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“Ahh damn it!” Inuyasha the hanyou growled as he walked through the large, grassy plain. “Damn it damn it! Damn it! Damn it! How many times is this gonna keep happening?!!!”


Behind the fuming man, his friends did their best to keep their distance, all besides a certain miko that seemed to always be looking for trouble.

“Don't stress so much about it,” Kagome spoke, patting her closest friend on the head and taking a chance to run her hands over his ears.

“Stop doin' that!” Inuyasha growled, shaking his head. “And I ain't stressing! I'm just pissed off because we keep getting cheated every time we get close to a jewel shard!”

The hanyou sighed and plopped down on the grass with his arms and legs crossed. “If you weren't so slow at sensing things, we'd have more than half of the Shikon no Tama.”

Kagome's eye twitched but she decided to keep her composure for now, lately she's taken to giving him three chances to fuck up before she retaliated. That was strike one.


“You're just a bit cranky,” she cooed sitting next to him and digging through her bag. “Here have some chips.”

“Keh,” Inuyasha huffed snatching the bag from her.

“Although he expresses it in quite the colorful way, I must say I sympathize with his frustration,” the monk Miroku finally spoke. “We only have three shards while Naraku holds more than three fourths of the entire jewel.”

“He's had a good head start,” Sango the demon slayer reminded him. “Complaining isn't going to help much.”

“I agree with Sango,” Kagome added. “We all need to just calm down and relax, take a break once in a while.”

“Figures you'd say that.” Inuyasha mumbled as he poured the remainder of the chips in his mouth.

“And what's that's supposed to mean?”

“Ain't it obvious?” the hanyou tossed the bag aside. “All ya wanna do is relax and take breaks. Hell, ya just took a whole week off to do your stupid school work. Do ya know how much time we're losing because of you? That's exactly why Naraku has most of the Shikon no Tama now. Lazy wench!”

Strike two, Kagome thought as she clenched her fist and sucked in a deep breath.

“Now that's not fair Inuyasha!” the youngest of the group, Shippo piped up. “Kagome works hard just like the rest of us, if anyone should be called lazy it's you!”

“Shut up ya brat,” Inuyasha said. “I'm the one killin' all the demons 'round here, without me you'd all be dead right now!”

“And without Kagome, there wouldn't even be a journey and you'd still be stuck in a tree,” Sango added. “Inuyasha you should really start appreciating everyone else's contributions.”

“When you give me something to appreciate I'll think about it,” Inuyasha retorted as he stretched out and lied on his side. “Admit it, I'm the most important person in this stupid little group.”

By now Kagome, who was trying to be silent, was getting rather ticked off by the hanyou, so she decided to play his little game. “Not true,” Kagome said sweetly. “Sure you're strong and all, but I think we can manage if you weren't around. With a single call Kouga can-”

And right on cue, Inuyasha jumped to his feet with a loud “What?!!”


“I'm just saying....”


“You'd rather have that dirty, flea bitten wolf than ME?”

“Well he is a lot more pleasant to be around,” Kagome said.

“And he won't eat all the food Kagome brings back,” Shippo added.

“Also he has two shards in his legs so our number in shards would be increased.” Sango finished.

“Fine!” Inuyasha huffed turning around and folding his arms. “You want the wolf, call him. I don't care, saves me more time to find the Shikon no Tama for myself.”

Kagome giggled at her crush, deciding that she'd teased him enough. “Oh Inuyasha we're only messing around, we're grateful to have you.”


“Don't pout so much,” Kagome said pinching his ears again. “There isn't anyone else I'd rather have protecting me, besides I'm more of a dog person.”

“That's how it should be bitch,” Inuyasha growled. “Now come on, we're wasting daylight.”

Strike three, Kagome thought bitterly.




“W-Wait Kagome don't-”




The necklace around the hanyou began glowing right before he fell face first right into the dirt.

“Aah! You stupid wench!” Inuyasha yelled. “What the hell was that for?!”



Finally, the hanyou had stopped shouting back at her and merely stayed motionless in the large crater he'd created as Kagome stormed off.

“You idiot,” Shippo told the hanyou earning a tired grunt.


“I'll go after her,” Sango sighed. “Don't want her getting lost.”


“Be careful out there, my sweet.”


“Yeah, yeah.”

“Stupid Inuyasha,” Kagome muttered, as she kicked a nearby stone. “Why does he have to be so....ugh!”

“Kagome?” came Sango's voice from behind.



“Yeah it's me, I came out here just to make sure you were alright.”


“I'm fine,” Kagome sighed. “I just needed some time away from-”


“Inuyasha's bullshit? Yeah, we all do sometimes.”


Kagome chuckled a bit and sat down underneath the tree. “I just, he doesn't understand that sometimes I need a break from all this,” Kagome admitted. “I know that I'm slowing us down, but if I don't I feel like I'll get overwhelmed.”


“I get what you mean, this whole mission is a huge weight for anyone to bear,” Sango nodded, sitting right next to Kagome. “It can get really stressful sometimes, and we all need some sort of stress relief right?” As she said this, Kagome noticed that Sango had moved a bit closer so that their shoulders were touching.


“Um...yeah, right,” Kagome said. “So I guess this is stressful for you too, huh?”


“Yeah, but I've learned to maximize our breaks and relief any stress,” Sango then placed a hand on Kagome's thigh, giving it a bit of a squeeze. “Wanna know how?”


Kagome felt her cheeks brighten, she was quite sure that Sango was coming on to her and she wasn't sure how to react. She had feelings for Inuyasha not to mention she was pretty sure she didn't swing that way, but something about Sango made her feel more comfortable with the somewhat aggressive approach she was making.


“Uh, sure?”


“Good girl,” Sango purred, her face now inches from Kagome's. “Now, in order for this to work you have to do everything I say? Okay? You trust me?”


“Sango, I trust you with my life.”


“Good to know,” Sango then closed the distance between them, capturing the younger girls' lips with her own.


Kagome felt herself leaning into the kiss, as Sango immediately infiltrated her mouth with her tongue. The older girl then shifted their positions, so that Kagome was on her lap which allowed her to grab onto her hips.


“Oh Sango,” Kagome moaned as Sango began sucking on her neck. “I-I don't know how to feel about this. What about Miroku?”


“What about Inuyasha?”




“That's right, neither of them are here right now, so don't worry about it,” Sango cooed, her hands beginning to trail lower. “Mmm, wow Kagome, I didn't realize you had such a fat, meaty ass.”


“W-What? It's not fat!”


“Oh yes it is,” Sango purred, giving her ass a hard slap. “By the way, it's a compliment. At least from me. Shit, I can't wait to fuck you.”


“F-Fuck me?” Kagome asked, her hips jerking involuntarily at the feeling of Sango kneading her ass. It was at that moment, that the young miko felt something resting in between her legs. “Um, Sango? What's that?”


“Why don't you find out?” Sango then pushed Kagome off her lap and stood up, allowing Kagome to see a large bulge on the outline of her demon slayer outfit.


“Oh God....” Kagome reached out and ran her hands along the bulge, just to make sure it was real.


“Oh? You want this?”


Kagome didn't answer, and shyly bit down on her lip. She suddenly squealed when Sango grabbed the back of her head and shoved it into her crotch, rubbing her bulge along Kagome's face.


“I asked you a question, you little bitch!”


“Y-Yes!” Kagome groaned, her tongue sticking out and licking along the bulge. “Please! I want it!”


“You whore, you're already begging for my dick and you haven't even seen it yet,” Sango chuckled, “Well go ahead, if you want it so bad then take it out.”


Kagome wasted no time, pulling down Sango's pants to reveal a semi-erect cock that slapped her right in the face. “Ohhh....” she moaned, shoving her face back into Sango's crotch and sniffing her balls. “Fuuuuck....”


“My, you love the smell of my sweaty balls that much?” Sango laughed and grinding her balls onto Kagome's face. “If I knew you were this much of a whore, I'd have whipped out my dick a long time ago.”


“You should have....” Kagome groaned. “This thing is amazing, it's so big and smells wonderful!”


“Big? Sweetie, you haven't seen how big it gets yet,” Sango gripped her cock and pointed it at her. “Now, get to sucking.”


Immediately, Kagome opened her mouth and took in the behemoth cock. She tried to take as much of it as she could, making audible swallowing noises as she struggled to do so. Sango loved the look on the once thought innocent girl's face, her lips stretched and her expression lewd as hell. As Kagome continued to take more of the hardening cock, a large bulge began to form in her throat, something Sango couldn't help but stroke as she watched herself go further and further down.


“Fuck,” she groaned, rocking her hips slightly. “So good....but you can do better.”


Suddenly, Sango once again put her hands on the back of Kagome's head and shoved the remaining inches of her cock down her gullet, earning a loveable “gllllrrrrk” sound from the girl.


“That's it! Right there!” Sango shouted. “You like that huh? Taking this fat cock down your whore throat!”


“Gllluck! Glrrrch! Grrrk!” Was the only answer she received as instead of pushing Sango away, Kagome merely grabbed both of her cheeks and pulled her forward, loving the feeling of Sango brutally skull fucking her.


“Yeah, sucking my fucking cock bitch! Throat this whole thing like the whore you are! Oh fuck yes!”


Sango's hips were like a blur as she continued brutalizing Kagome's throat. She could feel herself getting close to the edge, which prompted her to shove Kagome's head against the tree so she could fuck her throat even faster.


“Fuuuuck! I'm going to come, you better swallow every last drop! Come on you slut, here it isssssssss!”




“Glllrrrk!” Kagome let out a loud moan as Sango's balls slammed onto her face and her stomach was filled with delicious spunk. As she let out loud choking noises, Sango refused to let go of her iron grip while she rode out her massive orgasm.


Eventually, Sango slowly began pulling out her cock, but was shocked when Kagome shoved her back in, lapping up the cum from her cockhead while still choking on the massive penis.


“Fuck! Oh shit you little slut!” Sango laughed. “You're gonna choke yourself to death over my cum?”


Kagome finally released Sango with an audible pop, giving Sango a sultry, slutty look. “If I had do die, choking on your cock is the way I wanna go.”


She's broken, Sango thought with an evil smile. Sorry Inuyasha, hopefully she can put herself back together after this.


“Well we're not done yet,” Sango smirked. “Now get on all fours and show me that fat ass of yours!”


Kagome didn't need to be told twice and immediately assumed the position, flipping up her skirt and shaking her panty covered ass for good measure.


“Mmm, I like that,” Sango grinned, moving behind Kagome and pulling down her panties. “Keep shaking that ass slut. Bounce on my cock.”


Kagome nodded as she began twerking her ass up and down Sango's cock, which was now wedged between her ass cheeks.


Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Was the sound Kagome's ass made as she continued her show for Sango, who would slap her ass every now and again.


“You ready bitch?” she asked, slapping her cock on her asscheeks. “Because after this, you're probably never gonna go back to that hanyou of yours.”


“As long as I can keep getting this dick, I don't care,” Kagome moaned. “All I want is Sango-dick forever and ever!”


“Good answer,” Sango lined herself up with Kagome's pussy. “Now say hello to your new best friend!” Without warning, Sango shoved her entire bulging dick into Kagome's virgin pussy, earning a loud howl from the girl.


“Fuck you're tight!” Sango squealed joyously. “I knew you'd be, but damn your pussy is squeezing me so hard!”


“Oh shit!” Kagome moaned loudly, her tongue sticking out of her mouth. “So big! You're in my womb! Oh my god!”


Sango pulled herself up, only to immediately slam herself back in balls deep, a huge log showing in Kagome's belly. As the demon slayer settled into a brutal rhythm, the entire forest was filled with the sounds of Kagome's gushing pussy, and Sango's hips slamming onto her ass.


Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!


“Take this fucking dick you bitch! Yeah, you couldn't wait to be destroyed by my cock!”


“Oh yes! Fuck my pussy up! Ruin me for anyone other than you!” Kagome yelled. “I don't want anyone but your amazing cock to destroy my pussy!”


Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!


Sango continued to rip into Kagome's insides, shoving her face into the dirt and slapping her ass repeatedly. “You fat ass slut! I'm gonna enjoy making you my slave forever! From now on, you address me as Dick-sama!”


“Yes Dick-sama! Fuck me more Dick-sama!”


“Good girl!” Sango then pulled herself out and turned Kagome around, spreading her legs wide. She then grabbed her by the ankles and slammed herself back into the slut.


Kagome was glad they did this in the forest, because her screams were so loud she was sure that she'd be hoarse the next day. As Sango continued to pound into her, she felt herself cum for what had to be the fifth or sixth time.


Sango could feel her balls begin to tense up, signaling that she was about to blow her load. “Here it comes bitch! I'm about to cum and get you pregnant, so get ready to raise my babies!”


“Dick-sama, I'd be honored to have you impregnate me!”


“Of course you would slut! Now take all of my cum!”




Kagome watched as Sango pumped shot after shot of cum into her belly, causing it to expand as if she were nearly nine months pregnant. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as Sango was still thrust in and out of her as she shot out cum.


Sango finally pulled herself out of her slut's pussy, her cock shrinking as cum flowed out of the girl.


“Now, don't you feel so much relief?” she asked with a devlish smirk.


“Yesh Dick-thama.....” Kagome spoke, her tongue still out with a fucked silly expression on her face.


“She's definitely broken,” Sango said to herself. “Oh well, I'm sure Inuyasha won't mind too much.”


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