The Young and Defiant

BY : Azure.Zink
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"Hello I'm your host Tom Filan here with The Young and Defiant!" The TV talk show host exclaimed. Golden eyes glanced over at the large flat screen as the person they belonged to readied themselves for another day. "Let me tell you now everyone, these three-young people are definitely young, and without a doubt defiant! Against the odds of their different stances in the world they have come out to be one of the most successful bands of the decade. Tell me, how has it been these past 7 years, tearing up the scene.

A young shiro inu-hanyou beamed at the question, "I hadn't ever thought we'd get this far. It's more than I could've ever hoped for!" The golden eyes became glued to the screen, glued to the fanged smile of the lead singer of The Young and Defiant.

A tanned arm was thrown around Inuyasha's shoulder as he whispered something into the triangle appendages on top of the hanyou's head. "We…we actually have an announcement to make…and it's a really difficult one." The three beings looked at one another before Inuyasha continued. The golden eyes stopping all preparations as they watched intently. "We're actually approaching a Youkai Cycle, we have to go on a bit of a hiatus." Gasps and outcries could be heard in the studio. "It's not a complete hiatus, just…no tours until we complete this part of our education. We'll do it together and have a blowout celebration with all new music!"

The golden eyed being was frozen in place, he was considering the age of the band members and which cycle they were entering. "We're just hoping our fans will stay with us. We even plan to do a few shows during our breaks." The wolf, Kouga added.

Cutting the TV off, the golden eyed being went to the stairs where he was greeted by the maids of his family home. "Prince Sesshomaru."

Not sparing them a glance the Lord Sesshoumaru continued his way to the dining room where his mother and father sat waiting. "You're late." His mother commented coldly. Not bothering to respond, he ignored her icy stare as he sat and began to eat. "Unacceptable."

"Mother be calm. I will be gone within a day and you'll be free from me for a few years once more." He deadpanned.

His mother, the Lady Shayou, balked at her son. "The disrespect." She was cut off by a rough laugh from Lord Touga, the current Inu no Taisho. The lord was a king, literally. The family ruled over a large expansion of land, home to the shiro Inu clans, the only mammal youki able to transform into a greater form. Sesshomaru and his mother watched the Lord, too cold to share in the mirth.

"I will miss this tension between you two. I find it utterly refreshing." Touga ended his laughter while wiping at a few tears. "What had you so distracted my son? You are always quite punctual."

Sesshomaru felt unease enter in gut as he couldn't lie to his father but he didn't want to hear his mother go on a tirade about half-demons, smelling wolves, and Ethereal Humans. Suppressing the sigh that was building in his gut, "A band I like, The Young and Defiant, had an announcement to make about the future of the band. They're going into a Youki Cycle and will be on hiatus for the duration." He stated coolly. Touga nodded his head while Shayou watched her son with disapproval.

"Is that the band you're always listening to? Isn't the lead singer a InuHanyou?" His father asked, "I worry about that child. Most people tend to raise their children here in the lands. Hanyou or not."

"I don't think his mother is Inu." Sesshomaru commented quietly.

"Well alright, I'm elated that you have interests aside from your studies. Have you packed?"

"Yes father."

The family of three continued to eat in silence. When the meal was finished, the young lord returned to his rooms, full of suitcases and empty shelves. He glanced at the CD's he'd been gifted over the years but only one stood out. The band's first album, self-named in all its glory stood out amongst the many classical CD's people though befitting of his personality. The CD's were only for show, he owned all the band's music from iTunes. Popping his ear buds in, he relaxed on his bed and let the voice of a certain hanyou help him escape. He wanted to escape from the pain and angst he felt each day and this music was it. So, different yet so familiar, it spoke to him. Before he realized, it was time for lunch. Dining alone this time, he decided to call a schoolmate. He thought to himself that perhaps the youki could be called a friend as they'd known each other for quite some time.

"Hello?" The spider youki answered in a groggy tone.

"It's past noon, how are you asleep." Sesshomaru clipped.

"Maybe it's because I live in a time zone 8 hours behind you moron." Naraku answered, annoyance clear in his voice.

"My apologies, I'd assumed you'd arrive at school already."

"Nah it's alright or whatever. What did you want?" Sesshomaru could hear Naraku roll over in his bed.

"Just checking in about our living arrangements. Is Hiten on board as well?"

"Yeah, we were talking about it the other day, I'm actually leaving in about 7 hours for the airport. We're gonna meet up at another airport before heading out there."

"Nice of you to invite me." Sesshomaru answered a bit colder than he meant to.

"Sorry Ice princess, I know she's probably been running you ragged." Naraku then chuckled, "At least you'll be free for another few years."

"A few years is never enough." Sesshomaru sighed audibly.

"When are you leaving?" Naraku asked a bit more awake now.

"In about 16 hours. The time is at a standstill."

"Impatient princess." Naraku laughed heartedly, "Don't worry about it man, you'll be here sooner than you think. Then you'll start complaining about the students and how much they annoy you." Sesshomaru couldn't help but to smile. Naraku and Hiten knew him very well, better than even his own mother did. They knew what he truly liked and disliked and could read him, even when he hid behind a stoic mask. It was very rare for a youki to befriend someone in the same cycles as them. Sesshomaru counted himself lucky. The two were humorous and loyal to a fault. It made school life much more interesting.

"Yeah, alright, get some sleep you monstrosity." Ending the call, Sesshomaru headed back to his room. Looking out of the window at the kingdom he would one day rule he couldn't help how he was feeling. He put his head phones in and played a song that helped him understand that feeling, Reasons by The Young and Defiant.

I never thought I'd be here,

Standing in front of this crowd,

Screaming fans looking up at me,

While I look down.

Inuyasha's voice was rich and full of emotion as his voice sang the lyrics for the ballad.

Could I be anything more,

Than lost

Could I feel anything

Besides hopeless,

Sesshomaru closed his eyes as his favorite part of the song began, slow and sure.

So many responsibilities,

I don't want to let you down,

I'm not asking for a break,

Just looking for my own~


I just wanna sing this song,

Do as I please,

Do great as I move along!

I wanna see your eyes,

Looking up to me,

Proud of who I've come to be

Oh, please~


The chorus spoke to Sesshomaru on so many levels. He never thought someone else in the world could know how he felt, even if the situations were different. The Young and Defiant with their band, and him with ruling his father's land. There was just so much responsibility and he just wanted his father to be proud of him, even though he'd never say it out loud. The young lord dozed off while listening to the band. Lord Touga closed the door to his son's rooms so that he could sleep peacefully, knowing the stress his mother would cause him should she see their son sleeping after a meal. Touga enjoyed moments like these as they were rare. When Sesshomaru behaved like the puppy he was.


A mess could be seen as The Young and Defiant packed for their cycle. "I hate that I have to do this! It's not my fault I age like a demon, if it was up to be I'd age like a human! I hate school! Ugh!" Inuyasha shouted as he shot shoes into a suitcase. The half-demon was not excited about returning to school once more. At only 150 years old, he'd be required to do this around 4 more times before he'd finally be 200 and legally, in youki law, be of age. The same held true for his two bandmates, Kouga and Bankotsu. Bankotsu stretched, popping several joints.

"Dude just calm down, it's not that bad. At least we're gonna be roomies." Bankotsu said while he tried to tame his suit case that just refused to close. He sighed and just stared at the suitcase as if it would fix itself. "This is annoying."

"Did we have to choose the most expensive school?" Kouga asked, still messed up about their tuition costs. He was frugal by circumstance, still not use to their fame and use to scrapping by.

"It wasn't my idea, it was the managers. They think we'll be safer with all the security and how remote the school is." Bankotsu answered. "So, hopefully we won't get mobbed everywhere we go."

"I just wanna lie down and throw stuff." Inuyasha pouted.

"Soooo exactly what you're doing now." Bankotsu and Kouga laughed at Inuyasha's expense.

"Shut the fuck up asshats!" The trio began a war with all their clothes and shoes. Laughing and having fun like the best friends they were. Eventually they stopped and finished packing before heading out to grab a bit to eat. "I can't believe it's been 7 years' guys." Inuyasha exclaimed. "Our band has been so successful man. I hope it lasts a lifetime."

Kouga snorted, "A lifetime with you idiots is hell on Earth." It earned the wolf a few swings and swipes. The trio continued to eat in the restaurant. "I hope it'll be better this time around. I'm worried."

"Yeah, same. It kind of sucks that no matter how famous we get we're still a band of misfits." Bankotsu added sadly. "I'm hoping for something different. Hopefully we can come out on top and alive."

"Don't worry too much, we have each other and to be honest I'd love a break from our adoring fans, right?" Inuyasha laughed, thinking about all the crazy stunts their fans had pulled to get a single word from them. Both demons and humans were crazy. He thought about the time he blew a kiss to a girl and she fainted on the spot, only to faint again when he was trying to help her. The human media went crazy calling it hanyou voodoo when really the girl couldn't stop holding her breath. Inuyasha shook his head, "I'm ready for a little break from all that insanity."

The band decided to have a jam session after lunch, Inuyasha as lead singer and on bass, Kouga on the drums, and Bankotsu on lead guitar. The trio usually rotated roles but publicly, Inuyasha was lead singer even though on some albums Kouga and Bankotsu take the lead. They began with a few covers of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. The sounds were rich and full of life. They didn't get many moments to just jam, usually it was scheduled and hard practice. They had to be perfect for their fans but here they were just the 3 misfits that just so happen to end up together and playing music.

"God damn that's so awesome." Bankotsu exclaimed.

Kouga laughed, "I think I'm tearing up, I missed this so much. Just us three."

"Don't be a baby! We can jam like this at school whenever we want. Just the three of us." Inuyasha beamed with happiness. The trio broke in to a fit of laughter, finding the good in their forced education.

Later that night, Inuyasha was resting in bed on his phone. He was going through his social media responding to what he wanted. The notifications were full of humans asking him and the band not to go, humans never really would understand the demonic education system. He barely understood it himself, it was a hard concept to grasp when you don't have all the time in the world to do so. Swiping up on all the open apps, he stared at the picture in the background of himself and his mother Izayoi. He began thinking of things better left forgotten and soon found himself without the ability to sleep. He grabbed a pen and paper and began writing. Whether the words on the paper would become a new song would be left up to the future Inuyasha. Thoughts filed away and emotionally drained he was finally able to sleep peacefully.

The next morning, he and his friends found themselves on a plane to their school Shikon Academy. A school built from a town and completely obscured with youki. It wouldn't be until late at night when they arrived and so they passed the time goofing around. "What kind of room are we staying in?" Kouga asked Bankotsu.

"It says that there's a gated community in the school for its most prestigious students. They're actual houses, I think that's where we'll be." Bankotsu answered.

"I would have been perfectly fine with a dorm with a few bunk beds and you guys." Kouga smiled.

"Aw, you're so clingy! Do you love us that much?" Inuyasha joked.

Kouga looked appalled for a moment before laughing and tossing some popcorn at the hanyou, "For whatever reason." The blush on his tan skin was clear and the other two occupants smiled joyfully at their partner in crime. Inuyasha's friends slept comfortably, unaware of the turmoil Inuyasha was currently feeling. He thought back to the worse times he's gone through a cycle and felt his gut wrench in fear. He shut his eyes tightly, he'd been alone that time. This time he had his friends behind him and the support of millions of fans. He smiled and settled down to sleep the rest of the plane ride.


Sesshomaru arrived at his final destination late at night in his private jet. When he stepped off the plane the limo was waiting. Black as night and just as silent. Sesshomaru was looking forward to a relaxing drive to his temporary home and sleeping off the jet lag. The limo driver got in and rolled down the window separating them, "My lord I must apologize on behalf of the school. A mistake was made in the scheduling and tonight you will have to share the limo. Is this a problem?"

Sesshomaru glared at the limo driver, "So long as I make it to my destination, I care not." The driver nodded before raising the window. Sesshomaru wanted to sigh but knew the driver would hear him. Soon enough a jet was landing. Sesshomaru's eyes widened as the 3 occupants exited. He blinked a few times to make sure he was really seeing what he saw. He watched them head towards the limo sleepy and yawning cutely. He repositioned himself away from the door to not be in their way. He couldn't believe they chose Shikon Academy. He began to straighten himself our before he realized what he was doing. He closed his eyes, relaxing, only opening them when the door opened and the trio entered.

"Man, that flight was rough." Kouga exclaimed while stretching. "Who's this guy?" Kouga stated roughly when he noticed Sesshomaru's presence.

"My apologies we hadn't expected you all to arrive at the same time." The limo driver apologized again.

"Lord Sesshomaru of the Isle of the West." Sesshomaru stated stoic mask in place.

"That's pompous as hell, who the heck refers to themselves as a lord." Bank added, the sleep lines on his face ruining the effect.

"Dude shut the hell up, he's the prince of my country." Inuyasha whispered in a worried tone. "I apologize for my friend, Lord Sesshoumaru." Inuyasha added a bit louder, even though he'd known Sesshomaru could hear him. Sesshomaru's face gave away nothing he was feeling, but he wanted to smile. He was elated that the Inuyasha knew who he was. He was even happier that the band would be attending his school.

"So, the prince of your country, is going to school here?" Kouga asked incredulous.

"Well, It's a really prestigious school, I'm not too surprised." Inuyasha answered, worried about offending the dog demon prince. He'd never been in the presence of royalty and he felt the weight of being a hanyou heavily as he met the demons gaze. "So, uh, I'm Inuyasha, this is Kouga, and Bankotsu. We're a band called The Young and Defiant. It'll be our first cycle at this school."

Sesshomaru didn't respond. He nodded before closing his eyes, only to open them when they were only a few minutes away from the gates of the community. The car was quiet, but the roar of cheering was loud to the demons within. The limo driver stopped suddenly. Shouts and screams could be heard outside of the window. "Crap how'd they figure it out?" Bankotsu cursed with a bit of panic.

Inuyasha looked out the tinted windows as fans flocked the car. Kouga was smiling happily as they showed off wolf girl shirts, from a line of shirts Kouga created a while back. Sesshomaru watched as his peers acted like maniacs. "We're never gonna get a break." Inuyasha sighed, "I thought people here wouldn't be so eager to see us since we'll be here for a while."

"Yeah it's gonna be tough man." Kouga agreed.

The band watched the crowd with crest fallen faces as the reality that they might not get a break from their crazy fans dawned on them. Sesshomaru had had enough of the foolishness and opened the door. Something which the band protested greatly. Upon seeing the Lord Sesshomaru step from the car, the crowd grew silent. "That is enough. I've had a long and rough day and I am not pleased in the slightest." The silence was deafening. "Move out of the way. Now." Like the red sea, the crowd parted quickly. "Should any of you decide to bother them with your petty requests, you will be removed. Is that understood."

A "Yes lord Sesshomaru" Sounded throughout the crowd. Stepping back into the limo the band was shocked at what had just happened. The band had never seen their fans so quiet before. It was scary. The trio realized that, without a doubt, Lord Sesshomaru was terrifying. The limo pulling through the gates. Behind the guarded gates stood six houses, the largest belonging to the lord himself. The one on the furthest end would go to the trio.

The limo stopped at the Band's house before moving on, "Um, thanks for that." Inuyasha stated with his signature smile.

"Do not concern yourself. Goodnight." Sesshomaru said before the door was shut and the limo pulled to his home. Upon entering the large home, he was greeted by a too familiar face. "Naraku."

"Ice queen." The spider youki chuckled. "I stayed up all night waiting for you man, it's good to see you again."

"The sentiment is shared, is Hiten here?" He asked looking around for the thunder youki.

"Yeah, he's asleep upstairs though." The spider shrugged and headed to his room, "Your stuff is sitting in your room." He yawned adding, "see you in the morning." The sleepy spider demon walked up the stairs and into his bedroom while Sesshomaru followed suit.


The next morning Sesshomaru woke to knocking on the door. It took him a moment to remember where he was and gather the strength to move his jet lagged body. By the time, he made in down the stairs, Naraku had already answered the door. "Is, um, is Lord Sesshomaru here?" A familiar voice asked. Naraku turned to him with an uncomfortable scowl, and let the small group in. "Uh, hi. I made this as thanks for dealing with the crowd yesterday. It gets really messy sometimes." Inuyasha said with a bit more confidence than yesterday.

Sesshomaru looked at the food held tightly in Inuyasha's hands then back to the trio. "Dude I told you there's no guarantee that he eats human food. This isn't even a youki gesture, it's so human it hurts." Kouga complained earning an elbow from Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru took the container shocking the trio, "Feel free to come in." He said, heading to the kitchen.

"The Young and Defiant…" Naraku whispered. "That's who you are no way!" He exclaimed. "Dude, The Young and Defiant are in our house! They made you food! What the hell?" The other four simply watched Naraku piece everything together. Sesshomaru suppressed the eyeroll that was coming. Naraku wasn't as much of a fan as he had become but he didn't need to know that. "Where's Hiten? He's gonna flip too!" Naraku said as he dashed upstairs.

"Is there something you wanted to talk about?" Sesshomaru asked unintentionally cold.

"We don't really know much about the school, and you're the first person we met here. So, we thought maybe you could clue us in?" Bankotsu answered while playing with his fingers and avoiding the cold gaze.

Sesshomaru began to explain and answer their many questions. Hiten and Naraku arrived as he finished another question. "Is the ice princess scaring them away?" Hiten's question could be heard down the hall. "Hey! I'm a pretty-big fan of you guys. How's it going?" The thunder youkai's face was joyful, even with the jet lag. "Nice to meet you all, the name's Hiten, thunder youkai of the southern islands. The band reciprocated. "I tried to get you guys to play at my birthday but they said you don't do private shows. That sucks!"

"Well, it wouldn't be fair to the rest of our fans, now would it?" Bankotsu laughed a bit.

"Yeah, it's just one of our things. We want all fans to have a chance to see us in action, which is why some tickets are pricy and some aren't. We want everyone to be happy." Kouga added before the trio was laughing amongst themselves.

"Do you wanna grab lunch with us? We could show you around the town." Hiten threw out as he grabbed his shoes.

"Sure!" Kouga answered after sharing glances with his bandmates.

"Are you gonna get dressed ice princess, or are you gonna stand there and be pretty." Hiten shot towards Sesshomaru. Instead of commenting, he made his way to his room, tying his hair up before showering because he didn't have time to wash it. When he returned, several swallows could be heard. Hair tied in a messy bun, slacks, and a silk button up with the sleeved rolled, Sesshomaru looked like a walking ad. His markings stood out on his alabaster skin and his molten eyes were sharp.

"Alright let's go!" Hiten threw a pair of keys at Sesshomaru who caught them without looking over. The group of six piled into a limo that took them into town. Sesshomaru resisted the urge to watch the band and they were glued to the windows watching the town pass by. There were many students milling about, their eyes caught the sight of the limo and they began to follow. The limo stopped and allowed the group to exit. Sesshomaru exited first causing the crowd that gathered to back away. He glared at the crowd which made them move even further away. When Naraku emerged, a cold red gaze was fixed on the crowd sending shivers down their spines. Hiten exited and stretched, sparks were sent out frying phones and burning the crowd who moved away further. When the band exited, they were a bit worried about the crowd and how silent they were. They looked at the three alpha youki and felt what the crowd was feeling. They looked so unapproachable when less than 30min they were joking around with each other. Walking in Naraku led them to a table set far from the windows where people were too afraid to enter in fear of angering the occupants. There were already a group of people sat there. Naraku introduced a woman as his intended, her name was Kikyo Higurashi. Next to her sat her younger twin sister Kagome, and then Kagura. The demonesses looked as the three males did. Cold and untouchable. Except Kagome, she was staring at Inuyasha curiously.

When the group sat down and the final introductions were made, a slap could be heard. Inuyasha's face was scrunched in anger and Kagome's hand sporting a large red mark. It would bruise for sure. "What the fuck do you think you're doing!?"

"Sorry I just wanted to…" Kagome tried to explain.

"Do I look like a damn petting zoo to you!?" Inuyasha was furious. He hated when people touched his ears. They were thin and easily damaged, not to mention the fact that they have more nerve endings than most ears in the world.

"I've just…never met a hanyou before…I'm sorry." Kagome apologized politely.

Kikyo's eyes narrowed, "That was harsh. Normally hanyou are disgusting to look at, but your parents did well."

That was all it took before Inuyasha simply stood up and walked off. The group watched as he left the restaurant and headed down the street, the crowd following him. Bankotsu and Kouga started to go after him before Kouga stopped and turned. "If you ever say anything to him again, I'll tear you to shreds, and trust me dear, I'll enjoy it." The crowd ran after the trio down the street.

Sesshomaru was sitting with carefully concealed anger. It wasn't his feeling towards Inuyasha as his favorite singer, but a feeling of duty to his people. Inuyasha looked like most hanyou that were raised on the isle, nothing extraordinary about that. Usually, however, they had tails instead of ears. He idly thought about whether Inuyasha had a tail as well. Some human-demon mixes just weren't meant to be. Like insects, and birds. They were just too different. Even many demon-demon mixes weren't meant to be. Like horses and rabbits. Sesshomaru fixed his cold gaze on Kikyo, a soul snatcher. She wasn't a youki she was just a demon. Depending on the state of mind a soul snatcher either drained a bit of energy from the soul and released it to the afterlife or they devoured it completely. The royal family was known for their pure hearts. He could see it in Kagome, but Kikyo was another story. "I would appreciate your silence when in regards to those who come from my lands. Be they human or otherwise. The last thing I would want to do is start a war because of how tactless you are." He stated coldly.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I had no idea your kind cared so much for them. Hanyou I mean." Kikyo was testing him. His patience.

"I can assure you, we do very much, and to insult one of my kind is an insult to this Sesshomaru himself. Bite your tongue or I'll rip in from your mouth." His face, still as stone, the air about him cold as night, Sesshomaru would do just as he said. Kikyo looked away in submission and Sesshomaru looked towards the door curious about whether the band would be okay.


Running down the street, Inuyasha dodged his fans trying to get away as quick as his demonic blood would allow. He soon began all out sprinting to get away from his crazy fans. He found himself near the edge of the town, away from the main school buildings. "Goddamnit, where the hell am I?" He began to walk around aimlessly before he jumped onto the roof of one of the buildings to get a better look around. That's when he saw someone. He had a combo of orange and green hair, markings on his face and sharp features. He was soon joined by another person, they were twins! Inuyasha slowly descended from his perch, "Hey, um, could you tell me where I am?"

The twins looked at each other, then blinked at Inuyasha. "You're…" The one with mostly green hair started.

"You're Inuyasha." The two stated together. "No way!"

Inuyasha smiled, "The one and only I guess. It's nice to meet you two."

"Roku it's him! It's the Inuyasha! He came to our school! Our school!" The mostly orange twin shouted. That's when Inuyasha noticed the scent of the two. They were hanyou, his eyes widened. "Do you want to come in for a bit, while we figure out where you need to go?"

"You guys aren't going to kidnap me, are you?" Inuyasha joked.

"So, you met your fans already?" Dai laughed happily. "I can't believe you chose this school, of all schools out there."

Inuyasha ended up having lunch with the hanyou in their small housing complex. There were two small rooms, living room, dining room, and a kitchen. The garage was used as a workshop for the twins and the basement was an entertainment area. Roku was a master in the kitchen and soon there were piping hot plates in front of everyone. Inuyasha enjoyed the quips he and the twins threw back and forth, he'd never been around other hanyou too much. He didn't realize how comfortable it was. The group laughed and told stories then Inuyasha played video games with the twins who happily high fived when they kicked his ass, only for him to call rematch once more. Before he realized it, he'd spent the whole evening with the hanyou and invited them to his house for dinner to thank them for their hospitality. They'd figured out where Inuyasha needed to be after being told they were staying near the Ice lord and his gang.

While Inuyasha had been having a good time out with new friends, Bankotsu and Kouga were panicking. Their shock in the restaurant lasted a bit too long and now they were stuck without any clue how to find Inuyasha. He wasn't answering his phone and the bandmates were worried that maybe someone had tried to kidnap him again and this time they succeeded. After hours of looking for him they headed back to their house, telling themselves that Inuyasha was strong enough to take care of himself. A knock on the door had the two scrambling, thinking it was Inuyasha. They were met with the three youki that lived down the street. Not wanting to associate with them because of the company they keep, Kouga slammed the door in Naraku's face just as he was about to speak.

The pair standing behind him had never seen someone be so boldly rude to Naraku before. The spider demon was at a loss for words, brain unable to process that someone had just slammed the door in his face. Naraku took a deep breath and raised his hand to knock once more. A loud, "Fuck off!" was heard clearly and tipped the spider over the edge.

He kicked the door in swiftly and had Kouga in his arms in an instant, "I came here to apologize to Inuyasha and I'm met with this rudeness."

Kouga sneered and snarled trying to free himself from Naraku's grip. "Let me go you fucker!" Naraku made a mistake in shifting his body. It gave Kouga enough wiggle room to lift his leg and kick with only a fraction of the force he possessed. He heard a crack and Naraku released him and fell to his knees while clutching his abdomen. Pissed as hell and while Naraku was still in shock, Kouga punched with all his strength; Effectively collapsing the spider. Kouga shook his hand and let out a shuddered breath.

Naraku groaned on the ground confused, "Goddamnit. What?"

Hiten started laughing at him, "Aw shit, you got dropped. Maybe now you know better than to go breaking down doors and demanding shit." He was in tears laughing at his friend who coughed a little blood from his position on the ground.

Naraku rolled onto his side and glared at Kouga, "No fucking way you hit me that hard."

Kouga raised an eyebrow, "You wanna test me again. Touch me like you own me again, and I promise I'll actually kick you." He went to stand next to Bankotsu, who had grabbed his Banryuu.

The two bandmates stood looming over the spider. Naraku's eyes widened when he saw just how blank Bankotsu's face was. As if he'd kill him with no remorse, just a like a demon. He and the others noticed a new detail on his forehead. A purple four-point star. "You and yours will not disrespect my friends again. Because of them we have no fucking clue where Inuyasha is. He could be hurt or worse. I thought we could all be pals but I guess not if you keep that kind of company and you're paying for that fucking door. I've fought countless demons stronger than you, and I've never lost. I don't mind adding you to Banryuu's list."

"I think he cracked my skeleton." Naraku stated as he began to stand. Blood leaving his nose and mouth and shifting could be heard as his body repaired itself. "Strong enough to crack my skeleton without using all his strength." Naraku muttered to himself before looking dead at Kouga and grinning deviously, "I like it." He dusted himself off and wiped the blood from his mouth, "Cub, I'm gonna teach you a lesson." Naraku chuckled making Kouga uneasy. "My fiancé and her sister come from a country where hanyou are forbidden, if anyone of their citizens is caught associating with a human they are killed. It's a taboo. I was going to explain that to Inuyasha before you rudely slammed the door. They usually only mate within their kind. In our case, it's political." Naraku sighed as he felt the last few cracks heal. He stretched to assess how well the process had gone.

"Does Inuyasha know his way back?" Sesshomaru asked, speaking for the first time since this all started.

"Puppy's smart, but the puppy could get into trouble." Bankotsu stated calmly, lowering his Banryuu. "I'm going try calling him again." While Bankotsu tried to call Inuyasha again, Naraku assessed the damage done to the door under the watchful eyes of Kouga while Hiten examined Banryuu, which was leaning against a wall. He tried to lift it but was surprised it weighed much more than what he was ready for. He grunted under the strain and fell backwards with it on top of him. Sesshomaru had to help his struggling friend manage the weapon.

"You sure do pack a punch cub." Naraku chuckled again as he watched his friends.

"Piss off." Kouga ground out.

"So, why the drums?" Naraku asked changing the topic. This threw Kouga off as he chewed his lip thinking about whether he wanted to answer. He decided not to and just ignored Naraku completely. "I think you like them because they're loud, right cub?" There was a dark glint in his ruby eyes as he looked Kouga up and down, "I can make you louder." Kouga stood stock still, wondering who in their right mind hit on someone after getting their ass handed to them.

"Dude, you have a fiancé, she's a bitch but she's yours." Kouga stammered. He'd known the demon for a few hours, decked him, and was now being hit on.

"Not by choice cub. Still trying to find a way out of that actually." Naraku smiled, "I'd much rather mate someone of my choosing."

Kouga used his hand to cover his blush when a loud, "What the hell?" from a certain missing hanyou was heard from the broken door way.

Kouga shoved Naraku out of the way to latch onto his friend and hold him closely. "We were so worried about you!" Then he pinched the hanyou's cheek, "You can't just run off and disappear like that! What's wrong with you?"

"Wow, sorry, I met some new friends is all." Inuyasha reassured Kouga.

Bankotsu hurled himself at the two, knocking them all to the ground. "Inuyasha you idiot! Don't run off like that again!" Bankotsu was relieved to see his hanyou companion once again. "Dude, Kouga kicked the spider guy and punch him in the face. I ended up grabbing Banryuu ready to slice his head from his should…" Bankotsu looked up at the two hanyou watching him and his bandmates. "The fuck?"

"They're my new friends. They go to this school." Inuyasha said happily. "I ended up at their house and we hung out and had lunch together. I invited them over for dinner. The chefs will be here, tonight right?"

Kouga and Bankotsu sighed, only Inuyasha could run away and make friends so quickly. "We're really big fans!" Roku said after introductions were made. "Um, Kouga…I wanted to ask…um…why you play the drums…your voice is really amazing too…and the way you play guitar…but you play drums so much so I thought maybe….it was your favorite." Roku was looking away as he blushed a bit and stumbled over his words.

Much to Naraku's annoyance, Kouga gave him a large grin, and answered. "It actually is my favorite; my dad plays the drums as a hobby and I've always been into it to be honest. I only started playing guitar and singing after I met these two. Hey, I really like your hair, it's really cool. Is it natural?" Roku's blush became deeper and he nodded as one of his idols complemented him. Naraku only glared a bit. Not understanding why Kouga was ignoring him in favor of the unknown hanyou.

Bankotsu lifted Banryuu like a feather after seeing how the two demons were struggling with it. He twirled it a bit making it look weightless. "It's cursed with the souls of all the demons it's killed. I'm human so it's weighs nothing to me."

"Oh wow! The craftsmanship on that is amazing! You must take really good care of it for it to look so good!" Dai exclaimed.

"Hey, since the chefs aren't here I'll go get started on dinner okay? Any requests?" Inuyasha asked heading towards the kitchen.

"Human food!" The twins shouted, "If I'm gonna have to eat demon food for the next few years please grant us this request."

"It's really hard to get human ingredients around here." Dai sighed sadly.

"Don't worry, I gotcha." Inuyasha chuckled happily.

"Hey Inuyasha wait up I want to talk to you." Naraku followed Inuyasha into the kitchen to apologize for his fiancé. Inuyasha enlisted him as his assistant and had him chop the many vegetables that needed to go into the beef stew he was making. Naraku had never tried beef stew before and was curious as to what the human food would taste like. "Does Kouga like food made this way?" He questioned the hanyou at the stove.

"Yeah, he likes the beef stew but usually he eats the meat raw being a wolf and all. It's why I only chopped up that meat over there, I'll just throw it in for him at the end." Inuyasha answered before tasting the stew. Naraku sat on the counter and watched hanyou work. He was entranced when he started singing to himself, a familiar tune from the cartoons his youngest sister enjoyed.

If I could begin to be

Half of what you think of me

I could do about anything

I could even learn how to love

When I see the way you act

Wondering when I'm coming back

I could do about anything

I could even learn how to love

Like you

I always thought I might be bad

Now I'm sure that its true

'cause I think you're so good

And I'm nothing like you

Look at you go

I just adore you

I wish that I knew

What makes you think I'm so special?

When Inuyasha returned from his trance Naraku gave some applause causing him to stiffen as he hadn't really realized he began to sang. "It's a habit. So, quick question if you don't mind."

"Shoot." Naraku said while playing with some utensils.

"Why are you guys hanging out with us? I mean, I don't mind but…I don't really peg you all the type to hang out with a bunch of misfits." Inuyasha said while stirring.

"I actually don't know. We don't really care too much that your famous. We like your music but it's not like we know you enough to be obsessed like some people. Sesshomaru likes your music the most I guess. Maybe that's why he didn't make you walk or he was just annoyed and ready to go to the house. He's the unkindest demon I know to be honest." Naraku never really considered his friendship with the others or why they hovered around the trio.

"Oh, well it's nice hanging out with you guys, just kind of stressful meeting…new people." Inuyasha sighed while grabbing bowels and setting the table. "What did you do to make Kouga attack you?"

"He slammed the door in my face and told me to fuck off and it really pissed me off. I ended up grabbing him and he kicked me hard enough to crack my fucking skeleton dude." Naraku rubbed his midsection remembering how much it'd hurt to be kicked by the wolf with a grin.

"That's wolf boy for ya. If he'd really meant to hurt you there'd be a Naraku sized hole and crater, right out the door. I'd never tell him this but Kouga can kick some serious ass. All that training he had to go…" Inuyasha stopped himself before he gave away his friends' business. "Hey everyone! Food!" He shouted, dropping the whole conversation.

Inuyasha set the raw meat in the middle of the table. Bankotsu, Inuyasha, Dai, and Roku said a small prayer before digging in. "It's so good." Dai exclaimed.

"Wow he does something right." Roku mocked earning the middle finger from Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha if you weren't in the band you could definitely make it as a chef." Kouga added while dipping the raw meat in the stew. Inuyasha, Kouga, and Bankotsu were tucking the food away fast as the others at the table stared. The remaining youki at the table merely looked at the stew as if were some foreign creature. Naraku watched as Kouga ate happily and tried a spoonful.

His eyes widened and he ate with as must enthusiasm as the others, receiving questionable stares from his friends. Hiten tried some and was shocked, literally. He accidently sent out a mini spark of sorts, causing the occupants at the table to jump a bit. "It's really good. Does all human food taste like this? It's like the flavor is in the meat!" Naraku felt similar, thinking back to in the kitchen and how unnecessary everything Inuyasha was doing seemed to be.

Sesshomaru was reluctant, but finally gave in. His mouth was met with warm and flavorful meat, and several spices for his tongue to dissect. It was so different from what youki ate he didn't know what to make of it. The one thing he did know was that after he finished the first bowl, he wanted more. He didn't know how to go about getting it. There weren't any servants here so he couldn't tell them to refill his bowl. "Does anyone want seconds?" Inuyasha asked the group, pleased that they enjoyed the food.

"Ugh man I'm gonna need thirds and fourths!" Kouga laughed.

"Same~!" Bankotsu agreed.

"Alright I'll bring the pot out for everyone." Inuyasha was delighted they enjoyed his food as usual. It was a recipe his human grandmother had taught him, it was as older than he and his friends combined. The group ate and chatted for hours before anyone decided they had to return home. School would start on Monday and it was only Friday. They had a few more days to get settled. The first to leave were the twins, taking left over stew with them after exchanging phone numbers, they promised to call Inuyasha later to hang out. Kouga soon began nodding off from the food and was sent to bed before he passed out somewhere and was too heavy to move. He became a literal boulder when he slept. Hiten had a meeting in the early morning and Naraku's interest was fast asleep upstairs. The duo left together leaving only Bankotsu, Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru. Bankotsu took his Banryuu upstairs to polish and get ready for bed while Inuyasha and Sesshomaru hashed it out.

"So, how big of a fan are you exactly?" Inuyasha questioned. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at the question. "Naraku told me you guys are fans. Why'd you pretend not to know us?"

"Because I do not know you. I introduced myself and you followed suit. I know nothing about you besides you're a musician…and a fantastic cook." Sesshomaru stated simply. "You let me introduce myself even though you knew who I was."

"I knew you by name, not by face." Inuyasha explained, "I asked Naraku this but I wanna ask you too. Why are you hanging out with us? Isn't it beneath a prince to hang out with a ragtag group of misfits?"

This actually made Sesshomaru want to laugh out loud, "Do you not see my own rag tag group of misfits, as you say? I stay because I enjoy your music and I would like to know you all as well. It is very rare that something peaks my interest. Your band is one of them."

"Well, I just thought because I'm a shiro InuHanyou it'd be a problem for you." Inuyasha stated a bit embarrassed.

"It is of no concern to me. I do not share my mother's beliefs about hanyou. My father has even expressed worry about you traveling the world without guards from our clan because of how young you are." Inuyasha's eyes grew twice as large.

"The king of the isle…is worried about me?" Inuyasha felt strange.

"You weren't raised on the isle. You know nothing of our customs or culture. The kingdom keeps track of all shiro Inu, hanyou or otherwise. You just popped up one day as a musician and you were added to the registry and citizenship. You would have been better off had you been raised on the isle. Shiro Inu are pack demons, and while individuals may have their opinions, you would've been safe." Sesshomaru took a sip of water. He wasn't use to speaking as much he had been recently.

"Yeah, I really don't know much besides what I am. My mother made sure I could speak the language but aside from the little research I've done, I'm pretty lost but I'd love to visit one day." Inuyasha was enjoying his conversation with Sesshomaru. He didn't seem so scary when he started talking, his wording was stiff but that's probably because it isn't his first language, Inuyasha thought to himself.

"There is something I want to ask you and it might be a bit too personal." Sesshomaru said suddenly very serious. Inuyasha eyed him curiously. "Do you…have a tail?"

Inuyasha blushed, "Why?"

"Your ears are rare. Most shiro InuHanyou have tails instead or both." Sesshomaru answered factually.

"Well, yeah, but I have a necklace to help hide it." Inuyasha fingered the beads and fangs around his neck. "It's hard to deal with usually."

"I could imagine with screaming fans and crowds the last thing you'd want, is for them to step on part of your spine." Sesshomaru chuckled a bit.

"You have no idea, when I was a little kid, kids thought it was funny to do it on purpose. With the necklace, I had to learn how to walk all over again, cause tails and balance and shit."

"Well, I must take my leave. This time has been enjoyable. If you would like we can meet tomorrow and I can teach you about the isle." Sesshomaru wasn't so sure why he added the last part but the lights that danced in Inuyasha's eyes after it was said made it worth it.

"Of course, give me your number and I'll text you." Inuyasha gave his famous fanged smile. After exchanging numbers, Inuyasha walked Sesshomaru to the door.

Inuyasha sighed and headed to his room. At the top of the steps Bankotsu was waiting with a goofy grin plastered on his face. "So, when's the wedding?" Inuyasha balked at the question. "Getting digits from a prince, Inuyasha you fiend. You do know he's probably never had sex, never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Royals are usually pretty sheltered to be honest."

"It isn't like that." Inuyasha shoved him a bit.

"Dude, he literally used the Isle to get to see you tomorrow. Why offer if he wasn't interested?" Bankotsu couldn't believe how naïve his friend was being. "He asked you a personal question which means he's been thinking about you. He spoke about you to his father. He said he was interested in the band. If he was interested in all of us, he wouldn't be watching you so closely. He's a predator puppy, and you're the prey."

Inuyasha hadn't noticed any of that and just thought the dog prince was being nice because he's a fan. He hadn't read into it as much as Bankotsu did. If anything, it weirded him out a bit. It was unusual to him, for someone like Sesshomaru to show any interest in the band and him especially. "I mean but at least he's subtle, Naraku's a train wreck. Notice how he started calling Kouga cub? He must get off on getting his ass kicked. Kouga's gonna rip him a new one." Bankotsu was having a ball, he loved all the new developments that occurred over the past few days.

Inuyasha went to bed that night thinking of the youki that wanted to teach him about the Isle of the West. He didn't really know much about the Isle as he wasn't raised there. He found himself looking at his background photo again, like he did every night. "Mama I'm confused." He stated before sleep claimed another victim.

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