A Twist in the Myth

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A Twist in the Myth

Chapter 3 – Make Love, Not War


Chapter summary: Sesshomaru calls InuYasha away from his friends briefly, for the purpose of making a sort of peace with him by involving him in a lewd midnight three-way with himself and a now-grown Rin.  InuYasha is willing, but declines to indulge, citing the need to get his pack’s permission, Kagome’s most of all.



            After their bath and some food, InuYasha and pack retired to their Kotobukiya inn rooms for the night.  Miroku bedded with Sango, Shippo with Shiori, and as before, InuYasha with Kagome and Shizu.  Everyone slept soundly but InuYasha’s sleep, however, ended shortly after midnight.

            The hanyou pack leader’s furry dog ears twitched as a nearby sound roused them.  Though he slept soundly, he also slept lightly, a trait hammered into him by growing up as a half-demon orphan wandering alone in strange forests.  Then, he had lived in constant fear of being killed and eaten at night by more powerful, full-blooded demons.  InuYasha opened his eyes and turned his head upon his pillow to see Tetsuseiga shaking gently in its sheath as it lay next to the futon he shared with Kagome and Shizu.  Sesshomaru was calling.

            Carefully, InuYasha extricated himself from between Kagome and Shizu without waking them, then pulled on his clothes and fastened Tetsuseiga to his waist.  Kagome’s yellow backpack lay on the floor nearby; he opened it retrieve a small, rectangular package of brown paper tied with string, a gift from Kagome to Sesshomaru to be given when they next crossed paths.  Leaving the bedroom and then the inn, InuYasha found the surrounding village dark, lit only by the light of the waning moon, its residents sleeping well by not having to dread another mantis attack.  He sniffed the cool night air and found Sesshomaru’s scent immediately.  The scent of a female’s pleasure, and a human female’s at that, came intertwined with it.  He smiled knowingly; for all their differences, he and Sesshomaru certainly enjoyed some of the same things.

            InuYasha leapt out of the village by his superhuman hanyou agility, enjoying the sensation of the night air flowing through his clean, freshly-washed mane as he sailed skyward.  Sesshomaru’s scent led him to a shallow hill with a few trees that overlooked Kotobukiya.  There, he found his elder brother standing out in the open, waiting for him.

            Sesshomaru looked a great deal like InuYasha, though at nearly seven feet in height, he stood significantly taller.  He was heavier with muscle, yet fairer in skin tone and in the texture of his hair.  Like InuYasha, he had rich golden eyes and a long, flowing silvery mane, but his mane was naturally finer, appearing as a river of liquid mercury in the moonlight.  Another mass of hair, a plume of cream-colored fur formed as almost as a tail, protruded from his right shoulder through a hole in his upper robe and flowed down his broad back.  His mode of dress indicated a degree of nobility, clean, white silk robes with intricate hexagonal patterns not dyed in, but sewn in with blood-red silk.  Over his robes he wore an armor cuirass made of an alloy not of human origin, a single polished and spiked pauldron attached to it over his left shoulder.  He carried his swords, Tenseiga and Bakusaiga, underneath the golden sash around his waist at his left hip.

            InuYasha landed on the hill at a respectable distance from Sesshomaru.  Though the daiyoukai was his half-brother and they were working together against Naraku, all the times they’d fought remained fresh in InuYasha’s mind, so he decided not to approach too closely too soon.  Accompanying Sesshomaru was his own ‘pack,’ made up of Jaken, his diminutive, green-skinned toad demon vassal, Ah-Un, a two-headed, brown-scaled dragon demon that served as his beast of burden, and Rin, a human woman whom he had used Tenseiga to revive after she had been mauled to death by demon wolves as a child.

            The years had transformed Rin from an effervescent little girl into a beautiful and still slightly effervescent young woman.  With long, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, and creamy white skin, she had become a vision of natural human beauty and that, combined with a purity of heart that rivalled even Kagome’s, had ensnared Sesshomaru’s heart to her.  The scent of a human female’s pleasure that InuYasha detected when he picked up Sesshomaru’s scent belonged to her.  To the inu hanyou, Sesshomaru appeared to dote on her to some extent, judging by the fine silk of her white-and-orange kimono.  As Rin grew up, she outgrew her clothes and so replacements had to come from somewhere, a high-quality somewhere, it would seem.

            InuYasha stepped forward respectfully, keeping his hands off of Tetsuseiga so as not to pose a threat.  “Sesshomaru.  Hello,” he greeted to his brother.  He nodded to Rin and the others.  “Rin.  Jaken.  Ah-Un.”  Rin blushed and smiled, bowing courteously while Jaken gave a respectful, if begrudging bow of his own.  Ah-Un gave a dragon-like snort of acknowledgement.  InuYasha’s attention lingered over Rin briefly.  To him, she seemed restless, even fidgety for some reason.

            “I almost had to intervene today,” Sesshomaru stated coolly to InuYasha, taking the hanyou warrior aback a bit.  His voice was rich with Japanese baritone and smooth as silk, disturbingly sexy even to InuYasha.  “Those mantis demons gave you much more trouble than they should have.”

            InuYasha looked away from Sesshomaru to glance over the village that lay sprawled below them.  “Yeah,” he agreed with some consternation.  “The people here didn’t tell us a whole lot about them before we started fighting.  I might have used a Meido to be done with them all, but they were too close to the village for me to do it safely.”

            “I take it you found no connection to Naraku with them?” Sesshomaru asked.

            InuYasha shook his head in dismay.  “None.  No jewel shard or anything.  They were just…regular giant crazy demon insects, I guess.  And it’s not just that, either.  Have a look at this.”

            InuYasha reached into his red haori and produced a folded up map of Japan’s main island of Honshu.  Kagome had printed it using a computer and printer in her own time and laminated it with flexible transparent plastic so that markers could be used on it without altering the map underneath.  The hanyou warrior unfolded the map and showed it to Sesshomaru.

            “We’re here,” InuYasha said to Sesshomaru, using a claw to point at a red mark on the map.  The mark was Kotobukiya’s location, 200 miles north of Edo.  “And here are all of the places we’ve been, so far.”

            Over a dozen more red marks on the map formed a path that began in Edo and wove up, down, and around Honshu, a search pattern.  Sesshomaru had followed them the entire way and so he knew where they had been, how long they’d been searching for Naraku, but to see the search described in visual terms was nonetheless striking to the demon lord.

            “We’ve been to all of these places and not one has given us a lead,” InuYasha explained.

            One of Sesshomaru’s thin, elegant male eyebrows arched as he studied InuYasha’s map, enthralled by its resolution.  He had never seen one like it before.  “This map is very finely detailed,” the daiyoukai noted.  “Colored, as well.  Where did you get it?”

            “It’s Kagome’s,” InuYasha answered.  “She brought it from her time.”

            “Her time?”

            “The future,” InuYasha clarified to Sesshomaru’s intrigue.  “Hundreds of years from now, I think.  Kagome says that in her time, there are these machines that fly around the world and draw pictures of the land from above, so high above that they can see the whole world at once.  That’s how this map was made.”

            Sesshomaru’s golden eyes narrowed and his mouth fell ever so slightly agape.  Pictures of the entire world?  Time travel?  Pondering, he looked up to the starlit night sky above and imagined the distances and forces that would be involved in the operation of one of the machines InuYasha described.  “Fascinating,” he said.

            InuYasha folded up his map and stored it back in his haori.  “Have you found anything, yourself?”

            “No.  No scent of Naraku’s miasma, no trace of his aura.  No sign of his incarnation, Byakuya,” Sesshomaru replied.  “It feels almost as if Naraku hides from us.  What will you do now?”

            “The others and I are going back to Edo, in the morning,” InuYasha said.  “We’ve been out here for weeks, now and we need a break, Kagome most of all.  What about you?”

            Sesshomaru looked to Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un.  Jaken and Ah-Un were youkai, like himself.  Their needs for food and shelter were not like those of a human.  But Rin was human; though Sesshomaru made sure that her needs for food and shelter were met, he knew that she would enjoy visiting a human settlement, mingling among her own kind again and making use of whatever amenities available there.  And then, there was another matter, one he would soon broach to InuYasha.  He looked back to his brother.  “We will follow,” he said.

            “Really?  To Edo?” InuYasha asked, surprised.  “Kagome and I have a house there.  Miroku and Sango have another.  I think we’d have room if you…you know, wanted to stay with us.”

            “Hn.  Most gracious,” Sesshomaru said.  “There is…something I would ask of you, as well.”


            “Yes,” Sesshomaru confirmed, then turned his head to Jaken and Ah-Un.  “Jaken, Ah-Un.  Leave us, briefly.”

            Jaken startled and Ah-Un cocked both of its heads at the daiyoukai’s request.  To their surprise, Sesshomaru was actually going through with ‘it.’  Composing himself, Jaken bowed to his master.  “Y-yes!  Yes, of course, Lord Sesshomaru!” he complied with his scratchy squawk of a voice.  He took hold of Ah-Un’s reins and began to lead the dragon demon downhill.  “Come along, Ah-Un.”

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              Once she, Sesshomaru and InuYasha were alone, Rin stepped up to Sesshomaru’s side, circling her arms around one of her daiyoukai lover’s larger, much more powerful ones.  In the dim moonlight, InuYasha could still see the young woman’s green eyes twinkling with…something.  Eyebrows raising, he watched her hike a thigh up Sesshomaru’s front in a most provocative manner as she began to almost imperceptibly gyrate her hips against the daiyoukai’s solid form.  The wind changed direction and brought her scent to his nose, working a powerful effect on him instantly.  Holy shit.  InuYasha drew in a gasp of a breath and his pulse sped up; Rin was aroused, so aroused that to him, she smelled to be creaming wet underneath her kimono already.  His golden eyes widened; who was she aroused for?  Sesshomaru?  Himself?

            Sesshomaru commanded Mokomoko, the term he used to refer to his tail-like shoulder fur, to extend in length.  It shot out from him to wrap around InuYasha’s waist and yank him off his feet, drawing him in to himself and Rin.  The hanyou warrior gave up a cry of surprise and the towering inu youkai snaked his left arm, the one his brother had once used Tetsuseiga to cut off, around InuYasha to pull him close.  Rin watched with an excited, most un-ladylike grin growing on her face as Sesshomaru bent his head to press his nose into InuYasha’s ivory haired head and breathe in his scent.

            “You smell good, for a hanyou,” Sesshomaru complimented to InuYasha, using the term that described half demons only in humor.  He spoke hot and sultry directly into one of InuYasha’s dog ears.  “You’ve bathed, and even better, you’ve encountered a woman tonight.  Two women, the priestess and the bat-girl’s mother.  You gave them your seed.”  InuYasha stood completely still and rigid in Sesshomaru’s hold, his chest heaving and heart pounding inside it with uncertainty as the big, extremely powerful daiyoukai began to nuzzle his way down the side of his head to his neck.  He gasped aloud as Sesshomaru pressed his lips to bare flesh, beginning to lick, beginning to suck, the youki-fueled sensation electric and vastly more pleasurable to InuYasha than the hanyou warrior knew it should be.

            Sesshomaru slipped his other arm around Rin’s slender figure and urged her to InuYasha’s side.  Eagerly, the human woman pressed her herself firmly to the hanyou’s strong, warm male body. She raised herself onto the tips of her toes to take his handsome face into her hands, turn it to her away from Sesshomaru, and kiss him.  InuYasha cried out into her mouth, his mind overwhelmed with sensation as both Rin and goddamn Sesshomaru ravished him at once.

            Ba-bump.  InuYasha’s youki reacted to the stimulation readily, more readily than Sesshomaru expected, flowing off of him in a powerful pulse for both himself and Rin to feel.  Sesshomaru’s youki responded with a pulse of its own, stronger and more intense by his full demon blood.  The two auras of dog demon sexual energy caught Rin right in the middle and the human woman separated her mouth from InuYasha’s to cry out softly into the night as the heat of pleasure blossomed potently between her thighs.  By the males’ scent, the warmth of their bodies so near and their extreme power, she felt as if she were bathing, drowning in two hot seas of pure, creamy white semen as they crashed against one another with her squarely in between.

            Sesshomaru wore a hard, cold armor cuirass but InuYasha did not, and so Rin thrust her hips hard against the inu hanyou’s, their increasingly hot bodies separated only by cloth.  She humped on him blatantly as her pleasure built higher and higher.  She reached down to take one of his hands and plant it over the lovely swell of her young female rear.  “Feel Rin, InuYasha-sama,” she gasped, urging InuYasha to touch, to feel, to squeeze.  “Feel Rin!  Feel Rin…ah, oh! Feel Rin come!”

            With very little provocation, Rin came hard right there between the two half-brothers, keening into the night.  She rubbed her thighs together as orgasmic pleasure washed over her, triggered by just the brothers’ auras and a little physical contact.  Her womb and pussy throbbed within her as one, perfect organ while her milky female cream slipped down her thighs beneath her kimono for the inu males to smell, if not see immediately.  She knew that the stuff would reach her bare ankles soon enough.

            Panting hard and magenta stripes forming on his cheeks again, InuYasha pushed a hand against Sesshomaru’s broad chest to get some space for himself.  His cock felt like a length of steel in his hakama, throbbing at full mast.  The scent of Rin’s juice hung heavy in the air around him, as intoxicating as Kagome’s or Shizu’s.  The young woman just blew right there between himself and Sesshomaru for him to see and to smell.  “Rin…Sesshomaru,” InuYasha began, catching his breath.  “What’s going on?  What’s this about?”

            “This is about Rin,” Sesshomaru answered, pulling Rin close and tipping her chin upward to look into her half-lidded eyes, see the pleasured expression on her flushed face.  “We lay together often and I leave her satisfied every time, but her tastes and her appetite are…changing.  She now wishes to have two males at once.  Myself…and you.”

            “Rin, you want Sesshomaru and me?  At the same time?” InuYasha hushed.

            Rin nodded, still breathing deep and husky from youki-induced orgasm.  “Hai,” she whispered to InuYasha, undulating against Sesshomaru to keep her pleasure going.  Even then, the brothers’ sexual auras swept over her, keeping her hot and ready for more.  “Rin wants Sesshomaru-sama and Rin wants InuYasha-sama…deep inside.”

            InuYasha stepped back up to Sesshomaru and Rin.  He grasped Rin’s lovely chin with a hand and held her face up to him, licking his lips at the taste of her mouth that remained there.  “You’re a nice girl, Rin.  Smart, and fucking beautiful, too.  I’m flattered that you want me like this,” he praised with utmost honesty, causing Rin to blush even more hotly.  “But you, Sesshomaru.  What are you doing kissing on me?

            Sesshomaru reached up to weave a hand into InuYasha’s ivory mane, playing with those heavy, healthy locks of silver.  InuYasha shivered at the sensation, not out of revulsion and did not pull away.  “To provide Rin with her desire, you and I would have to be very close to one another.  Without clothes,” he spoke softly, even dreamily as he played with InuYasha’s hair.  “I was experimenting to see what having you near me, against me other than in battle would feel like.  You are clean and healthy.  I am…not entirely repulsed.  Are you?

            InuYasha blinked up at Sesshomaru, considering the thought.  “Actually, no,” he replied quickly.  He reached out with a clawed hand to grasp the upper rolled edge of Sesshomaru’s armor and yank back and forth slightly.  Sesshomaru’s body was big and heavy; InuYasha began to imagine the sheer muscle beneath all that steel and fine white silk and only excitement resulted.  After all, he’d caught himself halfway fawning over Miroku nicely-sculpted rear from time to time.  But unpleasant memories of all the times that he and Sesshomaru had fought, sometimes with the intent to kill one another, came flooding back to him.  “But, I thought…I thought you hated me.  What was I to you, a ‘filthy’ half-breed?  A ‘blight’ on our bloodline?”

            Sesshomaru’s face remained impassive and he looked away from InuYasha to the darkened countryside, as if to escape the accusation in his brother’s eyes.  “I did hate you,” he admitted quietly, holding InuYasha to him a little tighter.  “But I was foolish.  I envied you for Tetsuseiga when Father left it to you instead of me.  Now, I have Bakusaiga, a sword of my own.  I looked down on you for your human blood, but now Rin and I are together, and the children we will have someday will have human blood in them, as well.  You are Father’s son and I was so stupid to disregard his acknowledgement of you.  So stupid.  The reasons I had to hate you, such as they were, have ceased to exist, and now…I wish to atone for the way I’ve behaved toward you.”

            InuYasha swallowed thickly.  He’d never known Sesshomaru to lie to him.  Try to kill him, sure, but never lie.  He began to smile lecherously, his upper incisors gleaming in the soft moonlight.  “So this ‘atonement’ of yours…it begins with a three-way between us and your wife?”

            “Other than working with you against Naraku, Rin’s love is the most valuable thing I have to offer you, yes.”

            InuYasha looked down to Rin and brushed a few strands of her dark brown hair away from her eyes.  “Rin, you naughty little bird.  You want to fuck us?  You want to take pleasure for yourself but at the same time, heal this rift between me and Sesshomaru with your body?”  Rin shivered in desire, nodding again and InuYasha smirked devilishly to her.  “That sounds like fun,” the hanyou growled playfully. 

            “So, you agree?” Sesshomaru asked.

            “Fuck, yes,” InuYasha answered readily.  “But…I need to talk about this with Kagome and the others first.  My pack and I are very…uh, open with each other, but this is a little different.  I need their permission, but it’s late, so I’ll talk to them in the morning.”

            An expression of almost crestfallen disappointment crossed Rin’s face briefly as she realized that she wouldn’t be getting nailed by Sesshomaru and InuYasha that night.  She would have to wait a little longer for her fantasy to become reality.  InuYasha moved to console her, slipping an arm around her waist and pulling her hips squarely to his so that even through their clothes, she could feel the size and heat of his erection against her belly.

            InuYasha gave Rin another deep, satisfying kiss and pumped against her languidly, drinking a soft moan of pleasure from her lips.  He broke the kiss and whispered hotly to her.  “Don’t worry.  Kagome and the others won’t say no to you,” he reassured to the highly-aroused young woman.  “The only condition that they might put on this is that they get to watch.”   

            Rin’s green eyes lit up with excitement at the idea of looking into Kagome’s beautiful blue eyes, caught in the throes of unimaginable ecstasy as InuYasha and her own, beloved Sesshomaru erupted inside her.  Sesshomaru looked down to Rin to gauge her reaction; she clearly did not disapprove.  “Very well,” he said to InuYasha.  “Get your answer soon.”

            InuYasha nodded, then reached into his haori to retrieve the package he had withdrawn from Kagome’s bag.  He handed it to Rin and the human woman took it happily, unwrapping it so that she and Sesshomaru could see its contents.  It contained a thick stack of Kagome and Miroku’s contraceptive sutras, to replace any Sesshomaru and Rin had used.  Rin beamed up at her daiyoukai mate, dreaming of all the sex they could have because of them.  Sesshomaru’s golden eyes shone in appreciation for the sutras’ power, clearly imagining the same thing as Rin.  Rin stored the pack of sutras in her own kimono and gave InuYasha a kiss on one of his cheeks in gratitude.

            InuYasha smiled, then separated from Rin and Sesshomaru, leaving their warmth reluctantly and turned to leap away from them, bounding down the hill to return to his friends in the village below.  Sesshomaru and Rin collected Jaken and Ah-Un from down the hill and departed Kotobukiya for their own night’s lodging and very likely, some amorous activity of their own.  In little time, InuYasha returned to Kagome and Shizu in the inn bedroom and slipped out of his clothes to lay himself quietly between them on their futon.

            Kagome stirred as InuYasha lay beside her.  She opened her eyes and turned her head to look up at her hanyou love. “Mmm…where did you go?” she asked sleepily.

            “Had a talk with Sesshomaru,” InuYasha said, adjusting the futon’s sheet over himself, Kagome, and Shizu.

            Kagome blinked away the sleep from her eyes, waking up more at the mention of Sesshomaru’s name.  “Oh?  What did he want?”

            InuYasha’s golden eyes seemed to glow and his lips curled into a helpless smile.  “Uh, he wanted to talk about some stuff,” he replied coyly.  “I’ll tell you about it in the morning.”

            Kagome focused her eyes to look at InuYasha more clearly.  Even in the darkness, she could see the furtive expression on his face, but she decided not to press the issue further.  “Okay,” she agreed.

            InuYasha smiled to his miko love and eased closer to her to kiss her on her forehead.  He invited her to snuggle up to him and as she pressed herself up to him, laying her head on one of his thick, warm biceps, Shizu rolled over and did the same, seemingly asleep.  Basking in the warmth and scent of the two beauties in bed with him, InuYasha soon drifted off to sleep himself.


-To be continued-

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