The Shoot

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The Shoot

Chapter 1


            In the nicely air-conditioned reception area of the Tokyo office belonging to Japanese adult film studio Reiki Films, a man stepped out of the late summer’s heat of the busy downtown street and entered the reception through its glass double door.  Blessed with a god-like physique and ethereal, masculine beauty, he was not merely a man, though, but a youkai.  He was daiyoukai, at that, one of the greatest of his kind.  Standing nearly seven feet tall, he weighed more than 250 pounds, nearly all of him highly-refined, toned muscle covered by perfect, pale skin.  His hair was a long, silvery mane he wore gathered into a low tail behind his back.  His eyes were as pools of molten gold and elegant magenta stripes adorned his cheeks, a violet crescent moon occupying the center of his forehead between his long, well-groomed bangs.  His name: Takahashi Kenshiro, known to the adult film world by his ‘performing’ name: Sesshomaru.

            Sesshomaru dressed casually yet neatly, wearing a black polo, a white undershirt, and white slacks with polished brown wingtips as his shoes.  In an act of some personal vanity, he wore his clothes with a trim fit to accentuate his tall and broad, muscular build.  As he walked through the studio’s reception area, he carried a blue three-ring binder tucked under an arm. 

            The binder contained a print-out of a film script that Reiki had sent to Sesshomaru, a lewd ‘period piece’ set in Japan’s old Sengoku Jidai.  It called for a demonic assassin, preferably played by a male of actual demonic lineage, to infiltrate the shrine of a legendary Shinto miko, played by actress Higurashi Kagome, and kill her.  Of course, being an adult film, the script also called for the miko to subdue her would-be assassin with her purifying magic.  With the help of her sexy female taijiya bodyguard, played by actress Aozaki Sango, she would turn him into their personal, sexual boy toy.  According to the script, intense and unprotected sex between the assassin and each woman ensued.

            Reiki had sent Sesshomaru the script in a ‘last-minute’ sort of situation.  The role of the assassin had originally been given to his brother, Kappei, an adult film actor himself who went by the performing name InuYasha.  Unfortunately, in just the past few days, Reiki’s head director and Kagome’s elder sister, Higurashi Kikyo, fired InuYasha and contacted Sesshomaru by e-mail to replace him.  Sesshomaru wasn’t certain of what happened, exactly, as InuYasha wasn’t willing to talk about it and Kikyo hadn’t included any details in her e-mails.  Still, Sesshomaru was happy to work whenever work presented itself, and he accepted Kikyo’s offer.

            Given Sesshomaru’s extraordinary good looks, ‘work’ in his profession presented itself often.  Directors loved getting him on camera, capturing him in ‘action’ with some of the most beautiful women in Japanese erotica.  A passionate and dedicated lover, he strove to bring his female partners to real orgasms, ostensibly for the sake of giving his director the most realistic scene possible, though he had no objections to the sensation of his co-star’s inner muscles rippling and gripping around him, drawing him into orgasms of his own.

            Aside from his natural male beauty and commitment to the act of sex while being filmed, Sesshomaru’s demonic virility was his most valuable asset.  He was massively well-endowed; his cock could reach a length of nearly eleven inches when fully erect, letting his female partners feel him pushing right up against their wombs when he really went deep.  With his meaty cock came a set of big, heavy, highly-productive balls.  Sesshomaru was generally renowned for his stamina on-camera, but it was the properties of his balls that really made him a star.  In pornographic parlance, those hefty male orbs pulsing between his muscled thighs allowed him to give a woman perhaps the messiest facial of her life, or fill her pussy to overflowing in a matter of heartbeats.  Assuming the right contraceptives were in place, the sopping, dripping aftermath of his orgasms, unleashed directly inside of a woman’s body, were some of the greatest ‘creampies’ ever put to film.

            Reiki Films’ reception area was very clean and well-kept, more like the reception to a reputable doctor’s office than that of an adult film studio.  It was empty except for the receptionist sitting behind a tall, semi-circular wooden desk, working at her computer.  She was an attractive young woman with alluring brown eyes and long, jet black hair.  She had styled her hair curiously, a single tuft of it sticking out from one side of her head in a small braid. 

            Looking around her computer’s monitor, the receptionist saw Sesshomaru approaching and stood up to greet him, giving him a beautiful, almost blushing smile.  “Good afternoon, Mr. Takahashi,” she bid with a polite bow.

            Sesshomaru stopped just in front of the receptionist’s desk and returned her bow, smiling back at her in relatively more stoic fashion.  He recognized that she already knew his name and his face; she was clearly expecting him, likely having been told of his impending arrival by Kikyo.  She wore a nametag on her orange blouse and he committed the name on it to memory: Rin.  “Good afternoon, Ms. Rin,” he spoke, his voice a rich, lilting Japanese baritone.  “I’ve come to see Higurashi Kikyo.  She will begin shooting a new film today and she has hired me to appear in it.”

            “Yes, Mr. Takahashi,” Rin confirmed.  “In her e-mails, Ms. Higurashi instructed you to bring a certificate from your doctor.  Do you have it?”

            Sesshomaru drew the blue binder with the film script in it from under his arm and opened it, removing a sheet of paper from one of the cover sleeves.  It was a signed document from his doctor certifying that he was free of sexually-transmitted disease, and thus cleared for work on a new film.  He gave it to Rin and she filed it away in her desk.  In turn, she handed him a pen and a clipboard that bore a series of dense legal forms.  “Thank you.  Please read through these and sign wherever prompted,” she said.  “If you have any questions, I’ll be right here.”

            Sesshomaru nodded and took the clipboard over to one of the reception’s plush lounge chairs, settling down into it and beginning to work on the papers Rin had given him.  Altogether, for the purposes of formally defining Sesshomaru’s business relationship with the studio and complying with Japanese law, they laid out the terms of his employment and his compensation for adhering to them.  As he read through them, in his peripheral vision, he could tell that Rin was stealing glances at him from behind her desk.  He began to think: she knew his name and his face.  He wondered: as a receptionist working at an adult film studio, and an adult in her own right with access to pornography, was it not possible that she had seen some of his films?  If she had, then she was undoubtedly imagining him as the sexual creature he became when on camera and becoming seriously hot and bothered because of it.

            A ‘normal’ youkai’s senses were considerably sharper than those of a human.  As a daiyoukai, Sesshomaru’s senses were even more so.  His superhuman hearing allowed him to detect the faintest sounds in the reception, such as the way his pen’s steel ink ball shifted in its tapered metal housing as he wrote, the flow of air through the ceiling’s air conditioning ducts, and the beat of Rin’s heart.  Keeping his eyes cast firmly down on the papers he applied his signature to, he diverted the lion’s share of his attention to Rin, even if he wasn’t looking directly at her.

            Sesshomaru listened closely to Rin’s heartbeat and the cadence of her breathing.  He knew full well what a woman sounded like when she was sexually excited, and the lovely receptionist was putting out all the right signals.  The daiyoukai began to lose focus on his writing as his own heart sped up in his chest.  His sex drive was very powerful, and to give it an outlet was one of the reasons he had chosen a career in adult films.  When his senses told him a woman in his immediate vicinity was getting even remotely ready for him, his body’s reaction was only natural.  Not only could he hear Rin’s excitement building, he could smell it, and his cock began to stir underneath his white slacks.

            Hurriedly signing the remaining forms before his erection became too obvious, Sesshomaru stood from his chair and returned to the front of Rin’s desk, handing her the clipboard with the forms on it.  Her hands trembling very slightly, but noticeably to Sesshomaru’s eyes, she accepted the clipboard from him and set it down upon her desk to reach for her telephone.  Lifting the handset to her ear, she pressed a single button on the base to call Kikyo’s office.

            Rin heard only two rings before Kikyo picked up on the other end.  “Yes, Rin?” the director asked to the receptionist, her voice bearing a little bit of electronic modulation.

            “Ms. Higurashi, Mr. Takahashi has arrived,” Rin said.  “He’s brought his doctor’s certificate and he has completed all the necessary forms.”

            “Very good.  Please show him to my office.”

            Quickly, Rin set her phone’s handset back down on its base, then left her desk and moved to the reception’s glass double doors.  She latched them shut and reversed the ‘open/closed’ sign hanging in the window.  She returned to Sesshomaru’s side and stepped past him to open a door behind her desk.  “Right this way, Mr. Takahashi,” she gestured through the open door.

            Sesshomaru followed Rin as she instructed and she led him out of the studio’s reception area, entering its front offices.  As he walked in the airflow behind her, he could feel himself practically bathing in her lovely female scent, a scent that carried increasing arousal.  That arousal fed into his own.  They soon arrived at the office of Higurashi Kikyo, head director of Reiki Films and older sister to Kagome.  Only in her mid-30s, Kikyo had established herself as one the pre-eminent directors in the adult film industry, turning out some of the most popular erotic films of her time.  She took a special, decidedly kinky and/or taboo pleasure in directing her own sister in them. 

            Kikyo was quite lovely, blessed with classic Japanese beauty that consisted of smoky grey eyes, pale, almost porcelain-like skin, and hair of long, ebony tresses that flowed over her shoulders as glossy black rivers.  She dressed in tasteful business attire, wearing a white collared shirt, a burgundy blazer, and a matching burgundy skirt, all of which were carefully fitted to her breathtaking female figure.  To accentuate her natural beauty, she added a provocative flair to her mode of dress by wearing her shirt buttoned quite low, her ample breasts pressed together for others, especially men, to see.  She wore glossy silk stockings over her legs to bring out their toned shape.  Finally, she wore a pair of under-rimmed, rectangular-lensed glasses, the glasses interacting with a mysterious glow in her eyes to project an aura of knowledge and power.

            Sitting at her work computer, Kikyo reviewed a series of e-mails regarding the upcoming film shoot that day.  Turning from it, she saw Sesshomaru and Rin approaching through her office’s open door and stood up from her desk to greet them.  Nodding at Rin and taking full notice of her flushed face, she spoke to Sesshomaru directly, bowing in polite Japanese fashion.  Her voice was as a natural, sultry purr.  “Mr. Takahashi.  Thank you for coming here on such short notice.”

            Rin entered the office first, moving to stand beside Kikyo behind her desk.  Sesshomaru entered after her and stopped on the other side of the director’s desk to return her bow.  Standing to her full height again, Kikyo offered a handshake to the daiyoukai.  He accepted it and the moment his hand met hers, he felt the great spiritual power resonating within her body – reiki.  The sensation was not painful to his youki-charged flesh, only surprising.  “You’re a miko,” he hushed, his golden eyes narrowing and one of his elegant male brows arching in contemplation.

            “Why, yes,” Kikyo confirmed with a knowing smile as she adjusted her glasses upon the bridge of her nose.  “The name of this studio is Reiki Films, isn’t it?”

            Sesshomaru released Kikyo’s hand, ending their handshake politely and taking care not to appear as if he was in a hurry to separate himself from her.  “Yes, but I thought the name was…a metaphor for your films’ subject matter.”  Growing thoughtful, he continued: “I am daiyoukai.  You aren’t going to try and purify me, are you?”

            Kikyo laughed softly, her laugh accentuating the musical quality to her voice.  “Only if you deserve it,” she warned playfully.  More seriously, she added: “I didn’t try to purify your brother, if that’s what you’re thinking.  I only terminated his employment.”

            Sesshomaru watched as Kikyo slid back down into her plush office chair.  She gestured to a chair on the opposite side of her desk and he sat, as well.  “What did he do to deserve being fired?” he asked.

            “Sexual harassment,” Kikyo replied flatly.

            Sesshomaru’s lips curled into a stoic, considering smile.  “Sexual harassment…on the set of an adult film.  Hn.”

            “That’s right,” Kikyo confirmed, agreeing with the tone of disbelief in Sesshomaru’s rich male voice.  “He found a way to make it happen.  He was a good performer, but it seems he couldn’t content himself with getting physical only during filming.  He made some unwanted advances on Kagome, Sango, and even Rin here.  I warned him not to do it again, but when he wouldn’t stop, I had to let him go.”

            Sesshomaru took no pleasure when he learned of negative consequences befalling InuYasha.  He loved his brother as a brother should, and the daiyoukai sincerely hoped that InuYasha’s conduct with Reiki wouldn’t ruin his otherwise promising career.  For the sake of preserving the future of that career and making himself feel a little better, he asked of Kikyo: “Who else knows about this?”

            “No one, yet.  Just myself, Kagome, Sango, and Rin here,” Kikyo said.  “Why do you ask?”

            “As a favor to me, would you keep InuYasha’s behavior amongst yourselves?” Sesshomaru asked further, looking between Kikyo and Rin as the lovely receptionist stood to his side.  “I hope he hasn’t left behind any ill will.”

            Kikyo looked at Rin, seeing agreement upon her face.  Though Kagome and Sango were not present, the miko director felt confident she could speak for both.  “All right, it’s a deal,” she agreed, to Sesshomaru’s visible pleasure.  “How could I say ‘no?’  I truly appreciate you coming to…fill in…for InuYasha.”  Suppressing a giggle as she savored her own indecent double entendre, she pointed to the film script Sesshomaru held under his arm.  “Have you read the script?”

            “Yes, I have, though I haven’t memorized my lines, yet,” Sesshomaru confirmed, pulling the script from under his arm and laying it over a thigh to glance at it.  “It’s quite exciting, and I anticipate working on it with you.”  On the topics of ‘excitement’ and ‘anticipation,’ Sesshomaru’s dog demon sense of hearing allowed him to hear both Kikyo’s heart and Rin’s beginning to speed up in their chests, their breathing speeding up to match.  He knew Rin was already in a mild state of arousal from his first meeting with her in the reception area, but now, she was really heating up.  In the confined space of Kikyo’s office, he could smell the delicious scent of female sexual arousal beginning to flow from each woman in earnest, getting his own heart speeding up, as well.

            “Excellent,” Kikyo nodded, her voice coming as a hushed whisper.  She knew that Sesshomaru could smell herself and Rin; as a miko, she could feel the spike in his subtle demonic aura.  Clearing her throat, she repeated: “Excellent, very good.  Kagome and Sango can help you with your lines.”

            Kikyo gestured for Rin to close the door to her office and remain inside.  With the door closed and the airflow between Kikyo’s office and the outside halls discontinued, the scent of her arousal and Rin’s really began to saturate the room for Sesshomaru’s nose.  Sesshomaru shifted uncomfortably in his seat, feeling the pressure of his cock thickening beneath his slacks.  He wore his black polo tucked into his slacks and with his generous endowment, he knew that it would soon be difficult to hide his erection.  Strategically, he shifted his film script to the side, centering it between his muscular thighs, directly over the growing bulge there.

            Kikyo smiled for Sesshomaru’s modesty.  She leaned forward upon her desk, squeezing her breasts together for him to see.  “Let me be frank, Sesshomaru.” Here, Kikyo paused for a moment, not wishing to disrespect Sesshomaru – Takahashi Kenshiro – by addressing him informally without his consent.  “Sesshomaru.  May I call you that?”

            Sesshomaru nodded, swallowing thickly as he glanced at Kikyo’s generous cleavage.  Encouraged, the lovely director continued: “As a director, I don’t like my male performers to wear condoms in my films.  I greatly prefer the heightened intimacy of physically unprotected sex, as do Kagome and Sango.  In the film we’re going to shoot today, I want you to reach real orgasms in both of them, buried very deep inside.  Do you understand?”

            “Yes,” Sesshomaru said, his voice coming as a throaty growl.  As a full-blooded dog demon, his powerful sex drive lent itself to a career in adult films.  The thought of unleashing his seed directly inside of Kagome and Sango had him thoroughly aroused in short order.  His heartbeat was an audible ba-bump, ba-bump in his ears now.  The hearts of Kikyo and Rin made similar sounds to him, a little quieter and more distant than his own.

            “You’re a daiyoukai,” Kikyo said, rubbing her thighs together under her desk to stimulate herself.  For her own part, Rin could feel creamy female lubrication building up in her underwear, beneath her black skirt.  “Not to insult InuYasha, but you’re much more powerful than he is.  As a miko, I can feel it.  Your seed, the sperm your body makes, are probably more powerful, too.  We don’t use condoms or even IUDs here, but we do use other contraceptives, such as the old ‘morning after’ pills and spermicidal.  Those probably won’t work against you, and I need to be certain that you can come inside Kagome and Sango without getting them pregnant.”

            Kikyo opened one of her desk drawers and pulled out an ordinary, 3x5 mailing envelope.  Trembling visibly, she opened it and extracted one example of its contents.  It was a Japanese ideogram, an Shinto seal printed onto adhesive paper.  “I call this a ‘contraceptive sutra,’” she said to Sesshomaru.  “Kagome and Sango will each wear one of these on their lower bellies as you…perform with them.  They’ll project a mild purifying field down into their bodies, one that completely encompasses their wombs and ovaries.  When you come inside them, that field should purify your seed and prevent conception.  However…I need to test it, first.”

            Rin stepped closer to Sesshomaru, standing just beside and behind him.  Gingerly, she placed a slender female hand on his shoulder, stroking it to feel the warmth of his body and the solid mass of his muscles.  Watching Rin express her attraction to the daiyoukai with approval, Kikyo spoke again.  “You’ll test my sutras...with us.  Myself and Rin.  Is this acceptable?”

            Covering Rin’s hand with one of his own, Sesshomaru stood up slowly from his chair, towering over the lovely, highly-aroused receptionist by a full foot.  He removed his film script from the front of his slacks, dropping it onto Kikyo’s desk to reveal the size of his clothed erection to the director’s eyes.  Kikyo and Rin were both quite lovely and the combined scent of their bodies’ need had him completely in its grip.  “It is,” he answered curtly, his rich baritone voice as a breathless rasp.

            Kikyo grinned darkly, basking in the power of Sesshomaru’s flaring demonic sexual aura.  As a trained miko, she could perceive it in a way that Rin could not.  Grabbing her envelope of contraceptive sutras, she stood from her desk and walked to a nearby door inside her office, opening it to reveal a complete bedroom.  She entered it and right behind her, Rin took Sesshomaru by a hand to lead him inside.

            Like the rest of the Reiki Films worksite, Kikyo’s office bedroom was clean and well-kept, furnished completely in white.  Pleasantly air-conditioned, its walls, ceiling, carpet, the bed and its sheets and pillows were all as a miko’s white haori, a metaphorical contrast to the studio’s decidedly impure, sexual purpose.  As Rin shut the bedroom door, Kikyo opened the bedroom closet and pulled out a digital camera with tripod, to Sesshomaru’s amusement.  “Making a movie?” he quipped.

            “Just a little amateur test footage.  For myself and Rin, no one else,” Kikyo said.  She placed the camera next to the bed and turned it on, checking its battery level and angling it so that the entire bed was within its viewfinder.  She pressed the ‘record’ button, ensuring that the camera was indeed recording.  “It’s not every day that a woman gets to have a guy like you.”

            Moving away from the camera to the bedroom light controls next to the door, Kikyo turned the lights down to a more romantic level and began to undress, shrugging out of her burgundy blazer and letting it fall to the floor.  Happily, Rin pulled Sesshomaru close to her, maneuvering his seven-foot, 250-pound body against her much more petite, less than six-foot, 110-pound one as she began to unbutton his polo.  Once it was open, she shoved it and his white undershirt up and over his head, standing on the tips of her toes to help him work his long, silvery mane out of it.

            Free of his shirts, Sesshomaru’s bare upper body seemed to glow in the soft light and Rin smoothed her hands over his broad, hairless chest, feeling the size, warmth, and exciting firmness of his pectorals.  Facing him, she could feel his heart racing beneath her right palm and she felt profoundly empowered to know that she, a mere receptionist at an adult film studio, could have such an effect on such a man, a star.  Reciprocating her gentle, almost innocent touch, Sesshomaru grasped her upper arms, nearly lifting her off her feet as he pulled her face up to his, and kissed her.

            Kikyo’s eyes glowed with sexualized creativity as she watched Sesshomaru take Rin’s mouth with his own.  As a director, she ‘blocked’ them into an imaginary film frame with her fingers, envisioning what Sesshomaru, in particular, would look like when she exchanged the little digital camera for the good, big 35mm equipment she had elsewhere in her studio.  She unzipped her skirt and wiggled out of it, unbuttoning her white shirt to reveal the sexy black strapless bra, stocking garter, and G-string panties she wore beneath it.

            Kikyo stepped up behind Rin, brushing her silky hair to one side to nip and kiss playfully at her neck.  Sesshomaru broke his kiss with Rin with a quiet gasp, ducking his head to lap and suck at the other side of her neck.  Kikyo worked her hands between Sesshomaru’s body and Rin’s, fiddling with the buttons of the receptionist’s blouse with one and cupping one of her supple breasts through the orange cloth with the other.

            Rin tossed her head back onto Kikyo’s shoulder and moaned softly as the miko director and Sesshomaru simply ate her up.  In between kisses to Rin’s delicious alabaster flesh, Kikyo spoke: “This bedroom’s walls are soundproofed.  No one outside can hear us, so make as much noise as you want, love.”

            Taking Kikyo at her word, Rin drew a deep breath and released it in the form of: “I AM GOING TO FUCK THE SEX GOD SESSHOMARU AND MY BOSS IS GOING TO WATCH, RECORD IT, AND/OR PARTICIPATE!  KAMI!

            Sesshomaru chuckled by Rin’s high-volume outburst, surprised with the true, not-so-meek nature of the outwardly meek woman before him.  Kikyo laughed, as well, adding: “Rin is quite a fan of yours, Sesshomaru.  She has copies of all your films - all legitimately purchased, by the way, not ‘torrented.’  You can probably guess how she watches them.  Naked.  It’s only necessary that I test my sutras with you, not Rin, too, but I wouldn’t deny her a chance to have the demon of her dreams inside her at least once.”

            “I have no objections, either,” Sesshomaru agreed, tipping Rin’s face up to his and kissing her again.  “Anything for a fan.”

            Sesshomaru helped Kikyo with the buttons to Rin’s blouse, getting it open and getting rid of it at last to expose the white bra and burning hot female flesh underneath.  Behind Rin, Kikyo unzipped the receptionist’s skirt and shoved it down over the cute, panty-covered swell of her rear and her long, shapely legs, shedding her own white shirt to leave herself and Rin clad in only their underwear.  Together, the two women began to walk Sesshomaru back to the bed, exchanging breathless kisses with him and encouraging the big, male inu daiyoukai to sit down upon the bed’s foot as they began to unfasten his belt and the closure of his slacks.

            Sesshomaru kicked off his shoes to assist the two beauties undressing him, removing his socks, as well.  They worked his white slacks down his hips and thighs, stripping them from him completely and tossing them carelessly onto the floor.  Now, all he wore was his white silk boxers, an impressive, pre-cum soaked bulge straining in the front of it.  Almost ceremoniously, Kikyo placed a hand on his chest, right over his heart, and pressed him backward to lay him flat on the bed.  His hair gathered upon the bed in a glistening, silvery pool beneath his head and his chest heaved with his husky breathing, his heart racing with excitement as Kikyo hooked her fingers under his boxers’ elastic waistband and began to pull it downward…

            Kikyo and Rin both fell completely silent, their own hearts hammering in their throats as Sesshomaru’s magnificent cock became visible to them at last.  Kikyo pulled his boxers down to reveal it inch by thick, meaty, vein-covered inch, her mouth and Rin’s salivating and their pussies weeping in their underwear at the sight of it.  “God, you’re huge,” Kikyo awed, struggling for breath by the intensity with which her heart beat in her chest.  “I’ve seen your films, so I knew you were big, but…but the screen just doesn’t do you justice.”

            At that moment, Sesshomaru’s cock was ‘only’ around nine inches long and he wasn’t even fully erect yet.  At the base of that cock was perhaps the biggest, most beautiful pair of balls Kikyo had ever seen on a man, two perfect ovoid orbs pulsing with incredible reproductive energy and enclosed neatly within a smooth, hairless sac.  Sesshomaru’s daiyoukai body wasn’t just built for sex, it was built for breeding, for delivering great amounts of extremely potent demon seed right where it needed to be: deep into a willing woman’s fertile womb.  Seeing just how well Sesshomaru was endowed and feeling his great power up close for the first time, Kikyo knew that if she wanted to make her filmmaking vision of unprotected sex a reality, then it was vital that her sutras worked as intended against the baby-making beast laying on her bed.

            “Touch him, Rin,” Kikyo encouraged to her receptionist, eager to see Sesshomaru’s already formidable cock throbbing at its full size and hardness.  “Play with him, take him in your mouth.”

            Taking his air with deep, measured breaths, Sesshomaru lay completely still on the bed, putting himself completely into Rin’s hands, figuratively and literally.  Rin slipped a hand around his cock, her thumb and middle finger unable to encircle his meaty girth completely.  She gave him a slow, experimental stroke upward, then all the way back down to his neatly-trimmed, silver-haired base, feeling him twitch in her hand and begin to swell ever larger.  The passionate male groan he gave up encouraged her to do more.

            Rin worked Sesshomaru with gentle, rhythmic glides of her fist, coaxing large globs of his silky pre-cum up and out of him.  The transparent fluid provided ample lubrication for her strokes and soon, he began to thrust into her hand, his muscular hips pumping up and off the cool white sheets of the bed over and over to build his pleasure.  As Rin jacked Sesshomaru into penetrating readiness, Kikyo positioned herself on the bed so that she lay on the side of Sesshomaru opposite her camera.  That way, she didn’t block her camera’s view with her own body. 

            Sidling up close to Sesshomaru and sharing her warmth with him in the bedroom’s cool, dim atmosphere, Kikyo lowered her mouth to his, taking his pale lips in a highly-satisfying kiss.  Closing his golden eyes, the big male inu daiyoukai indulged in the pleasure the miko director offered, opening his mouth to allow her tongue inside.  They played their tongues back and forth against each other, mimicking the act of hard, pumping physical love that she had hired him to perform with Kagome and Sango, the same act she herself that she would soon perform with him as his ‘audition.’      

            Sesshomaru worked his arm underneath Kikyo’s body, between her and the bed, and slid a large male hand down her back to plant it over her nearly-bare rear, squeezing playfully.  Kikyo broke their kiss with a giggle, accepting his touch where Kagome, Sango, and Rin had rejected InuYasha.  “You’re so beautiful,” Kikyo whispered to him as she stroked the bulging muscles of his chest and abdomen.  She gave him a quick kiss to his lips, followed by another to the violet crescent moon on his forehead.

            “As are you,” Sesshomaru replied to Kikyo with utmost honesty, squeezing her ass again and opening his eyes to look down at Rin as she serviced him with both hands, now.  “Both of you are.  Thank you for this.”

            Between his thighs, Sesshomaru’s cock pulsed at full, eleven-inch erection now, jerking visibly with every beat of his heart.  The thick, swollen head of him emerged completely from its protective foreskin for Rin and Kikyo to see, flaring wide and straining to mate itself to the mouth of a woman’s womb.  Rin held him with both hands with a few hard, throbbing inches to spare and feeling bold, she closed in to lick away the heavy globs of pre-cum escaping his cockhead’s clean, male slit in rapid succession.

            Sesshomaru’s mouth fell slightly agape, his head tilting back into the pillow beneath it, and Kikyo’s eyes glowed with vicarious pleasure as Rin took the daiyoukai in her mouth at last, drinking him into her throat.  He was so long and thick that she couldn’t hope to take even half of him, but she did her best, suckling and lapping heartily at his crown and a few veiny inches of the shaft beyond.

            His balls growing tense and his prostate beginning to beat like a second heart at the root of his cock, Sesshomaru felt an unmistakable pressure building deep inside him and he spoke out to warn his lovers.  “Kikyo, Rin – I’m getting close.”

            Gently, Kikyo sat up beside Sesshomaru and cupped a hand underneath Rin’s chin as her receptionist sucked the daiyoukai off.  Lifting upward, she guided Rin to lift her mouth up and off Sesshomaru’s cock, a jiggling stream of his pre-cum and her saliva linking her lips to the head of him for a moment.  “It’s time, Rin.  Now, make room for me.”

            Reluctantly, Rin backed away from Sesshomaru, making room for Kikyo as she instructed.  Kikyo stepped off the bed and moved to stand between Sesshomaru’s muscular thighs.  Raising her hands to the clasp that held her strapless black bra closed, she unfastened it and let the restricting garment fall away, baring her full breasts to Sesshomaru completely.  Her 30-something body was mature and voluptuous, a delicious complement to Rin’s slender, 20-something youth.  With a hushed whisper, keeping her eyes on the daiyoukai’s throbbing, oozing cock, she glanced briefly at Rin and said: “Sutra.”

            Hurriedly, Rin retrieved Kikyo’s envelope of contraceptive sutras from the nightstand beside the bed and extracted one, peeling it away from its adhesive backing.  Aligning the rectangular sutra lengthwise vertically, she applied it to Kikyo’s flat belly, directly over her womb.  Kikyo shivered as she felt the sutra’s purifying magic enter her body, surrounding the heart of her womanhood and the very source of her fertility. 

            Now was the moment of truth.  Kikyo lowered her trembling hands to her tiny black G-string and began to work her way out of it, a short little striptease for Sesshomaru’s enjoyment.  A thick thread of her juicy female cream linked her hairless sex to the sexy garment’s black material as she pushed it down over her stockings.  Looking between her stocking-clad legs, Kikyo remarked: “God.  I’m already sopping.”  She then looked Sesshomaru right in his gorgeous golden eyes.  “I haven’t been this wet for a man in a while.”

            Stepping out of her pussy-soaked G-string, Kikyo chose to keep her gartered stockings, her glossy black heels, and even her glasses on in the interest of a bit of style for the camera.  She advanced on Sesshomaru as some kind of highly-evolved sexual predator, a female animal in heat daring him to defy her sutra’s power and breed her, knock her up.  Kikyo knew that between herself and Rin, it was best that she had Sesshomaru first.  If the sutra failed and the coming act resulted in the conception of a child, then the significant amount of money she had saved up from her films’ revenue put her in an excellent position to take care of it in the manner it deserved.  In that case, Rin could still have Sesshomaru if he wore a condom.

            Kikyo straddled Sesshomaru’s big male hips, mounting him in the classic ‘cowgirl’ position.  She planted her black heels on the bed to either side of him, braced her hands on her knees, and spread her thighs wide to balance herself atop him.  She positioned her dripping pussy directly over his cock.  “Rin,” she rasped, her head spinning from the thought of finally accepting Sesshomaru’s monstrous organ into her body.  “Guide him in.”

            Behind Kikyo, Rin knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and reached between the miko director’s thighs and Sesshomaru’s to take hold of the daiyoukai’s huge, pulsing cock.  By her intimate position, the shared heat of their bodies was searing upon her arm.  Lifting Sesshomaru’s cock away from his lower abdomen until it pointed straight upward, she aimed its big male head to Kikyo’s beautiful pussy.  Kikyo could feel Sesshomaru’s heat washing against the most intimate part of her now and she reached down between her thighs, forming her fingers into an inverted ‘V’ to spread herself open for the daiyoukai’s entry.

            Kikyo lowered her hips bit by bit until she could feel Sesshomaru’s massive cockhead pressing directly against her pussy’s weeping outer gate.  Rin kept her hand on his massive organ all the while, stroking him continually to spread the creamy female juices dripping out of Kikyo up and down his throbbing length.  Finally, the miko director began to apply her weight onto her daiyoukai lover in earnest, the broad head of him pushing her pussy’s creamy pink flesh open further, further, and further until the rim of it slipped inside her with a silent, lubricated pop.

            His gleaming white teeth bared in ecstasy, Sesshomaru fisted the bedsheets beneath in two tight knots as Kikyo sank onto him.  He kept his eyes open, committing the sight of the beautiful miko filling herself with his cock to permanent memory.  Even with the soundproofing, Kikyo bit her lower lip to suppress her pants and moans as she took Sesshomaru deeper and deeper.  The walls of her pussy spread wide to accept his heavy girth and she gasped aloud when she felt him reach her cervix.  She managed to fit almost all of him inside her, just an inch or so of him left unsheathed.  As she released herself completely to gravity, seeking to take that last bit of him inside, she swore she could feel him nudging her womb deeper into her belly.

            “Oh, fuck,” Kikyo hushed, panting from the intensity of the penetration and speaking as a true miko calling softly to the Kami above.  She stilled herself, her mons kissing against Sesshomaru’s lightly-haired base as she brushed a hand up and down her lower belly, trying to visualize the column of hard male flesh pulsing inside her.  She pictured the vibrant pink interior of her pussy stretched wide to contain him, her womb trembling against his crown.  “Fucking God.  You’re so big, so deep in me.  I feel your fucking heart beating in me.  Do I…do I feel good for you, too?”

            “Absolutely,” Sesshomaru praised, almost without breath as savored the gripping texture of Kikyo’s rhythmic internal contractions.  A growl of male demonic sexuality flowed from his throat.  “Grrr…so tight.  I feel your heart, as well.  It drives your womb to quiver for me…miko.  I anticipate flooding it with my seed.  If your sutra fails, I imagine our child would be beautiful.”

            “I almost don’t want my sutra to work, now,” Kikyo said.  Sesshomaru’s aura and demonic pheromones were driving her wild.  Already, she could feel herself perspiring, beads of sweat flowing down her temples, trickling down her spine.  Just being near him was stimulating enough, but now with his cock balls deep inside her, beating against her pussy’s inner walls and oozing pre-cum right up against her cervix, her body was screaming at her to let him do what Nature commanded and give her a baby.  “But if it actually doesn’t, I might let you do Kagome and Sango anyway.  They’re going to come their fucking brains out with you.”

            Kikyo raised herself up Sesshomaru’s cock by a single, experimental inch, feeling the thick veins along his length sawing past her inner muscles.  The inch of him that slid out of her glistened with a heavy coat of her body’s natural lubricant and she sank back down to take him back inside her, his cock moving within her with an audible gush of slippery suction.  She added another inch to her rise and fall, going higher and sinking farther with every successive stroke of her hips until she was taking his full length over and over.  The bedroom filled with a mixture of highly-erotic sounds: Sesshomaru’s groans, Kikyo’s mewls, and the gush, gush, gush of their bodies becoming one.

            Rin had a perfect view of the coital action, watching Kikyo’s beautiful pink pussy flesh glide up and down Sesshomaru’s hard male organ.  The clean, pink hole of the miko director’s ass twitched visibly with every deep penetration.  From the perspective of Kikyo’s camera as well as Sesshomaru’s, Kikyo’s full breasts bounced up and down, jiggling softly and rhythmically with her movements.  Leaning forward and bracing her hands on Sesshomaru’s sturdy chest, Kikyo tossed her sweaty hair over one shoulder and looked back behind her at Rin.  “Lick him, Rin,” she ordered to her receptionist with ferocious passion.  “Suck those big, beautiful nuts of his.  Worship them with your mouth.”

            Kikyo shallowed her strokes so that she descended onto Sesshomaru by only a few inches each time and for his own part, Sesshomaru spread his thighs further apart, giving Rin enough room to move her face in.  Keeping her lust-filled eyes open to absolutely fill her field of vision with hot, throbbing male and female flesh, she extended her tongue and licked the bulging underside of the daiyoukai porn star’s massive cock as it left Kikyo’s body, lathing it over the silky smooth, richly-veined texture and tasting a mixture of his pre-cum and the miko director’s pussy cream.  She braced one hand on the bed between Sesshomaru’s thighs to keep herself steady and she slid the other down her flat belly, slipping it into her underwear to play with her pussy and fuck herself with her fingers.

            Pressing a loving kiss to Sesshomaru’s cock, Rin worked her way downward to his big balls, suckling passionately at one, then the other through their smooth protective sac.  They were so big that she could hardly fit even one into her mouth completely and soon, she could barely move either one as they drew up tightly to his body.

            Kikyo felt Sesshomaru’s cock begin to swell and arch inside her, its throbbing becoming faster, more potent.  It was giving her the first jerking pulsations of male orgasm, a long, pulsating demonic climax that promised to be utterly monumental for Sesshomaru and extremely messy for the bed.  “You’re getting close,” she said, leaning further forward so that her breasts bounced right in his face.  “I can feel it.”

            “Yes,” Sesshomaru confirmed to Kikyo with a gasp, his heartbeat quickening in his ears.  “The pressure builds within me.”  He grasped Kikyo’s trim, gartered waist with a hand and his muscles flexed beautifully as he thrust up into her to meet her strokes, pressing the head of his cock deep against her womb.  He could feel her cervix spasming open and closed in rapid, repeating intervals, laying the heart of her fertility bare to him for one scorching hot, fiercely intimate moment after another.

            Kikyo slowed her pumping with knowing precision, taking Sesshomaru to the very edge of his orgasm and holding him there.  “Rin, stop,” she ordered to her receptionist as she continued to worship Sesshomaru’s cock and balls with her mouth, masturbating at the same time.  “There’s another camera in the nightstand drawer.  Get it.”

            Rin obeyed immediately and stood up from behind Kikyo, the miko director’s female juices slathered and glistening all over her chin as she moved to the nightstand beside the bed.  Opening the drawer, she pulled out a second digital camera, one without a tripod.  “Now, Rin,” Kikyo instructed, riding Sesshomaru deep and slow to keep him stimulated without throwing him into his climax.  “Turn on the camera and start recording.  I’m going to make Sesshomaru come inside me, and you’re going to film it.”

            Eagerly, Rin did as Kikyo said.  She scrambled back to her spot behind the sexy miko director, between Sesshomaru’s open thighs, and set her camera to record, making damned sure to get the lens cap off.  She focused on Sesshomaru’s cock as Kikyo pumped her pussy up and down its impressive length, the lovely miko’s hips beginning to move faster again.

            “Time to put this sutra to the test,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru, patting a hand to her sutra-covered belly.  “Let me know when you’re ready.”

            Sesshomaru swallowed heavily, as if in thirst, and nodded.  “Lean over me.  Grasp the headboard,” he requested forcefully to Kikyo.

            Kikyo leaned over Sesshomaru as he wanted, grasping the bed’s headboard firmly, the elegant female muscles in her arms and shoulders flexing as she prepared herself for the hard, pumping end.  Her breasts hung directly over Sesshomaru’s silver-haired head and he gazed up at them in molten, golden-eyed pleasure as he began to thrust up into her again.  He grasped her waist with both hands, now, bracing his large feet on the floor to either side of Rin to get better leverage.  He moved faster, harder, giving himself over to his own need.  His balls barely moved now, despite the power in his thrusts, and he buried them right up against Kikyo’s ass again and again.  Kikyo’s ass, however, moved quite nicely, the perfect milky globes of it jiggling in perfect sync as her hips met his.  Sesshomaru savored these final moments, the heart-pounding crescendo of sensation crashing over his very soul as he verged on climaxing inside a willing woman’s body. 

            And then, Sesshomaru began to move with truly demonic speed, the muscles in his hips and thighs flexing visibly as he hammered into Kikyo’s pussy from below to take himself over the edge.  The pressure that had built up within him suddenly began to move and he pressed himself as deep inside the miko as he could manage, tossing his head back against his pillow and snarling out loud: “I love my JOB!”  The crown of his cock flared against her womb and erupted with one, massive gout of sperm-loaded daiyoukai cum after another.  Each clench of his demonic prostate, driven by the beat of his heart, pumped his creamy white seed clean through her cervix and directly into her womb, totally flooding it in just a few hard jolts of surging, ejaculating liquid pressure.

            Through her camera, Rin could clearly see the raw power in Sesshomaru’s orgasm.  His big balls quivering in their sac as their contents left them, the underside of his cock bucked out and sank back in over and over by the sheer amount of thick, white reproductive matter pumping through it.  Rin swore she could hear Sesshomaru cumming, his cock beating with an obscene, repeating ba-thwock, ba-thwock that had her heart beating with the same intensity.  Heavy globs of Sesshomaru’s semen escaped Kikyo’s body by sheer excess, trailing rapidly down his cock for the receptionist to see.  With a disbelieving cry, she orgasmed by proxy, her pussy clenching and weeping in her underwear, her womb aching for the same whitewashing treatment Kikyo’s was getting at that moment.

            Kikyo’s breath left her lungs, her heart seeming to stop cold between them as she felt Sesshomaru come inside her.  Briefly, her heartbeat was replaced by the throb of his cock, the rich, pumping pulse of his seed coursing right up into her fucking ovaries, and she orgasmed silently again and again.  Her glasses misaligned over her eyes as she gazed at the bedroom ceiling, she breathed in again with a desperate gasp and released that breath as a keening, wide-eyed wail of unimaginable female pleasure.  She came three or four times before she summoned the presence of mind to focus her miko senses and feel Sesshomaru’s seed for its youki power, not its orgasm-inducing heat or thickness.

            Gathering her wits about her, Kikyo visualized the reproductive spectacle detonating in her belly.  Screwing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth, she could ‘see’ billions, even trillions of hyper-powerful daiyoukai sperm seeking out the precious female jewel of her egg.  The instant they left Sesshomaru’s body, they entered the area covered by her contraceptive sutra and the sutra began to glow upon her belly, the black ink of its ideogram turning bright, purifying blue.  The sutra sapped Sesshomaru’s sperm of their motility on an individual basis, and by the time they reached Kikyo’s egg, none had the strength to pierce its outer membrane.  By the thousands, then the millions, they stopped moving and drifted away to be absorbed by the walls of Kikyo’s womb and fallopian tubes.  The sutra worked – even against an icon of demonic reproductive power like Sesshomaru, it worked!

            Trembling from the stress, exertion, and mind-bending pleasure of her near-impregnation, Kikyo slipped her hands off the bed’s headboard and slumped forward onto Sesshomaru, her breasts melding intimately to his chest and her heart racing right next to his.  His cock continued to jerk and shoot inside her, pushing out the last few ounces of his orgasm and keeping her pleasure going.  Panting deeply, she buried her face into one of his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around her to hold her and soothe her.  Reeling from her own orgasm, Rin sat on the floor with her back to the foot of the bed, letting her head sink back onto the soft sheets behind her.  All three of them rested for a few minutes in total, comfortable silence.

            Sesshomaru woke first, stirring beneath Kikyo.  Opening his golden eyes to gaze at the bedroom’s white ceiling, he rose up beneath the miko director, his cock still quite long and thick inside her.  It kept his seed pent up deep in her pussy.  He eased her onto her back with commendable care and after giving her a sweet, appreciative kiss, he began to back himself out of her an inch at a time.  He shivered by the sensation, as pulling out was almost too much for him to handle.  The head of his cock separated from her with a smacking pop and pure, white semen came pouring out of her, flowing down between the taut globes of her rear and soaking into the bedsheets.  Kneeling at the edge of the bed between her open thighs, he sealed his mouth to her well-fucked cunt and began to suck, using her body as a vessel with which to consume his own seed.

            Soon, Kikyo woke to the pleasurable sensation of Sesshomaru cleaning her up and eating her out at the same time.  Adjusting her glasses, she looked down between her legs to see his silver-haired head bobbing and rocking, his tongue lathing over her tender pussy flesh and writhing, twisting inside her vaginal canal.  Bonding with her innermost flesh and repairing it at the cellular level, the enzymes in his demonic saliva ensured that even after he gave her such a vigorous, big-dicked spearing, she wouldn’t be sore from it.

            Sesshomaru looked up from Kikyo’s pussy, his golden eyes trailing up along her belly and between her breasts to meet her smoky grey ones.  His chin dripping with her juices and his own seed, he pushed himself up onto his arms and slid forward to cover her body with his, letting her feel his rejuvenated erection pressing against her sutra-covered belly.  Looking down between their bodies to contemplate the magic seal she wore, he asked to her: “Did it work?” 

            Still swooning, Kikyo nodded, stroking a hand over Sesshomaru’s handsome face.  “Yes.  I can feel an egg ready and waiting in me.  You can probably smell how fertile I am right now.  Your sperm reached my egg very quickly, and nothing happened.  The sutra works just fine, so you’re on for Kagome and Sango.  But first, do Rin.”

            Rin gave a soft ‘Mmm…?’ at the sound of her name and woke more fully to the sensation of Sesshomaru pulling her onto the bed completely, laying her next to Kikyo as the miko director rested.  The lovely receptionist opened her eyes to see him opening her bra and she wiggled upon the bed to help him get her out of it.  Bare-chested beneath him now, she trembled in rising excitement as he bent down to kiss her, letting her taste the mixture of his seed and Kikyo’s fluids on his lips and tongue.  He began to kiss his way down her neck and chest, pausing to suckle at her modest breasts, then moved further downward, over her flat stomach as he knelt between her thighs.

            Sesshomaru eased Rin’s underwear down her hips, peeling it away from her sopping cunt and working it down her legs.  Stripping it off her feet and tossing it away, he pushed her knees apart, spreading her thighs wide.  Without hesitation, he buried his head between them to take her pussy with his mouth, lapping and suckling at its delicious, silky pink tissues and the hooded pearl of her clit.

            Moaning happily and glancing into the ‘eye’ of Kikyo’s tripod-mounted camera with half-lidded eyes, Rin thrust a hand down between her legs to weave it into Sesshomaru’s silver hair, lifting her hips off the bed to thrust her pussy up into his mouth and fuck his face.  She climaxed with very little provocation, the elegant female orifice hidden between her clit and the opening to her vagina spitting hot jets of tangy female fluid into Sesshomaru’s mouth.  The daiyoukai lapped up everything she produced for him, slipping his long demonic tongue up inside her to lathe the tip of it right over the smooth, rubbery mouth of her womb.  He transmitted his demonic sexual energy directly to her core and she came all over again.

            Feeling strong enough to move again, Kikyo removed herself from the bed as Sesshomaru worked Rin with his mouth, leaving her camera’s field of view as she moved behind it.  She reached down to her nightstand and drew a second contraceptive sutra from the envelope laying on top of it.  Moving back into her camera’s view and crawling onto the bed on the side opposite the camera, she removed the sutra from its backing and applied it to Rin’s belly, knowing now that it would work as intended.

            “Fuck her, Sesshomaru,” Kikyo commanded, folding her legs beneath her to sit beside Rin and reaching down to brush sweaty strands of the lovely receptionist’s hair away from her eyes.  “Give it to her good and hard, like you did with me.”

            Obeying Kikyo as an actor obeying his director’s creative vision, Sesshomaru stood between Rin’s thighs, lifting one of them up and slipping her calf over one of his shoulders.  Holding her leg there, he gave her upper body a quarter turn to one side, so that she faced Kikyo’s camera directly.  Taking hold of his cock with his other hand, he fisted it back to full size and hardness, pressing its broad head to her weeping sex.  He rubbed it into her slit, relishing in how her silky pink petals glided over him.  Then, he leaned over her, applying his weight onto to his cock little by little, watching her pussy spread open wider and wider to accept him, until finally, he slipped inside her with a well-lubricated pop.  He had just claimed his second pussy of the day and he gave up a passionate groan for his appreciation of the gods’ obvious favor.

            Rin panted as Sesshomaru eased forward, filling her up a little bit at a time.  She’d never had such a large, powerful male.  She’d been with youkai, ones like a fox demon named Shippo and a wind demon named Byakuya, but Sesshomaru outclassed them in every way.  She felt the walls of her pussy spreading wider than ever before, the head of him soon coming to rest against her cervix.  The full depth of her pussy was now packed with hard, throbbing daiyoukai cock.

            Sesshomaru went slow at first, working Rin’s delicate body into familiarity with his much larger, stronger one.  “You feel so good, Rin,” he whispered with hushed Japanese baritone, pulling out carefully and grinding back into her, over and over.  His thrusts were slow but powerful, causing her breasts to bounce gently upon her chest as he took her.  The sound of his cock pumping back and forth within her sheath was a rhythmic, sopping wet gush, gush, gush.

            Orgasm came to Rin very quickly, her breath hitching and pussy convulsing for Sesshomaru to feel.  He leaned over her, pressing her thigh back against her shoulder to practically fold her in half.  The new position allowed him to go deeper, the head of his cock nudging at her womb much more insistently.  Closing his golden eyes, he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, adding the simple, consensual intimacy of a kiss to their joining.

            Rin mewled softly as she dueled her tongue with Sesshomaru’s.  She could feel his cock beginning to throb within her, getting bigger and harder with every stroke.  As he pulled away, a thin string of their shared saliva linked their tongues, breaking when the distance between their mouths became too great.  Settling his upper body upright again, he clasped her thigh to his chest as he began to move harder, faster, his heart speeding up in his tapered ears as another peak threatened him.

            Rin recognized the strain on Sesshomaru’s face, seeing the tension in his gorgeous muscles.  “Yes.  Yes, please.  Give it to me,” she begged of him.

            “Yes, Sesshomaru,” Kikyo agreed beside Rin.  She looked directly into Sesshomaru’s eyes as she massaged a breast and pumped her pussy with her fingers.  “Do it.  Fill her up!”

            With two beautiful women demanding him to give up his seed, Sesshomaru sped up his rhythm much more to take himself into climax.  Moving faster, he moved less deeply, gripping Rin’s waist tightly and giving her a series of shallow, pumping jabs to let her pussy’s molten internal contractions suck him off.  Feeling his seed begin to move, he buried the head of his cock to her cervix and held himself there as he came.  Hot, creamy cum burst out of him in strong, repeating spurts, flooding her womb in just a few messy shots.

            Rin cried out as she felt Sesshomaru erupt inside her.  She wasn’t a miko like Kikyo or Kagome, but she could definitely feel the unbridled power in his demon seed.  Her womb drank deeply of it until it simply couldn’t hold any more.  The underside of his cock beat savagely against her vagina’s posterior wall by the ejaculations searing through it.  They were seemingly endless, jet after jet, spurt after spurt until his thick, white cream was oozing out of her around him, running down her rear and soaking into the bed.  Now, the bedsheets were probably ruined and/or pregnant.

            As with Kikyo’s sutra, the sutra Rin wore glowed upon her belly and thwarted Sesshomaru from impregnating her.  Billions of daiyoukai sperm made a fruitless attempt on the receptionist’s egg, each one shot down by an impossibly-accurate death ray of merciless miko energy.  Shaking from the intensity of his orgasm, Sesshomaru pulled out of Rin with a hot, smacking pop, and a heavy flood of his cum followed him out of her to ruin the bedsheets even further.  An attentive lover, he closed in to give Rin a thankful kiss, then knelt between her thighs to claim her pussy with his mouth.  He drank his seed out of her as he had done with Kikyo, his larynx recoiling with every gulp that flowed down his throat.  After she was clean, he continued to service her until she came in his face again.

            Leaving the bed, Kikyo recovered her second camera from the place on the bedroom floor where Rin had set it earlier.  She stopped the recording to save memory space and reviewed the recorded footage.  There, in the camera’s little LCD screen, she saw a perfect closeup of herself riding Sesshomaru, his big, beautiful cock disappearing into her cunt and reappearing, over and over.  After a few more seconds of good, hard pounding, he came inside her, pumping his seed deep into her.  Though the sound was rather tinny, the camera’s high resolution allowed Rin to capture every detail of Sesshomaru’s orgasm – the visible, bucking pulse of his cock and the huge amounts of real daiyoukai cum pouring out of her around him were the standouts of this most excellent ‘money shot.’  Kikyo simply couldn’t wait to use her best equipment to capture Kagome and Sango getting drilled and filled in such a way.

            Luckily for Sesshomaru, Rin, and Kikyo, the bedroom had an attached bathroom.  All three took a hot, soapy shower, cleansing their bodies of the sweaty, sticky aftermath of hard sex.  They showered together, and under the pleasant warmth of the shower spray, their bodies lubricated with soap, this arrangement quickly led to the daiyoukai returning to monstrous erection and nailing each woman all over again.  He pumped them full of cum until the thick, white fluid ran down their inner thighs, slipping off their wet skin to be lost in the shower drain.

            Wisely, Kikyo kept some replacement underwear, of both the male and female variety, in the bedroom’s dresser.  Once she, Sesshomaru, and Rin were dressed, she directed her receptionist to go home for the day and ‘recuperate,’ while she and Sesshomaru left the office bedroom for the main studio.


-To be continued-

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