The Western Lords Mate

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Hey everyone! This is gonna be a AFF original for me! In other words, i'm posting it here before I post it anywhere else! This is probably the first story i'm posting here as well ^.^ I hope you enjoy! Slight Angst Warning


~The Western Lord's Mate~

Part 1: The Cave


InuYasha was hot, it had felt like his skin was boiling, his energy felt drained, and knew it was the start of the season. It was a good thing that the group was headed back to the village after completing two weeks of non-stop jewel searching, in the entire time they spent searching they found two measly shards. Two!


The half demon wanted the priestess back in her own time, he wouldn't be able to protect her with mating season about to start, the monk and the slayer would be able handle themselves, they were both strong fighters and Sango even had the demon cat Kirara to help protect herself.


But the Miko was still weak, her only real skill was her ability to purify the jewel shards and her still increasing aim with a bow, neither of which would protect her against a horny demon. He took her straight to the well

“two weeks Kagome, do your “test” thing” he told her helping her with her overstuffed bag by throwing it in the well,

Kagome was worried, whenever she brought up going home even for a week, they argued, but it was the hanyo who had suggested it this time. She could tell he was anxious about something but he kept insisting everything was fine, that she was imagining it, she had no choice but to give up, the half demon could be really stubborn when he wanted to be!


“Well, I'll see you in two weeks then.” She said,

looking from the well back to him a few times, she bit her lip nervously before moving closer to the white haired teen, quickly standing on her tip toes, she pressed a quick hurried kiss to the hanyo's lips. The she was gone, but not before catching the pained expression on his face.


InuYasha sighed and wiped his lips, the time traveler was troublesome, he knew he was a breeder and any hope he had at loving the priestess was dashed long before he had even meet her, before he had met Kikyo even.


Back when he still lived with his mother, even though he was barely twenty at the time (demons age differently, 10 years for every one 1 year aged) she had explained to him that he was a breeder, a demon that could bare children and that one day a demon stronger then him would try and bred with him. She had been so sad, but he hadn't understood at the time what she had meant, why she was sad.


He did now, and it frightened him, he was getting weaker the closer it got to mating season, and even though he was still strong enough to fight off most of the demons that might come for him but he knew of at least three demons that would be stronger than him in this state.


Kouga, prince of the Eastern wolf tribe (I think it's the eastern tribe, but if its not please let me know), Naraku, his greatest enemy, and Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands and his elder brother.


He didn't particularly get along with any of the stronger demons, and while he hated to admit it, just because those were the only three he knew of that could beat him, that didn't mean that there were more demons that could bred him.


He couldn't stay near the village during this time either, he didn't want to further endanger his pack or the villagers who had finally accepted him, he knew of a place he could hide for the season. He didn't bother stopping by the village after making sure Kagome was in her own time, he was sure Sango had already figured out why he was so anxious, what he was.


Sango had even volunteered herself and Miruko to watch over the village, and although demons shouldn't be interested in a village full of humans. There was always the possibility, it had happened before.


It had taken him nearly an hour to find the cave, it had probably once been a demon's den or something but it was long since abandoned, the entrance was over grown with vines and bushes.


He hoped it would be good enough, he had brought along some herbs he could burn that would hopefully hide his scent from any nearby demon, the last time they had had some free time (because Kagome needed to go home for whatever reason) he had stocked up on dried foods and had managed to place some furs down in the back.


He still had a little time, even though he felt like his skin was burning, and the hanyo could hear river nearby, he quickly found the source of the sound. The white haired teen quickly stripped down to his skin and wadded into the water, it was ice cold but he didn't mind, in fact it felt good on his over heated skin. He washed his body quickly before just relaxing in the water for a few minutes, he let the coolness of the water seep into his skin, before he reluctantly climbed out of the water and redressed himself.


The cave was quiet, only the sound of his small fire could be heard as he had huddled in the back corner of his temporary shelter, it had only been a few hours since he had left the others but he missed the chattering of his human companions, and the higher pitched voice of the young fox demon.


He had been alone before he had met them of course but somehow the loneliness felt deeper now then it did then, was it because he knew now what friendship was? That he now knew what he had missed out on? He had been alone after his mother had died, the village having chased him away as soon as her body was cold, they had beaten, yelled, screamed at him that he was the bringer of misfortune.


They had even gone as far as cut the poor toddler's tail from his body, something he never recovered from, as a half demon it would have been a huge strain on his body to re-grow appendage, but he was malnourished and his body had a hard enough to repairing the more fatal wounds.


On the colder nights of his childhood he missed his tail dearly, it had been similar to his brother's mokomoko-sama, but it was shorter and fluffier. InuYasha thought back on the times with his mother, she had loved his tail, she would often brush it, and play with his puppy ears.


On days when the villagers were mean to him, she would make him special food to make him feel better, it wasn't until much later that he understood why, she mother had made him demon foods, she had fed him raw meats and vegetables that were poisonous to her.


He grew up poor, his mother's family had disowned her as soon as he was born, forcing her to support him on her own, and being a human princess she didn't have many skills she could offer, but she had had tutors, and she offered the village that allowed them to stay the only thing she had, knowledge. She would teach the villages young children what she knew, she wasn't given much money but the villagers were grateful to her, even if they hated her demon spawn.


He was ripped from his memories by the howl of a powerful demon, a demon that was dangerously close to his hiding spot. The worst was, it was an extremely familiar scent that reached his nose under the smell of the demon's musk, suddenly the vines covering the entrance were pulled aside and the demon stepped into the suddenly to small cave, he was royally screwed.       

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