New Beginnings

BY : firelight308
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     Kagome stood at the center of attention. The eyes of Inuyasha and the gang, Sesshoumaru and his pack, and Kouga with his two friends trained on her, while she held the restored Shikon no Tama and thought. Naraku was dead, but there were still plenty of demons terrorizing helpless villagers throughout the world. They needed protection. With tears in her eyes, she made her farewells, 'just in case', she told them. Then she stepped back, closed her eyes, and made her wish. "I wish for the humans of this world to live free of the terror inflicted upon them by other beings." She opens tear-filled eyes to look at her youkai allies, "I'm so sorry."
     The jewel glowed and pulsed, sending a wave of pinkish light out farther than anyone could see. When the light hit the youkai of the group, they are enveloped in large orbs of white light which intensifies until everyone has to shield their eyes from the glare. When the light fades, the youkai and Kagome are gone.


     There is a flash of light and Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, and Shippo appear near the center of a clearing. Shippo immediately summons and throws fox fire at the wolves, rather large ones, he sees around him, before leaping up to Inuyasha's shoulder and burrowing into his hair. The fox fire surrounds the trio and Shippo whimpers quietly in fear and confusion. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, meanwhile, had been scanning the area for threats with all their senses on alert. They first noticed the small spritely figure in and surrounding the clearing. They smell confusion and shock from the beings surrounding them.

     Sesshoumaru's eyes stay locked on the two nearest them in the center of the clearing. One, a dark skinned and haired female with leaf green eyes, dressed in layered robes of every shade of green, exudes a warm power that feels like love and compassion. The other, as pale as she is dark with pale blonde hair and side burns and bright blue eyes, dressed in similar brown robes, exudes a sense of authority and feral power. They, like the many others in their surroundings are at most 4' tall with pointed ears.

     Inuyasha, knowing his brother would be focused on the two nearest them, watches those surrounding them. When Shippo loosed the foxfire and leaped on his shoulder, Inuyasha pulled him down and tucked him into his haori. He smelled the mood shift when the fire appeared and growled, baring his fangs when one of the wolves took a step closer. Sesshoumaru barks at him to be silent. Inuyasha growls , but quiets down, wrapping an arm around his kit.

     Suddenly dirt is thrown on the flames by a stocky blonde bearded male, and Inuyasha feels something slither over his foot. He glances down expecting to see a snake, and, instead, sees roots slowly encasing his feet. He snarls and slashes through them with his Iron Reaver. "Sesshoumaru! Stop glaring at the runt!"

     The beings surrounding them have mixed reactions. Some giggle, some growl, and some just continue to observe. Sesshoumaru, however, narrows his eyes before snatching Inuyasha up by the throat with a snarl. "Inuyasha," he states coldly to a thrashing, cursing hanyou, "You will speak respectfully to this Sesshoumaru or not at all." He shakes his brother for emphasis. "Is that clear, little brother?"

     Inuyasha snarls, "Don't you start acting like my alpha, ya bastard! You ain't earned my respect!"

     Sesshoumaru growls, "It was YOUR human who did this, hanyou. YOUR judgement got us here, not mine!"

     Inuyasha bares his teeth in a snarl, "I know," he snaps, tears in his eyes. "but that doesn't change that you ain't my alpha! An alpha takes care of the pups in his pack. He doesn't abandon and then try to kill them as pups! Now let go and deal with those roots that have crawled up your high and mighty ass!"

     Sesshoumaru looks down, slightly surprised. He hadn't noticed the roots encasing the lower half of his body. He drops Inuyasha, who lands in a crouch, and calls acid to his claws. He lets the acid drip down and dissolve the roots. The brothers glance over at a sweating male with red hair who gasps and grits his teeth as more roots spring forth, faster this time, to capture the two.

     A gruff voice calls softly, "Redlance." The roots sink into the ground after the redhead glances to the male in the center of the clearing. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru turn back to the pale male in the brown robes. Inuyasha pulls his haori closer around his trembling kit and soothingly stokes him through the fabric. "Why don't we all stop fighting, and figure out what happened," the robed male sighs.

     Inuyasha nods, cautiously, and takes a few steps away from his brother, "Fine by me." He wraps his arms around Shippo, effectively placing another barrier between his kit and possible danger, while looking somewhat relaxed, and glares at Sesshoumaru, "Don't now about him, though."

     A howl is heard in the distance and the pale male snarls, "Come this way," he commands. "Until we know what to do, you'll follow our rules. The most important of which is 'In the trees as you please, on the ground not a sound'." He starts climbing up the trees, gesturing for them to follow.

     Sesshoumaru summons his cloud and floats up to the higher branches in silence.. Inuyasha grumbles, "Prissy-assed show-off," as he leaps from trunk to trunk in a zig-zag pattern up to the higher branches. When he gets up there, he sits on a wide branch against the trunk to wait for the small people. He pulls Shippo out of his haori and holds him close. "Come on, Shippo," he says softly. "This is no time to hide away." He lifts the kit's tearstained face to look him in the eyes. "You gotta be strong, runt," he says gruffly, knocking him affectionately on the head.

     Shippo sniffs, rubbing his head. The knock hadn't really hurt. "Inuyasha, I'm scared," he whimper quietly. "Why," he sniffles. "Why did Kagome..."

     Inuyasha's eyes show a hint of sadness for a second before they harden. "Forget Kagome, Shippo. She ain't worth it."

     "But Inuyasha..."

     "I said forget her. Pack that betrays you, ain't pack." He fingers the beads around his neck. "Pack trusts each other. I don't think she ever trusted us, really."

     Shippo frowns at the beads before wiping his eyes and standing on his own with a determined look in his eyes. "Right! We still got each other, though, and we have to figure out where we are."

     Inuyasha smiles for a moment before standing up bringing Shippo to his place on his shoulder. "yeah, we got each other, kit."

     Sesshoumaru watches the interaction between Inuyasha and Shippo from a few branches away. He didn't show it, but Inuyasha's words had stung, mainly because Inuyasha, he was loathe to admit, had been right. Now he sees his brother, raised by humans no less, act as he should have as Alpha of their clan with the young kit, who wasn't even blood related. Sesshoumaru feels shame, and hates it.

     The small beings catch up with them a moment later. The blonde leader steps to the fore and addresses the newcomers, "I am Cutter, son of Bearclaw, and Chief of the Wolfriders. Tell me who and what are you?"

     "My name is Inuyasha, this is Shippo, and ass-hat over there is my older, half-brother Sesshoumaru." Sesshoumaru growls at the insults thrown his way. Inuyasha ignores it, but keeps him in his sights, just in case. "What we are is more complicated. Shippo, here, is a Kitsune, Sesshoumaru is an Inu Daiyoukai, and I am an Inu Hanyou. What are you all supposed to be, and why is the floating one over there so much taller than you?" Inuyasha sniffs, "And why do only some of you smell like wolf and not all of you? You all smell similar..." he sniffs again. "Kind of like all youkai smell similar..." He takes a deep breath sorting through the scents. "But some of you smell like the wind... some like the sun and sand... the rest of you smell like wolf. Especially you," he points to Cutter, "and a young one off that way." He points into the crowd to his left. Sesshoumaru raises his brows in surprise. He hadn't known his brother's olfactory senses were so powerful. Most youkai lost that level of sensitivity once they fully matured.

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