Forbidden Tryst

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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and I make no money from this story.

Disclaimer  I do not own Inuyasha and I make no money from this story this disclaimer followers for the  whole story


Tryst - a private, romantic rendezvous between lovers



       Five days prior



They had been on the move again another service was requested and the payment from this hunt was the biggest the group had ever encountered. The previous villages were in shambles--men and women had gathered the little they were able to salvage and headed east towards the mountains where rumour of a relief camp was promised --aside from this one of their own was captured in the ordeal or so they assumed. 

Grabbing their stallions yet again after a stop at a passing inn the three figures mounted their horses while one handed and strapped weapons alongside the leather harness attachments. It was almost dawn and they were determined to continue this search --their friends life depended on it.

"Miroku dont forget to load the bow and the three jade purity arrows. If this bastard is powerful enough to capture Kagome then we will need to use all three on it inevitable".  A strong yet feminine called out to her male counterpart---the male nooded and did as ordered. 

"Where do you think he took her, I mean its been at least five days since we last saw her Sango" Miroku asked uncertain. 

Frowning slightly he thought back to the prior events as he loaded the weapons. They had just finished another assignment and had managed to hunt and eliminate a pack of wolf demons which had been feasting off of the Tai fishing village . The large village resided off of the coast of the great Edo lake and was bountiful it supplied most of Japans fishing produce and meats especially in the dry seasons .

Because of this the damage by the wolf pack affected the whole town drastically and their intervention was needed--unfortunately although they were able to kill the majority of the pack somehow the leader had escaped.   It was Kohakus voice that rang throughout the long silence he too was uncertain of their friends current situation and judging from the trail they had lost of the wolf male yesterday he doubted they could find her in time.

They looked out for one another and were not easily perturbed when faced with assignments such as this however this time was different-- the leader of the whole operation was missing--Kagome.

"If it is that wolf pack leader whom escaped that took her then Sango I doubt she is still alive. It will be a miracle if we even find her-- you saw what happened back there. He has a sacred shard in his legs with his speed theres no telling where he could have taken her--" 

"I have to believe that she is alive" Sango voiced loudly. It wasnt as if she didnt have her doubts, she knew that Kagome at the very moment could have been torn apart and left for food or worst by the pack leader. After all they had just slaughtered the majority of his wolf group not to mention a pregnant female wolf which could have been the leaders companion and wolf pup for all she knew.

"And if we find her and she not alive what then" her brother retorted back angrily. Wiping away the tear which had managed to escape his brown orbs swiftly. "It will all be in vain--."

Lifting her hand to silence whatever else her brothers words had promised she regained her composure before speaking.

"If shes not alive then-- we will retrieve whatever is left of her remains--and the remnants of the hunters society will honor her by giving her a proper burial. This is the way Kohakku--it has always been the way now let us try to cover more grounds before it gets dark again"

Facing her brother breifly she jerked the reigns of her brown horse harshly and led the small group into the large clearing.

The sound of the horses loud hoofs could be heard trampling throughout the muddy forest--  throdding throughout wet terrains and pausing for any signs or trace of any demons footprints the group continued on with their search

Kagome just hang in there until we find you.  Sango thought determined. She was once a solo trained demon slayer whom had earned her wages fighting miniature youkais safe guarding villages upon their request. Business however had became demanding and there was only so much her and her brother could do-- because of this she sought out Kagomes group and eventually the two collaborated forming what was known as The Hunters Society.

Kagome was the leader of the group since she had founded the idea as well as the weapons the groups used. Aside from this she was the most powerful priestess alive and known to the Edo village.

Her skills and knowledge had been passed down to a few of her students some whom had been killed in their pursuit to safe guard the hunters grounds three months ago.

Apparently while they were away on a hunt  a larger canine looking youkai had stumbled upon the grounds it had seemed to have lost it way and was  trying to avoid confrontation. One of her students was not aware of the youkais intentions and had managed to put a Jade arrow to its side--this caused the outburst and inevitable the pupils demise as well as a few others.

Kagome had been devastated about the news and in her rage she swore to kill the creature and had sought out the inu youkai over the months time-- after returning she somehow had never been the same.

She would often leave the group without communicating about her whereabouts then she would then return at day break melancholy or distort   On days that they had no assignments she would venture off and return the same way. She would appear to be happy at first but then the sadness would over take her once more.

And the days that she was around she kept to herself mostly. Sango thought that perhaps her failure in her retribution where capturing the canine demon was concerned had caused this much stress or rather disappointment in the onna.

To whom is responsible much was given and no doubt the pressures of being a leader was hard. She would know because if anything happened to Kagome she would be next in command--already she had to bear the burden of early leadership.

Kagome we will find you--where ever you are  Sango thought sadly as the four rode throughout the forest hopeful that today would not be another disappointment.



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