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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or the characters from it, it is the property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story

Summary: For a year Kagome felt like she was in a fog and after almost made the mistake of marrying Koga. Can Kagome and Inuyasha figure out who is after her and why? Now that the fog has lifted will Kagome and Inuyasha finally become mates like they were destined to?

A/N Welcome to my story! It’s the first one I have written in a long time and I hope you enjoy it. I don’t have a Beta so if anyone notices any major mistakes please let me know and I will fix them. I used to write on fanfiction.net about ten years ago under a different pen name. I stopped when I lost my confidence but I am back. I hope to update once every week or so. This story is set in modern day Japan with Kagome and Inuyasha being in their mid 20’s. I will be using some of my own character’s, along with Inuyasha character’s.  Anyway on to the story!

Chapter 1 Out of the Fog

Kagome ran down the street in the pouring rain. Her feet slapped against the wet cement after losing one of her shoes she kicked the other heel off and kept running. Her lungs were burning and bangs clung to her face but she didn’t dare stop. Her beautiful princess wedding gown felt like lead around her ankles, the layers now weighed down with water. She was soaked to the bone and was starting to shiver in the cold even though it was the end of May. the evenings were still chilly but she would not stop till she got as far away from the wedding venue as possible. Cursing herself for not grabbing her overnight bag that had her wallet, phone and change of clothes from the bridal suite. She had been about to marry her high school sweetheart, Koga, she had just graduated college a month ago and he had been pressuring her for a while to finally marry since he had graduated a year earlier. She figured it was his father pushing for it to marry a Higurashi was a powerful alliance for him. She had been unsure and her heart told her it wasn't the right choice that she shouldn’t be doing it but she went through with it anyway because she was scared of Kouga. Only her best friend's Sango, Miroku and Inuyasha had told her to follow her heart instead. Inuyasha had refused to attend the wedding, now she was wishing he had.

She had been such a fool to not see through Koga's act,the spell he had on her had finally broken and she bolted. Looking back she should have seen the signs, he staying late to "study" with his lab partner when he was still in university. The late nights he spent at the office and him hiding his phone from her it was all starting to add up. Accusing her of cheating with Inuyasha, this was his way of keeping her from being suspicious. Then the last year he had started to act strange, he was aggressive, rude often down right mean towards her. The last 6 months is when the abuse had turned physical. The next morning he would apologize and give her an expensive gift, bought with his father’s money, and she would forgive him because he promised it was just stress and that he loved her. She couldn't believe how foolish she had been, she felt like she had been in a fog for the last year and now she could see clearly again. Thinking back to the scene that had just unfolded caused her body to shudder. She thanked the kami for the rain as that would allow her to get away and her scent untraceable to a demons nose. She turned the corner and a sudden jolt had her spinning to the ground. She prepared for the fall but two strong arms wrapped around her.

" Just as clumsy as always Kagome." His deep voice sent her heart racing. She looked up into a set of golden eyes. They were full of emotions, the strongest being concern. God she trusted this man.

" Inuyasha." She sighed as he scooped her up and held her close to his chest. " How did you find me?" She asked as he turned and walk back a few block to the street to where his Mercedes Benz was parked. 

" Miroku called and told me that bastard tried to hurt you and you ran out without any of your stuff. As soon as he told me which direction you had gone I jumped in my car to search for you. To be honest I was at a bar not too far from here hoping you would call to tell me you changed your mind and needed an escape." He looked down at the precious woman in his arms.

After tonight he would never let her go. He should have stepped in sooner but he had been afraid of losing Kagome completely she had been pulling away from him the past year, distancing herself and he couldn’t figure out why. Well not anymore, he could see more clarity in her eyes in this moment then he had in months.

The last year of college Inuyasha had been through a bad break up with his girlfriend after he realized she was only using him for his money. His father and mother had built a rather large business empire that by the time he was born his mother didn't really have to work anymore but she still did. Now his parents were both retired and traveling the world. His half-brother Sesshomaru currently ran the company and Inuyasha would be joining the company full time once he was done university. It was a couple months after that breakup he noticed Kagome's feelings for him. It was the little things, the way she smiled at him a smile that truly reached her eyes, the little touches and the laugh she only reserved for him. He was in love with her and she loved him, he just didn't realize till it was almost too late. 

He had been blinded since high school by Kikyo and he was the reason Kagome had started dating Koga.  He pushed her to date since he had been so happy and in love with Kikyo. If he only realized what he had been pushing his best friend into he never would have. If he had only realized Kagome loved him back then, he never would have dated anyone else. He thought she only liked him as a friend and started dating Kikyo because she looked like Kagome and to fill the void in his heart. He opened the door to his car and gently place Kagome inside. He grabbed the emergency blanket from the first aid kit in the truck and wrapped it around her. He jumped in the front seat making sure she was buckled in and sped off down road to get onto the highway. 

" Inuyasha, where-" Kagome started to ask. She twisted her fingers together. She was a bundle of nerves, her heart was racing and she was sweating but also shivering.

" I am taking you to my family's cabin. Sango will drop your stuff off in the morning but he won't know to look for you there." The last part he spat out, his eyes flashing red for a moment, he hadn't fought for control of his demon in years. But tonight he was having a hard time. Faint purple strips couldn't be seen across his cheeks. 

" Oh." Kagome looked out the window not knowing how to thank him. She had no idea what she would have done. She loved his family's cabin and spent many nights there with Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku growing up. A silence fell over them as neither knew what to say in that moment. Inuyasha glanced her way and noticed that she was shaking. He figured she might be in shock and how pale she actually looked scared him.

" Kagome are you ok?" He grabbed her hand under the blanket and stroked his thumb over it. 

" Inuyasha I almost married that monster. It’s like this year I was under a spell. I ignored all the awful things happening, I didn’t fight back or leave and just felt lost in a haze." Her voice sounded so small. It was at that moment she realized what her future would have been.

" Oh god, I'm going to be sick." She whipped the blanket off her and unbuckled her seat belt. Inuyasha just barely got his car pulled over before she heaved the door open and emptied her stomach on the gravel. Inuyasha was out of the car and over to her side, he held her shoulders and supported her weight.  

" It's going to be ok. I am here and I will never let Koga hurt you again Kagome. I swear on my life." Inuyasha rubbed her back as she got her breathing back under control. She looked at him and tried to form a response but the words were lost. He smiled and pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She leaned into his touch and he helped her get settled back into the car. It wasn’t too long after that she fell asleep.

A couple hours later they were at his family's cabin deep in the mountains. They owned over a 100 acres of land so the closest neighbor was miles away. The cabin itself wasn't so much a cabin then a mansion log home. It had 8 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a beautiful rustic interior, and was completely off the grid. The cold water came from an artesian well, while the hot was geothermal, which also supplied the heat for the in floor heating, along with a natural gas furnace and multiple wood fire places. The electricity came from the solar panels that lined the roof, along with water turbine system that was set up in the nearby river. It was technological marvel honestly. It took his parents 7 years to complete it but the end result was worth it. It was their safe haven away from the world and most people didn’t even know it existed. Wards of intent surrounded the property, they were similar to the ones that surround The Higurashi shrine, they sense some ones intent, rather than if they were demon or not. So people with spiritual powers, demons, and animals that had a good soul could enter the grounds. For regular human they had a top of the line security system that was upgrades two a year.

Inuyasha pulled up the long drive way as the gate was already open after his car had passed through the gate closed and the wards protecting the land became active. He called ahead to their care taker who lived on the property in a house of his own with his family to let him know he was coming with Kagome. His family compensated the groundskeeper considerably well to take care of the property all year round. They had 15 acres that were their own to do with what they want but had all the luxuries as the main house as Inuyasha's father couldn't repay them enough in his mind for taking care of the family private estate. 

Shippo's family were kitsunes and big crew they were 10 children all ranging from ages 8 to 23. Shippo was the oldest son of his parents and took on the role of main groundskeeper 3 months so his father could spend more time with his younger siblings. He had gone to school for a couple different trades so he could learn to take care of the property in every way like his father did. They would never allow a stranger onto the grounds to fix something unless absolutely necessary. He was currently building a small house of his own for him and his future mate Abigail. She was also a kitsune but from America. Shippo had met her while travelling two summers ago and they instantly fell in love. For a year they were just good friends, when she found a job teaching English in Japan she jumped at the opportunity to be near him. It was then Shippo asked her to be his girlfriend. After a year of dating Shippo asked her to be his mate and she moved from the city where she had been teaching to be with him and his family. She loved taking care of the little ones and took over homeschooling duties from Shippo's mother.

Kagome awoke to being lifted out of the car. She wanted to raise her head and look at those golden eyes but instead relished in the feelings of being held this gentle by the man she secretly loved for years. She heard Shippo, who was also one of their friends, he gasped at the sight of Kagome. She was guessing the rain had washed away the makeup was covering her bruised body. 

" Inuyasha how-" he couldn't even finished the question as he tore his gaze from her battered body to look Inuyasha in the eyes which were rimmed red.

" Come by tomorrow afternoon when Sango and Miroku get here and we will talk." Inuyasha's voice was stern but gentle. 

" Ok, the kitchen is stocked, linens fresh and you know you call the house whenever if you need something." Shippo said stopping to look at his dear friend once more. 

" She loves your mothers baking, maybe see if you can make her something for breakfast." Inuyasha replied staring down at the woman in his arms.

" No problem, see you tomorrow then. Be strong Kags." He whispered as he touched her arms softly before walking out the door shutting it behind him. 

" I guess that means you know I'm awake." Kagome sighed as Inuyasha carried her up the stairs to his room.

 " It's ok. Let's get you a hot bath and a change of clothes. Since you are a weak human you are bound to get sick if not." His pathetic attempt at a joke made her giggle softly. 

His room was exactly how she remembered it from last year. A large 4 poster bed in the middle of the back wall, the wood a dark chocolate brown contrasted the light blue walls well. A night table was on each side with reading laps. To the left of the bed was a large dresser with a big mirror in the same color. To the right of the bed two French doors led outside to a balcony. In the corner opposite the door was an entertainment section, complete with two plush chairs, a 50 inch TV and a bookshelf filled with books. Kagome loved his room and whenever they came here she always shared his room with him. It was a tradition since they were children. Their parents had been good friends and when her father died in a sudden car accident her mother took over his position on the supreme council.

So Kagome and her bother Sota spent most of their summers with Inuyasha here in the mountains. Her mother was a powerful woman and needed to know her children were safe when she was away for business and school was out. They couldn't stay at the family shrine the whole summer as it was too much for Kagome's grandfather. So Inuyasha's mom offered to take off the summers to watch the kids and took them to the mountains. Inuyasha sat her down on the bed and left to run a bath for her. She slowly eased herself off the bed and a stabbing pain shot up her leg. She yelped and leaned back against the bed.  In an instant he was by her side, and lifted her back in the bed. He could smell her blood. He got down on his knees and made his way through the layers of her dress and found a cut on her ankle. Her feet weren't in the best of shape either but only her ankle was bleeding. She must have rolled it when she banged into him and never noticed.

" Kagome we need to get you out of this thing so I can fix you up before you get in the bath." His face blushed as he realized just what that meant. ' Kami, keep it together, she needs you right now.' He berated himself. 

" Just cut the damn thing off. Then throw it out or burn it or whatever I don't care.” Kagome answered quietly. 

" You sure?" He searched her eyes for the answer and found what he was looking for. 

He sent his powers to his claws and slowly starter to slice down the middle of her dress bodice. She shivered as she felt the tight material slowly loosen, revealing the lace white bustier she wore underneath. He sliced the bodice completely open and knew she would easily be able to step out of it with his help. 

" Hold on a sec, I will grab your robe." He got up and went to the adjoining bathroom. Which was what some people would call a spa bathroom. It had a large two person shower with a rain shower head, plus a steam function and wall jets, also a handheld shower head for washing off. To the right of that was a hidden room where a toilet was. On the wall to left was a double sink vanity and a large soaker tub was in the corner. Another door led to the walk in closet. Inuyasha quickly turned off the tub and grab Kagome's pink fluffy robe from the closet and walked back out to see she hadn't moved. 

" Let's do this without causing you too much pain so I am going to help you stand on one foot, let the dress slip down and get you in the robe and then I will take you to the washroom and heal you before putting you in the tub. Sound good?" Inuyasha asked. 

She nodded her head and blushed. Sure he had seen her half naked before but now things were different. They both knew that. Inuyasha did exactly what he said he was going to do. Once she had the robe on and tied around her he lifted her to the bathroom and sat her on the little bench that was next to the tub. He took her ankle in his hand and examined it a little closer. He suspected it was sprained but would have to get Shippo’s sister who was training as a nurse to look at it. The cut wasn't too deep and was barely bleeding anymore. He slowly brought her ankle to face and took a long swipe with his tongue. The taste of her blood instantly set his blood on fire and his heart pounding. Kagome herself took a sharp breath in. It was a strange but welcoming feeling of his tongue licking her wound. This wasn't the first time he had done this for her, nor the second or 100th time. He did this for her all the time growing up. He wasn't joking when he said she was clumsy. She spent more time falling and getting scrapes, cuts and bruises growing up then she did on her feet.

The first time Inuyasha had healed her, she had been amazing by it. They were only kids and both so innocent. Now it was just second nature he would heal her but knowing what she knew now about demons and their nature she knew that this meant more than just healing her to Inuyasha. He saw her more than just a close friend. She wasn't sure she was ready for such things but she would be as open and honest as she could be with him. The pain slowly started to subside to just a pleasurable tingle. She sighed blissfully as he put her ankle back down. 

" Well the cut is healed but I think you sprained it pretty bad. I can't heal that." His ears dropped at the site of the bruising and swelling around her ankle. He got up and lifted her to the side of the tub and made sure she had her valence before letting go. 

" Inuyasha you have done more healing tonight then the years I spent with Koga." She gave him a reassuring smile. 

" Well I will leave yo-" 

" Wait!" Kagome practically yelled as he turned to leave. " Please don't go, I just can't be alone right now. I trust you to behave." She whispered finally after a short pause. 

A/n: Well I hope you enjoyed that first chapter, please let me know what you think! AndreaSky


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