So She Ran Faster

BY : Milady_Bellatrix_Black
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So she ran faster. Faster and recklessly, her loafer clad feet tore tufts of grass from the ground as she sprinted, almost blind with fear and despair. Fast and breathless. She had to run faster.

Behind her: a monster, pure and simple, with one goal in mind—to end her life. So she ran faster. A large log barred her way and without thought, she sprung into the air, surmounting it in a flying leap and in that instant a piercing pain in her back left side—blinding white—and panting, she threw the hand not clutching her bow to her lower back to investigate. An arrow? A goddamned arrow!? Right where the Shikon no tama had been ripped from her body before. She was right. That monster was out for blood and she had to get away. If she could get to the well she would survive. If not—no…she had to get to the well.

Kagome had woken from fitful dreams, buried in her sleeping bag like a mummy in a sarcophagus. The moon, a brilliant halo, bright with no cloud coverage to mar the yellow glow. She sat up, wearily—it had been such a long hard day and she was still exhausted. A fierce battle earlier had zapped most of her spiritual energy as they fought to save Kohaku and his jewel shard from Naraku. In the end, Naraku had escaped and Kagura made off with Kohaku on her feather transport. The battle had wiped Kagome, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Riding on Inuyasha’s back on their way to make camp had lulled her into a deep sleep and left her conscious enough to only mumble “…thanks.” as someone tucked her into her sleeping bag. However, at this moment, she could feel a power so similar to her own and it intruded on her sleep. Rubbing her eyes and squinting, she peered into the thick forest of trees and saw the unmistakable ghostly auras of two Shinidamachū weaving through the trunks, coming to circle above her.

What’re they doing here?’ concerned, Kagome extracted herself from her sleeping bag and stood looking around. The fire had gone out, Shippou snored lightly, spread-eagled on a stump close to the smoldering embers. The monk and Sango were sleeping soundly near each other, it was obvious that they had been talking long into the night and fell asleep during conversation.

The Shinidamachū bobbed around her in their oddly beautiful dance. They came close and caressed her face, her hair, circling around her like dogs. Speaking of dogs…Inuyasha—Inuyasha was nowhere to be found. Which meant he was probably…probably trying to find…her. Without notice, the ghostly beasts stopped circling and floated hurriedly back towards the woods. She took a deep breath and shook her head. No—it didn’t matter where he went. ‘Stupid Kagome. It’s fine. You’re fine. Just…you’re fine. Go see what Kikyo needs and then get back here to sleep. She wouldn’t have sent them if she didn’t need something.’ Kagome slipped on her shoes, grabbed her bow and quiver, slinging them over her shoulder, and crept away from camp.

Making her way towards the moving, glowing lights, now much deeper in the forest, Kagome pulled the bow from her back with one hand and selected an arrow with the other. ‘You can never be too careful,’ she thought. Her eyes darted back and forth, grateful for the illumination of the moon, which made it easy to see a small distance into the shadows and gloom. She traipsed through the underbrush nearly as silently as Inuyasha, doing her best to keep from stirring up any potential creatures and their wrath. In the foreboding, ever-darkening density, Kagome realized she couldn’t get her bearings on where the Shinidamachū had gone. They could be surprisingly fast when they had souls to bring to their mistress, ‘with good reason’ she supposed.

Stop. Do not come any closer.” The command, coming from behind her harshly but in an unusually calm tone, startled her and caused the girl to whip around to find the source. Kikyo. Lovely as ever and illuminated by the moonlight, the wind just lightly billowing her hakama, the miko stood on top of a hill. One eye shut and the other glaring-her bow drawn and an arrow nocked-aimed straight at Kagome.

“Oh! Kikyo? Hey, uh. It’s just me. Did you send for me?” Kagome’s eyes had gone wide and concerned, Kikyo could plainly see her and still she kept her weapon drawn. She swallowed, “I followed your Shinidamachū here—they were at camp. They were…”

“They were there to try and take your soul. They know that it shouldn’t be separated and they were trying to make it whole again. Of course you would need to be dead for that to happen. I guess they just thought they would spare me the trouble.” Kikyo replied, her face stoic and her bow unwavering. She went on speaking, “I will no longer be empty. With your death I will be whole and I will conquer Naraku, a feat you could never undertake. Your powers are weak and pathetic. You could never face let alone purify a demon of that magnitude. The effort would destroy you. This way there is at least a chance. Now, Kagome,” Kikyo’s eyes were full of contempt as she lowered the lid to aim true, “face your truth. I would say I am sorry to end your life, but…I am not capable of sorrow for what fate wills.”

The arrow left her fingers with a sharp snap and the projectile launched itself directly towards Kagome’s heart. At the last second, Kagome flinched, dropping her quiver and thrusting her bow in front of her her arms crossed over her chest. Her entire body enveloped in a fuchsia glow—Kagome’s spiritual energy—which repelled the shot. Wide-eyed, Kagome chanced a glance at Kikyo and detected her look of rage. She also noticed the miko reaching for her quiver again. Kagome turned and took off running into the darkness. Oh Kami—she was going to die!

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