A Twist in the Myth

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A Twist in the Myth

Chapter 5 – Desecration of a Shrine, Destruction of a Village – pt. 2


Chapter summary: Naraku intervenes at Sayaka's shrine to save Byakuya's life.  He then uses Sayaka's reiki to temporarily cure his body of the corruption caused by long exposure to the Shikon no Tama.  Naraku and Byakuya then violate Sayaka and her nine junior priestesses in their shrine's bath house.  The nine junior priestesses become pregnant by Byakuya very quickly and Naraku, being sterile, orders Byakuya to impregnate Sayaka, as well.  Pairings: Naraku/Sayaka (NC), Byakuya/unnamed priestess (NC) x9.



(Continued from pt. 1)

            Sayaka reloaded her bow one last time, drawing her arrow back against her bowstring and aiming its head directly for Byakuya’s heart.  Time seemed to slow down for Byakuya as he gazed fearfully at the arrowhead that Sayaka would use to kill him, then followed it up the arrow’s shaft and focused on Sayaka’s beautiful, yet somehow hideous face.  Her alluring golden eyes narrowed and her lips curled upward as she released her arrow, and Byakuya screwed his own eyes shut, grimacing as he prepared for the end.

            A flat, circular barrier formed of a demon’s youki formed above Byakuya’s bare chest, directly between it and Sayaka’s arrow as the arrow accelerated downward.  The enchanted arrow’s head contacted the barrier and exploded unexpectedly with such force that it threw Sayaka clean off of her feet, tossing her several feet rearward so that she landed hard on the bath house’s front steps.  The barrier deflected any shock or fragmentation away from Byakuya, sparing him from further injury.  Sayaka’s maidens rushed to help their mistress to her feet but before any of the women could react, Sayaka sensed a demonic aura more intense than any she had ever felt before manifest inside the bath house.  The aura radiated with an evil so perverse that it seemed to twist her senses inside her head.

            Sayaka leapt back away from the demon-possessed bath house.  “Girls!  Run!” she called out, though too late.  The lanterns lighting the bath’s interior blew out by a sudden wind from inside the house and a terrible, yawning darkness consumed it.  Dozens of long, slender tendrils of glossy black demonic flesh shot out from that unnatural void like leaping snakes and seized Sayaka’s young naked priestesses by coiling tight around their ankles and wrists, waists and necks.  They cried out in terrified surprise as the horrible things lifted them off their feet, holding them immobile and totally helpless.

            “I was watching, priestess,” a voice spoke from within the darkness occupying the bath house, Naraku’s voice.  Here, he spoke aloud and not with telepathy.  “Now, you will watch.  You will watch your women die.”

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            Naraku tightened his tendrils’ grip around the young priestesses’ throats, using them as living tourniquets to ratchet up the strangling pressure gradually until not one woman could draw another breath.  Through his tendrils he could feel each woman’s pulse in her neck, her heart beating faster and faster from both sheer terror and lack of oxygen.  He wondered: what would kill them first?  Suffocation?  Heart attacks?  Brain aneurysms?  They thrashed and struggled wildly, desperately, trying to free themselves and breathe again, to no avail.

            Sneering, Sayaka took aim with bow and enchanted arrow and Naraku adjusted his demonic tentacles to hold his asphyxiating female victims directly between himself and Sayaka as human shields.  The elder miko realized that she couldn’t hit Naraku without hitting at least one of her women in the process.  Her arrow alone would be lethal enough to them even without a charge of her reiki.  Their frantic movements were becoming slower, weaker by the second and she knew they wouldn’t live much longer. “Stop,” Sayaka called out to Naraku.  Her voice immediately assumed a pleading tone.  “Stop, please!  Don’t kill them!”

            Naraku grew thoughtful.  He could use the young mikos’ lives as leverage to coerce Sayaka into cooperating with him.  “Drop your weapons and I’ll consider it,” he answered.

            Sayaka hesitated briefly but knew she had no other option.  She gave in and tossed her bow aside.  She then slipped her quiver off of her back and tossed it away, too.  In exchange, Naraku loosened the grip of the tentacles wrapped around the throats of Sayaka’s young women and they all sucked in gasps of desperately-needed air, having been spared from death by less than a minute.  “Come to me, miko,” Naraku ordered.

            With strain, Byakuya used his remaining arm to push himself up into a sitting position and watch as Sayaka stepped toward the bath house now occupied by his master.  By the blood loss caused by the destruction of two of his limbs, his vision blurred and he eased himself back down, slipping into brief unconsciousness.  As the elder miko ascended the bath’s front steps, Naraku manipulated his tentacles to part the group of her nine junior mikos before her, four to one side, five to the other.  The younger women regarded their mistress with fearful expressions as she stepped past them into the darkened bath.

            Sayaka shivered in revulsion as several additional tentacles of Naraku’s emerged from the void the sinister hanyou had made and coiled around her waist, wrists, and ankles to draw her inside.  The things were warm, slick and alive around her.  By Naraku’s telekinetic command, the bath’s lanterns reignited with otherworldly blue flame to reveal his form to her and she recoiled at the sight of him.  The tentacles holding her and her fellow priestesses all sprouted from his bare back.  He had decided to manifest himself as nude as she and his unclothed body was as a withered husk, more corpse than living being.  His hair, normally long, thick and glossy and flowing over his shoulders like liquid tar, had mostly fallen out of his head and what remained was thin, grey and fragile.  His flesh, so pale it had become translucent to the point that Sayaka could see his every blood vessel, clung tightly to his skeleton, hardly any muscle left to fill it out.  His face was thin and gaunt and his inhuman red eyes were sullen and bloodshot, though in his emaciated state he found the mirth to curl his lips upward in one of his signature evil smiles.

            Naraku chuckled darkly.  “Just look at me.  I’m…not a very pretty sight, am I?” he asked of Sayaka.

            The disgusted miko tried to look away from Naraku’s wretched form but he grasped her chin with a withered, yet still powerful hand to keep her facing him.  “Your servant said that you were ill,” she said, fighting the bile building up in her throat.

            “Indeed,” Naraku confirmed.  ‘I’ve come to you for help in that regard.  Now, purify me.”

            “What?” Sayaka asked incredulously.

            “Isn’t that what mikos do?  Purify ‘filthy’ demons like me?” Naraku inquired.  “After all, are we not the bane of your existence?  And you injured my Byakuya so badly…you should have no trouble with a wretch like me.  Here - let me make it even easier for you.”

            Naraku raised a hand and pressed his fingertips to the hollow of his collarbone.  Hard, sharp talons extended from them with a quiet flick and he plunged them into his flesh, dragging them down his sternum in jerking, sawing motions to rip his own chest open.  From the hideous wound he made in himself he bled not in red but in ink black, the opaque demonic ooze that served as his blood running down his stomach in heavy streams.  Without any visible pain, he grasped the seams of his ribcage and it gave a sickening crrrack as it spread it open to expose the living contents of his chest.

            Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump.  The sound of Naraku’s heart beating, either a real sound or telepathic one Naraku fed directly into her mind, dominated Sayaka’s senses.  She could see his heart with her own eyes, a pound or so of ink black muscle and blood vessel pulsing hard and fast between his heaving black lungs and it soon began to glow as he concentrated his youki into it, illuminating her face and body with eerie magenta light.  She shrieked in horror and tried to rip herself out of Naraku’s hold, but the sinister demon held her fast with his writhing tentacles.

            Naraku seized one of Sayaka’s hands with his own and drew it to him, shoving it directly between his lungs to press it to his exposed heart.  Sayaka screwed her eyes shut at the nauseating feeling of his most precious organ beating directly against her palm and her reiki swelled within her out of reflex.  “Come on, miko bitch!” Naraku snarled.  Sayaka’s lovely body began to glow with ethereal light, her purifying energy flowing out of her body and into his in an attempt to destroy him.  “Give it to me.  Give it all!

            Sayaka’s reiki entered Naraku’s heart to saturate his very blood.  His rapid heartbeat drove it throughout his entire body and it soaked into his every cell and tissue.  Every vein and artery in his body, from his feet and legs all the way up to the ones in his arms, chest, and neck, glowed with her power and it seared him from within, cleansing his body of its corruption.  “Yes…yes! More!” he praised to the miko purifying him, consuming her reiki as quickly as she could put it out.

            Naraku’s body began to regenerate to its normal state as Sayaka’s delicious miko energy worked its effect on him.  His skin grew less translucent and muscle began to rebuild beneath it, filling it out visibly so that his seven-foot frame’s weight doubled from a sickly, frail one hundred pounds to nearly two-hundred-fifty in the space of less than a minute.  His hair grew back with similar speed, accomplishing weeks of normal growth in seconds and it returned to its glossy black sheen at once.  Naraku tossed his head back and shook it from side to side as if in ecstasy, happy to feel his long, heavy sable mane weighing down his head again.

            Sayaka saw that her purifying energy wasn’t killing Naraku, it was actually healing him.  She tried to stop the flow but could not.  By that point, she wasn’t feeding it into him, he was sucking it out of her and she no longer had control.  She cried out helplessly, screaming as her strength ebbed away from her own body into Naraku’s and soon, her reserves ran dry.  The flow of her reiki tapered off and ceased and the drained miko collapsed, exhausted, kept standing only by the support of Naraku’s tentacles.

            Naraku pulled Sayaka’s limp hand out of his chest and sealed his chest back up.  He looked down at his newly rejuvenated body, feeling the sheer muscle rippling beneath the pale yet now healthy, creamy white skin of his chest, abdomen, and thighs.  He clenched his fists and examined his arms as he flexed them, feeling the superhuman demonic strength in them restored.  To his further delight, his hips felt broad and powerful again, capable of thrusting between a woman’s thighs with great rutting force.  Like the rest of his body, his cock and balls had withered away, but they now hung between his thighs fully restored as well.   Flaccid, his cock reached a length of nearly nine inches.  At full erection, he would easily be longer than twelve, longer and thicker than Byakuya and even Sesshomaru.  Together in their hairless sac, his balls were the size of a healthy grapefruit, rapidly producing their reproductive contents by their resumed function.

            “Excellent,” Naraku whispered to Sayaka.  He inhaled and exhaled deeply through his nose, able to breathe without pain and able to smell for the first time in weeks.  His sex drive returned to him with full force and arousal began to flow in his purified blood.  “Simply excellent.  Impressive, in fact.  You are strong to have survived the draining.  There are some who didn’t.”  Still riding the high of the miko’s reiki purification, every passing heartbeat was a burst of pure pleasure for him.  Sayaka hung limply in his tentacles’ hold and he lifted her head with a hand so that he could look upon her lovely face again.

            Sayaka’s golden eyes widened and she whimpered in weak protest as Naraku used his demonic flesh tendrils to draw her in close, pressing her bare body up against his.  He mated their hips, stomachs, and chests to one another, her full breasts melding intimately against the broad, heavily-muscled panes of his pectorals.  He slipped one hand behind her neck and used the other to grip one half of her perfect ass, squeezing her ample womanly flesh playfully as he took her mouth with his in a savage kiss.  The advanced state of his illness when he appeared before her had robbed him of most of his senses.  Now, he had those senses back, allowing him enjoy the warmth and scent of the beautiful miko’s body, the sleekness of her skin, and the taste and texture of her lips.  That she smelled and tasted of several other males’ cum only made more delicious to him.  She seemed to have a taste for the stuff and he decided that he would provide her with his own…in vastly larger quantities!

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            The bath house’s namesake bath, a square of wooden ledges built over one of Japan’s many onsen, naturally-formed hot springs, lay just a few feet behind Naraku and he backed up to step down into the steamy hot water, bringing Sayaka with him.  He adjusted his tentacles to hold her so that she stood knee deep in the bath’s water, her arms held directly above her head with wrists bound together.  He brought her other priestesses inside as well, lining them up neatly upon one of the house’s wooden walls and placing them in the same position as their mistress; he would deal with them shortly.  Next, he extended a hand out the house’s open door, aiming his open palm at Byakuya as his incarnation lay wounded and unconscious on the ground outside.

            Byakuya stirred with a groan as he felt his body lift off the ground, moved by the invisible force of Naraku’s telekinesis.  Naraku summoned the male wind demon’s chest to his palm, feeding his youki into the core of his being.  By the infusion of demonic energy directly into his heart, Byakuya woke instantly and opened his cobalt eyes to find himself floating in mid-air before his master.   “My lord, I’m…I’m sorry,” he apologized.  “I allowed the priestess to overwhelm me.”

            “All is well, my lovely Byakuya.  I have what I need,” Naraku soothed.  The energy he transmitted into Byakuya’s body began to regenerate the portions of his leg and arm that Sayaka had destroyed.  The cauterized ends of his limbs reopened and new bones and cartilage joints materialized where the old ones had been, followed by new muscles, tendons, blood vessels, freshly-grown skin, and finally, the parts of his clothing that had been vaporized, as well.

            Naraku set Byakuya down onto his feet and the wind demon found that his new leg and arm worked as just as well as the old.  The oni lord then beckoned his incarnation further into the bath; Byakuya complied with some trepidation and Naraku’s telekinesis slid the bath house’s doors shut behind him, sealing the two demons inside with ten beautiful, frightened human women.  Outside the house, Naraku’s demonic aura enveloped the entire structure; nothing could enter or leave unless he permitted it.

            Byakuya looked over the nine mikos that Naraku held up against the bath’s wall, then to Sayaka.  By the fearful expression on each woman’s face, he could tell that they certainly had an idea of what about to happen to them, but he wondered: would there be enough time for his creator to ‘play?’  He sensed the spike in his master’s aura and voiced his concern.  “Naraku-sama, you’ve stopped masking your aura.  InuYasha and Sesshomaru will certainly sense you now.”

            “That is true,” Naraku agreed.  “And they will definitely sense this.”

            The dark hanyou focused his demonic magic about his body and released it in a sudden burst that warped the very fabric of reality around him.  Pulsating red demon flesh, Naraku’s very essence   bubbled up from beneath the house’s floorboards and crawled up the walls, flowing around the bodies of Sayaka’s junior mikos and cementing them firmly to the wood.  The flesh also flowed around the lanterns in the house so as not to block out their light.  The horrible stuff worked its way further up into the house’s rafters to converge at the top of the ceiling.  Sealing the house completely, the flesh-covered walls emitted heat, moisture and demonic pheromones to transform the house into the sweltering, living womb of sexual evil itself.

            The seal of Naraku’s demon flesh cut off the onsen’s water source from below and huge, transparent veins, each with the circumference of a human arm, swelled out of the floor in a messy, crisscrossed pattern.  Their ends met in the bath’s square pool and the veins palpitated as they sucked the water out of the pool with the goal of replacing the water with something Naraku felt was much, much better.

            The bath house turned flesh chamber pulsed with a harsh, audible ka-thwack, the sound of some massive, horrifying demonic organ of Naraku’s beginning to beat and pump its precious loads.  Ka-thwackKa-thwackKa-thwack.  The transparent veins in the floor instantly flooded over with pure, creamy white demonic semen, almost bursting with the sudden pressure.  The reproductive fluid was hot, thick and fresh, as if some enormous and spectacularly virile male monster had just ejaculated it.  Naraku smiled devilishly, hearing the mikos’ hearts beginning to speed up, perhaps from fear, perhaps from anticipation as they witnessed the sheer amounts of the potentially baby-making white stuff beginning to pump out of the floor veins into the emptied bath pool.  The pool filled up until Naraku and Sayaka stood knee-deep in 100-percent pure cum, gallons upon gallons of it sloshing around them and bearing demonic sperm in amounts measured in the quadrillions.  Suddenly, the earlier performance of the mikos’ male guests, hardly impotent as they were, paled in comparison.

            “InuYasha and Sesshomaru are hundreds of miles away,” Naraku stated confidently to Byakuya.  As he spoke, his cock filled out to full, foot-long-plus erection between his thighs in almost a single heartbeat, springing up to contact his muscular abdomen with a solid thwap.  He readied himself for sex as a samurai warrior might unsheath his katana, though he was about to use a very different sort of ‘sword.’  By the pheromones in the air, Byakuya felt his own cock respond at the sight and he could smell the pussies of all ten priestesses flooding over involuntarily with female lubrication by the pheromones’ effect, as well.  Naraku continued: “Their packs will only travel as fast as their slowest member and at their best speed, they’ll need hours to reach this place.  They’ll be quite late, which means we have all the time we need to enjoy ourselves.  Why don’t you go ahead and get undressed?”

            Byakuya hesitated.  A strange pressure gathered into the front of his head, not quite a headache, but a signal that his brain was trying to do…something.  He had last felt it when Naraku’s most recent intake of reiki resulted in the gruesome death of the miko he drained it from.  Now, on this night, Naraku had explicitly stated to him that the two of them would perform a sexual act on at least Sayaka.  Given that Sayaka’s junior priestesses were present and all of them were as naked and aroused as she, Byakuya knew that Naraku would have him victimize them, as well. 

            Before, Byakuya had dutifully sought out powerful mikos for his master to drain of their reiki, as doing so was a matter of his master’s survival and therefore his own, even if it meant the miko’s death.  But now…Naraku would order him to rape these women, to force himself upon them?  They were defenseless and frightened almost out of their minds.  And though Sayaka herself had tried to kill him rather mercilessly, he supposed that by trying to kill a demon like himself, she was simply doing what was natural for her, what she had probably spent most of her life training for.  After all, he was trespassing on her property at a ridiculous time of night and he had even pleasured himself while he spied on her sexual ritual.   She had tried to kill him but he didn’t hate her for it.  She didn’t deserve this.  This was…this was wrong.

            Naraku saw the intense conflict upon Byakuya’s face and used his telepathy to analyze the wind demon’s thoughts.  “Yes, I see,” he said, understanding immediately.  “This is a first for you, isn’t it?  In all your years of service to me, you’ve never taken a woman or even touched one, let alone taken one against her will.  And because we are such ‘despicable’ youkai, these miko are most unwilling.”

            Byakuya winced as the pressure in his head returned, stronger and legitimately painful this time.  Every heartbeat was a burst of minor agony, now.  He reached up and pressed the fingertips of one hand to one side of his forehead, where the pressure was centered.  “My lord, something is wrong with me…”

            Naraku laughed knowingly.  “That something is your conscience,” he revealed.  “Do you see, ladies?” he spoke to the terrified, yet increasingly aroused priestesses in his flesh chamber.  “A demon would feel concern for you.  He would even feel guilt for you.”  Each miko, Sayaka included, set their eyes on Byakuya to gauge his suffering for themselves.  Sayaka herself felt pangs of regret stir within her.  Turning back to Byakuya, Naraku continued:  “When I created you, I suppressed the part of your brain most responsible for your conscience, that you would be a better servant to me.  Evidently, in this heated moment, it is now resurgent.”

            Naraku gestured for Byakuya to approach.  The wind demon did as his master ordered, not directly conflicted about that particular command and Naraku placed a hand over his head.  Through his hand, the oni lord directed his dark magic into his incarnation’s brain, seeking out his ‘conscience center’ and nullifying it again, if only temporarily.  An expression of relief crossed Byakuya’s face as the conflict that arose in him by his resurgent conscience disappeared completely.  Suddenly, he could not remember why he found his creator’s instructions objectionable and he would now obey without question.

            Naraku smiled as Byakuya began slipping out of his clothes.  Unburdened by conscience and buoyed by rising desire, the wind demon undressed with some ritual, relishing in the way Sayaka and her women couldn’t take their eyes off him as he made himself ready for them.  Releasing his hair from its high ponytail, he removed his vestment and haori, revealing his well-sculpted upper body to them.  A spider-shaped scar resulting from looked to have been third-degree burns spanned almost the entirety of his muscular back, just like Naraku’s.  It was a mark of his connection to his master.  When he slipped off his sandals and let his hakama fall away from his hips, the male wind demon’s cock jut from him at full, eleven-inch erection already, thick globs of pre-cum pumping out of him and dripping away onto the fleshy floor.  As Naraku had predicted, Byakuya’s balls had replenished all the seed that he had shot just minutes earlier.  For him, even without his ability to make duplicates of himself, flooding nine or ten empty pussies and the wombs at their end would not be impossible.

            Naraku roved his red eyes up and down the spectacularly-hung Byakuya’s exquisite male body with hedonistic approval.  After all, he had engineered it himself.  “Please the girls, first,” he ordered to his incarnation.  “I will attend to Sayaka-sensei personally.”

            Byakuya nodded to his master and did as he was told, hardly needing to be told a second time.  While the wind demon moved to busy himself with Sayaka’s nine young priestesses, Naraku waded through the pool of semen to advance on Sayaka herself, using his tentacles to spread her thighs far apart and bare her bald, beautiful pussy to him.  As her thighs spread up and away from each other, her lower legs rose from the pool and they gleamed with a dripping coat of cum much heavier and more complete than she could have hoped to get during any of her past bukkake rituals. 

            Sayaka fought as best she could to keep her thighs closed but as ever, the muscle in the demonic appendages wrapped around them was simply too strong.  Realizing the futility of her struggle, she relaxed as much as she was able and called out to her younger women.  “It’s okay, girls,” she reassured.  “Be brave, be strong.  They’re just like any other man, looking for pleasure.”

            Naraku chuckled deeply as he moved to stand directly between Sayaka’s open thighs, relishing in the heat of her body washing against his bare skin.  He willed tentacles like the ones growing from his back and holding Sayaka to grow from the fleshy ceiling above him and take hold of her, as well.  Securing her with this second set of horrifying demonic appendages, he retracted the ones in his back so that he could move his body independent of hers.  He used the new tentacles holding her to recline her before him, adding a few more to support her head so that she could watch him join their bodies without straining her neck.  “Make no mistake, miko,” he said.  He gestured to his inhumanly sized cock and balls as they pulsed between his thighs.  “My incarnation and I are like no male you’ve ever seen.” 

            The oni lord added a few more examples of his inhuman appendages to the mix, very thin and flexible ones that coiled around Sayaka’s generous breasts to squeeze them and tease at her rosy nipples until they stood totally erect.  The ends of them swelled and transformed into tiny, slit-like mouths to take her nipples inside with a slick, quiet suck-suck.   Finally, Naraku sent two more tendrils like the ones holding and suckling her breasts to attach to the silky petals of her pussy and pull them far apart, exposing her vibrant pink vaginal interior to his lusty gaze.   

            With flushed cheeks and gimlet golden eyes, Sayaka glared up at Naraku with a mixture of intense sexual stimulation and restrained anger, only provoking a smile from him.  “Come, now.  Don’t tell me you’re not excited for this or that this will somehow defile you,” Naraku chided.  “You were reeking of cum before I even arrived here.”

            Naraku brandished his massive cock to Sayaka as a living weapon, fisting it slowly from its pulsing crown all the way down to its hairless base and back up, over and over.  It jerked visibly in his hand with every explosive beat of his rejuvenated demon heart.  Pre-cum pulsed forth from it in such amounts that it ran freely over his fist to lubricate its full length for his easy pleasure.  Breathing deep and husky, he pressed his cock’s bloated, glistening head to Sayaka’s weeping pussy as his tentacles held it open and he just held himself there, relishing in the sight of her big breasts heaving in and out by her own rapid breathing and the sound of her heart’s galloping beat as he prepared to take her.

            The demon lord simply teased the elder miko for a bit, rubbing his swollen cockhead up and down her dripping female slit, brushing it over the elegantly hooded pearl of her clit to drive her wild.  After a few silent, heated moments, Sayaka spoke with a sneer.  “Well?  What are you waiting for?” she demanded of Naraku.  She couldn’t escape the situation but she refused to beg the dark hanyou to spare her and her women.  She knew that he wouldn’t even if she did.  Instead, she resolved that she and her priestesses would indulge themselves in a good, hard fuck that she decided they needed anyway as she regained her reiki and prepared to retaliate.  “You big-dicked demon fuck!  Do me, already!”

            Naraku grinned widely and gave a laugh.  “Good girl.  I knew you’d come around,” he cooed to Sayaka as he began to ease forward into her, using his hips to increase the pressure behind his cock gradually, as if he was concerned with causing her pain.  Her pussy’s outer mouth spread wide around his cock’s broad male crown and swallowed it inside with a silent, well-lubricated pop.  From there, he gave his full length to her in a long, slow and utterly deliberate stroke, and both he and she crooned aloud as their bodies became one.

            His own cock throbbing hard and his balls drawn up tight to his body, Byakuya approached Sayaka’s nine young, naked priestesses.  They were still glued to the bath house wall by Naraku’s demon flesh and so he moved with careful steps so as to not frighten them further.  He could hear each woman’s heart hammering in her chest and he reached out to stroke one’s face, cupping it gingerly to admire her youthful beauty.  “Please, don’t be afraid.  I will make you feel good,” he hushed softly to the trembling miko, reaching down to lift one of her feet off of the floor and spread her thigh away from the other to make room for his muscular hips. 

            Byakuya had no true sexual experience of his own, but in his breeding heat, he had demonic instinct and knowledge inherited from his creator.  In his mind’s eye he could see all of his master’s prior sexual conquests laid out before him.  Now, he would use that knowledge himself for the first time.  He guided his big cock to the entrance of the young miko’s sex, feeling her body’s creamy liquid lubrication flowing freely over its thick head, and slipped up into her with a passionate groan.

            Though he had seen her pleasure several males with her mouth and hands, the first young woman that Byakuya set himself upon had never taken a male within her before and so the wind demon gasped in surprise when he felt her maidenhead resist him.  Lining himself up just right, he looked into her wide, frightened eyes and made an apology to her.  “I’m so sorry,” he whispered solemnly, snapping his hips forward to drive his cock deep inside her and break through her virginal barrier in one precise, penetrating stroke.  He winced by a combination of her keening cry and sobs of pain, her incredible heat and tightness, and the scent of her virginal blood.  Though Naraku had altered the function of Byakuya’s conscience so that he would not shy from committing rape, Byakuya could still empathize somewhat, regretting that he caused his victim anything but the pleasure he promised.  He closed his eyes, kissing the miko’s forehead as if to soothe her and held still to let her adjust.

            Eight of Sayaka’s women remained unattended, so while Byakuya let his first victim get used to the feel of his immense, pulsing length inside her, he used his demonic power to make eight copies of himself and direct them to violate the other priestesses.  Each copy was as well-endowed and feverishly aroused as the original.  Each took his place before his respective woman, spread her thighs wide and buried his steely maleness inside them to elicit from them a breathtaking assortment of soft female cries, gasps and moans.  To Byakuya’s curiosity and relief, only three of the other eight women possessed maidenheads like the first, though it was clear to him that none had ever taken a male as large as himself before.  Together, the nine Byakuyas began to rock in and out of their women slowly and experimentally, adding hard, pulsating inches of themselves to their rhythmic advance and retreat one inch at a time, working the women’s bodies into familiarity with their own.  Soon, by the women’s pheromone-induced lubrication, the male wind demons were going balls deep in them on every thrust, pumping their huge cocks firmly against the mouth of each woman’s womb to reap powerful bursts of incredible pleasure and give them in return.

            Meanwhile, Naraku pumped long and deep into Sayaka, savoring the sensation of her sopping cunt gliding back and forth along his twelve-plus inches with well-lubricated ease.  She was so snug around him that he could feel her heart beating through her vagina’s slick female interior as it gripped and milked at his cock’s every ridge and vein.  Using his dark magic, he changed the speed of his own heartbeat to match hers so that her inner walls pulsed inward and his cock pulsed outward at the exact same moment, taking the primal intimacy of their fast, brutal joining to new, dizzying heights. 

            With flushed cheeks and teary golden eyes, Sayaka looked down between her gently jiggling breasts, gazing distantly at her hairless pussy as Naraku’s monstrous male organ sawed in and out of it with a soft, squelching gush, gush, gush.  Given his great length, her cervix proved to be an easy target for him, a glistening pink bullseye of uniquely female tissue deep inside her that he plowed his cock’s broad crown against over and over with perfect accuracy.  His thrusts were quick and powerful and her cervix trembled under the coital strain, her womb trembling behind it as an undeniable orgasm built within her very blood.  When she felt his heart beginning to beat in time with hers, an intense, repeating jolt of circulatory sensation that seized the full depth of her cunt at once, her mouth fell agape and she looked up into his evil red eyes.  There, she saw wild male triumph burning brightly and she couldn’t help herself as she came hard, shattering into female climax for him to feel.

            As Naraku threw Sayaka deep into her female pleasure, the original Byakuya felt the pressure of male orgasm building up within him, even more powerfully than when he had relieved himself with his hand.  The feel of his miko victim’s hot, creaming wet pussy flesh flowing up and down his cock got him bigger and harder than he’d ever been before.  The subtle pressure of her womb resisting him, cupping against him deep inside her on every rising thrust had him struggling for breath.  Beyond the physical sensations, he felt as if his body knew on some primal, instinctive level that it was about to unleash its seed inside the body of a real woman, causing his most male tissues, muscles and organs to work harder than ever before in preparation for the final, inseminating act.  His balls felt full to the point of overflowing and his prostate beat as a second heart at the root of his cock as he pumped harder and faster into the hot, gripping core of the miko before him, taking himself over the edge. 

            Before, when he jacked himself off to the sight of Sayaka’s sexual ritual, Byakuya merely groaned as he came.  Now, as he thrust with wild, rutting abandon within a real woman’s body, he tossed his head back and snarled with clenched teeth, closing his eyes as orgasm took him harder, more completely than any time he used his hand.  Massive loads of his hot, creamy cum seared out of his balls and up his cock to burst out of his cock’s throbbing crown and slam into the first young miko’s quivering cervix.  The first few of these highly potent spurts ‘merely’ drenched her womb’s mouth, splattering hot and messy against nearby pussy flesh, but when Byakuya sheathed himself completely within her, mating his cock’s gushing head to her cervix and using every fiber of discipline in his body to hold himself there, his next few loads surged clean through and erupted directly into her womb.  The sensation of boiling hot demon seed flooding, fountaining into the deepest part of her sent the lovely miko completely over the top into a climax of her own, and the richly textured orgasmic contractions of her pussy milked Byakuya for all he could give.

            The other Byakuyas reached similarly powerful orgasms within the other women, as well, flooding their wombs and then their pussies in just a few shots.  Still thrusting within Sayaka as her inner flesh fluttered around him, Naraku closed his red eyes and used his extrasensory demonic perception to look deep into the body of the first junior priestess Byakuya took, focusing in on her flat lower belly. There, Byakuya’s cock occupied the full depth of the girl’s pussy, a column of hard male flesh throbbing visibly against walls of luscious female tissue by every heartbeat and ejaculation pumping through it.  Naraku could see great, surging jets of his incarnation’s seed bursting out of his cock and lancing straight into the girl’s womb, painting the healthy, sexy pink interior of her body’s most feminine chamber a uniquely reproductive shade of thick, creamy white.

            Byakuya was shooting so much and the seal of the girl’s pussy around him was so perfect that the male wind demon’s seed had nowhere to go but up, ever deeper into her body.  With immense vicarious pleasure, Naraku watched the tide of Byakuya’s hot male fluid work its way into her the girl’s fallopian tubes and crash right into her ovaries.  At that moment, her entire reproductive tract was awash with his cream.  What happened next stole Naraku’s breath completely.

            When Byakuya came inside her, one of the young miko’s eggs was already present in her womb, floating freely in its fluid medium.  A few healthy female heartbeats later, it was suddenly lost in a sea of cum, assaulted from every possible angle by hundreds, even thousands out of the billions of extremely powerful wind demon sperm unleashed within her.  One lucky little swimming cell thrust through the egg’s outer membrane and fused with its nucleus to ignite new life in a pulse of energy that everyone present could feel.  Byakuya gave up an almost bestial shout of ultimate triumph and his freshly-impregnated victim cried out helplessly as both he and she felt the exact moment of conception for themselves.

            Sayaka’s eyes grew wide as through her miko senses, she felt the lives of some horrible demon spawn begin inside of her young women.  She hadn’t anticipated this. “No!  No!” she cried in denial, even as her orgasm continued unabated.

            Naraku’s watched and listened as the nine Byakuyas impregnated the mikos, one after another until all nine women had conceived.  Sayaka’s cry was muted and distant in his ears as he began to laugh heartily with total mania, immediately grasping the significance of what had just happened.  It wasn’t merely that the women were fertile in this moment, it was that his Byakuya, his incarnation, was virile! 

            Naraku himself, as an amalgamation of dozens of different demons on top of a single human, carried no definitive genetic information of his own.  The sperm in the pool of semen in which he stood were blank and completely sterile.  Byakuya, however, was a pure wind demon, like Kagura before him.  Naraku had created him in this way, though not with the intention of having him sire offspring.  The oni lord had made his incarnation pure so as to ensure a more even, predictable and useful servant.  Earlier detachments of his, such as Kageromaru, Muso, and Hakudoshi were of mixed composition and were almost totally uncontrollable.  His ‘pure’ ones from the same period, Kagura and Kanna, were much less so.  Therefore, Naraku made Byakuya to be pure and that the male wind demon proved able to create life with a woman thrilled Naraku to no end.

            As the nine Byakuyas and their women came down from their orgasmic highs, Naraku pulled out of Sayaka’s pussy abruptly without reaching a climax of his own.  He reasoned that if Byakuya could impregnate nine out of nine junior priestesses within mere seconds, he could certainly do it to Sayaka herself.  To him, she smelled especially fertile.  Therefore, he refrained from coming inside the elder miko so that his own seed, sterile as it was, would not interfere with that of his incarnation.  “Very good, Byakuya.  You’ve proven your virility,” he spoke.  Moving in the semen pool, he stepped around behind Sayaka to grasp her by the undersides of her widely-spread thighs and bring her back against his hard chest, grinding his pussy-soaked cock against her rear.  Nuzzling at one of her rounded human ears from behind, he spoke his next command:  “Now, come give this bitch your child, as well…”


-To be continued-

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