Getting Lucky

BY : Vyper
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Disclaimer: There are triggers in this story. Nonconsensual relationships between adult characters, violence, language, and some of the main and minor characters have a history of child abuse they suffered. Reader discretion advised.

Inuyasha got up from his bed running clawed fingers through his silky mussed up long silver hair trying to avoid scraping his manicured yet sharp claws against his rather sensitive pointed little dog ears.


Stifling a yawn, the half-demon slid his naked body out from under the covers and sat on the edge of the bed letting out a rather large burp thanks to the beers he had only a few hours ago.  Inuyasha did not know exactly how much he drank last night, but thanks to his demon side he did not have to deal with a hangover.  He just had to avoid the cops while driving his big brother’s Porsche 911 Turbo, in Arctic Silver, home.  At least he thought he drove home last night.


The too damn powerful for anyone’s good, devil Lord Sesshomaru, who was Inuyasha’s anal-retentive jerk of an elder brother, would have a shit fit if his little brother spilled anything into his ‘new baby’.  Inuyasha was just lucky that his big brother let him borrow the car, not that the demon Lord did not have other cars worth far more than this one.  It was just the only car that was not ‘vintage’ in the garage and thus it was replaceable.


Inuyasha couldn’t even drive his 1969 candy red with white pinstripe Chevy Camaro SS that he bought from a junkyard and rebuilt himself since Sesshomaru pretty much stole the car from Inuyasha when it was finished claiming that he owned everything including Inuyasha’s life.


The only thing that was really bugging Inuyasha was the fact that he could not even remember driving home last night.  He knew he had to of driven himself somehow but recalling last night’s events was like trying to understand his brother.  In other words, it was nearly impossible.


Standing up, Inuyasha yawned again and scratched his ass a bit before heading to the bathroom.  He needed to take a piss rather badly only his morning wood was making things difficult as he pushed his unruly cock towards the bowl trying his best to aim properly knowing that Sesshomaru would have a shit fit if he accidentally pissed on the bowl itself.


‘Ahhhhhhhh……. relief….’


Inuyasha thought to himself as he looked at the wall stifling another yawn.


Inuyasha shook off and flushed then walked to the sink washing his hands not bothering to look at his reflection since when he was finished in the bathroom, he was going to crawl back into that bed again for at least another hour.  Letting out a silent, but deadly fart, Inuyasha sniffed a bit knowing that one was ripe then sluggishly made his way back into the bed pulling the sheets and comforter over his head to block out the dim light that was filling the room and to avoid the smell of his own flatulence.


As he pulled the covers to tuck himself in, he felt something next to him dragging them back.  Pulling his head out of the blankets he noticed long silver-white hair.


Rolling his eyes Inuyasha figured he had picked up a girl last night and did not know her name which was pretty typical of him to do while drunk.  Well if pulling the blankets off of her did not wake her up, the stench of his fart would.  Either way, Inuyasha was not going to get up to find out.  Feigning sleep, Inuyasha rolled over closing his eyes hoping the bitch would just go away so he did not have to deal with another little crybaby girl because he was never going to call her again. Unless, of course, his newest fling was hot, and unfortunately when he was drunk, he always picked up the rather homely types who clung to him like glue since no one else was paying attention to them.


Unfortunately for this bitch, Inuyasha was only the sensitive type when drunk.  He was wrongly now sober with a nasty hangover.  Inuyasha would once again have to become the usual asshole because he was not going to commit to anyone even if they were hot.


Inuyasha almost wanted to laugh when the person next to him suddenly sat up.


“What the hell is that smell?”


Inuyasha then realized the voice next to him was not only male but someone he knew very well.




Inuyasha cringed hiding further into the blankets trying to pretend this was not happening.  He wanted to crawl under a rock, anything except hearing that voice.


All of the blankets came flying off the bed as his bedmate stood in his naked glory fuming at the silver-haired dog-eared boy who was curled up in the bed wishing to God that this was just a fucking nightmare.


“Whatever it is, I didn’t do it.”


Inuyasha whimpered with his eyes shut tight.  He should have known that his life would end up like this.  It was just a matter of time before he would end up either dead or married which was pretty close to being dead in Inuyasha’s mind.


“Then explain this….”


Inuyasha winced as he turned to look at the man he had slept with all night.  Not only was this person naked, but they were also holding a bottle of KY jelly that was left open with the lid missing most likely somewhere on the floor.


“I don’t have to and I ain’t gonna.”


Inuyasha stated as he tried to ignore the wet spot on the bed.




The demon growled as he felt his ass squish a bit.


“I told ya, I didn’t do anything.”


Inuyasha countered growling at the asshole across from him.


“Then tell me who did since there is only you and me in this room naked?”


Inuyasha frowned deciding to plead the fifth.  He was not the responsible one here since he was the youngest of all the demons living in this house except for Shippo.


“Look I was drunk last night. I have no clue what happened Sess, but I ain’t sticking around here to get blamed for shit I do not even know about.  I don’t even know how I got back here.”


Looking at his mate, Inuyasha did not know what to say.  They had not slept together since the day they mated and Inuyasha refused to admit anything to someone who teased and abused him most of his life.  Inuyasha was not dirty blooded no matter what anyone said.


“What do you remember about last night?”


The demon asked as he watched his mate fumble with his clothing that was scattered all over the room.


“Well, we went out to one of your company parties and I drove as usual.  Then we left that lame ass shit and went to that new bar Vince Neil built.”


“Vince who?”


The demon asked.


“Vince Neil, the lead singer of Motley Crue.  It is a rock band.  Where the fuck have you been? In the dark ages of everyone’s hell?’

“Anyway, we had a bunch of drinks there while watching one of the bands.  I cannot remember which one because I was busy drinking and flirting with some chic there.  A waitress or some shit.  After that, I totally forget where we went or how we got here.”


The demon frowned.


“Well, something happened here last night Inuyasha.  My ass feels like it has been violated and there is only you to blame.”


Inuyasha was a bit grossed out at that thought although he quickly checked his ass to insure everything was normal.  Then he felt his cock.  It felt a bit sticky.  How did he not notice this shit when he went to the fucking bathroom?


“You can’t blame me.  I am the youngest one in our family and you are older so you should know better than I do.  Besides, you are the responsible one around here.  In fact, please go fuck yourself elsewhere other than in my room.”


Ever since Sesshomaru colored his hair black he became a bigger asshole than before.  Inuyasha could not believe he was not only related to this jerkwad but mated to the asshole as well.  If Father could see them now, he would be totally pissed off.


“It must have been our demons.  I told you once we were mated that you would eventually have to accept that your ass will not be free of me no matter how many little girls you try to hook up with.  However, I refuse to be the bottom of this mess.  Take off your clothing you just wrongly put on, Inuyasha.”


Inuyasha looked horrified.


“Hell no!”


Sesshomaru moved faster than light and grappled the boy to the ground with the KY still in his grip.


“Get off me ya fucking pansy!”


Inuyasha screamed as Sesshomaru ripped off his favorite Disturbed T-shirt he just bought from Hot Topic.


“You will submit Inuyasha.  It is too late to turn back, and I will not be the only one violated this day.”


Inuyasha fought tooth and nail to get his big asshole of a brother off of him.


“You twisted prick!  You destroyed my favorite shirt!”


Sesshomaru grasped Inuyasha’s arms ignoring the flailing legs as he held Inuyasha’s hands above his head using his body weight to push the boy to the floor.  Setting the KY down next to Inuyasha’s left leg Sesshomaru proceeded to rip off Inuyasha’s Levi pants and red boxer briefs with a swipe of his claws.


“Inuyasha cease your struggling or I will forgo the foreplay and simply mount you.”


Inuyasha continued to struggle, but it was no use.  Sesshomaru was stronger, taller, and with all that pure muscle was heavier than Inuyasha.


“All you want to do is rape me you fucked up asshole!  I will not submit to you ever!  Do you hear me!  I will never be your fucking fuck toy!”


Sesshomaru smirked.


“Believe me, I don’t want to be your mate any more than I want to do this, but I will not be the only one who was raped since you did this to me last night you little slut.  I can still feel your filthy seed deep inside and your pathetic excuse for a cock is still wet from you plundering my depths.  I will ensure you will feel more pleasure than pain Inuyasha so prepare yourself to be taken.”


Inuyasha started to hyperventilate as Sesshomaru wet his fingers with the slick KY jelly and proceeded to carefully enter Inuyasha’s virgin asshole with his long thick fingers starting with one making Inuyasha yowl.


“Stop it!  Stop!  STOP!”


Inuyasha screamed as Sesshomaru slid the digit into one of the tightest holes he had ever encountered.


“Relax Inuyasha if you don’t want this to hurt.”


Sesshomaru growled as he dipped his finger into Inuyasha in search of that little nub of pleasure deep within Inuyasha’s bowels.


Still fighting, Inuyasha soon found himself arching up against Sesshomaru as soon as his brother found that little place that felt so good.  It did not matter though as Inuyasha gritted his teeth refusing to relax.


“I am going to stretch you little brother so you had better relax otherwise you will be in pain.”


Inuyasha tried his best not to moan or relax and Sesshomaru decided that the pup needed to suffer for his own good if he chose not to listen.


Thrusting the second finger roughly into the tight little orifice Sesshomaru saw his little brother wince in pain.


“Stop it Sesshomaru!”


Inuyasha cried out.


“No Inuyasha.  You will relax or this will hurt even more when I enter you.”


Inuyasha did not care if he hurt his brother, he was going to get out of this somehow as he tried to buck himself free only making those scissoring fingers hurt worse until a third finger was added.




Inuyasha growled out as he tried to kick Sesshomaru only to have the fingers removed and replaced with something much bigger.


“I have prepared you brat.  Now you shall feel my girth and length enter you.  I will not stop until I am fully seated in your filthy half-blood ass.”


Sesshomaru growled allowing his demon to come forth a bit since he was no longer going to be gentle to his whiny little brother.


“No…please don’t do this Sesshomaru.  I promise I will be good, and I won’t touch you ever again.”


Inuyasha begged as tears flowed down his cheeks.


Sesshomaru did not give a damn.  He was violated by this little half-breed last night and the pup was not going to ever be his top again.  Sesshomaru would rather die first than submit in any way to a part human abomination of nature let alone any weak pathetic mortal.


“Relax Inuyasha.  It will feel good if you relax.  If you do not relax and submit to me then you will only feel pain.”


Sesshomaru stroked himself a few times with the KY before aiming at that little puckered hole that he was about to stretch to its limits.


“Please Sesshomaru……. please stop.”


Sesshomaru ignored Inuyasha and slid the large mushroomed head of his cock into Inuyasha as he watched the boy try to struggle away.


Ignoring Inuyasha’s pleading Sesshomaru slowly entered Inuyasha pushing forwards as Inuyasha cried out in pain.


Sesshomaru’s jaw dropped a bit as he continued his assault feeling nothing but pleasure at the tightness that was surrounding his throbbing member.


“By the gods you are tight……….”


Sesshomaru bit out as he was soon fully seated deep into Inuyasha’s bowels.




Inuyasha screamed through his tears.  How the fuck could he relax with something that fucking big going into a place that nothing good came out of?


“Silence you insolent child!  I am being gentle with you.  Consider yourself lucky since I would rather have just shoved myself into you rather than give you any pleasure.  I assure you were most likely not as gentle as I have been last night nor was I aware.  I should be the one throwing a fit you brat.  I have not even come close to raping you as I could have.  You are my mate so shut up and relax or I shall really show you pain.”


Inuyasha whimpered and closed his eyes looking away from his brother as his body shook from the sobs.  He was now ruined for life.


“You’re a fucking asshole.  You always take what you want and do not care about anyone else’s feelings.  You got what you deserved and now you are just taking it all out on me again.”


Sesshomaru slapped Inuyasha across the ass so hard Inuyasha yelped so loud it sounded just like the scream of a puppy. Inuyasha pretty much still was just a part dog devil pup and the devil part of himself was much more prevalent than his human half due to the powerful blood of his Father in his veins.


“You are lucky I touch you half breed.  You are lucky I allow you air to breathe at all.”


Sesshomaru grasped his mate by the throat.


“You will relax now Inuyasha or I will make you bleed.”


Sesshomaru was losing control of his demon that wanted to just plunge into the man child and he was tired of Inuyasha’s mouth.  The boy needed to learn his place and right now it was under him.


Moving with slow precision Sesshomaru thrust in and out of Inuyasha making certain that he was rubbing against Inuyasha’s prostate to ensure the boy felt some pleasure.


Inuyasha continued to shed tears although his ass stopped hurting and what Sesshomaru was doing felt good even if he did not want to admit to it.


Laying there like a battered doll, Inuyasha allowed Sesshomaru to finish what he started eventually moving his hips up to meet his brother’s thrusts as they continued at a slow pace.


“That is it, little brother.  Submit to me.”


Sesshomaru whispered as he continued this agonizing slow pace wanting to ride it out rather than use his demonic speed to expel himself into those depths that hugged him so tightly that it made him never wish for this to end.


Soon Inuyasha started to moan and his cock became painfully hard.  Sesshomaru though refused to release those hands to allow him to touch himself.  Soon though a left clawed hand wrapped around his weeping member and it continued to stroke him as Inuyasha cried out wanting release and soon.


Sesshomaru smirked a bit as he watched Inuyasha succumb to him offering his throat to him making the boy look beautiful in his eyes.  Those full trembling lips making such wonderful sounds of pleasure, that flushed face, and those feathered long black lashes that contrasted with Inuyasha’s silvery silky mane of hair made Sesshomaru realize he did indeed choose a lovely creature to mate.


Soon Inuyasha came into his hand as Sesshomaru watched his little mate arch up causing some of his releases to end up on his abdomen.


Feeling his fangs lengthen as his climax would be coming soon Sesshomaru accepted the offering his Inuyasha offered as the pup turned his head revealing the mating mark that was placed on the boy years ago.


Plunging his fangs into the crescent moon-shaped scar Inuyasha cried out Sesshomaru’s name as the demon emptied himself into Inuyasha’s warm wet tunnel.


Drinking the sweet blood of the half-breed Sesshomaru felt revitalized.  This sweet pure blood of the half-devil was not as horrific as Sesshomaru had assumed.  After all, they had not bitten each other to mate in the first place.  It was just a series of spells and a little acid from his claws to create the shape of the crescent moon on the right spot at the base of the neck.  As the true Alpha to all devil kind, Sesshomaru did not carry Inuyasha’s mark since it was only necessary to mark the beta, or in Inuyasha’s case, the omega.


Sesshomaru pulled out of Inuyasha after he had softened a bit and licked the wound closed on Inuyasha’s neck.


Inuyasha was emotionally and physically drained.  He did not even notice when Sesshomaru picked him up off the floor and laid him down in the bed kissing his forehead allowing the pup to sleep.


Gathering his clothes, Sesshomaru proceeded to go to his own room and take a long shower.

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