The End In The Beginning

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A/N: Welcome to an epic journey for our sexy couple! This will star all of my favorite couples, and will do doubt be interesting the deeper into it you get! I don’t own Inuyasha, but the plot is all mine! Now I give you the first chapter in my newest creation: The End in the Beginning


********************Chapter 1 – The End in the Beginning***************************

All her thoughts were clouded by red. She saw as it glossily formed around her. She felt it, crushing with every hit she took. She even tasted it, sweetly metallic in her mouth. No longer could she crawl away; most of her bones were broken. She couldn’t even scream anymore. Whether it was because she screamed so much, or because her lungs were filling with blood, she wasn’t sure. The only blessing she had was that after all of the torture she was finally going numb. She could faintly feel his hands as they searched her beaten frame. She could no longer even see the face that was leaning over her mangled body.

I guess this is it then. No savior this time. I am so stupid. I should have known that it would end this way. I should have waited until I was whole. Now I have forced the hand of destiny and ruined its plans. How could he do this? I thought that he really loved me. After everything, I still wasn’t enough. I should have known. Even so, I feel so betrayed. How could I let this happen? At least Shippo won’t have to see me like this. I know Sango and Miroku will take care of him. Gramps and Sota will just think that the well closed, and won’t panic too much. No more fear, Kagome. No more hurt, no more sorrow. Remember their love. Remember their love for me. I will remember love as the last emotion in this life. Love. Goodbye, Mama. I love you.’ As the forest closed in around her the red soon faded into black claiming all that was there, including the young woman, Kagome Higurashi.

**************Earlier That Day********************

The blaring sounds of steel clashing against steel echoed off of the stonewalls that made up the large inner chamber. Miroku, Sango and Kagome entered this part of the castle just in time to see the fierce battle that was raging between the evil spider Naraku, and Inuyasha their pack leader and friend.  Towards the wall opposite of their entrance way lay an unconscious Kikyo, looking as if she was struck severely with a tentacle due to a gaping hole in her in her side. As they traded blow for blow, they were also hurling insults at one another to goad them into attacking recklessly. So far, it seemed a feat being accomplished by Naraku as he consistently made the inu-hanyo lose concentration.

“Is that all the power you can muster, Inuyasha?” said the smug looking Naraku as he dodged a swipe from the Tetseiga.

“Why don’t you just shut the hell up and die you bastard!” Inuyasha screamed out as he slashed though tentacles that were making a beeline towards him.

 “No, I think it would be in your best interest to die now. It will spare you from witnessing what I have planned for your precious priestesses.” Naraku stated and stole a lecherous glance towards both Kagome and a fallen Kikyo and seductively licked his upper lip.


Inuyasha ferociously swung tetseiga at Naraku unleashing the wind scar. Naraku quickly erected a barrier that engulfed the attack and spat it back out at him and the vicious fight continued. The newly entered trio took up positions to back up Inuyasha when Kagome realized that Kikyo was lying to close to the battle. Knowing that if left there she would be in great danger she rushed over to her in an attempt to both move and heal her. After all, two priestesses would be better than one.

As she approached Kikyo, Naraku positioned himself in front of Kagome so that when Inuyasha unleashed another attack he would critically injure her. A sick smile played across his wickedly handsome face as his plan worked. The inu-hanyo carelessly threw another attack in his direction without thinking it through.

Hearing Inuyasha’s battle call for the wind scar, Kagome looked to her right and saw Naraku quickly dodge and leave her in the trajectory of the powerful attack. Just as it was about to hit her, she managed to erect a barrier to keep her safe.

‘Shit!! That was a really close one! Inuyasha must not of realized I was there because he was so focused in battle. But still! I’m going to SIT him to Hell after this is over with!’ With that thought in mind, Kagome ran to Kikyo and carried her back to where the others were.

They were all in pretty bad shape after fending off the hoards of demons outside. Sango’s usual attire had turned from pink to a deep burgundy from all of the blood and was torn in many places. Her face was protected with her mask, but she was covered in deep cuts and no doubt had bruises to go with them and Kirara was looked positively feral with her crème colored fur covered in blood. Miroku’s robes had also been slashed everywhere and the purple was turned black. His sleeves had been torn apart during the fray, and his arms had large bruises and gashes from the enemies weapons.

She herself looked like hell. Her hair was up in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face as she fought, but it had clumps of dried blood stuck to it. Her blue and silver cheongsam was now looked black and had slashes all over it. She had long ago shed her school uniform in favor of these kinds of dresses because they were more practical for their kinds of adventures. Short and slit at the sides, they allowed for excellent movement. She also refused to wear miko robes and traditional kimonos, so they were the next best thing. Looking at her legs she noticed all of the cuts and remembered how hard they had all fought to get into the castle.

Thankfully Lord Sesshomaru arrived and was lending some assistance to everyone’s shock. He intended to kill Naraku as well, but seeing as the hoards were in the way, he decided to make quick work of them with his Bakusaiga. Koga and his wolves were helping them as well. It was a gruesome fight, but thankfully when they were done, they made it into the castle without meeting up with Kohaku, Kagura or Kanna; another large relief. They had to assume they had died in battle like all of Naraku’s other incarnations. The thought of Kohaku dead was not pleasant, but at least Sango knew that he was with their parents and their village. It lent her a peace that she sorely needed.

Once she got Kikyo with the rest of the group, she quickly used her powers to heal as many of their wounds as possible so they could assist Inuyasha. By the looks of it he really needed some help. Just then, there was a massive aura that entered into the room. He stood majestically, looking like he had not just fought off an army outside only a few short moments ago. His silver hair was not even tangled, and there was so sign of fatigue in him anywhere. His golden eyes looked on as his half-brother fought desperately with his enemy.

“Lord Sesshomaru, thank you for helping us.” Kagome said as she bowed her head in a sign of respect.

He did not even acknowledge her statement before rushing back into battle. ‘That, that, ugh! He is such a jerk. Why does such an arrogant ass have to have the looks of a delicious god dipped in… OOK…SOOO not the time to be thinking about that, agh!’ She turned her attention towards her healing and soon they were all in the battle doing whatever they could to help the two Inu brothers. Just as it seemed like they would all be doomed Kagome snuck up on the left side of Naraku and lunged at him, embracing him tightly around his chest. She ignored the pain from his spikes as they dug into her flesh and used all of the power she could call forth to purify him.

She glowed a bright pink and it slowly began to break down his purple aura and engulf the darkness around them. Soon the entire castle was glowing with her power. As it worked to expel the evil Naraku from this world, it was simultaneously healing everyone else in the chamber. Knowing that he was doomed, Naraku wanted to at least take Kagome down with him. He managed to slash his claws across her back hoping to inflict some major damage but to his terror, she did not even flinch or make a noise. Her reiki was so strong she healed instantly from his attack. His face twisted in silent horror before he let out a blood-curdling scream while his body slowly turned into ashes.


Sesshomaru watched as the miko Kagome snuck up on her unsuspecting prey using cat like stealth to effectively approach Naraku. He saw her power surge to life all around her body and then how she slammed them into Naraku’s chest with a bear hug, using all of her reiki against him. He knew right then that there was no escape for the fiend and that their mission was finally accomplished. He watched as the filthy spider hanyo dissolved into dust and was whisked away by the wind.

With no other reason to stay, the Lord of the West turned on his heel and left. That was when he got the sudden feeling that he should wait to see the Shikon ordeal taken care of. As a Daiyoukai he knew that his instincts were to be trusted, however he brushed them aside knowing that the living miko would take care of it. She, unlike his halfwit half-brother, was competent when it came to objectivity. That and the other members of their pack were also loyal to the cause and would see to the results.


Finally, after several heartaches and many pains, Naraku was dead. He was gone, and he was never going to come back. Kagome knelt down and grabbed the completed jewel, purifying it as well. Everyone just stood still in shock as they watched Kagome’s slow movements as she combined the shards and purified the Shikon no Tama. Sango was the first one to break the silence.

“…he’s gone. He’s gone! We did it! You did it Kagome!” Sango screamed and ran to her side and gave her a strong hug as she laughed giddily.

Miroku hesitantly removed the beads from his cursed hand, and looked at it. Nothing was there. There was no wind tunnel. The curse had been lifted. He ran to Sango and grabbed her shoulders, turned her around and locked her into a passionate kiss. As he touched her face with his once cursed hand, he pulled her close to him with the other. Breaking for a breath, Miroku pressed his forehead to hers and looked her in the eyes.

“Sango, would you do this fool of a monk the great honor of being my wife, my love, and the mother of my children?”

“Miroku, you know that I will!” She blushed and cried and hugged him, allowing him to fondle her backside, just this one time.


Inuyasha had run strait to Kikyo as soon as Kagome turned Naraku into powder. Kagome saw them holding each other as she knelt down to take up the jewel. Thankfully Sango’s outburst distracted her from the pain of watching Inuyasha holding her incarnation closely to his chest. Eyes going soft at the tender moment between her two now officially engaged friends, she looked around the room. She did not see Sesshomaru there anymore, but that was not exactly unexpected. Satisfied from the job well done, she clutched the newly purified jewel to her chest and passed out.

“Kagome!” Sango screamed and gathered her into her arms.

“She is no doubt exhausted. Inuyasha, we should take her to Lady Kaede’s at once.” Miroku told the hanyo.

“Just put her on the fire-cat! She will snap out of it eventually. I need to take care of Kikyo, she is hurt!” Inuyasha spat out at them.

“She just saved all of our lives Inuyasha, how can you be so cold!?!” Sango shouted back at him.

“I didn’t need her help or anyone else’s. It was her choice to do what she did so she has to deal with the consequences.”

“Baka!! You are such a completely selfish idiot!!”

“Fuck you slayer!”

“How about you go fuck yourself half-breed!”

“Calm down Sango, please, lets just go and leave him be. Kagome needs us and arguing isn’t going to help.” Miroku told the demon slayer and they quickly climbed upon Kirara and left, taking Kagome with them.

Once they were out of hearing range, the supposedly still injured Kikyo opened her eyes completely and sat up in the inu-hanyo’s lap completely pain free. Running her fingers through Inuyasha’s thick white mane, she leaned forwards and placed a light kiss on his lips. Pulling away slightly she looked into his eyes.

“Inuyasha, do you have any doubts.” Kikyo asked

“I would never have any doubts when it comes to you. I love you Kikyo.”

“Good. Now let’s go collect the rest of my soul and claim our wish.”

Inuyasha then claimed her mouth in a passionate kiss that promised an even more intimate ending. She returned it in fervor and thought of how much more pleasure they will be able to have once she had a real body. Sure, they still were able to satisfy each other in her current state, but nothing would be better than caressing one another with warm, real flesh. ‘I will have my body back, and he will be mine. You will not take him from me Kagome.’  

A/N: So how’d you like it? Pretty intense and mainly a starting point of all the greatness to come. Kikyo is dark in this one, and it will serve us very well for this story. Stay tuned for love, betrayal, and shameless lemony smutt! Don’t forget to read and review!!


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