Cheesecake and a Pie

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Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and make no money from the writing of this fic.


Story: Cheesecake and A Pie


Summary: A building fire has made Inuyasha and his boyfriend Miroku temporarily homeless. When Sesshoumaru graciously offers them a place to stay, Miroku doesn't see anything wrong with accepting. He doesn't know that the brothers have shared more than…brotherly love. And if he's not careful, he may lose the man of his dreams to someone he can't possibly hope to compete with. Sess/Inu Inu/Miro SLASH YAOI

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and make no money from the writing of this fic.

A/N: Hello! I'm back with a new story. I know, I know, I should complete all my other stories first, but this little plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone, so here it is. This story is set in the modern day where youkai and humans kind of co-exist, but there are still far fewer youkai than the feudal age. Humans are kind of aware of the existence of youkai, and not all youkai hide, but there aren't enough of them to really cause trouble to humans. You can review or PM me with any questions you have.

I hope you enjoy the story ^.^

Chapter 1 – Picking Up The Pieces


"Do you have any idea how the fire started, officer?" Miroku asked the policeman taking down his statement.


"I'm afraid not yet, sir," the man told him, tilting his hat back to look ruefully at the burned ruins of the apartment. The smell of acrid smell still hung about the place, along with the already unpleasant smells of the decrepit alleyway behind the building. Some of the other apartment tenants stood around too, trying to scrounge up whatever things the fire had left behind, now that the fire department had given them permission to enter the building. They had similar slack, despairing looks on their faces, even as some of them tried to hide their worry from their near and dear ones.


Inuyasha emerged from the apartment house holding some cash and a few documents, his old, thread-bare clothes stained with soot.


"Oh thank god," Miroku said, eyeing the documents in Inuyasha's hand with relief.


"Those seem untouched by the fire," the police officer remarked. His tone of voice was carefully neutral but his eyes watched the hanyou sharply. 


"That's coz they were in the safe," Inuyasha told him, handing the papers and cash over to his live-in boyfriend Miroku. “You can go take a look, if you want. The safe is still lyin’ up there.”


The officer wrote down this piece of information in his notepad.


"How soon do you think we'll be able to get the money from the insurance?" Inuyasha asked. 


The officer put his notepad away and holstered his pen in his pocket. "Well, there don't seem to be any outward indications of foul play. Probably, if a candle or incense stick or something was left burning, it might have caused the fire. It shouldn't be too long, but until we determine the cause of the fire and get through the paper work, I suggest you gentlemen find another place to stay." 


Miroku turned to Inuyasha with a despairing look.


"You guys have any family you could stay with? Maybe some friends?"  The officer looked from one to the other.


Miroku shook his head mutely. 


"It's fine. We've got some cash and cards. We'll figure it out," Inuyasha said to the officer, holding his hand out. Miroku looked like he was about to say something, but held his tongue. The officer shook Inuyasha's hand and walked off to complete the proceedings.


"Inuyasha, what are we gonna do?"


"We'll just stay on in the motel a few more days," Inuyasha said, rubbing the other man's back comfortingly. 


Miroku's shoulders slumped dejectedly. "More like weeks. We'll wipe out our savings this way."


"What else is there to do," Inuyasha said, watching firemen clear out the remains of debris.


As he spoke, a black Bentley pulled into the driveway. Workmen paused in their work to have a proper look at a Bentley in this rundown neighbourhood. 


A young man in shades and an expensive looking suit hurried out of the car and opened the passenger door.


Miroku missed the tightening of Inuyasha's mouth as he stared at the gentleman who stepped out of the car, not sparing the bowing chauffeur a glance. The man had long silver hair like Inuyasha’s and similar golden eyes, but his were lighter. Miroku couldn’t help but stare. He had purple markings on his face which indicated towards youkai blood of an old, powerful family. It wasn’t common to see any of those around anymore, and especially not in a run-down neighbourhood like this one.


He walked over to them leisurely, eyes flickering briefly over the ruins of the apartment building and the visibly poor tenants staring at him not so subtly. Miroku glanced at Inuyasha and frowned when he saw how his boyfriend was glaring.


“Inuyasha,” the man said, voice deep and low. “It seems I find you in the middle of a quandary.”


Inuyasha did not reply to the statement, fist clenching unconsciously. Astonished, Miroku looked mutely from one to the other.  


“Miroku, this is Sesshoumaru,” Inuyasha said in a flat voice when the silence stretched uncomfortably, not taking his eyes off the other man.


Miroku smiled brightly, relieved, and extended a polite hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Sesshoumaru.”


Inuyasha snorted, lip twisting in a sneer. “Don’t bother. He’s-”


But he did not get to complete the snide remark because, to his shock, Sesshoumaru took the human’s hand and shook it amicably.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miroku” Sesshoumaru said, and Miroku started a little. The youkai’s eyes were boring into his intently, and it was making him uncomfortable. “Pardon Inuyasha,” he said, glancing briefly at the hanyou. “He seems to have lost his manners. I am his older brother.”


“Half-brother,” Inuyasha muttered irritable, but Miroku was barely listening.



He had to put in considerable effort in not letting the smile slide off his face. Inuyasha had never mentioned any living relation, and they had to have been pretty close for him to apologize so casually on Inuyasha’s behalf like that.


“It’s great to meet you,” Miroku said, feeling the very tips of razor sharp claws as Sesshoumaru withdrew his hand.


“It seems the fire did quite a bit of damage,” Sesshoumaru said, looking up at the charred remains of the apartment building walls. “I don’t know if you have made other arrangements already, but you are, of course, welcome home anytime.”


Miroku’s eyes lit up hopefully, but Inuyasha shook his head firmly. “No, thanks, jackass.”


“Inuyasha!” Miroku exclaimed, turning to his boyfriend in shock. The hanyou wasn’t the politest person in the world, but it was still unlike him to return courtesy with such outright animosity.


“What the hell are you even doing here, Sesshoumaru?” Inuyasha asked bluntly, glancing at the waiting Bentley and the chauffeur whose face was expressionless, but his disapproval of the place was very obvious.


“I was in the neighbourhood,” Sesshoumaru said simply.


Inuyasha snorted, glancing away bitterly. “What, the king’s now making random visits to his subjects?”


“Inuyasha, what’s the matter with you?” Miroku asked, starting to get angry himself. “Your brother’s very kindly offering us a place to stay when we have nowhere to go and-”


“We’ll find somewhere else, Miroku,” Inuyasha said decisively. “This isn’t up for discussion.”


Miroku opened his mouth to retort, but closed it after stealing a glance at the youkai. It seemed the hanyou’s rudeness was contagious.


“I’m sorry,” he bowed slightly to Sesshoumaru. “Of course, we wouldn’t want to impose.”


A small frown creased Sesshoumaru’s forehead for the first time, and he glanced at Inuyasha thoughtfully. “I assume Inuyasha has not been forthcoming as regards his home, or you would know it would be no imposition.”


Miroku turned red at that, looking down at the ground to avoid both males’ eyes. It was strange being talked down to by the hanyou’s relation who he had never mentioned, as though he was the one new to Inuyasha’s life.


“We’ve been together five years, but it never came up,” Miroku laughed nervously. “Would you please excuse us a moment, Mr. Sesshoumaru?”


He took the hanyou by the arm and dragged him off to the side. Inuyasha threw a half-bitter, half-amused glance at his brother and let himself be manhandled by his boyfriend.


“What the hell was that all about?” he whispered furiously, glancing at the youkai. “How come you never mentioned an older brother?”


“Because we’re not on good terms and there didn’t seem to be any point, alright?” Inuyasha said quietly, although he didn’t bother to whisper. He knew Sesshoumaru could hear every word clearly anyway.


Miroku sighed exasperatedly.

“Look, whatever happened between you two, it looks like he’s trying to make amends. Why don’t you give him a chance and-”


“He’s not trying to fucking make amends,” Inuyasha interrupted irritably, glancing at his brother who was looking completely innocent. “I’m saying this as much for our sake as mine. You don’t want to go live there, Miroku-”


“How much worse than this dump can it really be?” Miroku exclaimed almost hysterically, gesturing towards the rundown building, the large pile of garbage in the alleyway next to it, and the road covered in potholes. “Do you really want to blow through our savings and give up any chance of a better life just for the sake of your pride?”


Inuyasha averted his eyes before Miroku could see the hurt that flashed in them. “It’s not my pride I’m trying to protect,” Inuyasha whispered, but Miroku wasn’t really listening.


“Whatever you decide to do, don’t pretend you’re doing it for us,” Miroku said almost viciously. “Because I for one, don’t see what’s so awful about spending a few days at your brother’s place that he’s so kindly offered to us.”


Seeing the forlorn look on Inuyasha’s face, his anger deflated, and he placed a pleading hand on Inuyasha’s arm. Inuyasha automatically looked down at the human hand on his forearm and his eyes reflexively sought Sesshoumaru’s at the gesture, but the youkai didn’t seem to be looking at them.  


“Please?” Miroku begged. “If it’s so bad, we can always leave and go to a motel.”


“Fine,” Inuyasha said, face suddenly blank. “If it means that much to you. But give me a minute with him.”


Leaving Miroku standing there, he walked up to his brother. Each step that he took felt like lead, felt like losing.


Turning his back to Miroku, he looked up at his brother.


“You got what you wanted,” he whispered bitterly. “You always do.”


There was an angelic smile on Sesshoumaru’s face that didn’t reach his eyes.


“Before we do, I need to know one thing,” Inuyasha said, holding his eyes. “Did you have anything to do with the fire?”


Sesshoumaru met his gaze calmly. “You are asking me if I had your house burned down? No, I did not.”


Inuyasha held his gaze for moments longer, searching them. Then he broke the gaze and turned away, nodding. Sesshoumaru was a lot of things, but a liar wasn’t one of them.


He glanced over at Miroku who hurried over. He looked at Inuyasha questioningly, and the hanyou nodded once, almost imperceptibly. Miroku barely concealed his delight.


“Thank you so much,” he gushed, grabbing the youkai’s hand and wringing it up and down. Inuyasha stared bemusedly from the hand to Sesshoumaru’s face which was expressionless.


“So… to be clear, you’re really inviting me and Miroku home?” Inuyasha asked. “You who wouldn’t so much as breathe the same air as humans?”


Sesshoumaru gave him an innocently surprised look that Inuyasha knew was entirely for Miroku’s benefit. “I would hardly expect you to abandon your partner of five years, Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said.


For some reason, Inuyasha turned slightly pink. “Whatever. We’ve been staying at a motel since the fire. We’ll get our things and meet you at home?”


“There’s no need,” Sesshoumaru said, summoning his chauffeur with an imperious gesture. The man jumped where he’d been standing arrogantly, and hurried over to them, bowing so low that Miroku couldn’t help staring. “You can ride with me now, and I’ll have your things sent over.”


“But-” Miroku hesitated. Their motel room was kind of a mess; he hadn’t really cleaned up, expecting to come right back once they’d got their things from the apartment. He didn’t really want strangers picking up their things, and he knew Inuyasha would hate it even more.


But to his surprise, all Inuyasha said was “Fine,” before he traipsed off to the car.


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