Duty, Choice and Honor

BY : Lady_Demonia
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It was done. With one last wish, the spider hanyo and the Jewel which InuYasha had so wished to use to become a full yoki were no more. The Miko slumped on the ground before him, tired from the fight they had just fought and the emotional toll it had on her. She cried out at the sadness she had witnessed at the end and the history she had lived thru. For once, the dog eared boy simply stood behind her, arms folded within his sleeves. He understood her reaction. The fate they had almost lost her to. The last battle had been hard on everyone, even more so on Kagome.

InuYasha was relieved he did not lose the girl from the future to a prison of stone. Hell, he was still in awe that none of his friends had died. It all seemed so surreal to the hanyo. Despite the ache he still felt in his heart for the final loss of Kikio, he was truly content at this moment. Life could finally move forward.

He could see his brother in the distance clearly checking over the human child he had taken to traveling with. It warmed his heart some to see the bastard caring that deeply towards someone for once. Maybe he couldn't be a part of his brothers life, but it comforted him to realize that the DeYokai did indeed have a heart.

To the side of him he noticed as the taja and monk shed tears of joy at the curse which threatened Miroku's hand being lifted and he smiled lightly, but the time to simply watch was over. Slowly inuYasha leaned over, placing his hands gently on the girl from the futures shoulders before speaking in a soft and caring voice. "Oi, you gonna to be alright Kagome?"

He noticed as his brother looked over to him, eyes showing a hint of loathing, but no words were spoken as the lord stood, beckoning his ward to follow him back to the human village as Kagome turned to the hanyo, wrapping her arms around him. She buried her head into him as she cried quietly. That was fine, he did not need his brothers kindness, it was enough that the demon no longer yearned for his death. He could be content with this.

When Kagome was finally well enough to stand, InuYasha helped her to her feet. As he started his way back to the village, the rest of his group filed in behind him without a word. They were all tired from the fight; now was a time for rest and healing.

Within their first few steps back to Edo, InuYasha felt a tug at his sleeve. Looking down he met eyes with the tired miko. "Take me home, please. I'll come visit in a few days I just..."
InuYasha wrapped his arm around her back as he took her hand in his other. He understood, it had been a lot for the girl. "It's alright Kagome, I'll take you home, I'm sure your family will be happy to know it's all over now and you're safe."

She nodded her head as he offered his back for her to crawl onto. "Oi, You guys go on ahead, I'll meet up once I drop Kagome off." Once Kagome was holding tightly, he was off, bounding to the well to see her home. Unfortunately, that was not to be. As the two of them jumped into the well there was no magic to greet them. This time, as the Miko broke down in tears, InuYasha found he did not know how to handle it, a rock forming in the pit of his stomach.


It had been quite a change that the group of shard hunters went through after the death of Naraku. InuYasha watched on as the young girl from the future mourned and fought against the closing off the well to no avail, and finally accepted her fate, choosing to train with the Miko Kaede. It had taken her two months to move forward, but he supposed it was not that long at all considering what all the girl lost.

With Kagome's will to move forward put in place, InuYasha watched the kit move on himself, choosing to travel to the Katsune school to train. Shippo had always tried to put too much on his own shoulders, and it was likely that he was unwilling to move on before he was sure Kagome had left most of her sadness behind.

Four months ago, the hanyo watched his friend Moroku and Sango marry and the joy that came with it. Now though, seven months since the destruction of the Shikon Jewel, the winds seemed to be shifting once again, and InuYasha was fairly sure it was not for the better.

InuYasha and Moroku were traveling down the dirt road, traveling back to their village from freeing yet another town from the influence of some minor no-name demon. InuYasha hefted the sack he was carrying higher onto his shoulder as the Monk watched the path ahead, clearly deep in his own troubled contemplations.

The hanyo's voice rings out across the silence between them, slightly cracking "What? That's been the seventh one this month, hasn't it?"

"You are correct my friend... and I had been under the impression that the four we dealt with last month was an unusually large number."

"So, I'm not the only one who thinks things are getting bad again?"

"Indeed InuYasha. Though with the destruction of the sacred jewel, I am not sure what is bringing them all out in these sorts of numbers?"

The boy huffs as he halls their parcel higher onto his shoulder "beets me." his eyes clearly displaying his worry for a moment.

Moroku chuckles a bit, patting the large bag on InuYasha's shoulder; "I cannot complain to much, now can I. What ever it is happens to be very good for busniss!"

InuYasha mumbles under his breath "damn greedy hoshi... next time I should make you carry the reward home."

That night. InuYasha wakes from a dead sleep, a chill going up his spine. At first he is unaware of what caused it but in a moment he picks up a soft scent like turned over earth, old fire wood and the soft muck of river moss all covered in the smell of wet.

InuYasha stands up on the branch he had been sleeping on, careful not to make a sound before beginning to jump from branch to branch in search of whatever disturbed him tonight.  He stops once he is nearly on top of the scent, dropping down into the underbrush bellow determined to get a good look at whatever disturbed him from slumber and gave him this uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He only has to shift the bushes lightly to get a view of what woke him. before him was a procession of beings far too peculiar to be humans. there before him where small lights in the night no bigger than his fists, darting and weaving like koi as they flew forward, with them were what appeared to be a small procession of beautiful women all dressed in white and covering their faces with their sleeves as they wailed and cried softly into the night, their hair dripping water as they passed. Behind that was the fairly typical procession of different sized disembodied heads floating in mass as they followed the women, hair becoming like smoke behind them as the silently followed. interspersed between them seemed to be plant like yoki. small and knobby and sprouting bits of vegetation here and there as they oddly shuffled along. What ever this was, It was no war party. No where in there mists could he find a single weapon and any men he did find in the group were clearly lacking any strength and definition one would associate with a fighter or even a raider. The only intent he could get off of the group was a sense of sorrow, an aimlessness and the tart scent of dread and worry.

Slowly, InuYasha backed farther away from the travelers, wanting nothing more than to get away. His curiosity being squelched had managed to leave him with a greater sense of dread than he had when he had first awoken.

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