The lost sister of the Lord of the West

BY : Silver_Demon-child
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Mikayla sighed as she sat on the tree branch. She glanced at the sky knowing she'd have to get moving soon. She jumped down lightly. She ran determined to get as far as possible before stopping for the night. Her long pure gold hair whipped around her as she stopped on a cliff edge to catch her breath. She smiled. This was the life she loved. She had been alone so long she didn't know any other way of life. She turned as someone approached. She opened her mouth to speak and was shoved off the cliff. Her eyes closed in terror. She never hit the ground.

Sesshomaru's P.o.V.

I look up at Rin's shriek. I move catching the falling demoness before she hit the ground. She was beautiful. I look up to where she'd fallen from. A man was looking down. The woman stirred and I let him go. As night fell the woman woke. Vivid silver eyes opened. She sat up.

"Where am I ?" She asked. I look at her. She tilted her head then she smiled. Her smile was just like Rin's. It was unnerving.

"Stop smiling." I said. She only smiled more.

Sesshomaru's P.o.V. End

Mikayla watched her rescuer. He was handsome. She could sense the emotions he refused to let anyone else see. She also knew her appearance bothered him. The crescent moon on her brow was gleaming. She closed her eyes reaching to her inner demon.

"Think he knows?" She asked her inner demon who bore the alternate name Alya'kim.

"He doesn't know but he is wary. Watch your step around him." Alya'kim replied.

"When should I tell him?" Mikayla asked. Her inner demon had no answer. Mikayla shrugged. She'd decide then. She knew exactly where she'd tell him. She sighed.

Oh, Father.... What have I gotten myself into? She wondered sending the thought out hoping beyond hope that it would reach the father she had known for only a few years...

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