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   It was a cold wet day in the early autumn time, the ground still wet from the morning's rain, the dark clouds still floating over head at a languid pace. A young woman with bright eyes sat on the door stoop of a long abandoned shop, her elbows braced on her knees as she inhaled the cold humid air with a sense of ease. Kagome Higurashi loved the rain, the sound it made it the smell it left behind, the way the world seemed born anew after a torrential downpour. The world now a days quieted down when it rained, as if putting out the roaring fire of activity Tokyo was known for worldwide.Well, what was left of Tokyo.

    Pulled out of her musings by the sound of weight shifting in the alley behind her and to her right, Kagome stiffened, berating herself for letting the lull in activity from this morning’s rain allow her awareness to lapse into comfortable ease. Rain always made them tired, soothed them, lulled them into a deep slumber, but once the skies had finished with their downpour, they awoke with fury anew. With practiced ease, the young woman gathered the tattered yellow backpack to her person, slinging the heavy bag over one shoulder and springing off the covered stoop with surprising speed and silence. She had learned to be quiet and quick, it was essential to her survival and at this point, nothing else mattered. Bright blue eyes scanned her surroundings with an almost imperceptible twitches, as strong legs carried her through the abandoned streets of Tokyo. Kagome never ran, running only caused a fair bit of noise, but stirred the instincts that ran not so deep to hunt and give chase.

    A small, almost silent, sigh of relief escaped  her lips as the shrine stairs came into view, the rain having caused the ancient wood steps to swell slightly. At this point silence was abolished for speed, taking the stairs two at a time and at a swift jog, the canvas of the familiar backpack bouncing against the small of her back. About halfway up the seemingly never ending staircase, her skin tingled with the warmth of a barrier, the warmth washing over her skin as if welcoming  her home in a loving embrace. For what seemed like the millionth time since this hell on earth began, Kagome mentally thanked her eccentric grandfather and his  prattling ways. While his sutras were absolute rubbish at banishing and purifying demons, they were beautiful anchor points for a strong barrier of her miko energy, giving her home a safe haven from the world outside. Mentally sending a warm prayer his way, the miko in question paused as she reached the entrance to her familial home. The shrine looked untouched by time, the well house and God Tree looking as ancient as they had the day she was born. The house though was a different matter entirely, though warm and inviting as she remembered it, it was also empty and cold, and dare she say, sad?

    With a determined sigh, Kagome strode towards the house, her eyes focused straight ahead and never straying towards the wellhouse, though her brain desperately wanted just a small little peek, the small little voice in her head trying to convince her that one peek wouldn’t hurt. However Kagome just strode on firmly, her head and eyes locked in place on the front door of her home, her legs never once straying. She had spent years pining away at the worn down wood of the well once the Magic had sealed it again, with her on this side. She had sobbed for days, draping herself over the edge of the well, Inuyasha’s scent still clinging to the damp musty air as well as her skin and clothes. The few times she had gotten desperate enough to just jump down into the dark pit, trying to make the magic force the portal open, she had nearly snapped her ankle. Her mother had found her at the bottom of the well, sobbing hysterically and pounding against the ground with her fists, screaming at the dirt below her with all the rage of a feral animal. The older woman had scolded her at that point, understanding that even though Kagome was grieving, she was not allowed to throw herself into harm's way.

    Slowly in the following weeks Kagome managed to pull herself together, gradually piecing her life back together, though she would spend hours each day at the well, pushing her miko abilities to their limit, willing the portal to open for her again. In the months following the visits shortened to a few minutes a day, the pads of her fingers dancing against the grain of the wood as she stared into the dark abyss that now represented a lost part of her  past. In those few minutes to herself, Kagome had wished with all of her being that she would feel the telltale pull of magic that signaled the well opening for her, but it never came. Six years sailed by in that fashion, the days filled with school, then work, mindless hobbies and pointless outings with old friends. The only constant in her life was the few moments filled with silent hope within the dark wellhouse. Six years of hope, and six years of disappointment. Slowly Kagome began to accept that she was trapped in this era, and that demons did not survive into her own time, else Inuyasha would have found her by now, and would have been waiting for her. Yet the acceptance of that truth left her feeling more alone than the day she was first drug down into the well. This wasn’t a problem though, Kagome had grown accustomed to being alone.

    The keys jingling in the lock to the front door forced Kagome back to the present, the door opening to a quiet house. Chuckling softly at herself, she shook her head and placed the keys on the table, wondering for the upteenth time why she bothered to lock the door other than force of habit. The bag crinkled when she placed it on the kitchen counter, the flame lantern flickering its warm light against the cabinets around her. The shadows danced in the dimly lit kitchen as she unpacked packages of instant noodles, a small smile as her fingers lingered over a package that had been a certain hanyou’s favorite. It was always amusing now how much her and Inuyasha argued over food, specifically the ramen in question and which flavor to have for the night. Her foraging trips were growing harder, each trip having to go further into the city just to get necessary supplies for survival, though thankfully she didn’t need to get rice this trip, so the ramen was a welcome change. Funny how the time in the Feudal era had better prepared her for her future more than any amount of schooling and studying ever could. The modern era wasn’t ready for myths to come to life before their eyes, not ready for horror movies to leap out from their imaginations with claw and fang ready to rip and tear.     

Seven months Kagome had been living this way, scouting and foraging when she could, hiding and training when she couldn’t. The shrine's grounds were big enough and fertile enough for her to grow what little she could, with enough space that a stray arrow wouldn’t harm an innocent, though she had yet to find one. Seven months of forced solitude, the threat of death lingering over her head. A small sigh escaped her lips as she placed the now empty backpack in its assigned spot, the canvas flopping lifelessly to the side. Starting a pot of water to boil, the young woman idly wondered back to the beginning of the hell, her eyes obtaining a slight glaze as she rewound the weeks and months.

The day was going much like the previous days, up as the sun rose and out to tend the shrine before the sun had completely risen over the crest of the horizon. Kagome had managed to graduate high school, but only with pure luck and the devotion of her friends. With such low grades, and her grandfather not getting any younger, the young miko had accepted the responsibility of taking over the family shrine. Her grandfather happily accepted, taking the last years of his life to enjoy what his family had brought him, though retirement never seemed to dampen his eccentricity. The day everything went to hell Kagome had the shrine to herself, her mother, grandfather, and Souta all having gone to the young boys soccer tournament. She always enjoyed these days, the quiet serenity of the shrine had to offer before the hubbub of the day getting underway. Kagome had taken to wearing the traditional miko garb, though she still did not prefer it by any stretch of the imagination, for the garb had put authenticity into the grounds and caused tourists to flock in.

Braiding her long raven hair into a single loose plait, Kagome took one last look at herself in the mirror, adjusting her clothing until she was as satisfied as she could get. She still hated how much the red and white made her look like her predecessor Kikyou, but that matter was in the past, and no longer was a current issue. Nodding at her reflection, she turned and left the warmth of the house, her mind now focused on the daily routine of care for the weather worn shrine. Chores were her moment of silent meditation, a way for her to organize her never ending stream of thoughts into organized piles in her brain. An hour after sunrise she had bid her family farewell, and a half an hour later she was sipping her first cup of tea for the day, watching as the earliest visitors began trekking through the grounds. Days like these were often slow, between school and early before the tourist season set in, Kagome knew she would only receive a handful of visitors, all of whom which would not need any assistance from her. Around midday once the shrine had been devoid of visitors for at least an hour, had she relaxed and gotten herself ready to call it a day.

    Suddenly she felt a pulse, a pull within her chest so firm that her eyes flew open in shock, the mug she had been holding shattering on the ground at her feet. The feeling pulsed again, a tugging deep within her soul, calling her miko abilities to the surface, coating her person in soft glowing pink light. Some part of her overactive brain thanked the Kami that she was alone on the grounds, for how would she be able to explain a glowing pink light around her person? A brief but hungry thought echoed soon after, taking over her whole mind for only a second, but as her eyes flew to the well she knew that was not the source of the pull. Her mind banished the thought angrily as she felt the pull of magic surge heavily, pulling from the north, away from her home entirely. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at her glowing fingers, and recognized the reaction as a defensive one, her abilities were trying to defend her,  and she struggled to cry out in fear. Whatever was happening was not good, nor was it a sign of easy times, and as the pulse faded from her body she closed the shrine for the day without a second thought. She thanked the Kami for the second time in five minutes that her mother had invested in a mobile phone a few years before, even as she complained it was an unnecessary expense, the older woman still found many uses for it.

    Kagome made her way to  her home, her steps calm and smooth, her hands closing the sliding door behind her with a calm she did not feel inside, her mind trying to rationalize what had just happened. Once her shoes were kicked off and in the corner, her legs quickly strode to the phone, her fingers dialing in the number from memory with speed that only could be described as desperation. Kagome forced her mind to calm, listening to the ringing through the receiver of the house phone, telling herself that her mother would call her childish and foolish for closing the shrine so early. Only her mother didn’t pick up, the mobile going to voicemail after ringing through.

    ‘It’s ok Kags, she’s at a game, it’s loud and noisy and she probably couldn’t hear it ringing, just try again in a minute.’ Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, letting her mind shove all the worry...somewhere else. With a false sense of calm, she redialed the number, her fingers worrying the hem of her sleeve, trying desperately to grasp at the threads of what remained of calm and serenity.

    “Kagome?!?” answered the frantic voice of Souta, at almost a shriek.

    “Souta? Hey are you o..”

    “Kagome! Mom and Gramps are hurt! We’re hiding in the storage closet at the field, people have gone insane!” cut off the hysterical voice of her younger brother, his breath coming through the receiver loud and clear.

    “Souta, I need you to calm down and explain what is going on so I can get to you and help ok?” Her body was already moving, grabbing her backpack and stuffing it full of medical supplies. Her heart was fluttering in her chest, still able to hear her younger brother gulp in air, trying to calm himself down.

    “A few minutes ago something odd happened, it was like a bunch of people went crazy, and started attacking everyone else. It all happened at once too, as if something made them all snap” he replied, his voice wavering as he too tried to remain in control of his emotions.

    “What like one of your zombie flicks?”

    “Kind of, except they weren’t eating anything, just attacking people. Their eyes were red! Who has red eyes? A couple of people even had claws and I knew that they didn’t have them  before! It was even one of my teammates! He..he..he just started growling..”

    “Souta! Breath! You have to be calm in order to help Mom and Gramps, I’m not there right now but I’m going to come get you,” she yelled, getting the younger boy's attention, “Keep that mobile on you, and sit tight, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

    “Ok sis, hey, I, I love you.”

    “I love you too Souta” came the quiet response, her heart thudding painfully in her chest as she hung up the phone.

    Those were the last words she spoke to him, and it hung heavy on her heart. Even though she tried every way she could, even creating a  barrier around a car she stole in the chaos that was the city, plowing through barriers with the speed only a frantic woman could have, she did not make it in time. By the time she had managed to get to her family, she was greeted with the sight of their bodies, mangled and torn apart, the image burned so deep into her retinas that it would never fade. It took her two days to figure out that her miko powers, though good for holding off and vanquishing demons in the feudal era, only held them off now. It took her another day to realize that the maddened red eyed stare she had looked into, was the tiny drops of demons blood people had in their heritage. Demons hadn’t died, just bred themselves out of existence, well, almost, and a good chunk of the population had demon heritage somewhere in their family tree. It took a week or so of experimenting and stumbling upon the sutras in her dash to fortify her home, when she realized how they helped her. She spent the entire two days following creating the barrier that encompassed her home, linking them together and letting them sit.

    All of her skills since then were hard earned as she scavenged for food and supplies, her school bag once more showing its handiness and hardiness. By now she had learned patterns and habits, and the turned had started wandering out of the confines of the city, looking for more prey. Occasionally they would attack each other, but they had each set a “territory” of sorts, and they kept to their territories rather habitually. Because of this, scavenging trips could be planned days in advance, using the weather to her advantage. Kagome had long since stopped wondering why, her theories only getting wilder as more time progressed, and though she knew it all had to do with something in the north, beyond that it was anyone's guess. She often found herself just talking aloud to hear something other than the silence and occasional noise from the city below, and though she could  handle being alone, solitude had taken a toll on her sanity.

    The smell of hot food brought Kagome out of her reverie, her eyes glancing down at the small pot of ready noodles, a hard boiled egg added in while her mind was busy reminiscing in the past. With a soft sigh, she turned off the stove, thankful that the stove was run on gas instead of electricity. Pouring the hot contents into a bowl,s he placed it on the kitchen table and set to washing the pot while her meal cooled. It was amazing the things she did out of habit, even if it no longer made sense of any kind. Things like hanging the towel on bar of the stove neatly instead of just throwing it on there, neatly arranging the cutlery in the drawers, folding her laundry perfectly to avoid wrinkles. All of these things weren’t important anymore, and yet she still found herself doing them to cling to some sense of normalcy. Once the pot was clean and drying, she sat down at the table, pausing a brief moment in a silent prayer. Hard times had not made her more religious so to speak, but more it was her moment of thanks that she had survived to eat another meal. Just as she lifted her first bite to her mouth, a noise started her into staring into the front room.

    “It couldn’t have been” she muttered to herself, shaking her head with a wry smile. She really must be going crazy now, hearing sounds that were impossible. She raised her first bite to her mouth again, intent on enjoying the meal while she could, when she heard it again, a solid knock on the front door. Kagome could only stare wide-eyed at the door, the sound of the knock reverberating inside her skull. Slowly, as if stuck in autopilot, she set her chopsticks down, and stood from the kitchen table. Shuffling slowly towards the door, she reached out hesitantly for the handle, unsure if she was ready to even face who was on the other side, let alone what it could mean for her. If it was one of the crazed they wouldn’t knocked, nor could they have gotten through her barrier. If was another human she would have found them by now, which left her in a tough dilemma, who was out there?

    “Miko, I tire of waiting for you to ruminate on opening the door” came a familiar baritone drawl, causing her skin to crawl with apprehension and excitement all at once. With a determined tug, Kagome wrenched open the door, her eyes widening as her heart processed what her brain already knew. There in her doorway, stood none other than the Lord of the West himself, Lord Sesshomaru.




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