When 2 powers colide

BY : Akumasu
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Disclaimer: if i owned inuyasha why would i be writing FANfiction when i could just be making this a episode I am just making this for fun and am not getting any money once so ever for it

Hey this is my first fanfic so please don't be too harsh but if you have any suggestions that will help make this better in future chapters please let me know. anyway I'm writing this because i felt like miroku was more cunning and powerful then they let on in the show so this is my way of letting him shine and i love sesshomarumiroku one of my otps by far. and I'm really sorry if the characters in this are a little or a lot ooc ill try my best to keep them in character as best i can through out this anyway enjoy!!! P.S if you love miroku as much as i do prepare for some sort of feels in this.

It had been 2 years since the faithful day Inuyasha had ran Naraku through with his Tessaiga and saved not only his friends but also freed all of japan from his horrible torment. The group that had saved japan walked through the thick and luscious forest that led to Kaede's village for the anniversary of the spider yokai's death. The summer sun shinning down on forest warming the dirt path and the trees that would sway with the breeze that would cool the group for a moment before disappearing again. Inuyasha led the group with his hands hidden in his fire rat robe and his long silver hair elegantly  tied up in a high-ponytail  that reached his lower back. following him was kagome, shippo, sango, and miroku perched on top of the nekomata, kirara. Even though Naraku was no longer, as kagome put i, "in the picture" there was no real reason for kagome to still come back to the feudal era but she insisted in visiting the small group every once in a while. kagome and sango engaged in simple small talk as shippo lay in kagomes lap sleeping the day away as miroku admired the beauty of the forest with a small smile. Now that his life was no longer threatened by the wind tunnel Naraku had ripped into his hand Miroku had not been as lecherous as before. It was rare that he would throw himself at any woman that would glance at him and he didn't grope anyone any more either, much to the relief of Sango. He also had been enjoying life more never forgetting to praise every small beauty he came across. Miroku looked into the clear blue sky squinting slightly at the suns rays and noticed that it was very close to noon, Meaning they would be only slightly late for the celebration at Kaede's home. Miroku turned his attention back to his friends that he has grow to love and trust  with a small smile, admiring how much everyone has grown both physically and mentally. He mused at how long Sango's hair had gotten, nearly reaching her lower back. He noticed  how the small breeze would blow her lose raven locks slightly to the left before they returned to their normal place. Miroku then turned his attention to Kagome, the young girl that had fallen through a well that had transported her here and had give the small group the pleasure of getting to know her and learn about all the different foods and objects she would bring back from her time every now and again. He observed how Kagomes hair had also grown, reaching her lower back despite being tied back into a ponytail, and how she no longer wore her school uniform but a simple dark blue skirt with a light blue and white striped shirt. However she did still carry her bow and arrows and was always at attention. 'They truly have grown into strong and beautiful women' Miroku thought as he let out a small chuckle while the girls laughed at something the other had said. Miroku then began to look at how he changed he still wore his black and purple Buddhist robes but his hair had gotten slightly longer, it now reached his shoulder blades, and he had grown more humble and was no longer the flirt he used to be. He also had began wearing a small purple and black earring that hed gotten from his grandfather once he returned, it was the very earring his father wear.  Then Miroku thought back to Inuyasha and how he used to be before Narakus demise. All he wanted was to become a full fledged demon with the Jewel of Four Souls but now he has grown past his original wishes and now see's that he is stronger and proved that half-breeds are more powerful than anyone thought. 'He has grown the most out of all of us, its truly inspiring' Miroku thought with a smile as he focused his attention back on the beautiful forest around them, he inhaled the smells of fresh pine sap and the clean smelling air from the nearby lakes and rivers. Soon enough the forest gave way to a clear field and a small village surrounded by water.

"hey guys we're here!"  Inuyasha called up to the  three as kirara stopped in front the small village and laid down to make it easier for the three to get down. kagome shook shippo lightly, waking him up, and held him and grabbed her things before she jumped down form the cat demon as Sango gathered her Hiraikotsu and Miroku grabbed his staff before the two jumped down as kirara shrunk back to her normal kitten size and jumped into Sango's arms.The group walked into the small village smiling at all the familiar villagers that waved to them and smiled back. The small group stopped at a stand get a small drink of water and some food before heading over to Kaede's. The group sat down at the small stand and ordered their food. When their food and drinks came the group began to eat and joke around with each other like they would always do when they were hunting Naraku, just sitting around the campfire making each other laugh until their stomachs hurt. As Inuyasha was slurping some of his soup a woman walking behind him lost her balance for a moment and accidently bumped into him, making him choke on the pork flavored liquid  and to spill the some of it on his clothes.

"Hey lady, watch where your going, would ya!" Inuyasha exclaimed as he turned around to face the woman. she had on all black robes with purple flowers and pale skin, her face was completely hidden by shadows that the hood she was wearing but a small piece of raven hair was sticking out of the hood.

"Inuyasha, calm down it was a accident!" Kagome scolded the hanyo

"Its quite alright miss, im very sorry for bumping into you, it won't happen again sir" the woman said, her voice gentle but authoritative, as she took out a small pouch and pulled out a few gold and silver coins handing them to Inuyasha "This should be enough for your meal, again my deepest apologies, enjoy the rest of your evening" the woman bowed slightly before walking away from the group, towards the exit of the village.  

"What a weird lady" Inuyasha mumbled as he paid for the groups meal " at least i didn't have to waste any money on you guys"

"Osuwari!" Kagome shouted as Inuyasha feel from his seat and face planted into the ground. The group laughed at the familiar antics of the two as they made their way to Kaede's home.  Soon they made it to the small hut that kaede lived in that was buzzing with life as they all walked through the door.. There were already many drunk man, women, and demons slurring their words and hanging off each other, some of the men and demons getting brave, groping some of the women only to be slapped hard in the face. Miroku couldn't stop himself from sliming at the scene, remembering all the times he had done the same thing to Sango with the same out come. Soon enough the group saw the small women push through the crowd towards them to welcome them to the celebration and to welcome them back the village.

"Hey granny, how have you been?" Inuyasha asked as kaede approached them.

"I've been just fine Inuyasha, now follow me I'd like to catch up" Kaede answered as she chuckled lightly and lead the group through the horde of druken villagers and demons to a small room separated from the rest of the celebration. The room had a small table in the center with blankets and pillows in one corner  and a small cupboard in the other. it was the room that Kaede would heal the group in, mostly Inuyasha.

"please sit and make yourselves at home its been too long since we've talked properly" kaede said  as she went to little cupboard in the corner of the room and pulled out a tray and  a bottle of sake and a few drinking cups along with a small bowl and some cream for shippo and kirara.. the group sat down a the small table comfortably as Kaede pored them a small cup of sake and pored some cream in a cup for shippo and a bowl for kirara setting them by the door.It didn't  take long before the group feel into their old habit and was laughing all the air out of their lungs till their stomachs began to hurt as noon slowly began to turn to late evening and all the guest began to leave the home.

"so Miroku how have you been since Narakus demise" Kaede asked as she sipped her third cup of sake.

"I've been great, it feels nice that i no longer have to wait for the day when I'm consumed by the wind tunnel. Now i can finally enjoy every day of my life like I've always wanted to instead of having to worry i wouldn't wake up the next morning" Miroku said as he sipped his sake with a smile.

"Did you ever get a tramp to have your child Miroku?!"

"Inuyasha,ouswari!" Everyone chuckled as Inuyasha face planted into the floor, making a small Inuyasha shaped indent. 'that will never get old' Miroku thought as he continued to nurse his sake.

"What was that for kagome!" Inuyasha yelled at the girl as his fluffy puppy ear twitched in irritation

"You don't call a women by that name, its disrespectful!" kagome said simply as she pet Shippo's hair before letting him go to play with Kirara. The small yokai chasing and tackling each other in play fighting. 'kirara is winning' miroku thought with a smirk before turning his focus back to Inuyasha's question

"No Inuyasha i do not have a heir yet, for i am saving myself for the woman i am  destined to be with to come along"

"When you had your wind tunnel you'd throw yourself at any woman you would see!"

"That was when i thought i would die the next morning and the only way i could keep my lineage living was to provide a heir, but now i can take my time finding the love of my life plus it is comforting knowing that my heir and his/her heir don't have to worry about their life ending the next morning as i had to" Miroku replayed with a hint of defensiveness in his voice. Everyone nodded in understanding as the continued to nurse their drinks and joke around, Kagome shouting Osuwari every time Inuyasha made a sexual joke.

"Miroku i know this is a weird question, but do you... miss your wind tunnel?" Sango asked as she set down her drink, asking the question that had been on everyone's minds since miroku was freed from his personal hell.

"Well in a way, you could say that i do miss it , after all it was my only weapon that could use that was considered a threat to all the other demons we've encountered. Without it i cant really protect myself like how i used to, its not a great feeling knowing that i now need to depend on my friends to keep me safe but it does feel nice knowing ill wake up healthily and alive tomorrow. Besides i have other ways of protecting myself so i don't have to call for you every time im in trouble." Miroku finished as he drink the last bit of his sake, leaving the group in a uncomfortable silence that slowly began to grow to the size of the room.Miroku, wanting to escape the unpleasant silence, stood up and stretched before grabbing his staff and said "excuse me, but  i want to take advantage of the sunset and go on a quick walk before we rest up for the day" Miroku politely bowed his head to kaede and his friends before slipping out of the door, petting Shippo and Kirara  on his way, to go on his calming walk leaving the group the blanket of tension and unpleasant silence.

"He does have a point" kagome said, her voice like a knife cutting through the stillness of the room.The group looked at her with confusion and concern. Shippo crawled over to Kagome and looked up at her with the same look everyone else was.

"What do you mean kagome?" Sango asked, confusion clearly evident in her eyes and voice. as she pulled Kirara closer to her for comfort

"He does have no other way to protect himself without his wind tunnel, all he can do is call for one of us to help him when hes in trouble and have no other choice but to rescue him " kagome explained as she looked at the group with unnaturally serious eyes, scaring shippo slightly.

"But its okay because we're his friends and that's what friends do, right Kagome" Shippo said innocently while looking up at kagome with only slight confusion

"Not exactly Shippo, not when he needs us constantly" Kagome said as she looked into the small kitsune's emerald eyes and stroked his hair sadly

"I still don't follow you, Kagome" Sango inquired, still slightly confused, as she pet the sleeping Kirara in her lap

"Does she have to spell it out for you Sango, she saying that Miroku cant defend himself, we have to do it for him, every time hes in trouble we have to stop whatever we are doing and save him and the day will come when we'll be....too late" Inuyasha chimed in as he set his sake down on the table, his bangs shadowing his eyes but the calm and  regretful tone he spoke with got his mood across just fine

"So Miroku is slightly weaker now, but he's our friend none of that should matter, we have to be there for him just like how he was there for us, we cant just abandon him because he can't fight for himself as well as he used too!" Sango exclaimed her voice holding disgust at her friends sudden change in mood

"Sango's right, we can't just leave him when he need's us most" Shippo added while he put his hands on his hips.

"He cant fight for himself at all you two! Hes weak! He cant do anything himself anymore!" Inuyasha  slammed his hands on table as he bolted up from his seat causing everyone to jump in surprise at the sudden out burst "Hes just a defenseless fragile human that could be snapped like a twig by every enemy we encounter! Hes a easy meal for every demon out there and i know he's our friend and we can't just give up on his so easily but i don't want to constantly be saving him  then one day being too late all because defend himself properly, hes a nuisance and you know it too!"  Inuyasha shouted immediately silencing the kitsune and demon slayer. "We cant constantly be there and save him only for him to get in trouble the second we turn our backs on him, Sango you cant sit there and tell me that Miroku with be just fine without us. You know he'll get devoured by a demon soon and we wouldn't be fast enough to stop it from happening if we don't do something now." Sango shed a tear as Inuyasha's words had set in.

"Inuyasha without Miroku, we'd still be under Naraku's curse!" Shippo argued 

"He does have a point Inuyasha, Miroku is a valuable member of your team" Kaede said defending Shippo, making Inuyasha clench his fists and kagome get angrier by the second.

"He WAS a valuable member of our team but that was before he lost the only good thing about him!" Kagome shouted, the group looking at her with shock " i know he's our friend but sometimes i can't stand him, the only thing that i liked about him was his wind tunnel but now that it's gone he's insufferable! Even though i hate him it hurts knowing that he could be ripped to shreds easily now and that the day will come when we wouldn't be fast enough to save him! Why can't you three see that Miroku is practically a defenseless child and that he depends on us to save him but we can't risk our live's over and over again without any benefit! He's useless!" Kagome finished as tears began to flow freely from her eyes. Shippo looked at Kagome with fear and concern as her words began to make sense. 

"Kagome, is that truly how you fee about Miroku now?" Sango asked as a waterfall of tears rushed down her face, her voice cracking through half of her sentence. Kagome simply nodded her head as Inuyasha rubbed her back in a small attempt to comfort her. Sango whipped the tears from her face as more came to take the others place, she calmly looked at her friends and sighed before asking "Well, what do you think we should do about this? "  The tension and uncomfortable air returned to room and washed over the group as the question hung in the middle of it all, unanswered and difficult. until finally Inuyasha's voice broke though the silence.

"We"ll kill him" Everyone gasped in unison at the outragous idea

"Inuyasha that's  insane!" Shippo screamed at inuyasha in outrage.

"Shippo is right, you'd be no better than the demons that lurk out there to do the smae thing to Miroku" Kaede agreed as she put down her sake.

"Well can you think of any other way to slove this!" Inuyasha yelled back as he clenched his fist, leaving small cresent shapped indents on his palms.

"I think Inuyasha is right, at least then he won't be ripped to piece's!" Kagome added. the four  argued back and forth on the subject, Shippo and Kaede trying to reason that there had to be another answer to this and Kagome and Inuyasha saying this was the only way, as Sango hugged Kirara closer to her and  tried to reason with herself on why killing the person she thought she loved was a bad idea. She ruled out that the problem of protecting him all the time would be solved and that she wouldn't have to witeness Miroku's death at the hands of a filthy demon, but this was the person she fell in love with and still loved deeply and there had to be another way to keep Miroku safe. 'At least this way he could leave this life peacefully and in one piece' Sango thought as tears streamed down her face like waterfalls over smooth rocks.

"Lets do it" Sango said abruptly causing the room to immediately go quiet and looks of astonishment to be shoot at the demon slayer.

"Sango, please don't say your agreeing with them!" Shippo shouted as his eyes began to water and his voice began to become weak and crack.

"How can you do this,he's your friend, he's always trusted you three not to turn on him like this!" Kaede pulled Shippo closer to her as he began to bawl

"Do you really think i don't know that!"Sango exclaimed as more and more tears began to rush down her face "I know he has put every last spec of his trust in us so we don't abandon him like this but this is the only way he will leave this world in one piece, im sorry but this is the only way to keep him safe!" Sango finished as Inuyasha and Kagome rubbed circle's into her back.

"See, this is the only solution." Inuyasha uttered as he looked at Kaede and Shippo emphatically.

"I'll never agree with this, but if Miroku is safest this way, then i suppose we should do it." Kaede said as tears began to fall down her face and the small kitsune drenched her kimono in tears "The only question now is how do we do it?' 

"We'll, uh we'll" Inuyasha placed his hand on his chin in thought as his ear twitched, showing he was in extreme thought.

"We'll poison him" Kagome said as she put her finger up in a 'ah ha' sort of gesture "That way he'll go peacefully in his sleep and he won't live past tonight, he'll be dead by morning then we'll find out what to do with the body." Everyone stared at Kagome for a moment before nodding their heads.

"That's perfect Kagome, we'll poison him and he'll enter the afterlife without a sound, granny do you think you have anything in your supply that might make a good poison"

"I'm a healer Inuyasha, i make my patients better i don't kill them" Kaede remarked as Shippo pulled away from her with puffy eye's

"You have to know that if you mix something's together they become deadly for humans!" Inuyasha countered, causing Kaede to give up on arguing with him nodded silently towards Inuyasha. She walked over to the small cupboard again, and with slightly shaky hands, pulled out herbs and liquids that she slowly began to mix together as she sniffled. Soon enough the group had to cover their noses as the smell of the poison slowly began to become very potent and rotten. Kaede walked back to the group the poison in a small cup that she held far from her face.She set down the poison in the middle of the table, the group looking at it with dread and discomfort.

"It's done" Kaede grunted as she sat down again with a sad/angry expression. For the umpteenth time that night the group was once again engulfed in the dreadful silence that held unwanted guilt.

"How are we going to get him to drink it?" Sango asked as kirara shed some small kitten tears. "Miroku is smarter thn to just drink something out of pure curiosity, especially if it smells foul and putrid." 

"That is true, i guess well have to mix it with something that smells way better" Inuyasha's ear twitched again as the silence returned.

"Why don't we mix it with more sake he'll never know the difference" Kagome suggested as Inuyasha nodded in approval. Inuyasha grabbed the bottle of sake and pour some in Miroku's cup as Kaede poured in the poison, using a small mixing spoon to stir the concoction together.

"I never thought id see the day you would 3 would kill Miroku like this" Shippo whispered to himself as him a Kirara hugged and cried together.

"Shippo, this is what's best for us, for Miroku" soon the deadly mixture was finished and they put Miroku's drink in the same position he left it in. Inuyasha's ear twitched slightly as his eye's went wide and slightly teary at the sound of soft and strangely calming footprints approached the hut and the sweet sent sea salt,Viola, and candy.

"Miroku is coming" Everyone quickly scurried around the home, trying to make everything the same as when Miroku left, they quickly whipped their faces to get rid of the tears that had been streaming down their faces earlier and tried to act normal. Shippo and Kirara sat by the door and waited for Miroku, Kagome,Sango, and Kaede set out the blankets while Inuyasha moved the table into the opposite corner of the room. Miroku calmly walked into the yawning slightly with lidded eye's. Miroku chuckled as Shippo and Kirara rubbed against him and led him to his makeshift bed in the middle of the room

"That sunset was absolutely beautiful, but it was even prettier when it gave way to the night sky espeically when tonight it gave way to a beautiful night sky full with thousands of star and a beautiful shining moon, sometimes nature can be cruel but the beauty it gives back really makes up for it" Miroku said as he set down his staff next to the bed and Inuyasha handed him the poisened sake."Inuyasha i think i've had enough tonight" Miroku said as he looked at the sake in the cup.

"Come o Miroku, it's just one last drink before bed" Inuyasha said as he sat next to the monk, Miroku looked at Inuyasha skeptically before bringing the sake to his nose and sniffed it.

"Did you guy's do something to this?" Miroku asked as he looked around the room then focusing on Inuyasha again. Everyone but Shippo and Kaede sweatdropped at the thought that Miroku might have found out that the planed to poison him.

"No, of course not, why would we do that Miroku" Kagome said as she joined inuyasha, next to Miroku.

"Then what's that horrid smell" Miroku stated as he eye'ed everyone in the room. 'this is not normal for them, what's going on with them' Miroku thought as Sango sat down on the other side of them.

"It's just Inuyasha, he hasn't bathed in day's" Sango said as Kagome frantically nodded in agreement. Miroku chuckled slightly at the comment but was still slightly suspious as he brought the cup to his lips, but before he could take a sip Shippo and Kirara tackled him with tears streaming dowing their faces

"Shippo, Kirara what's wrong it's only my second cup of sake"

"But this cup will kill you Miroku!" Shippo said as he clinged to Miroku, drenching his buddist robes with tears as Kirara licked his face saddly while her kitten tears dripped from her face to Miroku's

"What does he mean by 'this cup will kill me'" Miroku asked as his eye's narrowed at his friends.

"Nothing!, Shippo's just being dramatic!" Inuyasha hit Shippo in the back of his head like he always did but instead of being sat by Kagome, he got hit in the back of his head with Miroku's staff hard.

"Don't hit Shippo like that, your gonna crack his skull Inuyasha!" Miroku said like a mother hen as he pet the spot Inuyasha hit lightly before kissing it lightly. Miroku sat up carefully, ignoring the glare he got from Inuyasha, and set the small kitsune and nekomata next to him and looked them in the eye's

"Look you two i don't know what's going on but i'm pretty sure i won't die from drinking this" Miroku shook the cup of sake slightly. 

"But you will, i know you will trust us Miroku, you'll die if you drink that!" Shippo countered as more and more tears flowed down his face and Kirara meowed in agreement. Miroku whipped the tears from their eyes and leaned his forehead against their's before saying " I'll tell you what if i don't live past tonight my spirit  will find you two and look over you until you join me in the afterlife, im never going to leave any of you, your all my dearest friend's even when im dead i will always be there ok Shippo, Kirara" Miroku smiled sweetly as Shippo and Kirara nodded and looked into his vibrant violet eye's, he kissed them both on the top of their heads before picking pu the sake and bringing it to his lips. Shippo held Miroku's free hand as he drank the poison and Kirara curled up in his lap, the girls were trying so hard not to let tears fall from their eyes again, Inuyasha trying to resist the urge to smack the sake right out of Miroku's hand and apologize with every last part of his being. Miroku finished the drink and handed the cup to a crying Kaede. Suddenly Inuyasha got up and hugged Miroku tightly as he cried into his shoulder.

"I'll miss you Miroku, we all will and we're so sorry" Inuyasha told Miroku as he pulled away from the hug, looking into Miroku's eyes as tears fell from his own. Miroku chuckled lightly and whipped the tears from Inuyasha's face

"You'll see me in the morning, and i fo give you for whatever you guys did to me" Miroku said as Inuyasha pulled him back into the tight hug, Sango, Kagome, and Kaede joining in later. Once the group let the monk go he yawned slightly as everyone went to their beds in other parts of the room. 

"Goodnight everyone" Miroku said softly as he laid his head on his pillow and everyone feel asleep. Miroku looked at Shippo and Kirara who had not left there spots next to him with a small smile. Miroku sat up again and looked in their still watering eyes."Do you two wanna sleep with me tonight" Miroku chuckled as the two quickly climbed into th blanket with Miroku. Shippo curled up at Miroku's side while Kirara curled up on his chest. Miroku smiled at the smile demons that he slowly grew to see as his children.

"Miroku?" Shippo asked queitly

"Yes, Shippo?"

"I love you"

"I love you too,Shippo" Miroku chuckled as Kirara licked his cheek to show that she loved him too. "and you too, Kirara" Miroku sat up, making the small demons do the same, and reached into his robe and pulled out a small cloth collar it was black and purple just like his robe's and in the center it was a small fire stone "It belonged to small neko me and my Mushin would care of, she was very special to me and this is her collar and you remind me of her in everyway so, Kirara i want to give this to you" Miroku explained as he put it around Kirara's neck, the small neko purring in happiness as her eye's watered once again and she licked Miroku's cheek again. Then Miroku turned to Shippo and undid the back of his earring, Shippo's eye's watering again as he put two and two together "Shippo, this was my father's earring, he wore it until the before his wind tunnel consumed him where he gave it to Mushin to give to me and for me to give to my heir when i pass away, and since see you as my small little kitsune son, will you wear this until you yourself have a heir"  Shippo nodded as he turned his head to the side letting Miroku put the earring on his right ear, the same ear that Miroku wore his.

"But Miroku what will you give you real son?" Miroku held up his staff but also held up his left hand showing a ring that had markings that meant long life and good fortune.

"That earring was not the only thing my father wore to give to his heir" Miroku said as he whipped away Shippo's tears " Beside's to me, you are my real son" Shippo jumped into Miroku's arms giving him a big hug, which he returned, and a small kiss on his cheek. Miroku then laid down again wrapping his right arm around Shippo pulling him closer to his side while Kirara curled up on his chest and put his hand on the small neko to keep her from moving during the night. Miroku smiled slightly as the two small demons began to softly snore as he closed his eye's and fell asleep hugging the demons close to him. Little did the rest of the group know that the only members he would care about would be the two small demons sleeping with him. They would be seen as his children the others would be seen as the embodiment of untrustworthily backstabbing scum.


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