The Emperor and his Champion

BY : Lady_of_the_Squirrels
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                Helaku: Commander of the entire army in the demon realm. His valor both on the battlefield and off was unquestioned and his strength was beyond measure. If you asked any palace courtesans his muscles had muscles that rippled and just his smile was enough to grant him access to even the most private rooms. Helaku thought this was all too much.

                He had wavy ginger hair that went just below his shoulders, fiery like the rays of sunshine that broke the sky at sunset. His eyes were turquoise and expressive, always showing his emotions more than he preferred. His jawline was sharp and his cheekbones perfectly in place. Sunkissed skin covered all of his body and while he would admit he had a lot of muscle, he would disagree that they rippled. When it came down to it, he saw himself as nothing more than a farmer’s son who happened to get lucky when it came down to his military career.

                The money he earned went to a home he had fashioned as a log cabin with a lovely, modernized interior and his black truck that strode proudly just a few inches higher than it should off the ground. He heavily donated to orphanages and disaster relief, and he saw this as exactly what he should be doing with his wealth.

                On this afternoon, he walked through the palace halls towards the emperor’s office. He worked closely with the man for many years and they were good friends. He was hoping his meeting would include a nice glass of bourbon and some snacks after his morning. Nothing had gone to plan and he was rather annoyed at the platoons he had inspected. His eyes were alight with the fire that burned in his brain as he even thought about the morning. He would be making them work tomorrow, laps maybe. Maybe more.

                He turned the corner, glancing at the portrait of the emperor and his empress. The woman was beautiful, brown hair all the way down her back with a delicate silver crown resting on her head. She had a thin face and small frame, her smile beaming out for all passerby to see. The emperor was emotionless, that was his M.O. Long silver hair hung down his back, even the painting portrayed it as gleaming. Amber eyes stoic and narrowed and lips pursed in what Helaku knew as his relaxed face.

                He admired the portrait for a moment, he always enjoyed looking at it. The royal family was regal and he felt a sense of pride that this family had put all of their trust in him. He stared into the empress’ beautiful blue eyes and carefully made a fist with his right hand and tapped it twice over his heart, bowing his head in what was regarded as a salute in the demon realm. Empress Katherine had passed several years ago, giving birth to her youngest child and he felt the most he could do was pay his respect. He enjoyed showing this frozen moment of her happiness that he was still keeping her family safe.

                10 more feet and he stopped at the heavy wooden door of the Emperor’s office. He ran his fingers over the Emperor’s name. ‘Sesshomaru’ detailed in golden paint, written in gorgeous script by more than likely one of the elves. He took a deep breath, shoving the first half of his day down in his brain before knocking pointedly on the door. He put on his stern face as a soft ‘Enter’ floated to his long pointed ears from inside.

                He sat behind a heavy desk carved intricately from cherry wood. ‘Definitely carved by an elf,’ he thought and smiled. It didn’t matter how many times he saw it, he enjoyed walking into this office and looking at the man behind the desk. His friend and mentor sat in a cushioned office chair made of decadent leather. His long silver hair pooled around his shoulders and in his lap as it hung precariously to the left as he read a bill sitting on his desk. A heavy ballpoint pin gently swung back and forth between his long, taloned fingers as he concentrated. Helaku took a seat across from him, feeling the matching leather under his fingers of the guest chair. He looked at the Emperor’s eyes, amber and half lidded has they scrolled quickly across the bill.

                “I hope you are doing well today, sire.” Helaku finally spoke, watching Sesshomaru’s eyes flick to him in the middle of a sentence. The annoyance graced the corners of his eyes for a moment before his eyes looked back down to the bill continuing to read. The pen shifted between his fingers and he held his pointer finger up to indicate he needed to give him one more moment. Helaku’s shoulders shook in silent laughter, he knew he would do that.

                He tilted his head, matching the man’s angle, watching him expectedly. He folded his own calloused hands and held them under his chin in anticipation. Finally the man sighed, straightening in his chair. He set his pen back into his pen holder and set the bill aside. His eyes raised up to meet Helaku’s and then they rolled as they saw the man waiting on him.

                “That one’s a dud, huh?” He grinned, straightening himself up as well.

                “I don’t understand what the council is thinking when they make these bills,” he ran his fingers along the bridge of his nose and Helaku laughed.

                “How about a drink?” Helaku stood and headed towards the drink cabinet. He looked to see Sesshomaru nod and almost laughed at the exasperated look on his face.

                “Please! Scotch, ice is in the little fridge,” Sesshomaru waved his hand aimlessly towards a fancy small fridge attached to his office bar. Helaku poured them both a drink using the nice glasses stored in the bar and brought them both to the desk. He had done this enough he knew to wait for a coaster to be set down before placing the drinks on the desk.

                “So, what do we need to discuss today?” Helaku took a sip of the expensive bourbon he only indulged in while spending time in the office. Sesshomaru also sipped thoughtfully at his drink, letting out a small sigh of appreciation at the alcohol on his tongue.

                “I don’t think I actually had anything, I just thought you’d want to come sit down for a moment,” Sesshomaru admitted, matter of fact as always. He face revealed nothing but Helaku knew this was a gesture of his friendship. Helaku raised his glass to that and took another swill of the amber liquid.

                “And here I thought I was being called to the principal’s office to be reprimanded,” He smirked, teasing his friend. Sess looked at him, hands folded in his lap, relaxed back in his chair. This was one of those rare moments where the tension in the man’s jaw was relaxed and he was just taking in his company.

                “Well, you do often need reprimanded,” Sess’s eyebrows rose and he took a drink. Helaku laughed warmly, his chuckle filling the otherwise cool room.

                “I am sorry, Sire. I will try and misbehave less,” Helaku continued laughing, watching the amusement dance in his friend’s eyes. He knew his face would show nothing and had learned specifically how to read this man. All of the things he did not say came in little flecks of eye movement and he was much kinder than most thought.

                “I heard from Zander you were in a foul mood this morning,” Sess continued on after a long pause.

                “Sometimes the recruits we get are absolutely boneheaded. I am the Commander, you listen to me. What is so hard about this? I’m not asking for a brain scientist, I’m not asking for undying loyalty… I’m just asking that if I tell you, your uniform is not correct you go and fix your uniform. Not tell me it’s within regulation. I made the regulation for Lucifer’s sake!” He huffed, the fire reigniting in his own eyes. His arms folded like a pouting child’s.

                He swore he saw the corners of the man’s lips turn upwards around his drink but the motion was hard to detect. The amusement was in his eyes as he nodded. Helaku couldn’t help himself for a moment, thinking this man was flawless as his delicate fingers were wrapped firmly around his glass, elegantly lifting it to his lips. They appeared full in real life, maybe even soft but it was hard to tell unless you were closer to him given how he always had them pressed into an unreadable line.

                He felt those amber eyes burning into him, trying to decipher his expression. He smiled and nursed the drink in his hands, watching Sesshomaru try to figure out the puzzle. He was so much older, having been granted immortality he was still within in his younger self’s body. So much wisdom and strength was held in that look.

                He knew his eyes gave him away, darkening with desire as he let his mind shamelessly think about his superior. He knew the man would not figure it out, he had been oblivious this long, at this point he knew he would not slide the last few pieces of the puzzle that was Helaku into place.

                Helaku liked women, their soft bodies under his hands with all their curves and warmth. He also liked men, strong shoulders and stubble just as attractive to him. He figured Sesshomaru may be old enough this may be a foreign concept to him, he also figured Sesshomaru with all his grace would more than likely not even think of another man lusting after him.

                They held this battle just a bit longer before Sesshomaru moved on, realizing he may just yet have something to discuss. He finished his drink and began discussing the affairs of one of the demon nations across his realm. Helaku watched him as he spoke, the way his eyes danced with thought as he held a soft, even tone. The way he chose his words ever carefully to avoid conflict, just as he’d expect from a god given diplomat.

                Eventually he lost himself, just nodding at the melodic sound of his voice and watching the gleam of the lighting bounce off the perfect pools of silver hair around his neck. He felt a hunger as he watched the pale skin of his emperor’s throat, knowing his eyes had changed again based on the pause of the emperor’s speech. He knew if he blinked his thoughts would drift so he just held the man’s uneasy gaze.  Then he thought he saw it again, just the hint of a smirk as his words started again. He wasn’t allowed to change the game this far into it. Mouth emotions were not allowed from the opposite party and he found himself reeling, trying to decide if he had really even seen it.

                He knew the man was playing with him, but he couldn’t figure out when he’d started playing the game. He himself was a shameless flirt, he had no problem with it when the emperor was willing to banter with him but now it almost seemed real. Sesshomaru had asked him a question and he blinked a few times, realizing that the silence was meant to be him responding. He had missed it completely and now stared like a deer lost in the highlights of an oncoming truck. “Huh?”

                “Please don’t tell me you were too busy admiring me to listen. I don’t wish to repeat the entire predicament in Persia,” His words were cool and collected and Helaku felt the heat rising in his cheeks and climbing up to the points of his ears.

                “What? No!” The words came out altogether unconvincing and guilty. Sesshomaru was not allowed to win this game. There was the tug of his lips again, just the tiniest twitch of amusement. Ha! He knew it!

                “Uh-huh,” his emperor was not convinced. He shifted in his chair, his arms crossing and fixing Helaku with a stare.

                “I was not admiring you, your highness. See, I was just thinking about a new recruit I saw this morning,” Helaku grinned, thinking this was the best strategy. Play it off like he was fantasizing about someone else—anyone else.

                “Oh, please do tell. I have been looking for a new consort, maybe he would fit in with the selection pool,” Sesshomaru’s elbows rested on his desk now, his hands interlocking and his chin resting gently upon them.

                Helaku almost choked. ‘Consort?!?!?!’ his mind screamed.  He knew the man was toying with him but that didn’t stop the red from continuing to climb up his face. He managed to steady his voice, trying to regain his footing in the conversation, “Yeah, soft skin. Bit dense but he has gorgeous long hair and an ass that doesn’t quit. He had nice lips too, nice and full. Looked like flower petals.”

                “Hm,” Helaku watched Sesshomaru’s eyes roll to the side thoughtfully. He knew ‘ass that doesn’t quit’ was the perfect phrase to throw the man out of the conversation. He knew this diplomat wouldn’t dare go there. “I think ‘ass that doesn’t quit’ is definitely one of the requirements on the assessment.” That twitch, that stupid little twitch at the corner of his mouth as his eyes actually remained neutral.

                Those eyes challenged him, daring him to continue to lie to him. “Yeah, beautiful man. Too bad he’s a new recruit, that’d be considered an abuse of power, huh?” Helaku raised his eyebrows.

                “Only if you make it an abuse of power,” Sess shrugged his shoulders absentmindedly. Helaku narrowed his eyes, watching for that little twitch. It didn’t come, he was beginning to think he was crazy again. Sesshomaru stood now, coming around his desk and taking a seat in front of Helaku on the desk. He began discussing Persia again. Helaku watched him very closely, still not listening but watching for little signals on where he stood in his game.

                Helaku couldn’t help but notice the way the perfectly tailored suit clung to his thighs and his button-up shirt pooled at his waist above his belt. Everything fit perfectly and he swore the Emperor pushed his suit jacket back so that he could view him better. He could feel the challenge. That pause again, he asked him again. Helaku met his gaze, which was now slightly annoyed and he ran a hand through his long tresses. Helaku swallowed, why would he play the game now? He jumped up, pretending his phone had buzzed. “Gotta run, sorry. Emergency.” He hustled out of the office.

                “Next time you call me dense, I’m taking the bourbon from the bar,” he stated matter of factly Helaku frowned as he swore he heard soft laughter as the door closed.

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