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Kagome awoke from the nightmare with a scream of terror. She sat upright gasping for breath. Her hands went to her throat and she was surprised to find no-one else's hands around her neck. She sighed and stood up.

That old nightmare...But why here? Why now? She thought as she slipped away from the others. Suddenly she froze. Her shards of the Shikon no Tama were glowing. A demon was nearby. A little ways away she could see a campfire. She followed it.

Sesshomaru's P.o.V.

I open my eyes sensing something -or someone I realize with a snarl- approaching. I stand up. My claws came out and were inches away from the girl's throat when I realized it was the miko who traveled with my half-brother. She had her bow out.

"Oh it's you." I said coldly. She lowered her bow. She nodded. I grimace. She smiled but it was a little sad.

"Must we be enemies, Sesshomaru?" She asked.

End Sesshomaru's P.o.V.

Kagome watched Sesshomaru waiting for an answer to her question. Finally Sesshomaru shook his head. At that moment Rin-the human child who travelled with him- awoke with a scream of terror. Sesshomaru soothed her. Kagome smiled.

So Sesshomaru has a soft spot after all...She thought. Sesshomaru gave her a strange look as if guessing her thoughts. His hand was gentle on her arm as he rolled up her sleeve and examined the bite wound on her arm.

His gentle touch....I know I've felt it before. But where and how? No that's ridiculous...I'd remember meeting him before. Kagome thought with a slight shake of her head. Suddenly her free hand went to her head and her face twisted in pain.

"Little Miko!" Sesshomaru's cry was the last thing she heard before everything went black.

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