyasha.  Ears tipping backward, he released me long enough to take off his fire rat coat and hand it to me.  Looking up at him, I smiled as I took it.  “Thanks,” I whispered, charmed when he blushed from embarrassment.

    “Dun mention it.  Come back t’camp,” grumbled his midtone before he was practically herding me back to the small group.  Giggling at the feeling of being a sheep with a border collie, I couldn’t help but wonder how the rest of this would go.  Let alone if I would ever make it home.

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