A Wrinkle in Time

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Koenma gives the rather plain-looking girl standing in front of his desk a narrow-eyed stare, his pacifier hiding his scowl from sight as he tries to connect this girl to the legends he has often heard of. His father had described a kitsune woman of ethereal beauty: with long blue-black hair, stunning and expressive ocean blue eyes, and exotic indigo stripes on her cheeks and wrists. There had also been something about a crescent moon on her forehead but that is something that Koenma currently cannot recall. This girl is nothing like the one his father had described but her name is the very same. Things do not add up, at all, and Koenma is about to dismiss the smiling girl when one of his most problematic Reikai detective teams enters his office. The door swings open with such a force a testament to Urameshi Yūsuke's foul mood, that the doorknob is buried in the wall. Koenma directs his scowl at Yūsuke and glares.

"I have fucking had it with the lame-ass missions you've been sending us on, twerp!" Yūsuke bellows as he approaches the desk, completely oblivious to the girl standing there. Yūsuke slams his palms against the desktop and leans down to glare at Koenma in return, unaware that the rest of his team is frozen just inside the doorway. They hadn't known that Koenma was entertaining someone, not that something like this matters to Yūsuke.

Koenma ignores Yūsuke in favor of looking towards his guest and is shocked to see that she is amused, a hand covering her mouth while her plain blue eyes twinkle. He doesn't find the situation amusing, at all, and usually, he would be annoyed with Yūsuke's brashness, but the girl's reaction is throwing him for a loop. "Please pardon Yūsuke's interruption and his uncouthness. He should have already been aware that I am otherwise engaged."

The girl laughs softly and lowers her hand to reveal a radiant smile, her features no longer appearing to be plain. "There is no need to apologize, Koenma-sama. I find his uncouthness quite refreshing and very much like that of a dear friend of mine." Even her tone is amused.

Yūsuke colors slightly at the girl's words and scowls as he turns to get a good look at her while she continues to smile. There is a flash of recognition in Yūsuke's eyes and then all color drains from his face as he splutters out, "K-K-Kagome!"

Koenma leans forward and watches as the girl, Kagome, nods, the smile never leaving her face. This situation is developing into something quite interesting, especially since Yūsuke, who is now gaping at Kagome, apparently knows her.

"It's good to see you too, cousin. If you don't mind, I would like to finish talking with Koenma-sama." Kagome's tone is soft, sincere, and full of innocence while her eyes are large and pleading.

Koenma arches a brow as Yūsuke, apparently unable to deny Kagome her request, smiles, and nods before he sharply turns on his heel to leave without even questioning why Kagome is here, in Reikai, to talk to Koenma. "C'mon guys, we'll bother the twerp another time." It's almost odd, the way that Yūsuke just leaves without saying goodbye to Kagome as if he's forgotten about her presence.

Kuwabara obediently follows after Yūsuke and, much to Koenma's surprise ignores Kagome like he's forgotten that she's here. The only ones who don't seem compelled to leave and are largely unaffected by whatever is going on with Yūsuke and Kuwabara are Kurama and Hiei. They (Kurama more so than Hiei) watch Yūsuke and Kuwabara disappear down the hall before looking to Kagome (whom Hiei's gaze had never left) and Koenma.

"I trust that you two are more capable of keeping my secrets, especially from Yūsuke," Kagome says, her smile lessening as something akin to pain passes through her eyes. Whatever she has to say to Koenma isn't something for Yūsuke to hear. Kuwabara, with his propensity for blurting our things better left unknown, also doesn't need to hear Kagome's request. Kagome turns back to Koenma and bows deeply as a show of her respect while she softly utters, "Gomen nasai, Koenma-sama."

Koenma is rather confused by her sudden and unnecessary apology. He starts to open his mouth to decline Kagome's apology but she straightens up from her bow and holds up a hand as a silent sign for him to wait. Wait indeed, for Kagome's appearance starts to change, and once her transformation is complete he understands why she had felt the apology was necessary.

Kagome no longer looks like the plain and human girl that had entered Koenma's office. She had been using a glamour to conceal her true appearance, the very one Koenma's father has described to him. She is indeed a kitsune of ethereal beauty and with a firsthand look at her of his own Koenma sees just what had been left out of his father's description. Kagome has the powers of a Miko, something entirely unheard of in a pure-blooded yōkai, and the crescent moon that marks her forehead has a little pink sphere connecting the points of the moon. "I am Higurashi Kagome, Koenma-sama, but the appearance I had when I entered your office is also that of Higurashi Kagome. That was what I looked like four hundred and ninety-seven years ago."

Four hundred… Four hundred and ninety-seven years ago?! Koenma doesn't need to look at Kurama and Hiei to know that they are just as shocked as he is, though Hiei is an expert in hiding his emotions. It doesn't make sense, especially since Kagome is supposed to be Yūsuke's cousin. His human cousin. Kagome isn't lying, however, and Koenma knows that he can trust what Kagome is saying.

"I would love to explain everything to you, Koenma-sama, but I fear that it will alter everything that has happened. In two days my past self, the human Higurashi Kagome, will be pulled down the Bone-Eater's Well and into Sengoku Jidai. When she returns two days later I will need for Yōko-sama and Hiei-sama to accompany her back to Sengoku Jidai," Kagome says in a soft tone with her gaze lowered and fixed on a spot somewhere on Koenma's desk. "Outside of them accompanying my past self to Sengoku Jidai I need you to promise me that Reikai will not interfere with anything that may happen near the Higurashi Shrine over the next year."

Koenma lets his gaze go from Kagome to Kurama and Hiei, a silent question held in his eyes. The decision to send them isn't one he can make on his own, especially since they are currently present for the request. "I will do my best to make sure that Reikai does not interfere but it is not up to me to send-"

"We'll do it," Hiei interrupts as he looks towards Kurama. Koenma can see that they are both intrigued by Kagome, even before she had chosen to reveal her interesting mix of species and powers. That she is Yūsuke's cousin had been the point of interest for them and now, with the chance for them to accompany her past self to a time before the realms had been split, by Kagome's request no less, there is no way that they will say no. There is more to what she is asking, of that even Koenma is certain, as her request is an extremely complicated one that will require a lot from Hiei and Kurama.

Kagome smiles in relief and lets out the breath she had been holding as she turns to face Hiei and Kurama. Her eyes are brimming with happiness while she bows deeply to them in gratitude, shocking not only them but Koenma as well. "Thank you so very much, Hiei-sama, Yōko-sama." With that she turns back to Koenma, missing the confounded expression they both give her while Koenma manages to school his expression. "I am needed at home now. Thank you for your time and help, Koenma-sama." Kagome bows once more, just as deeply as before, and leaves the three of them in stunned silence.

A glance into the hallway she is walking down permits them a glimpse of her seeming to glide down the hall. Everyone, save for Hiei, blinks as three kitsune yōkai in their smaller beast forms appear out of nowhere. The largest of the foxes is silver and were it not for the fact that it-he had nine tails each of them would have mistaken him for Yōko Kurama in his beast form. The other two foxes are of a similar size, and also male, the lighter red one has five tails while the darker red one has only a single tail. The foxes press in close to Kagome, who adopts her beast form that is as black as a moonless night and possesses four tails, with the silver and dark red foxes leading their pack while the lighter red one walks slightly behind Kagome.

As they disappear around the corner Koenma turns to find that Hiei has vanished and Kurama is frowning. "I trust you and Hiei will be prepared to leave for Sengoku Jidai in four days." He watches as Kurama absentmindedly nods then leaves. Sighing to himself, Koenma pulls out some stationary and starts writing down orders that will be sent out across Reikai. He also needs to come up with a plan to keep Yūsuke and Kuwabara preoccupied. After several minutes of careful wording, he reads the missive once and then again to make sure he hasn't forgotten anything.

"Ogre!" Koenma bellows and his faithful blue assistant appears inside the doorway looking nervous. "I need this copied and delivered to everyone in Reikai as well as everyone stationed in Tokyo. After you're done, send Botan to fetch Yūsuke and Kuwabara."

Jorge quickly approaches the desk and takes the missive from Koenma. He glances at the length of it and internally starts to panic. It's a longs missive, and very detailed! Copying it by hand, as many times as Koenma is asking him to, will take a very long time! It'll take weeks, if not months, to do it all by himself! "Sir?"

"Ogre." Koenma stares at Jorge, his expression flat before he points to a photocopier tucked away in the corner of his office. "I need to go see my father, so you better have this done by the end of the day.." He gets up from his desk as the blue ogre nods dumbly and walks over to the machine he had never realized was there before. With one last glance at Jorge, who is now fumbling with the settings on the photocopier, Koenma gives a small shake of his head before walking out of his office.

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