Somber Sweetness

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Inuyasha found Miroku at the hot springs and sat beside him on the boulder the monk was sitting on.

“Do you know where Sango is?” Inuyasha asked curiously.

Miroku waved a hand. “She’s around somewhere. She’s been exploring the woods around here, getting to know the other Youkai.” He explained. “You seem tense. Is something the matter?”

Inuyasha shook his head, then sighed and shrugged. “I’m going into heat.” He said flatly. “Come tomorrow, I’ll be fully in heat.”

Miroku’s eyes widened. “Oh. Are you… Happy about this?” He asked.

Inuyasha shrugged again. “I’m not quite sure how to feel.” He answered quietly.

Miroku bit his lip. “Well, you’ll have three to five days of nothing but sex, if the stories I’ve been told are to be believed. What guy wouldn’t be thrilled about that?” He tried to joke.

Inuyasha flushed.

Miroku blinked in shock. “Inuyasha, haven’t you..?”

Inuyasha flushed further and shook his head. “Not yet.” He answered in a whisper. “I wasn’t ready, but now we’re out of time.”

“So you’re going into your first heat untouched? Well, that… Can’t be good.” Miroku mumbled. “From what I’ve heard, Youkai get pretty… Ah, passionate during heats. I’d assume hanyou are the same, but for that to be your first time… I can’t imagine it’s going to be an easy first.”

“Sesshomaru said he’d do his best not to hurt me, but I’m just… Scared. I mean, I don’t even know what I’m doing, and we still don’t know each other very well, and I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve never had a heat before, what if something goes wrong? What if I don’t want to be his mate once all is said and done?”

Sango dropped down from a tree branch above them and startled Miroku, who screamed, falling off the boulder he’d been sitting on.

Inuyasha had smelled her approaching, and just snorted.

“Inuyasha, you need to talk to Sesshomaru about your worries.” She said.

“How much did you hear?” Inuyasha asked.

Sango smiled. “Enough to know that your heat is approaching and you have doubts that Sesshomaru is the one you want to spend your life with. He needs to know that you have those doubts. He won’t forgive you for keeping that from him. And if your heat is truly coming up, you should be in his rooms, where you’ll be safe from other Youkai. Have you bedded Sesshomaru yet? You don’t want your first time to be during a heat.” She added.

Inuyasha flushed. “Why does everyone keep asking me that?! No, we haven’t done anything like that! We were waiting!”

Sango shook her head. “Go to him. Tell him you want him to take you to bed before your heat starts. Otherwise, he’ll be unable to show the proper care with you that’ll make it better. Once your heat hits you’ll both be nearly mindless with lust, and you don’t want that to be your first.” She advised.

Inuyasha sighed. “Fine. I’ll see you two in a few days, then.” He said weakly.

Miroku smiled at him. “Try to have fun!” He shouted at Inuyasha’s back, then cursed as Sango hit him.


As he headed for Sesshomaru’s room, Inuyasha realized that there was really no point in being afraid of the mating. He wanted a child, and if Sesshomaru was the only one who could give him that, he had no choice but to accept the Daiyoukai as his mate. The only thing left was to claim him, and be claimed by him.

He opened the door to Sesshomaru’s room, finding his brother writing something. He walked up to Sesshomaru and slapped a hand down on the letter he was working on. “I want you to take me now.” He said firmly.

Sesshomaru looked up in shock. “Now?”

Inuyasha nodded. “I don’t want my first time to be during a heat. I’d rather get that over with before the heat starts.”

Sesshomaru blinked, then nodded. “That is a wise decision. I likely will not be able to be as careful with you during your heat. But I promise you, if you’d rather wait until tomorrow, I will be as careful as I can be. I swear to you, you will still find pleasure in the act.”

“I want it to be now.” Inuyasha repeated.

“Very well.” Sesshomaru replied, standing. “Since we are not yet mated, we will each need to take the top position at some point, as that is the only way the claiming bite will take. Do you wish to penetrate this Sesshomaru first, or would you rather I took you first?” He asked, removing his kimono as he walked toward the bed.

Inuyasha watched as Sesshomaru bared himself, and gulped. “I… I can top?” He asked.

Sesshomaru turned toward him with one eyebrow raised as his kimono dropped to the floor, leaving him nude. “Of course, Inuyasha. I will be your dominant partner, but you will certainly be allowed to take the top position. It’s just highly unlikely that I will let you during a heat.”

Inuyasha licked his lips. “I don’t know what to do.” He said.

Sesshomaru smiled. “I can walk you through it. It’s really not very difficult.”

Inuyasha nodded. “If I top first, will we still be able to do it the other way before my heat starts?”

“Yes, Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru inhaled deeply, closing his eyes. “Your cusp-of-heat scent is intoxicating enough that it will not take me very long at all to be ready for a second orgasm, I assure you.” He told the hanyou, opening his eyes again and staring into his mate’s.

Inuyasha flushed. “Then, I think I’d like to top first.” He said.

Sesshomaru smiled and reached for Inuyasha’s obi. “The first step, Inuyasha, is to get undressed.” He told the hanyou with a smile, untying the knot and slipping the kimono off Inuyasha’s body.

He climbed onto the bed and reclined against the pillows, grabbing a bottle of oil from his bedside table. He handed it to Inuyasha, who was getting on the bed, kneeling in front of him. “Use this on your fingers, and make sure you get them very wet, there is no such thing as too much.” He advised.

Inuyasha slicked his fingers as Sesshomaru spread his legs. “Okay.” He said once they were covered in oil. “Where do they go?”

Sesshomaru almost rolled his eyes, but managed to contain that response, knowing that it would only upset his mate, which was not his intention. He grabbed Inuyasha’s hand and led it to his own ass, meeting the hanyou’s eyes calmly.

Inuyasha gulped, his fingers brushing against the tiny hole. “You’re sure?” He asked.

Sesshomaru smiled. “Use one finger at first, then two, and, when I am ready, three. Stretch me as much as you can. Do not worry, I can take it.” He assured his mate.

Inuyasha slipped a finger into his brother, and Sesshomaru inhaled sharply, his eyes bleeding crimson.

“Are you okay?” Inuyasha asked in mild alarm.

Sesshomaru nodded. “My Youkai is close to the surface, that is all.” He explained. “The mating always draws the Youkai out, do not be alarmed.”

Inuyasha nodded, sliding the finger in and out a few times, cautiously.

“I can take more, Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru prompted after a few moments.

Inuyasha added another finger, and Sesshomaru whined low in his throat, arching and pushing back onto the fingers. Inuyasha concentrated on stretching him, then added a third finger.

Sesshomaru gasped as he felt his Youkai rise to the surface, trying to steal the last shred of himself he was clinging to. He didn’t want to hurt his mate, but he could tell now that he wasn’t going to have much control over how this first mating went. “Inside me, Inuyasha!” He urged, claws digging into the bedding.

Inuyasha slicked himself, then slid in, gasping at the feeling.

Sesshomaru’s eyes widened and Inuyasha watched every last trace of the Sesshomaru he knew fade away. His eyes bored into Inuyasha, and his face took on a feral intensity that Sesshomaru never displayed. His hands came up to rest on Inuyasha’s shoulders and claws dug into his skin.

Inuyasha howled in pain, glaring down at Sesshomaru.

The look in those crimson eyes was playful. ‘Come out, Little Brother,’ it seemed to say. ‘Come out and play.’

Inuyasha had felt his own Youkai hovering close to the surface, and now, he let it rise, giving up the battle he’d been waging against it, trusting that he’d not lose himself permanently in the process.

Sesshomaru watched in rapt appreciation as Inuyasha’s pupils elongated and jagged stripes appeared on his face as his scent became wilder, no longer that of a hanyou, but the scent of a full-blooded Youkai on the cusp of their first heat. He inhaled deeply, then sighed. “Yes.” He said in a rough voice, one unused to speaking, “Come out and play.” He coaxed, tilting his head back with a soft whine.

Inuyasha pulled out of Sesshomaru’s tight body and thrust back in, feeling a sense of rightness in the act, a sense of completion he’d never felt before. This was truly where he belonged, he was accepted and loved here.

Sesshomaru’s claws dug into him, raking down his arms, raising trails of blood behind them, and Inuyasha shouted in pain, glaring down at Sesshomaru reprovingly.

Sesshomaru gazed into his eyes challengingly, turning his head to lick at one of the bloody furrows, tasting his mate’s delicious lifeblood, the fluid that bound them, soon to be joined by an even stronger bond, one that could never be broken, but by death.

Inuyasha growled and pulled out only to slam back in with short, punishing thrusts, in recompense for his spilled blood.

He moved his arm out of Sesshomaru’s reach and raked them over his brother’s chest, adding the sharp smell of Sesshomaru’s blood to the smells of blood and sex already surrounding them. He leaned down and lapped at the droplets, staining his lips red as he tasted the treat before him.

Sesshomaru squirmed under him, trying to get away, not wanting this overt display of dominance over him, but Inuyasha grabbed a handful of his hair, forcing Sesshomaru to still or have his hair torn from his head. Sesshomaru tilted his head back with a soft whine, baring his throat to his brother trustingly as he conceded, letting Inuyasha know that he was accepted as strong enough, his blood pure enough, to serve as Sesshomaru’s chosen mate.

Inuyasha continued thrusting, leaning forward to lick and suck at the expanse of creamy flesh exposed to him. He felt his release approaching and rose to meet it, sinking his fangs into Sesshomaru’s neck and tasting his hot, thick blood as he emptied himself inside his older brother’s body.

Sesshomaru arched back, howling at the mixture of pain and the sharp pleasure of the mating mark, letting everyone within hearing distance know that Sesshomaru was a mated Youkai, at last.

Then blackness claimed them both.


I had no idea this story had so many readers! It got me thinking more about this story, so it can only be a good thing! Please do keep the reviews coming! They make me smile, and they make me want to work on this, rather than my HP fics.

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