Somber Sweetness

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Hey, minna-san! I’m baaack! My old account was deleted, so I had to re-sign up. It’s a long story, but I’m not underage, LOL, so no worries. It had to do with some drama that went down in the HP section, and if you didn’t see the drama as it unfolded, I’d rather not re-hash it, but I have decided to start this fic up again. I’m leaving the first five chapters and prologue as they were (mostly), and my new writing will commence with chapter five-and-a-half/six. Or thereabouts.




Sesshomaru sighed morosely, looking out his bedroom window at the beauty of his home.

His gardens were unrivaled in their splendor, his lake was the clearest in the Western lands and his hot spring was set in the most picturesque clearing in the most breathtaking forest his lands boasted, but still it wasn’t enough.

He had Jaken’s total loyalty and complete adoration, he had Rin’s unconditional love and unquestioning trust, he had power and glory and his very name made demons everywhere tremble in fear. And still it wasn’t enough.

He had beauty, he had grace, he had animal magnetism down to an art form, and women, both human and youkai alike, would drop at his feet begging him to take them if he deigned to spare them even the smallest hint of interest. And still it wasn’t enough.

He needed... Ah, and that was the problem. What he needed, he could never attain. Because what he needed, he had spent his whole adult life pushing away and putting down. He had tried to KILL the one person he could not be happy without.


The last person on Earth that he could possibly procreate with if he wanted his race to continue. And the hanyou was no doubt sure that Sesshomaru hated him. Because Sesshomaru had, for a time; before he realized that the true reason he sought the hanyou out for fights wasn’t to kill him, but to test him. To see if he was strong enough to be Sesshomaru’s mated. To prove that he was indeed worthy of that place.

And he WAS.

The hanyou was perhaps a bit too reckless, just a tiny bit too cocky, but he was more than strong enough to bear Sesshomaru children that would be both deadly and breathtaking.

Because there was no way to say truthfully that the hanyou was anything but beautiful. His hair might not be as silky as Sesshomaru’s own, but that was only a matter of circumstance. His eyes were a shade darker, due to his human mother, but no less piercing and fascinating than Sesshomaru’s own. His body was not as slender as Sesshomaru’s, but instead his lean muscles were exquisitely defined. His skin was golden instead of milky white, but to Sesshomaru, that only added to his allure.

Sesshomaru wanted him.

And he planned to have him.

Since Naraku had been vanquished a few months past, the hanyou would have no reason not to come home if Sesshomaru asked him to.

Not that Sesshomaru was giving him a choice. He was going to demand Inuyasha’s compliance if he had to, as was his right as head of the family.

Inuyasha would have to return to his family home, and once he was safely ensconced within, Sesshomaru would begin courting him.

And Inuyasha would fall.



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