Somber Sweetness

BY : Sablesilverrain
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Sesshomaru woke to Inuyasha moaning and arching off the bed.


“Sessh… What..?”


Sesshomaru growled and rolled atop Inuyasha. “You’re in heat, Otouto.” He told the bewildered hanyou, leaning down and nuzzling at his neck, breathing in the intoxicating scent. “Mm, you smell so good.” He nipped at the flesh, rolling his hips, teasing Inuyasha with just the slightest bit of friction.


Inuyasha whimpered. “So hot—I can’t—Make it stop!” He pleaded.


Sesshomaru reached down, feeling for Inuyasha’s entrance. He slid in a finger, groaning at how wet the hanyou was for him.


Thanks to his heat, Inuyasha was creating his own lubricant, and there’d be no need for oil.


Sesshomaru stretched the hanyou quickly, listening to the hanyou panting and moaning as he writhed against the sheets. Once he deemed Inuyasha ready, he took his place atop him and slid in. “You’re mine.” He growled, leaning in and kissing him heatedly.


Inuyasha whined into the kiss, nodding when Sesshomaru pulled away. “Yours, yours, only yours!”


“I’m going to fill you with my seed and give you children. Would you like that, Inuyasha? Do you want to carry my children?” Sesshomaru asked.


Inuyasha nodded. “Yes! Fill me!”


Sesshomaru growled, pleased with Inuyasha’s response, and began to move, easing the discomfort Inuyasha’s heat would cause. Only sex with his mate would relieve the uncomfortable feeling.


Before he’d taken Sesshomaru’s mark, any Youkai could help him through his heat, but a mated hanyou or Youkai needed the touch of their mate, no other would do.


Sesshomaru grabbed Inuyasha’s hips, guiding them in a counter rhythm to his own thrusts. “Move with me, Inuyasha.” He urged.


Inuyasha mewled and began moving, meeting Sesshomaru’s thrusts eagerly. “More! Sesshy, I need—“


Sesshomaru cut him off with a kiss, then raised his head. “I know what you need, Hanyou.” He said, reaching down and closing his hand around Inuyasha’s cock.


Inuyasha arched back and cried out, grabbing onto Sesshomaru’s shoulders tightly. His claws dug in and Sesshomaru growled, locking eyes with the hanyou.


“Inuyasha, unhand me.” He said softly, a clear warning in his voice.


Inuyasha let go, baring his throat and whining in apology.


Sesshomaru continued stroking him, squeezing just a bit tighter as he leaned down and nibbled at his throat. “Come on, Otouto. Come for me.” He urged.


Inuyasha came with a shout, clamping down on Sesshomaru and bringing the Daiyoukai with him.


Sesshomaru sighed and collapsed onto Inuyasha. He looked out the window. “It’s still a few hours before dawn.” He slipped out of bed and picked Inuyasha up, carrying the hanyou in his arms bridal-style. “Let’s get a bath before everyone else is awake, while we will still have privacy.” He muttered, heading out of his rooms and toward the doors, still naked.


His nudity wouldn’t bother any of his servants, as most of them had helped raise him. They had seen it all before, as he had had a history of stripping his clothes off and running around nude when he was younger. He had been a most unruly toddler, before his Father had managed to teach him better.


He met one of the servant girls at the door. “Could you open the door for me, Yukina?” He asked the kitsune. “I seem to have my hands full.”


Yukina sniffed the air, then nodded. “Congratulations on your mating, Sesshomaru-sama.” She said, opening the door for him.


Sesshomaru inclined his head as he passed her. “Thank you, Yukina.” He said, then headed for the hot spring.




Sesshomaru sat Inuyasha down in the shallow end of the hot spring, then waded into the deeper end and ducked under, wetting himself thoroughly. He waded back over to where he’d left the hanyou, who was beginning to stir, his heat keeping him in a state of docility that was most unlike him.


Sesshomaru smiled, picking him up. “Come on, Inuyasha, let’s get you cleaned.” He urged as the hanyou opened his eyes.


“Sesshy, what..?” He looked around. “How did we get here?” He asked, clearly baffled.


Sesshomaru chuckled. “I carried you, of course.”


Inuyasha blinked, then nodded. “Okay.”


Sesshomaru hid his amusement, quickly and efficiently washing his mate, then bringing him back to the shallow end before wading back in and washing himself.


He collected Inuyasha and carried him back toward the house.


Inuyasha looked down at himself. “Sesshomaru, we’re naked.” He pointed out.


Sesshomaru inclined his head. “As we were when we came out here.” He confirmed.


Inuyasha squirmed. “You carried me through the halls naked?!” He asked incredulously. “Where anyone could have seen?!”


Sesshomaru sighed. “Calm yourself, Inuyasha. They are used to nudity. Most of them have mates already, and besides, if you ever get hurt, these are the same Youkai that will be helping to nurse you back to health. There is no place for modesty with the staff.” He told Inuyasha.


Inuyasha flushed. “That doesn’t mean I want you carrying me through the halls naked, Sesshomaru!” He hissed. “What if Sango saw? Or—or Rin? She’s way too young to see… That kind of stuff!”


Sesshomaru chuckled. “It’s still before dawn, Inuyasha, the chances of any ningens being up at this hour are very slim; besides, if they know what’s good for them, like Rin does, they will stay behind closed doors until the sun has risen.” He pointed out.


Inuyasha huffed, relaxing in Sesshomaru’s arms. “Fine.”


Sesshomaru licked over Inuyasha’s mating mark, and the hanyou shivered in reaction. The marks would always elicit a strong pleasure response when touched by the Youkai or hanyou that had left it. “I need to set you down to open the door, Inuyasha. Can you stand?” He asked.


Inuyasha shifted in his arms. “I should be able to.” He answered.


Sesshomaru chuckled. “Yes, for now. But when the next wave of heat hits, you won’t be able to do much more than lie on your back, aching for me.” He said, setting Inuyasha carefully on his feet.


Inuyasha glared at him, flushing. “Bastard.”


Sesshomaru opened the door then turned back to Inuyasha, one brow raised. “My, you’ve an impudent mouth, Hanyou. Perhaps I should fill it, hm?” He asked, then gathered the hanyou back into his arms and headed for his room, pushing the door shut behind him with a foot.


“Fill it with what?” Inuyasha asked suspiciously.


Sesshomaru smiled. ‘Oh, he is an innocent, isn’t he?’ He thought, then responded: “I’m sure I could find something pleasurable for us both.”


Inuyasha flushed, finally realizing what he’d meant. “Sesshomaru!”


“Do you not like the idea? You didn’t seem to mind it when my mouth was on you. What kind of mate would not reciprocate when given pleasure?” Sesshomaru asked with a small smile, walking into his bedroom and closing the door before heading to his bed.


Inuyasha huffed. “Perverted bastard.” He amended.


Sesshomaru quirked a brow at him. “Filling your mouth, willing or not, is starting to sound like a very good idea right now.” He warned, laying the hanyou in bed and climbing in beside him.


“I’ll bite it off.” Inuyasha warned back.


Sesshomaru rolled over, pinning Inuyasha beneath him. “Would you?” He asked, then kissed him heatedly. “When it gives you such pleasure?” He whispered against the hanyou’s mouth.


Inuyasha huffed. “I might.” He replied mulishly.


Sesshomaru chuckled. “Somehow, Inuyasha, I doubt you would.” He said, reaching down and circling a finger around Inuyasha’s entrance. “Do you need me again, Hanyou?” He asked.


“No.” Inuyasha told him. “But I want you.” He finished, flushing.


Sesshomaru’s eyes lit up. “You want me?” He asked happily. “Without the need? Without your heat driving you to beg for it?”


Inuyasha whined, arching against him. “Sesshomaru, hurry up and take me!” He ordered, feeling the next wave of heat coming on, desperate to head it off.


Sesshomaru slid down his body and lifted Inuyasha’s legs onto his shoulders, lifting his hips.


“Sesshomaru, what are you—Gah! Sesshomaru!” Inuyasha squirmed under his tongue as Sesshomaru licked at his entrance and delved in with his agile tongue, pushing past the muscles that quivered under his assault. “Stop it, that’s gross!”


Sesshomaru chuckled, pulling back only long enough to say, “This Sesshomaru does not find it so,” before diving back into his task.


Inuyasha bit his lip and whined, pushing back against the tongue. “This is so wrong!” He moaned, then gasped as Sesshomaru’s hand closed over his cock.


Sesshomaru hummed, stroking Inuyasha slowly as he fucked him with his tongue, driving his lust up higher and higher, yet not letting him come at the same time, making the hanyou whine.


“Sesshomaru, please! I need to come! I need more!” Inuyasha begged.


Sesshomaru pulled away and slid back up Inuyasha’s body, sliding his cock over the hanyou’s. “Do you truly want this Sesshomaru?” He asked, eyes gleaming as his mouth curled into a smirk. “How badly do you want me, Inuyasha?”


Inuyasha glared up at him. “If you don’t fuck me right now, I’ll kill you.” He threatened.


Sesshomaru looked down on him with mild amusement. “That’s quite a threat. Perhaps I should accommodate you, hm?” He asked, then slid into Inuyasha, grabbing his legs and hooking them over his elbows, holding them spread open, displaying Inuyasha’s hard cock. “Can you touch yourself for me, Inuyasha? I want to watch you pleasure yourself while I take you.”


Inuyasha flushed, but reached for his cock and wrapped his hand around it, stroking it quickly.


“Not too fast.” Sesshomaru urged him. “Use the same pace I’m taking you with. I don’t want you coming too fast.” He told Inuyasha.


Inuyasha nodded, slowing his strokes.


Sesshomaru kept the pace slow and steady, watching Inuyasha’s hand moving, beads of sweat appearing on the hanyou’s skin.


Inuyasha whined as his hips began to move as much as they could in his current position. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to let Sesshomaru know that the slow and steady pace was getting to him. “Sesshy!” Inuyasha gasped out, tossing his head back. “Please!”


“Keep pace with me, Otouto.” Sesshomaru ordered, speeding up and letting his Youkai out a bit.


Inuyasha gasped, eyes widening as Sesshomaru’s bled red. He obediently kept stroking himself in time with Sesshomaru’s thrusts, but he couldn’t help but wonder if it was still his brother in control. “Sesshy?” He asked worriedly.


Sesshomaru let out a soft growl. “It is still I, Hanyou. My Youkai does not rule me. I am in control of it, though it is close to the surface. Being with a mate during a heat is always an intense experience, and my Youkai cannot help but react to it.” He said, managing to say all this while still thrusting into his bother’s body.


Inuyasha licked his lips, then nodded. “Alright.” He said, laying back and letting Sesshomaru use his body as he wanted, while Inuyasha concentrated on his hand. “Gonna come, Ani!” He choked out.


“Then come.” Sesshomaru ordered, letting go of Inuyasha’s legs and bending to sink his fangs into the mating mark on Inuyasha’s neck.


Inuyasha’s scream of completion spiked as the fangs sunk in, and then the hanyou’s body went completely lax.


Sesshomaru pulled away and brushed some hair away from Inuyasha’s face and realized that the hanyou had passed out. He chuckled. “So responsive to me. Oh, I am going to have so much fun with you, Inuyasha.” He murmured, then curled up beside his brother to catch a few hours of sleep before the next wave hit.




Sesshomaru opened his eyes and breathed in deeply, then frowned.


The scent of Inuyasha’s heat had faded, and after only three days, too. That was unusual for a first heat. Unless…


Sesshomaru smiled. A shorter heat usually meant that the submissive had conceived. He traced a small circle over Inuyasha’s abdomen, right over where their children could even now be growing.


Inuyasha huffed and batted his hand away, grunting. “Don’t touch me.” The hanyou mumbled. “Bastard.”


Sesshomaru chuckled softly. “Inuyasha, your mouth is running. You might want to look into it.” He warned.


“I’m surprised you aren’t still trying to pin me down and take me.” Inuyasha opened his eyes and yawned. “Can’t get it up anymore?” He asked.


Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow and glanced down at his half-hard cock. “I assure you, I can. However, your heat has ended, and I assumed you would want a few days to recover from the ordeal. If, instead, you’d like me to take you again, that can be arranged.”


Inuyasha shook his head. “Nah, I feel like I’ve just had a tree shoved up my ass, I think I’m good for a while.” He said crudely.


Sesshomaru winced. “Inuyasha, must you use such vulgar language?” He asked mildly.


“I’m just being honest.” Inuyasha pointed out.


“This Sesshomaru could do without being subjected to your rather vivid descriptions.” Sesshomaru muttered. “On another note, we should go visit the healer. He will be able to tell us if you have conceived.” He added.


Inuyasha stiffened. “Conceived?” He asked nervously.


“Indeed.” Sesshomaru answered. “That is usually the only reason a heat will end early. I was expecting yours to last another two days. The first heat is usually a longer one.”


Inuyasha cleared his throat. “Yeah, we should probably check.” He said softly. “I need to know.”





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