Safe with Wolves

BY : Red-Eyed-Duelist
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Author's Note: Something I randomly thought up and this pairing is slowly growing on me. Anyways, the first chapter might not be long but I promise others after will be.

Inuyasha winced as he braced himself on Tessaiga before looking across the battlefield, anguish filling his features. He could see Sango, a hole in her stomach, laying beside Miroku who also had a hole in his stomach. They both had died together, trying to protect one another. On the other side of Songo was Kirara who was cut in half, still in her enlarged state. What really got him was Kagome who was staring up at the sky, unseeing. She was torn apart and her blood was everywhere.

He wanted to scream out in pain and anger but held it in. He could feel blood running down from his wounds and screaming would just take too much energy away. His grip tightened on the hilt before he forced himself to stand, ignoring the bolts of pain that ran up and down his body.

His ear twitched when a whimper sounded from behind the boulder near him. He quickly scanned the field again and noticed something that caused him relief.

Shippo wasn't there. 

He trudged over to the boulder and saw a familiar, fluffy tail sticking out from behind it.

"Shippo..." Inuyasha grunted, which caused Shippo to peek out at him.

"Inuyasha?" he hiccuped, tears in his eyes. Inuyasha's eyes soften as the watery blue eyes that stared up at him. Gods, Shippo had seen...

"Come here." He lifted his took his hand away from his sword's hilt and held it out and the little fox was quick to jump into the open arm, snuggling into his chest. "We have to get back to the village."

"B-but what about the others?" Shippo sniffed. 

"I'm sorry, I can't bury them, I don't think I have that much strength in me."


Inuyasha took one last look at his pack- at what was his pack- and began to make is way in the direction where the village was while using Tessaiga to help him walk. 

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